Nintendo NX said to be a portable console with removable controllers and a TV dock

Nintendo’s upcoming NX console is slowly taking shape, but a new report provides a lot more specificity than we’ve seen in the past, claiming the still-secret gaming hardware is actually primarily a portable console – albeit with some modular features that could make it more versatile than most handhelds.

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Solar Impulse 2 plane completes a journey around the world

I can’t believe I’m typing this: two pilots just completed a 24,584 mile-long trip around the world in a plane over the course of more than a year, without a single drop of fuel.

The best hidden features of Windows 10's Anniversary Update

Yes, a version of this feature shipped with the Surface Pro 3 and Windows 8. Still, with Windows 10 and the Anniversary Update, there’s even more flexibility to launch apps like the Windows Ink Workspace with a click of your stylus. Granted, not all tablets ship with a stylus that has a quick-launch “eraser” button, and you’ll need to make sure your stylus is close at hand. But within those parameters, it’s a great way to jot a quick note when you can’t ask the speaker to slow down and repeat herself.

U.S. Public Wary of Biomedical Technologies to ‘Enhance’ Human Abilities

Second, people believe that technologies that would bring more dramatic or extreme changes to human abilities are less acceptable than technologies that cause less dramatic or temporary changes. For example, 47% of Americans consider the use of synthetic blood substitutes to improve physical abilities an “appropriate use of technology” if the resulting change to people’s speed, strength and stamina would be “equal to their own peak abilities.” But if the same enhancement results in physical abilities “far above that of any human known to date,” far fewer (28%) say it would be an appropriate use of technology. The same pattern occurs as Americans consider the potential use of gene editing and devices implanted in the brain to augment human abilities.

SMS-based two-factor authentication will soon be banned

In the latest draft of the Digital Authentication Guideline , the rules by which authentication software must abide, the US National Institute for Standards and Technology is preparing to get rid of SMS-based two-factor authentication.

Adobe launches Lightroom for Apple TV

Adobe is launching Lightroom on the Apple TV today, giving photographers an easy way to display their edited photos up on a big screen. That's really all this app is: a photo viewer. Any photo in Lightroom that you've synced to mobile or Lightroom's web gallery will be available inside the Apple TV app. From there, you can view them individually, start a slideshow, or stop to zoom in and pan around.

BlackBerry unveils DTEK50 for $299, claims it’s ‘the world’s most secure Android smartphone’

BlackBerry of course isn’t the first company to claim its device is “the world’s most secure Android smartphone.” Here are the features that are supposed to make the DTEK50 claim that title:

T-Mobile adds Apple Music, Fox Now and more to Binge On

T-Mobile's adding a whole bunch more entertainment services to its 'Un-carrier' plans today, meaning lower data bills for customers that just can't bear to switch off Quantico while out and about.

The Secret to Cutting Your Facebook Ad Spend : Social Media Examiner

Note: If you’re just starting out and have only just placed your ad pixel on your website, you can focus your initial campaign on your Facebook page fans and email list to start with. You’ll build your website custom audience as you drive traffic to your website through your blog post ads.

Office 365 gets smarter with a handful of new Word, Outlook and PowerPoint features

Back in the days of shrinkwrapped software, Microsoft would roll out giant new upgrades of its Office suite every few years, brimming with a laundry list of new (but not always improved) features. But now that we're in the era of cloud-based Office 365 -- productivity software as a service -- the updates are more frequent and more subtle.

Hailo gets help from car giant Daimler to take on Uber

With a renewed focus on black cabs , Hailo has been seeking a strategic investor. Now it's found one. The news will please the company's existing investors, which include entrepreneur Richard Branson and equity firms Accel and Wellington Partners, but the deal will also allow Daimler to court drivers of Hailo and MyTaxi cars, allowing it to supply vehicles to its operators as inner-city car usage declines.

Confirmed: Hailo sells 60% of company to Daimler as it merges with MyTaxi

“What’s starting to happen in this industry is that you are starting to see the emergence of regional winners and funding is starting to happen to those whether they are Ola or Grab or Lyft, and while our plan and targets resonated with investment community, we were both going to them with the same story, which is we both wanted to be Europe number one.”

Google aims to let you block all spam calls with Android app

The new spam-blocking feature is an extension of Google’s caller ID system, which helps identify businesses not stored in your address book, and has been available for several years now. The phone app checks incoming call numbers against an updating database and flags those that appear to be from spammers with a big red banner.

