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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 ships on November 16: 13.5-inch for $1,499 and 15-inch for $2,499

Microsoft today unveiled the Surface Book 2, available for the first time in two sizes: a 13.5-inch, like its predecessors, starting at $1,499 and a new 15-inch, the largest Surface laptop yet, starting at $2,499. Both feature up to 17 hours of battery life, a USB-C port, and the latest 8th-generation Intel Quad-Core processors. Surface Book 2 will be available for preorder on November 9 and starts shipping on November 16.

For the first time, astronomers detect gravitational waves from two neutron stars colliding

And thousands of astronomers found the aftermath of the merger in the sky

Bitcoin breaks $100 billion in value, soars over $6000 for the first time in history

It just broke through one of the most important milestones ever.

Even Forrest Gump is no match for this ping pong-playing robot

FORPHEUS, named the "first robot table tennis tutor" for its ability to play and teach the sport, has earned a Guinness World Record for its tutoring skills.

You can — but shouldn’t — play Tetris right on the dash of this Russian truck

Topping out at 110 kph

Project Loon's LTE balloons are floating over Puerto Rico

The first time Project Loon has been used in the US is to help restore wireless internet in Puerto Rico.

ARZombi, Placer and other awesome apps of the week | Cult of Mac

Want to get your hands on the week's greatest new apps? We've done the legwork for you so you can just pick from the best.

Solarium She Shed & Dancing Deck

I wanted to create a space in my front garden area that I could enjoy all four seasons(I live in the the Northeast US).She Sheds have become popular recently so I...

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Top 10 New Features

Mixed Reality makes a grand entrance with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Now you can view 3D objects you create in Paint 3D added to the real world using the Mixed Reality viewer. Of course, a lot of Mixed Reality hardware debuts together with Fall Creators, from partners like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. We tried out the $299 Acer headset in April, while Asus, Dell , and Lenovo showed off their devices at IFA.

I have a problem with my MacBook Pro keyboard — and Apple's official fix is absurd

Apple's designs can be beautiful, and its network of stores makes getting quality service for a computer easy. I certainly don't have the expertise to fix most problems with Apple products, and I like how thin my new MacBook Pro is. Still, this is a frustrating problem because a keyboard is the kind of physical interface that you would think requires just a small fix. Keyboards are touched by human fingers all the time.

Getting on cancer’s nerves: A surprising way to thwart tumours

But what if the painkilling injections Martinez is getting could do more than just ease his discomfort – even help ward off cancer altogether? New evidence is causing a rethink of the way cancer invades our bodies. It now seems that targeting nerve cells might be an effective way to fight tumours – and even prevent them developing in the first place. Some even think that focussing on nerves may be the missing piece in the fight against the disease. As Gustavo Ayala at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston sees it, “If you don’t take care of the nerves, you’re not going to cure cancer.”

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Windscribe is a VPN on steroids and it’s also an extra 15% off right now

THE US SMART HOME MARKET REPORT: Systems, apps, and devices leading to home automation

But the newfound popularity of smart home voice control has revolutionized smart home ecosystems across the country, and convinces more consumers to equip their homes with smart devices on a daily basis. The Amazon Echo, released in 2014, has become immensely popular and capable, awakening users to the utility of both voice control and smart home devices. This has prompted companies to rush to release competing devices and integrate voice control into their smart home ecosystems.

How to block phone numbers in Android Marshmallow

Prior to Android Marshmallow, blocking numbers wasn't the most intuitive task on Android devices — and, in some cases, required the use of third-party apps. Now, it's incredibly easy to block any number that comes into your device...once you know what to do.

The Best Free Software of 2017

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium LastPass is great, but LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium is good enough to earn its own 5-star rating. And don't let that word "premium" fool you, this software for logging in is free, albeit with some paid upgrades available for $1/month. LogMeOnce's claim to fame is to be utterly "passwordless." While you can go with a master password, the selling point is to use your smartphone (or tablet, whatever you always have with you) as an authenticator—primarily by using the fingerprint reader built into most modern smartphones (photo login is a paid feature). It's browser-based so it works the same on all desktop systems. Read our review of LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium

Ransomware: Security researchers spot emerging new strain of malware | ZDNet

"It is possible that the switch is done by the same actors who previously distributed Cerber. But as well the previous attackers could have given up distribution of the ransomware and sold the distribution toolkit to another actor who does not own Cerber," a malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes told ZDNet.

