Alien: Isolation is the Bravest Game of 2014 - IGN

"For me Alien: Isolation is about the whole of the player’s journey from the explosive Alien and other enemy encounters to the quieter moments when the player is alone," says Hope. "We had to let the player have this range of experiences to provide contrast in pace and tone - the tension wouldn’t be effective if it was always set to 11. We also wanted the player to really feel inside the world of Sevastopol – trapped inside this incredibly beautiful, unique lo-fi sci-fi Seventies view of a used future: a truly immersive but dangerous ‘pressure cooker’ with no easy means of escape. For the atmosphere and environment to really get inside the player's head - to exist as much inside the player’s imagination as on the screen.

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Underwater robot reveals the mysteries of Antarctic ice - CNET

When it comes to inhospitable environments, the Antarctic is about as harsh as it gets. For that reason, it has been extremely difficult to survey. Thanks to an underwater robot, though, the British Antarctic Survey has for the first time obtained detailed, high-res 3D maps of the sea ice, including regions that had been previously too difficult to access.

The Tool That Helps You Search Every Page You've Ever Visited | WIRED

Built for desktop and laptop machines, the app is called . It caches every single webpage you visit, creating your own personal search engine where you can search solely what you’ve seen in the past. Brown came up with the idea after trying—and failing—to find something else that did this. “I got sick and tired of losing websites I’d seen before—or spending a frustratingly long time re-finding them,” he says.

How Technology Is Changing Media

Every BuzzFeed post and video is designed for sharing, which explains why BuzzFeed’s traffic is at the forefront of the shift to social.

Year-Old Yik Yak Draws Big Valuation


It’s not just about print vs. digital media — it’s about culture

Filloux goes on to list what he describes as the most critical issues and “areas of transformation” for newspapers and other mainstream media outlets, a list that includes funding, resource allocation, scalability, timing and attitudes towards risk and failure. And what’s most interesting to me is what he doesn’t mention — namely, any mention of print vs. digital, or in fact any distribution method.

BBC uses “collateral freedom” system to bypass Chinese censorship

Authorities in China have been blocking Chinese-language BBC content since last month, after the British state broadcaster carried footage of Hong Kong police beating a protestor. However, on Monday the anti-censorship campaign group said it was working with the BBC to make its content available to Chinese web users again.

7 apps for hosting a stress-free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and for many of us, that means entertaining family and cooking up a storm. This can be a recipe for stress, which is the last thing you need leading up to a long holiday weekend. Luckily, a little planning can make Turkey Day much more manageable—all you need is your iPhone or iPad and a few strategically downloaded apps. From party planning and invites to recipes and wine pairings, we’ve got you covered.

Apple Partners with (RED) to Fight AIDS with Special App and Retail Promos

To show its support for the fight against the disease on World AIDS Day, Apple is teaming up with non-profit organization (RED) to raise funds for programs in Africa, with special promotions running for the next two weeks on apps and products.

This iOS Keyboard Finally Lets You Draw Your Own Texts

For .99 cents, DrawType gives you access to a very simple color and pen palette right in your messages. You access it just like you would your Emoji or any other keyboard, except instead of a grid of options, you get a blank canvas. Once you've drawn a response, it copies the image to your clipboard and lets you paste it into the response box. It's stupid-simple functionality—after all, you could doodle and copy/paste with any other drawing app—but the integration with Messages is priceless.

Fuel cells in the data center

But mission critical infrastructure like data centers could prove to be a promising market for fuel cells due to a confluence of factors and market timing. As data center operators hone in on power options that increase reliability and provide power cost predictability over decades-long time scales, fuel cells have advantages that will allow them to compete. To be sure, the current market remains small for fuel cells in the data center. But the technology’s advantages, combined with price declines in fuel cells and slowly rising retail utility prices for power, make the next few years a potential point of inflection for fuel cells.