The Best and Worst Stuff in the New Ikea Catalog

In the last few years, Ikea has shrugged off its false perception of a purveyor of cheap furniture and started selling some truly stunning stuff . For 2017, the Swedish flatpack furniture maker mixes classic and modern designs. But for every good-looking piece, there’s a terrible one that some poor college student is going to get tricked into buying.

Flaws in wireless keyboards let hackers snoop on everything you type | ZDNet

Here's how it works: a number of wireless keyboards use proprietary and largely unsecured and untested radio protocols to connect to a computer -- unlike Bluetooth, a known wireless standard that's been tried and tested over the years. These keyboards are always transmitting, making it easy to find and listen in from afar with the right equipment. But because these keystrokes aren't encrypted, a hacker can read anything on a person's display, and directly type on a victim's computer.

Something is wiping away all of the craters on dwarf planet Ceres

Ever since NASA’s Dawn spacecraft started snapping pictures of the dwarf planet Ceres in the Asteroid Belt in 2015, scientists have been perplexed by the space rock’s relatively smooth surface; the object should have way more impact craters than it does now. To get to the bottom of this mystery, scientists have used computer simulations to model how Ceres most likely evolved over time, showing just how many different types of craters the dwarf planet should have on its surface. Many of the craters predicted in the models have seemingly been erased, meaning that some kind of major geological activity has wiped them away.

Runkeeper’s Running Groups is a virtual running club for you and your buddies

Running Groups is a great feature, for sure, but one potential issue is that friends often don’t use the same running apps — I use Runtastic, and others may use Nike+ or Endomondo or any of the countless others. This is one issue Runkeeper is looking to tackle — by offering a truly social feature, replete with messaging and shared targets, it hopes to serve as the social glue for running buddies located in different locations and encourage people to “lure” their friends over from other apps.

Microsoft adds new cloud-based tools and machine learning features to Office apps - TechRepublic

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it was updating a host of its Office 365 applications with cloud-based intelligent services that it says will "save you time and produce better results." Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint are all getting updates that could help make users more productive.

Aaron Paul, Lena Headley star in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is coming to theaters in North America on August 19. The movie now has an English trailer and features the talents of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, as well as Lena Headley and Sean Bean from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

BlackBerry says its new Android smartphone is the 'world's most secure'

The security features are highlighted right in the device's name, as it has BlackBerry's DTEK software that protects users from malware and other security problems often seen on Android smartphones. The DTEK app lets users quickly get an overview of their device's security and take action on any potential issues. BlackBerry says that it has modified Android with its own technology originally developed for the BB10 platform to make it more secure. The company is also committing to rapid updates to deliver security patches shortly after they are released.

22 Nintendo's mysterious NX is reportedly a portable console that connects to your TV

The picture around Nintendo's next major piece of hardware is getting a little clearer: a new report from Eurogamer provides a number of new details on what the NX might look like. According to the report, the NX will primarily be a portable device with its own built-in screen, but it will also feature a somewhat radical design in the form of controllers that can detach from the device. You can then use those controllers to play games on your TV using a docking station that connects to your living room display.

Now Xbox Live Gamertags will expire after five years

vii. Software Updates. For any device that can connect to Xbox Services, we may automatically check your version of Xbox console software or the Xbox App software and download Xbox console or Xbox App software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Xbox Services, using unauthorized Xbox games or Xbox apps, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices with an Xbox console.

How to Remove PP App Store from Your Jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 Device

This third-party app store usually comes with Chinese jailbreak tools and promotes app piracy. Such apps could contain malwares that would put the confidential information on your device at risk. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of this app and remove it completely from your device before it does any harm.

Amazon launches Prime service in India to woo customers

Amazon Prime members will get unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery in over 100 cities and early access to lightning deals and exclusive offers. Amazon Prime is available for a free 60-day trial period, and thereafter, at an introductory annual subscription of Rs 499 ($7.4), a discount of Rs 500 from the list price of Rs 999 ($14.8). This is considerably lower than its price in the US ($99) and UK (£79), but subscribers in the US can also get unlimited photo storage, access to free e-books on Kindle First and Kindle Owners' Lending Library, and Prime Video and Music.

