Apple Music's new student plan cuts subscriptions in half

Currently, student memberships are live in Australia (A$5.99) and New Zealand (NZD $6.49), but will also be available in the US ($4.99), UK (£4.99), Denmark (kr49) , Ireland (€4.99) and Germany (€4.99) later today. They'll be available for at least four years after a user signs up and can be paused for study breaks. Spotify, on the other hand, provides a student discount for one year before reverting users back to a standard monthly plan.

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Chinese automakers are poaching talent and swarming to California in the pursuit of Tesla:

Periscope users can now save their live-streamed broadcasts forever

The feature is now available to all users as part of a public beta test, Beykpour said, with Periscope soliciting feedback from its users on how it works. The CEO said that Periscope had been "actively building support for controlling how your broadcasts stay" on the platform, including keeping broadcasts for longer than the previous 24-hour window, but also to service "some people who want their broadcasts to be deleted more quickly." The introduction of the new #save feature comes amid a  host of  recent changes to Periscope , and as Beykpour also bade farewell to Katch, a third-party app designed to solve the problem of disappearing Periscopes by saving them and posting them elsewhere that folded last month.

SpaceX made history again — watch its rocket deploy a satellite and land safely back on Earth

After successfully separating its cargo, the Falcon 9 had a very smooth landing back on Earth. This was the second time it landed after a series of failed attempts in the past. Elon Musk and his team were skeptical and warned about a crashlanding this time around, but managed to pull it off again.

Apple Music’s new student membership option discounts the service by 50%

Amid news that Apple Music is getting a makeover come this summer, Apple today launched a new plan to boost subscribers to its streaming music service and competitor to Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal and others. It’s introducing an Apple Music student plan which will discount the service by 50 percent for those who are enrolled in an eligible college or university.

U.S. trade panel to probe devices of eight smartphone vendors

HONG KONG The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) is launching an investigation into the mobile devices of eight smartphone vendors over an alleged patent violation, the trade panel said on its website.


Early Friday morning, SpaceX successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship at sea for the second time . The company has recovered the post-launch vehicle a total of three times, two of which involved the rocket landing on a floating drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Before the launch, the landing was deemed unlikely as the rocket would be "subject to extreme velocities and re-entry heating" in its attempt to launch a Japanese communications satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit high above Earth. Elon Musk tweeted : "Rocket reentry is a lot faster and hotter than last time, so odds of making it are maybe even, but we should learn a lot either way." As a result of the successful mission, Musk followed up with , "May need to increase size of rocket storage hangar." The first successful launch was in December , when the rocket landed at a ground-based spaceport in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The second landing occurred in April on a floating drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

How Music Taste Evolved

Every top 5 song, from 1958 - 2016, so we can stop arguing about when music was still good.

U.S. developing Technology to Identify and Track Hackers Worldwide

"The goal of the Enhanced Attribution (EA) program is to develop technologies for generating operationally and tactically relevant information about multiple concurrent independent malicious cyber campaigns, each involving several operators; and the means to share such information with any of a number of interested parties without putting at risk the sources and methods used for collection," reads the project’s official site.

This white horse holds the key to two major 'Game of Thrones' fan theories

In episode two, Bran watches as a young Lyanna Stark — Ned's sister, who apparently goes on to die in her brother's arms after being kidnapped and raped by Rhaeger Targaryen — rides into the Winterfell courtyard on a white horse. She is met by a young (and significantly more talkative) Hodor, who it turns out was once called Wylis.

This very handsome naval officer is breaking hearts across the high seas

Lasse Matberg is a sports officer, athlete and lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy — an impressive résumé, to be sure. But he also has a man bun and a cool Pomeranian, which is why, we're guessing, he's breakin' hearts across the Internet.

Alone in the Dark, Old-School Projectionists Keep Film From the Grave

Nicholson started the project in 2012 at the invitation of Projection Project director Charlotte Brundson, who’d enjoyed Last One Out . It took awhile to nail his approach because projection boxes are not an ideal setting for photography, given that they’re small and dark. Nicholson settled on using five or six flashguns strategically placed around the booth. Even then he didn’t have enough light for the 4×5 film he favors, so he opted for a 36 megapixel Nikon D800 and a 16mm lens. He carefully composed each shot to minimize distortion, photographing the projectionists going about their work. “I wanted to avoid the sort of ‘hero’ image that you might see in a magazine feature—the projectionist standing proudly beside his projector,” he says. “Film projection is a craft that is in serious decline, so I wanted to create pictures that were more contemplative.”