Let’s Pivot Again — Handmake Me Is An Ethical Marketplace For Handmade Gifts

Next up, Hobzy took the e-commerce tech it had built and created a “reverse marketplace for handmade gifts” called Handmake Me — letting anybody who wanted to buy an authentic handmade gift to request what they wanted and how much they would pay, after which the site’s community of craft-makers would then bid for the job.

Black Friday Week Joystiq Deals: 10' Lightning to USB cable

Today's edition of Joystiq Deals brings Apple devotees a 10-foot-long Lightning to USB cable (perfect for recent iPhone and iPad models) at prices far lower than you'd find on the tech giant's website. Normally priced at $40, this lengthy cable is available at $19 for the next six days. Sure, it won't offer any features not already available in Apple's own cables, but it is more than three feet longer than the largest first party Lightning to USB cable, and more than $10 less expensive. Joystiq Deals is a partnership between AOL and StackSocial. A portion of sales goes to funding this site. Deals are curated by StackSocial independently of the Joystiq editorial team.

Network Security Needs Big Data

One alternative that is a strong candidate to improve the security situation is the zero-trust model (ZTM). This aggressive approach to network security monitors every piece of data possible, under the assumption that every file is a potential threat. It requires that all resources be accessed in a secure manner ; that access control be on a need-to-know basis and strictly enforced; that systems verify and never trust; that all traffic be inspected, logged, and reviewed; and that systems be designed from the inside out instead of the outside in. It simplifies how information security is conceptualized by assuming there are no longer “trusted” interfaces, applications, traffic, networks or users. It takes the old model — “trust but verify” — and inverts it, because recent breaches have proved that when an organization trusts, it doesn’t verify. This model was initially developed by John Kindervag of Forrester Research and popularized as a necessary evolution of traditional overlay security models.

The Most Glorious Moustaches in Video Games - IGN

And there you have it! A comprehensive list of all of the most memorable and most iconic mustachioed men in video games. We've plumbed the depths of video game history, and we're confident we didn't leave anyone off. There were a few more moustache ideas coming down the pipe, but we've officially hit a brick wall.

Mobile-Focused Ad Platform PocketMath Raises $10 Million From Rakuten Ventures

Unlike other ad platforms, PocketMath doesn’t have a minimum spend or commit and it is self-service. That, Grooms said, means it used by all sorts of customers — right from individual, to large corporates and even ad networks themselves. Grooms said that generally 20 percent of its 1,000 paying customers account for 80 percent of the revenue, but the company is focused on raising visibility of its name and reputation worldwide having done no formal marketing up until this point.

Report: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer to Debut in Select Theaters Thanksgiving Weekend - IGN

UPDATE 1: The Regal Cinemas chain have now confirmed the Star Wars trailer is coming on Friday via their website , noting it can be seen from November 28th through November 30th at all movies playing in select theaters - as in every single film playing at these specific theaters will be showing the Star Wars trailer. Regal listed the following nine theaters as those where their chain will be showing it:

ESPN Gets Ready to Launch Its First Web Video Subscription Service -- For Cricket's World Cup

“We think about, are there sports events we could offer where the consumer would pay us directly — not the content on our current linear networks. This has to be new [content], and it would create a third revenue stream for us,” he said in September. “I do want to be clear: We are not looking to disrupt our linear channels and the content that’s on them now. We’re going to acquire new content and new kinds of things to do direct-to-consumer.”

Peyote - GTA 5 Wiki Guide - IGN

There are 27 peyote plants to find, and eating the root of each one will induce a hallucination activity. Each hallucination transforms the player's character into some form of animal, and their trip lasts until the animal is killed or the player chooses to end it themselves.

Universal Has Picked Up Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Biopic

, Universal has picked up the project. There's also a new actor connected to the lead role, Michael Fassbender.

TechCrunch Radio On Sirius XM 102 Indie Is Back

What is TechCrunch Radio, you ask? Well, it’s an hour of weekly bliss brought to you by myself, John Biggs, and the kind folks at Sirius XM each Tuesday at 6pm ET/3pm PT. We discuss this week’s news, chat with interesting guests, and then get into our weekly startup pitch-off. If you want to listen in, just head over to for the full deets.