Samsung's new 360-degree camera has 17 lenses for VR streaming | ZDNet

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Tesla has reached a deal to build a factory in China

In June, Tesla confirmed that it was in talks to build a factory in Shanghai, ending months of speculation about the company’s plans. At the time, a spokesperson explained that while the company anticipated keeping most of its production in the US, it did “need to establish local factories to ensure affordability for the markets they serve.”

Video: How to configure a web console to a device using Opengear

This quick tip will walk you through the steps of setting up the networking solution.

How to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress site

If you opt for the Google Authenticator option, select it, choose the platform you'll be using (Android, iOS, or BlackBerry/Windows), and then, when prompted, scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator app on your device. To do this, open the Authenticator app, tap the + button, and then scan the code. You will be immediately prompted from the miniOrange plugin on your WordPress site to enter a six-digit code, which you'll get in the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. Enter that code and then click Verify and Save.

Several women accuse tech pundit Robert Scoble of sexual harassment

"And then, without any more warning, Scoble was on me," she wrote. "I felt one hand on my breast and his arm reaching around and grabbing my butt. Scoble is considerably bigger than I am, and I realized quickly I wasn’t going to be able to push him away. Meanwhile, the people around just watched, in what I can only imagine was stunned shock. I got a hand free and used a palm strike to the base of his chin to knock him back. It worked, he flew back and struggled to get his feet under him. I watched his feet carefully for that moment. He was unbalanced from the alcohol and I realized if he reached for me again I could pull him forward, bounce his face off my knee, then drive it into the ground."

After the end of the startup era

Hordes of engineering and business graduates secretly dream of building the new Facebook, the new Uber, the new AirBnB. Almost every big city now boasts one or more startup accelerators, modeled after Paul Graham’s now-legendary Y Combinator. Hordes of technology entrepreneurs are reshaping, “disrupting,” every aspect of our economy. Today’s big businesses are arthritic dinosaurs soon devoured by these nimble, fast-growing mammals with sharp teeth. Right?

15 UK orders shutdown of online casino games aimed at kids

Have you ever seen a gambling machine or website that was all too conspicuously aimed at children ? British regulators certainly have. The country's Gambling Commission and advertising overseers have ordered over 450 gambling sites to "immediately" remove casino games they say are targeting the under-18 crowd. The cartoonish graphics, cute characters and even game names (such as Piggy Payout) serve as gambling advertising that's "likely" to appeal to kids, according to an official letter. And these aren't just free titles -- bets range as high as £600 (about $792), so this could be particularly damaging if a child got access.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro case and Pure Arc protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Hands-on | ZDNet

The Galaxy Note 8 is arguably the best smartphone available today with a price starting at $930. For $40 or less, you can protect your Note 8 with a case or a glass screen protector.

Tesla Strikes Deal With Shanghai to Build Factory in China

Electric-car maker Tesla Inc. has reached an agreement to set up its own manufacturing facility in Shanghai, according to people briefed on the plan, a move that could help the company gain traction in China’s fast-growing EV market.

I drove a Cadillac from New York to D.C. without using my hands

Other systems — such as Tesla Autopilot — will not stay engaged in self-driving mode if the car is required to come to a complete stop for more than a few seconds, and it also requires the driver to keep their hands on the wheel. Not the 2018 Cadillac CT6. It can come to a full resting stop for up to three minutes and maintain a safe distance within traffic. It maintains control of the wheel and pedals without issue. It's awesome. Watching the car drive itself in standstill highway traffic instilled in me a huge level of trust.

19 A black man goes undercover in the alt-right

In an unmissable talk about race and politics in America, Theo E.J. Wilson tells the story of becoming Lucius25, white supremacist lurker, and the unexpected compassion and surprising perspective he found from engaging with people he disagrees with. He encourages us to let go of fear, embrace curiosity and have courageous conversations with people who think differently from us. "Conversations stop violence, conversations start countries and build bridges," he says.

Jane Goodall still fights for endangered chimps. She needs your help.

This is a documentary that doesn't just teach you about Jane Goodall. It demands that you remain alert and present, in the way nature forces you to be alert and present. You relive, in a way, that magical part of Goodall's life — as well as the aftermath: the divorce, the sexist comments in the press, the deaths of chimps she cared about at the hands of violence and disease.

Confronting a Nightmare for Democracy – David Carroll – Medium

W ith the help of researchers in Europe , we learned Cambridge Analytica was subject to laws that have no parallel in the US. After submitting a request for personal data, a Cambridge Analytica voter profile was delivered and publicly exposed for the first time. Does this prove that our voter data is stored and processed in the UK? Couldn’t our request have been denied if personal data had not left US territory? Americans don’t have a basic right to request and view our own voter data profiles and ideology models, a right that citizens enjoy in the UK and other European nations. We are concerned as to whether SCL/CA have complied with the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 and have instructed solicitors in the UK to write to them, with a view to court action.