Hitler's "unbreakable" encryption machine - and the Bletchley Park devices which cracked the code | ZDNet

Built in 1944, the Colossus computer reduced the time to decrypt German code from weeks to just hours, a speed which helped undermind any operation Hitler's troops were attempting to carry out. Colossus was used to find the wheel start positions used by the Lorenz machine from the five-hole punched paper tape. This rebuild of the Colossus now resides in Bletchley Park.

Google's AI engine is reading 2,865 romance novels to be more conversational

The next time someone throws you shade for pulling out a steamy romance novel on the train or bus, just tell them that it's okay, because Google's doing it, too. For the past few months, Google has been feeding 2,865 romance novels into an artificial intelligence engine to help loosen it up — linguistically at least,  BuzzFeed reports .


If you had asked me this morning whether we'd ever reach such technological advancement that we could put dough in a pod and create a tortilla from it, I would have said no way! Years off. But wow was I limited in my pod thinking because tortilla pods are apparently now a reality.

Introducing Omnisearch | Twitter Blogs

The new products we want to build will require fields, operators, and ranking signals to be added to our indexes. For example, to build a new media product we might want a new operator to find Tweets with GIFs, or to use content as a ranking signal. When we started Omnisearch, this was difficult or impossible. Our in-memory Earlybird indexes were already using most of their available memory, and our archival indexes required a slow rebuild before new fields and signals became available.

Hold up. Man had the nerve to read a book at Beyoncé’s show.

At first glance it seems like he's either the best guy in the world (with poor taste in music) for taking his loved one to an amazing concert even though it clearly pains him, or the absolute worst for selfishly taking a ticket away a Beyhive member and not even

Millions of users are going to miss out on a free Windows 10 upgrade

However, current  Netmarketshare figures  show that the most popular desktop OS is Windows 7, with nearly 48 percent share and that nearly 10 percent of people still use Windows 8.1. Combined, that means nearly 60 percent of Windows users are eligible for an upgrade that they are yet to take advantage of.

The Newest Prestige Cop Drama Isn’t on TV. It’s a Videogame

That’s the premise of This Is the Police , a game coming this summer on PC from Weappy Studio, a small indie joint based out of Minsk, Belarus. Boyd always tried to be a good cop, even if he was never a good man—but after a corruption scandal rocks his department and exposes his corrupt deputy, he’s given up on being the hero. Boyd has six months left before retirement, and he’s going to spend it putting together a nice little nest egg by any means necessary.

Another $1m Kickstarter project has gone bust, and no, you're not getting any money back

Another $1m Kickstarter project has gone bust, and no, you're not getting any money back

Facebook loses first round in suit over storing biometric data

The complainants had alleged that Facebook's face recognition feature that suggests "tags" on photos unlawfully collected and stored biometric data, in violation of the Illinois BIPA.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (for PlayStation 4)

Charted Waters Uncharted 4 pushes the envelope when it comes to cinematography and visual detail in video games. It is easily the best-looking game of the year. If you've followed the series, you will no doubt want to see the conclusion to Nathan Drake's treasure hunting adventures. The self-contained story is also a plus for gamers looking to add a new title to their PS4 library. Just keep in mind that the story mode focuses heavily on story, with some fairly generic (and flawed) gameplay holding it all together.

A new lawsuit is accusing Facebook of violating privacy with photo face-tagging software

A lawsuit filed by three Illinois residents under the auspices of the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act can proceed, US District Court Judge James Donato said.

KFC's finger-lickin' good nail polish tastes like fried chicken

KFC Hong Kong is offering a flavored nail polish that comes in both original recipe (kind of a beige) and hot-and-spicy (a barbecue-sauce-colored orange) flavors. GET IT? Because finger-lickin' good, and also chicken fingers. Also, product guy needed something to write down as one of his achieved goals. Maybe extra crispy is in the works.

Costco in Australia now sells caskets and coffins

The coffins and caskets went on sale at Melbourne Costco stores in the first week of May, with Sydney stores to follow in the weeks after. If you're keen, you'll need to order them through the store, and then they will be shipped to you in two days, as long as you live within a 35-kilometre radius of the Costco.

Netflix now lets you control exactly how much data it eats up on iOS and Android

Netflix started testing the ability to save you some data  while on mobile networks on Android phones a few weeks ago. Now the same feature is rolling out globally to all Android and iOS users.