Post Rakuten Acquisition, Slice Buys Unroll․Me To Add Email List Control To Its Shopping App

It marks the third U.S.-based acquisition for Rakuten this year, after buying Slice in August and Ebates a month later for $1 billion. Put together, you can see that Rakuten is amassing an interesting group of e-commerce companies that are focused less on the direct purchasing and selling of goods, but services that improve the shopping experience both on Rakuten’s own properties and elsewhere. This gives the company potentially a strong grip on customer data, which could prove to be valuable in its own right in a market where this has become an increasing focus.

Salem: First Look at Mary Sibley in Season 2 - IGN

In Season 2, the Grand Rite triggered at the end of last season is now underway and death is in the air, but the Witch War is just beginning — and Salem is at the epicenter of both. In order to bring her plan to completion, Mary Sibley must not only control Captain John Alden (Shane West) and the citizens of Salem, but also those lurking in the shadows who seek the power she wields.

Snorman's post on Vine

Watch Snorman's Vine taken on 24 November 2014. It has 265 likes.

BuzzFeed says social rules and it is bigger than most TV networks

One of the core principles behind BuzzFeed is that social sharing is more important than search, so it’s no surprise that the main driver of traffic (which is estimated to be about 150 million unique visitors per month) is social — in fact, the company says that its social traffic is five times larger than its search traffic.

This App Lets You Say Hello to an Astronaut in Real Time | WIRED

Friends In Space is a fascinating site to toy around on. The visualizations and interactions are simple enough to make the data easy to grasp, but it’s complex enough that you’ll want to spend some time exploring, seeing how much more you can discover about the mission. Every so often a fuzzy conversation between the astronauts and mission control will pipe into your speaker—it’s a nice reminder of the wonderment that comes with space travel. In real time you’re hearing someone currently stationed far beyond our comprehension communicating with someone back on Earth. Now, we have the chance—no matter how simple a “hello” is—to communicate back. As Rossi puts it: “We’re giving people the possibility to say, ‘I once said hello to an astronaut and she said hello back.’”

Sweet Peach won't make vaginas smell like fruit or taste of Diet Coke

The supplement will actually be personalised according to individuals. A sample of the “vaginal biocrome” (the makeup and ecology of microorganisms in the vagina) will be sent for analysis. Sweet Peach will then supply a course of supplements designed to balance the pH levels of the vagina, allowing “good” microbes to thrive, therefore reducing the risk of yeast infections and UTIs with the aim of optimal vaginal health.

Amazon to deliver via post offices

This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

The Sun Says It Now Has 225k Subscribers Paying To Access Its Digital Content

That figure may seem low considering many major news sites are now attracting tens of millions of online users each month (even those with some sort of paywall, like the Wall Street Journal), and, indeed, it is down on the 30 million unique visitors The Sun's website was reporting in August 2013, before the publisher News UK took the decision to erect its paywall later that month. However, it is up on the 117,000 subscribers

Game Your Face Off Like It's 1985 With This High Quality, Reprogrammable Bluetooth Game Pad

“When you consider the relatively low cost of the NES30 pad and take into account its superb construction and excellent physical interface, it’s easy to recommend this controller to seasoned emulation experts or people looking for an alternative way of controlling their smartphone titles.” –

Chrome Will Start Blocking All Remaining NPAPI Plugins In January

Over the last year, Google went from recommending that developers move away from this old architecture to actively blocking almost all NPAPI plugins. There was, however, always a whitelist that allowed some of the most popular NPAPI plugins like Microsoft’s Silverlight, Unity and Google’s own Google Earth plugin to continue to run in the browser. Starting in January, even that’s going away and all of these plugins will be blocked by default.

Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptographer | WIRED

Guido Vervaet, the EU Commission’s director of security who helped investigate the breach, wouldn’t discuss it other than to say it was “quite” extensive and very sophisticated, with a “complex architecture.” He says the attackers used a zero-day exploit to get in but wouldn’t say what vulnerability they attacked. The attack was uncovered by system administrators only when systems began malfunctioning. Asked if the attackers used the same malware that struck Belgacom, Vervaet couldn’t say for sure. “It was not one piece of software; it was an architecture [that] was not just one component but a series of elements working together. We have analyzed the architecture of the attack, which was quite sophisticated and similar to other cases that we know of in other organizations” but internally they were unable to come to any conclusion “that it was the same attack or the same wrongdoers.”

Julio Ojeda-Zapata on Twitter

New on my personal blog: I hug TV; weird Nebraska; gizmo fashion show; journalistic stupidity:

Google Play pulled a gay killing game, but only after thousands of downloads

In the game, players control a hunter who is armed with a shotgun. On each level, they are tasked with killing a specified number of naked, homosexual men that charge at them. If you fail, the naked man leaps on the hunter and a cloud of dust appears, presumably implying the naked man assaults him.

Weaved Hauls Your Raspberry Pi Projects Online

Playing with Raspberry Pi is a lot of fun, but what happens when you want to get some real work done? While it’s not difficult to make a RaspPi board do cool stuff, getting it to communicate with the wider world is a bit of a challenge. That’s why Ryo Koyama, Mike Johnson, and Doug Olekin made Weaved .

Tech and Exec Disasters Put J.C. Penney in a Bind

No one knows whether J.C. Penney will live, as Marvin Ellison, former executive vice president of stores at Home Depot, prepares to take over as CEO next summer. He was due to join as president in November, working with current CEO Mike Ullman to make the transition. Ellison "is well-equipped to return the company to profitable growth," J.C. Penney's board said in a statement. But the company's moves in the last few years stand as prime examples of how not to manage, how not to implement technology and how not to respond to looming business threats. Heed the lessons.

The Pig Apple: A History of NYC's Illegal Pet

Those are some hilarious and pretty nasty negative externalities. When put that way, it’s no wonder that some people might’ve preferred filthy streets to free-roaming hogs, even at a cost to their health. Don’t feel too bad for Harriet, the defendant -- he was only fined a dollar, and Mayor Coldwell made a point of of admitting that the city had implicitly licensed him to keep his pigs on the streets, “and that exonerates him from any immoral intent.” Coldwell was likely trying avoid being seen as waging a war on the poor. But in his jury charge he also laid the ideological foundation for modern civics. As Hartog wrote :

Weatherboard allows you to use Dynamic Weather Wallpapers

Weatherboard (iOS 8 & 7) is a newly updated tweak that has very nice and smooth animations to use on your springboard background as well as your lock screen background. If this sounds like something that you may want to test out, keep on reading. Once you install Weatherboard, you’ll need to set it up within Settings>Weatherboard. There are 3 options to choose from: Overlay, Day Conditions, or Night Conditions. The “Overlay” option allows your to continue to use your current wallpaper and put the animations directly over your wallpaper. The day and night conditions will allows you to use the animations on an already supplied “day” wallpaper or “night” wallpaper.

These Are the Top 10 Toys of 2014

Picking up the mantel from GoldieBlox, this engineering toy hopes to inspire girls to aspire to careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Studies show that girls begin to rule out engineering as a possible career path at as young as eight years old, one reason only 11% of engineers are women. Many researchers think that if there were more STEM toys for girls, they might see engineering or science as a viable career path. Created by two Stanford engineers, Roominate is a playhouse you can design, build and wire. Connect the motor and light circuits, and windmills will spin, lamps will light up and elevators will travel up and down. New Roominate toys for the holidays include a helicopter, a studio and a chateau.

In Recession’s Wake RelianceCM Rebuilds A Tech Brand

Fara Warner is the editorial director for This Built America and Aol Tech, which includes TechCrunch and Engadget. She has worked for the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company and was the 2007-2009 Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Michigan.