Data visualization service Reflect raises $2.5M seed round led by DFJ

The idea behind Reflect is to allow you to add data visualizations to any web or mobile app. To get started, you either give Reflect’s software agent access to your database or, if you are worried about security, you can host your own copy of the agent. The agent then fetches your data and brings it into Reflect, where you align the columns in your database to the dimensions and metrics you want to visualize. From there, you can then use the company’s drag-and-drop interface to create a dashboard with the company’s visualization components (which you can re-style to match your own brand).

The Xbox One S gets bundled ‘Madden’ and ‘Halo’

Sure the plain ole Xbox got a price drop down to $249 ahead of the release of the console’s svelte new configuration, but Microsoft’s still looking to lure in bargain hunters who’ve been eying the 40-percent slimmer new console .

Donald Trump is hosting a Reddit AMA this week

Donald Trump is hosting a Reddit AMA this Wednesday, July 27, at 6:30 PM EST. If you’re not familiar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and AMA sessions with celebrities are popular events on Reddit (Obama held one himself a few years ago).

Techcrunch hacked by OurMine | Hacker News

They removed the article, but there is still a post on their front page: This the version googled has cached:

New trials for delivering goods by drones

The government's getting together with the retail giant Amazon to start testing flying drones that can deliver parcels to your door.

AMD unveils Radeon Pro SSG graphics card with up to 1TB of M.2 flash memory

In addition to the Radeon Pro SSG, AMD also unveiled a new line of workstation graphics cards based on Polaris dubbed the Radeon Pro WX Series. Aside from being decked out in a fetching blue, they're essentially rebrands of the company's RX 480, RX 470, and RX 460 consumer graphics cards, albeit with professional driver support. The top end Radeon Pro WX7100 features 32 compute units (CUs) delivering over five teraflops of single precision floating point performance. It includes 8GB of GPU memory on a 256-bit bus and will cost "less than $1000." (~£800).

Michelle Obama lights up Trump at the DNC without once uttering his name

The popular London-based on—demand transportation app has sold a 60% stake to Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler, reports TechCrunch . Hailo, which allows users to call a London black cab to them, is used widely in London by those who prefer London's black cabs over Ubers. As part of the deal, Hailo will merge with another Daimler acquisition, MyTaxi, and work under that brand name from now on. It is hoped the merger will allow the services to better take on ride sharers like Uber. While Hailo is one of the more successful and well-known London tech startups, the news might not be entirely welcomed by the post-Brexit London tech scene. As part of the deal Hailo will be "gradually winding down" everything but a small operations team at its London HQ and moving everything else over to Germany.

Twitter launches new ad campaign because people still don't understand Twitter

Called ‘See what’s happening’ the campaign is focused on showing newcomers a glimpse into the conversations that happen on the platform. The company says as much as 90 percent of people around the world recognize Twitter as a brand, but don’t really know what it’s all about.

Smart redesign makes Google Maps easier on the eyes

Google says it’s determining the “areas of interest” through an algorithm that measures the concentrations of businesses around an area, but it needs actual humans to help out in larger cities like New York.

Olympic athletes are training with brain-altering headphones

This is as much marketing for the Halo Sport's fall launch as anything else, so there's good reason to be skeptical (especially given the $649 pre-order price). However, you can look at this as a grand experiment that goes beyond Halo's existing partnerships. If the athletes training with these headphones come home from Rio with medals, it'll suggest that this brain-changing headgear can produce quantifiable results.

'There probably won't be too many positives': Here's what Wall Street expects from Apple earnings

The second quarter of the year is never a great one for Apple, but this year is shaping up to be worse than usual.

Jeff Bezos 1997 Interview

This is an interview with Jeff Bezos - the founder of Amazon in 1997. It is very clear that Jeff is already on the right track in 1997 (three years after the introduction of NCSA Mosaic). While his words seem obvious now 15+ years later - in 1997 - he was way ahead of his time. The book "Long Tail" by Chris Anderson was published in 2006 (9 years later). Watch the baby in the background escape from its mother at 2:16 and run towards the taping :) The mother came rushing through the frame to get the baby which caused the edit at 2:17 . Taped June 1997 at the Special Libraries (SLA) conference in Seattle, WA. Video courtesy of Richard Wiggins.

Mini John Cooper Works goes back to the original Cooper works

The new generation Mini JCW is named after the man whose vision and no-nonsense organisation created the Cooper racing cars that changed the face of Formula 1 motor racing in the 1950s, and the Mini Coopers that livened up 1960s circuit racing and rallying. So I’ve come to Surbiton—where the Cooper Car Company was based—to find the building that was the original works. From there I’ll head off in search of the greatest of the JCW’s distant ancestors.