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Marvel and DC are at war onscreen and off. We find out which studio gets it right

Watch robo cockroach buddies help one another climb stairs

Robot cooperation is super cool right now, because we've realized that even robots needs good buddies if they want to achieve their goals. Look at, for example, stairs. Easy for humans, but tough for the VelociRoACH — a crawling hexapod bot and research platform built by UC Berkeley. In the  latest research , a pair of RoACHs were taught how to climb steps, with the back bot giving the front one a push up — with the bot on top of the stair then letting down a magnetic winch to pull its buddy up. Teamwork makes the robodream work.


AT&T will begin taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E starting from May 6. It’s not immediately clear, however, when the tablet will reach general availability.

How to Do 'Pull-Through' Marketing Like a Pro

On the road in San Antonio earlier this year , I was delighted to meet an inventor who has mastered the art of getting in. George Burkhardt knows better than to take no for an answer. In the short time he's been trying to bring his ideas to market, he's already licensed three hardware products. For Burkhardt, being resourceful is second nature. Growing up on a farm in the "middle of nowhere" forced him to learn how to improvise when he was young, he said. "We didn't have the money to hire anyone. If something broke, you fixed it yourself." Burkhardt spent the bulk of his career working for the Air Force as a civilian mechanical engineer, where he was tasked with developing techniques, equipment, and methods for finding defects in aircraft components. When he retired 14 years ago, he decided to focus on innovation outright.

LinkedIn's next big feature will follow in Facebook's footsteps

BuzzFeed tapped LinkedIn on the shoulder for a comment on the speculation, and actually received a response for a change, with a spokesperson telling them: "Publishers remain a very important part of our content ecosystem and we are in regular conversations with them about new ways to work together. Our goal is to ensure we get the right content in front of the right member at the right time to deliver the best member experience possible."

This boy is writing letters to every country in the world

Toby Little started writing letters to different countries when he was five years old. The first one, written in the summer 2013, went to a friend of a friend in Hawaii. The letter was short, but it turned out to be only the beginning of what would eventually bloom into an enormous, global project.

Louis CK Explains Why He's Quit the Internet

In an interview with Conan O’Brien, he explained that he’s “grown up” and realized the that his constant staring at a phone was straining his familial relationships. So he had his daughter impose a parental lock on the internet for all his devices, and now he hasn’t looked at the web for over a month.

How to back up Android SMS messages to Gmail video

We all know that backing up our data is incredibly important in case we lose that phone or a hard drive failed. Here's how to back up SMS and MMS from an Android phone to Gmail. First download SMS Backup plus from the Google Store. Launch the app, and have it connect to your Gmail account. Allow the app to manage your mail and it will ask you if you want to immediately back up all messages on the device. Select this option and the backup will begin. Depending on how many message you have on your phone, this could take anywhere from a few minutes or up to an hour. Now, when you go into your g-mail account you should see a new label called SMS. All of your text messages and MMS content is there for you to view. Also make sure to turn on the auto back up feature within the SMS back up plus app. Change the frequency to suit your schedule such as backing up messages once per day. In San Francisco, I'm Lexy Savvides for CBS News. [MUSIC]

TRNTBL is the hyper-connected turntable we didn't know we needed

Turntable life is all about retro affectations, right? The physicality of the vinyl, the record sleeves, the scratch of the needle, the imperfect, warm, unadulterated analog sound. TRNTBL has all that, but it also jacks that experience into the 21st century.

'Overwatch' beta signups live throughout the weekend

Overwatch , Blizzard Entertainment's team-based shooter, is now available as an open beta for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So if you've been seeing the endless stream of commercials online and were curious about what the World of Warcraft developer had to offer with this raucous adventure, you can get in on it now for free.


Notify.js - A simple, versatile notification library

These 4 charts from Y Combinator show where tech is headed

Q: Yesterday, Tesla disclosed  that its target of producing 500,000 cars annually has been moved up to 2018. Elon Musk spent much of Tesla's earnings call weathering questions about how this was feasible, given the company's 2016 production goal is a fraction of that. This is nothing new for Musk—but what's the point of making deadlines you can't meet? 

Can Twitter's infinite monkeys write the complete works of Shakespeare?

Twitter is teaming up with Shakespeare's Globe theater in London to have a go at proving the infinite monkey theorem: that infinite monkeys randomly hitting infinite typewriters will eventually write any and all given texts, including the complete works of William Shakespeare. In this case, though, the infinite monkeys are Twitter's users, and the typewriter is a real device,  sitting in the lobby of the Globe.

Donald Trump opines on British politics, backs Brexit

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has expressed support for Brexit — Britain exiting the European Union — in an interview with Fox News, stating that the UK would be "better off without" the European Union.