Save Space on Your iPhone By Changing this iOS 11 Camera Setting

With iOS 11, Apple introduced the HEIF format for photos. HEIF stands for “High Efficiency File Format,” and allows the photos you take on your phone to be squished down to the smallest possible size without losing quality. That smaller size means you can take a whole lot more pictures before you run out of space on your iPhone (or the fact that you’re a shutterbug isn’t going to prevent you from downloading an app).

Understand When to Choose a Workstation Versus a PC for Design and Creative Applications.

Understand When to Choose a Workstation Versus a PC for Design and Creative Applications.

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You gotta see the reaction when this German Shepard realizes his owner isn't behind him...

HP ZBook x2

The HP ZBook x2 has the potential to be a videographers' favored mobile companion, with its combination of power, up to 32GB of RAM, spacious SSD option, and bright 4K screen. It's a good choice for artists and engineers who like the aesthetics and design of the HP Spectre x2 or Microsoft Surface Pro, but need workstation-certified graphics or twice the RAM. We're looking forward to running the HP ZBook x2 through its paces in our labs in the coming weeks, check back for our full review with benchmarks .

Susan Hennessey on Twitter

"Woman informs random dude she is the author of article he is mansplaining to her" is my favorite recurrent Twitter event. …

Canada granting asylum to U.S. border crossers at higher rates: data

TORONTO (Reuters) - Asylum seekers who illegally crossed the U.S. border into Canada this year are obtaining refugee status at higher rates, new data shows, as authorities accept claims from people who say they feared being deported by U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration.

Top 10 Productivity Features for the iPad in iOS 11

iOS 11 has OS-wide drag and drop and while it’s similar to the one on macOS, it is customized for touch screens and is actually quite modern. You can drag and drop inside apps and between apps. It works for basically everything – text, images, links, media, files and so on.

How to raise a monster round of funding when your competitor has 30 times more cash than you and keeps threatening to squash your startup

"The best advice I can give to other entrepreneurs is to work on what you're passionate about. If you're working on something just to win or working on something just to make money, in all those tough moments, like raising a round when your competitor is trying to put you out of business with 30 times the amount of capital, it's not going to be a genuine pitch. It's going to be hard to overcome those moments.

Apple hit with $440M in damages in VirnetX patent lawsuit

A US District Court judge in Texas has entered a final judgment in the patent case, which accused Apple of infringing patents related to its iMessage and FaceTime features. The judgment, filed on Sept. 29, means Apple is on the hook for $439.7 million in damages, patent holding and security software company VirnetX said in a statement Monday.

How to use local and remote SSH port forwarding

And that's the basics to using local and remote port forwarding with SSH. We're only scratching the surface as to what port forwarding can do, but this gives you an idea. Port forwarding is an incredibly handy feature that can get you out of some tricky situations. Remember to give the ssh manpage a read (man ssh) to find out more of what SSH can do for you.

Exercise 'not key to obesity fight'

Physical activity has little role in tackling obesity - and instead public health messages should squarely focus on unhealthy eating, doctors say.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Recreating Rachael in 'Blade Runner 2049'

Sci-fi sequel "Blade Runner 2049" uses cutting-edge visual effects to recreate the character of Rachael, played by Sean Young, exactly as she was in the 1982 film. Here's how they did it.

Tesla Will Open an Electric Vehicle Plant in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone

The deal could also create some political problems for Tesla in the US, where the current presidential administration has regularly voiced its opposition to offshoring manufacturing jobs (as well as its belief China poses an existential economic threat to the US). But in the long run, getting a foothold in the Chinese electric vehicle market is probably a higher priority than avoiding some angry tweets.

Report: A Chemical Industry Lobbyist Is Writing Toxic Chemical Rules at Scott Pruitt's EPA

Here’s yet another sign that in the age of President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, the foxes are feasting in the coop. According to a report in the New York Times on Saturday, former George W. Bush administration official Dr. Nancy Beck has returned from a stretch with chemical manufacturer lobbying group the American Chemistry Council to serve as a top deputy in the EPA’s toxic chemical unit.


Algorithms and utils for Machine Learning in JavaScript.


Hi Richard, that's exactly it ! The mold will allow us to form the form the frame. Other bio-hackerspaces have already conducted such experimentations and have shared their results. We would like to try using wood fiber used for MDF, or use other natural fiber. We've ordered the mycelium online ... We're starting growing next monday ! 