ICYMI: Better 3D viewing and your new robot gardener

Today on In Case You Missed It : MIT developed a 3D projector system for movies that could get rid of 3D theater glasses altogether. An automated farming machine can plant, water and maintain the garden in your backyard with hardly any effort on your part (beyond set-up, assembly, and that 'discounted' $3,000 pricetag ).

PlayStation Vue will be more attractive to cord cutters with addition of NFL RedZone

Combined with ESPN and a handful of other streams, Sony’s gaming console is quickly becoming a robust option for cord-cutters that require an easy-to-use streaming service. Of course, it’s still lacking a legitimate soccer option, as neither the MLS or Premier League offer console solutions, but cross your fingers that PlayStation Vue (and MLS/Premier League) gets on the ball, literally, and brings soccer to the console.

Microsoft launches Researcher and Editor in Word, Zoom in PowerPoint

“We wanted to go far beyond the current spelling and grammar capabilities and focus more on what you did wrong and how it should be fixed,” Microsoft Office senior product marketing manager David Alexander told VentureBeat in an interview. Editor will start making writing suggestions next month, and in the fall, Editor will start flagging things with squiggly lines underneath text in Word, Alexander said.

Bitcoin’s not money, judge rules as she tosses money-laundering charge

“Bitcoin may have some attributes in common with what we commonly refer to as money,” she wrote. It can be “exchanged for items of value,” for example, but unlike money, not always. It’s accepted by some merchants and service providers but unlike money, not by all of them. Unlike money, bitcoin’s value fluctuates wildly. “With such volatility, they have a limited ability to act as a store of value, another important attribute of money.”

Apple wins patent on tech hinting at Apple Pencil use for Mac

Apple on Tuesday won the U.S. patent rights to a stylus concept that could pave the way for using an Apple Pencil with Macs, whether on Force Touch trackpads or otherwise. The patent , seen by AppleInsider , describes a more complex device than the current Pencil, able to work not just on trackpads but in mid-air as a motion-sensitive "air mouse." It might also support rotation commands, or operating as a joystick. Apple's filing also makes many references to using a stylus with a touchscreen though, and indeed seems to be more connected to work on the Pencil for the iPad Pro. Although the patent application was first published in May 2016, it was actually submitted Nov. 14, 2014. The Pencil and 12.9-inch iPad Pro shipped on Nov. 11 the following year. Apple is unlikely to actually develop a stylus specifically for Macs, though it could make the Pencil compatible if it gave Macs an easy way of pairing. There are already many third-party styli available for Macs, and keyboards, mice, and trackpads are more generally useful. This fall's macOS Sierra will introduce Siri voice commands .

Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Watch first lady Michelle Obama’s full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Sarah Silverman goes off script, majorly calls out Bernie supporters

As the two stood at the podium while the cries grew louder, Silverman took the opportunity to go off script and tell the Sanders clan what she was thinking.

12 More Viral Images That Are Totally Fake

Do you ever feel like half the images you see online are fake? So do we. Below we’ve pulled together twelve photos and GIFs that have been floating around the internet recently. And they’re all fake.

Visit this site before you pay hackers a ransom for your files

It may not always be possible to recover your files using these methods, but it’s certainly worth checking No More Ransom before you do; not only will you avoid spending your own hard-earned money, you’ll also be able to avoid funding hackers who don’t deserve a single penny.

Libyan swimmer crowdfunds her way to the Summer Olympics in Rio

The young swimmer decided to launch the campaign when she realized the Libyan Swimming Federation won’t be able to cover the expenses of her trip to Rio, due to the organization’s financial limitations.

Key findings on how Americans view new technologies that could ‘enhance’ human abilities

Many in the general public expect scientific and technological innovation to bring helpful change to society. Yet, when Americans are asked about the potential use of emerging technologies that could push the boundaries of human abilities, they are far more cautious about the morality and effects of these advances.

Google Maps update brings cleaner look and new areas of interest

Google spruced up its Maps app on Android and iOS yesterday, as well as its web counterpart, in a bid to make it easier to understand. The updated Google Maps has removed road outlines and changed typography, alterations that Google says make it easier for users to see traffic information and make out points of interest, train stations, and other key spots easily. The company is also taking advantage of this cleaner look to highlight new areas of interest, shading districts with a lot of stuff to see and do in orange, and allowing users to explore their contents.

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