Here's how many cars Tesla plans to build in the next two years

Needless to say, Elon Musk is either a) talking a big talk in hopes that investors don't ask for the walk, b) hiding some kind of revolutionary production process or secret factory, c) making the Model 3 out of Lego, or d) planning to run the company down to the ground, take off with the money, and run off into space in one of his rockets.

Evernote for Android gets the desktop app's best feature

Although I’ve moved away from Evernote for my daily writing tasks because I prefer lightweight alternatives like Simplenote , it’s still the ultimate Swiss knife of note-taking tools. Today, its Android app has added image annotation, which makes it a whole lot more useful and a must-have on your phone.

Legendary Australian beer Victoria Bitter to be sold in '50s heritage cans

Well now you can, with the classic Australian beer Victoria Bitter (VB) to be sold in heritage cans, honouring the first canned VB launched back in 1958.


T-Mobile this week confirmed it will begin selling the rough and tumble Kyocera DuraForce XD smartphone. Arriving on May 11, the handset gives users a rugged device that’s built for most elements.

Backers of cancelled e-ink watch won't get their money back

The legal papers are only visible to the poor souls that gave the company money with no update or statement from the now defunct company or its founders. It's a sad reminder that crowdfunding campaigns don't always pay off and sometimes its better to wait and see if a product actually comes to market before buying it.

Don't Be Shy: Google Slides Update Simplifies Q&A

Now, those who use Slides can solicit questions from the audience during a presentation. Folks can submit questions from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop while a person is speaking, and vote on the queries they'd most like answered. Just click on a link within the Slides presentation to submit your question.

Tesla now selling Powerwall energy storage units in U.S. homes

Q: Yesterday, Tesla disclosed  that its target of producing 500,000 cars annually has been moved up to 2018. Elon Musk spent much of Tesla's earnings call weathering questions about how this was feasible, given the company's 2016 production goal is a fraction of that. This is nothing new for Musk—but what's the point of making deadlines you can't meet? 

T-Mobile to offer subscribers stock and other freebies in next ‘Un-carrier’ move

T-Mobile USA is preparing its eleventh “Un-carrier” event for early next month, a person with knowledge of the company’s plans told VentureBeat. It will kick off a customer appreciation campaign that introduces an app called T-Mobile Tuesdays, which will earn subscribers weekly freebies, chances at prize giveaways, and even equity in the company itself, the person said.

The White House has significant concerns about artificial intelligence

If your mind instantly went to Skynet, I can put your mind at ease; it’s not Skynet. That’s not, however, to say that this problem isn’t just as scary, only without the cool special effects.

Manus x Machina: Apple, Vogue Both in Fashion at Met Exhibit

Rather than skirts streaming tweets across tulle, Manus x Machina is a study of how craft can come from machine and hand both. There is nothing that is not unquestionably a wearable, functional garment. The technology behind the clothes is more inherent, as in laser-cutting or laminating. "It made me realize that wearable technology is not just about extreme technology, it's all about quiet, hidden technology," Andrew Bolton, head curator of the Costume Institute, told PCMag in an interview.

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54 Activision Blizzard earnings up on  “Candy Crush” sugar high
55 Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand launches in U.S., inks global deal with McDonald’s
56 Uber's China Rival 'Close to Raising $2 Billion in New Funding'
57 ScoPower
58 Canadian university invents bionic hand that lets users "feel" their fingers
59 Apple Music is reportedly getting a major revamp in June
60 Ford invests $182m in cloud software to transform from auto to mobile | ZDNet
61 Drawbridge raises $25M as it takes its cross-device tech beyond advertising
62 Will drones deliver organs on-demand in the future? | ZDNet
63 Reg Saddler on Twitter
64 Verizon strike taking trickle-down toll on business customers
65 Fail of the Week: ESP8266 Heats Temperature Sensor
66 Save my smartphone: How to resurrect your wet iPhone and other handsets | ZDNet
67 City carpooling service Via picks up $70M further funding, another $30M to come
68 This Interviewing Platform Changes Your Voice To Eliminate Unconscious Bias
69 ​Australia to launch startup landing pad in Singapore | ZDNet
70 Tesla Just Made Its Huge Model 3 Challenge Even Huger
71 YouTube VP Matt Glotzbach graduates to CEO role at Quizlet
72 Because failure is an option SpaceX can do stuff like land rockets on a boat
73 Game Developer Forced To Change Game's Name Because 'Wasteland' Is A Trademark, Apparently | Techdirt
74 StarHub net profit up by SG$19.1m | ZDNet
75 ​Australian Bureau of Meteorology to crowdsource data digitisation process | ZDNet