TV Shows to Watch if You Love 'Stranger Things'

One of the many great things about Stranger Things is the show's epic old-school synth soundtrack, composed by Austin band Survive. When the Duffer Brothers pitched the series to Netflix, they even used some of the group's music to sell it. So while USA's twitchy hit Mr. Robot doesn't share too many similarities, from an audio standpoint it's pretty close. Composer Mac Quayle uses retro synth tones to underscore the action, with lots of drones and loops. Soundtrack aside, Mr. Robot is one of the best new shows of the last few years. Rami Malek stars as a computer hacker with a few wires loose in his brain, and (without spoiling anything for you) things go from bad to worse as he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy to essentially destroy the world's entire financial system. The first season is streaming on Amazon , while season two is available for download. For more, check out PCMag's chat about the season two finale and our interview with Kor Adana , the show's "technology producer" and a former hacker himself.

DIY-IT guide to disaster preparedness: Because it's always something | ZDNet

Between natural disasters and cyberattacks, IT managers have a big job ensuring business continuity. In this guide, we offer ten key strategies to help your organization weather Mother Nature's wrath and cyberattackers' latest weapons.

SpatialOS’s cloud-based dev platform launches an open beta for Unreal Engine integration

“We’re delighted that our Unreal integration has reached this level of stability, eight months after we first revealed it.” said Rob Whitehead, chief techincal officer of Improbable, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “This is a huge step for our platform — the Unreal Engine and Epic have been cornerstones of the games industry for several tech generations, and our team has grown up with games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. We’re already supporting third-party studios familiar with Unreal in their work on the next generation of games — and we’re always looking for more.”

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Get the most out of your Windows 10 taskbar with these customization tips

Earth's Underworld is Real and Scientists Just Mapped It

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate, reads the gates to the Inferno. “Abandon all hope, you who enter,” which is a pretty nice way of saying “welcome to Hell.” But there’s a real underworld, albeit one with fewer dogs and less being blown around by the wind or wading through shit. Scientists are working on a comprehensive map of it. A map of hell. Kind of.

The 'post-antibiotic apocalypse' can be prevented. Here's how

Riley has a similar vision for bacteriocins. “Give me a month, a couple thousand dollars, and a few undergraduates, and I can find a bacteriocin to kill any pathogen you’re interested in,” she says. Once the first of these targeted drugs passes through clinical trials, many more could follow rapidly. They might be augmented by other still-experimental therapies, such as “quorum sensing” drugs that neutralize bacteria’s ability to coordinate their attack in the body.

Canadian Carrier Rogers Says iPhone 8 Demand Has Been 'Anemic'

While Apple included a lot of must-have, and oft-requested features in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and the latter of the two even shares quite a few noteworthy attributes with the iPhone X, they are still not “the best” devices Apple is releasing this year. The company has been selling the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for almost a month now, but it sounds like demand for both handsets hasn’t really been as high as many companies might have expected.

46 Infosec expert on how she uses social engineering to gain access to high security facilities

Physical penetration tester and infosec consultant on how she uses social engineering to gain access into high security facilities

Simple Ways to Be Better at Remembering

Memory is a fallible thing, changing over time. Recalling a long-term memory brings it back into our short-term memory, which essentially gives it new context. Memory is therefore a reconstruction, not a photographic recording, and for economic purposes, our brains — unlike computers — are forever rerecording those memories, making them far more error prone.

Lapcade Arcade Controller

I'm not much of a gamer. When I was a kid, I was more interested in seeing how they worked than I was in playing them. I can count on one hand how many arcade games I regularly played. That being said, it would be easy for someone to find it odd that I would take the time to build an arcade controller. However, it is one of my favorite projects to date. In addition to being challenging to design, code, and build, it is also a reminder of a past era of sturdy mechanical buttons and joysticks.

If you applied Windows security updates, you're safe from KRACK

Microsoft says customers who applied Oct. 10 Windows updates are free from the Wi-Fi security flaw.

The Gorgeous Rocks Only Found in Car Factories | Nerdist

Before car factories were fully automated, workers sprayed vehicles with paint by hand. It was a messy process. And over time, misses and thick coats would drip from the cars and pool where the cars went to dry. As the cars baked, so did the paint runoff. The drier was a stand in for the oppressive temperatures and pressures of the Earth’s inner layers, and soon the pooled paint was rock-solid. When factory workers eventually cleaned the painting stations, this synthetic lasagna of paint broke apart to reveal beautiful, layered “stones” that could be polished to a fine shine. Named after the places it was made, “ Fordite ,” or “Detroit agate,” was born.

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