Analyst: Apple to sell 71 million iPhones in Q4, 2014

The iPhone 6 is expected to dominate the sales for the quarter with an estimated shipment of around 41.65 million units. As for the iPhone 6 Plus, Kuo says that its sales are limited because of supply constraints, which also indicates some manufacturing issues for Apple. He notes that if Apple manages to overcome the supply constraints for the iPhone 6 Plus, it will manage to ship an even higher number of iPhones in this quarter.

Go Paperless With The Portable & Rechargeable Scanner + Free Shipping!

“The Doxie Go isn’t the only portable scanner on market, nor does it pretend to be… Unlike most portable scanners, which tend to be bulky and require an electrical outlet, the Doxie Go weighs just 14.2 oz… and it’s powered by a lithium-ion battery capable of 100 scans on a single charge. That might not seem like a lot, but when the bulk of the competition can’t function without a cord, trust us, it’s plenty impressive.” – Gizmodo

Tesla Has Discussed Sharing Electric Car Tech With BMW

A future where the electric car is ubiquitous cannot be built by one company alone, regardless of the hype around Tesla and its progress in consumer automotive space. That’s why it’s exciting to hear from Elon Musk himself about talks between BMW and Tesla, even if they’re only informal, around potential collaboration on battery and charger technology.

Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch joining the cast of 'True Detective'

The news confirms McAdams' involvement in the new season,  which has been rumored for some months . According to the HBO release, she will play Ventura County Sheriff Ani Bezzerides, a detective "whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves." She will presumably serve alongside Colin Farrell's Ray Velcoro, a corrupt cop caught between the police and the mob. Kitsch will play California motorcycle cop Paul Woodrugh, who's running from a difficult past. Kelly Reilly will play Jordan, the wife of Vince Vaughn's character Frank Semyon, and a full partner in his illegal activities.

Expose Corruption In American Media

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Driving into the future (with the brakes on) - Telegraph

Generally, however, innovation in transport will move forward in areas governed by the private sector. Vehicles will continue to become more connected, through added wifi on planes, trains, and automobile. They will become more and more automated, as in driverless cars and trains. And we will increasingly manage our journeys through our smartphones – whether that’s planning and paying for transport options, or controlling our own vehicles, such as the new Tesla cars, which allow owners to locate, warm up, unlock and start the car from their phones.

18,850 pairs of denim turn Levi's Stadium into actual 'Field of Jeans'

"We’re encouraging fans to donate their used jeans and clothing in a way that promotes reuse and recycling, creates jobs in our local community, and helps keep clothing out of landfills," Levi's CEO Chip Bergh said in a press release when the drive, a partnership with the 49ers organization and Goodwill, kicked off earlier this month.

Hackers shut down Sony Pictures' computers and are blackmailing the studio

Today, employees across the Sony Pictures offices were greeted with a strange picture as they tried to login to their computers.  Since this afternoon , computers at the company have been completely unresponsive, showing a glowering CGI skeleton, a series of URL addresses, and a threatening message from a hacker group that identifies itself as #GOP. Dozens of Sony Twitter accounts were also commandeered to tweet out similar messages, although Sony seems to have regained control of those accounts. Early reports from Sony employees suggest the studio has yet to regain computer access.

The US Is Stockpiling Ebola Survivors' Plasma to Treat Future Patients | WIRED

Emory University Hospital will begin stockpiling blood plasma from Ebola survivors, treated with a pathogen inactivation system that’s never been used before in the United States, the company that developed the technology announced on Friday. So far, the US has had some amazing success in curing Ebola, possibly thanks to experimental plasma treatments. Drawn from survivors, the stuff comes enriched in antibodies that could help to fight off the disease—but it also has the potential to carry other diseases, like malaria, that are common in west Africa where Ebola is raging. The new system will kill off any extra contaminants that may be lurking in this potentially live-saving serum.

New trailer for Destiny's The Dark Below glances at gameplay

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers an all new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold new universe, featuring an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and community activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent, online world.

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