How To Make Presidential Debates Better Without Breaking Them

There are other ways to approach this idea of instant sentimental feedback. Designers at the innovation and design firm IDEO, for instance, have been working with the Sundance Institute on a panel format. Creative Tensions, as the program is called, requires everyone in a room to stand on their feet. Nearby are two speakers and a moderator. On the wall a "spectrum" is presented, which is bookended by polar opposing opinions of a subject. "The entire room—speakers and audience—move in the space along that spectrum," explained IDEO's Creative Tensions manager Anna Silverstein, while presenters discuss their opinions. The idea is to get in-the-moment movement that echoes sentiment. For example, if I were in the audience and a speaker said something I disagreed with, I would move away from him or her. So too would everyone else in the room, depending on how they felt. "It forms an interesting conversation that is less political and more nuanced," says Silverstein.

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Human factors limit smart cities more than technology

While the latest smart gizmo tends to grab headlines, industry experts are urging urban leaders to focus more on smart city challenges with their citizens, rather than the technology, said attendees at the VERGE 16 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. where leaders in the smart cities space gathered.

New Law Forces IMDB To Remove the Age of Actors on Request

The governor of California signed a bill into law today that will make it illegal for entertainment websites like IMDB to post the ages of actors if that actor requests the information to be taken down. Needless to say, free speech advocates are outraged .

Snapchat Introduces Spectacles Sunglasses With Video Cameras; Changes Name to Snap Inc.

Changing our name also has another benefit: When you search for our products it will be easier to find relevant product information rather than boring company information or financial analysis. You can search Snapchat or Spectacles for the fun stuff and leave Snap Inc. for the Wall Street crowd

Google's car will automatically pull you over for the police

Even with these seemingly small updates, Google and other self-driving operators still have a large blank space in the encyclopedia of what to do in certain situations. It’s part of the reason Google, Uber, and others are adamant about testing cars in the real world, as its the perfect way to experience random encounters on the road.

Did I Kill Marc Andreessen's Twitter?

The timeline makes sense. I was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even though his takes were never not bad, Andreessen’s tweets provided me with a perverted sense of pleasure. For that, I am grateful. Please return my darling egg. The twisted folks of Twitter mourn your absence. We might not be sorry, but we still want you back.

Google's self-driving car is the victim in a serious crash

"A Google vehicle was traveling northbound on Phyllis Ave. in Mountain View when a car heading westbound on El Camino Real ran a red light and collided with the right side of our vehicle. Our light was green for at least six seconds before our car entered the intersection. Thousands of crashes happen everyday on U.S. roads, and red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes in the U.S. Human error plays a role in 94% of these crashes, which is why we're developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer."

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What's leaving Netflix soon (October 2016) video

Watch these on Netflix while you still can. The Back to the Future trilogy leaves Netflix on October 1st. It's your last chance to catch Marty, Doc, Biff, Jennifer, and Jennifer two. Insomnia is also leaving on October 1st. Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank star in this Christopher Nolan movie. All those names mean you should watch it if you haven't. All four seasons of Heroes disappear on October 1st. Maybe watch the first season and maybe the second. Any further is probably not advisable. It's really not. If you want a different kind of hero maybe a hero in purple it's time to watch The Phantom starring Billy Zane. did you know that Billy Zane actually played a thug in Back To The Future? It's true. The Phantom goes offline on the 1st of October. The Exorcist also stops streaming on October 1st. Make sure when you watch it, it's really dark and it's quiet. Be warned, you might be jumpy for the rest of the day. After you watch The Exorcist, you might need a pallet cleanser How about Psych? All eight seasons start streaming when October starts. It's a fun detective show that doesn't take itself seriously at all.

Plex’s latest feature lets you say goodbye to your home server and live in the cloud

What you end up with is a Plex Media Server just like the one at home, only it is not driving up your electricity bill and you do not have to worry about your ever-shrinking hard drive space. Almost every feature of a standard Plex Media Server installation is here, though currently a few features like Camera Upload and Offline Sync are not available. Plex says it is currently working on those features and they will eventually end up in Plex Cloud. A few features that would not make sense in Plex Cloud — Cloud Sync, DLNA, and DVR — are also excluded.

Here's where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on energy issues

Both Trump and Clinton, however, have remained silent on the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, which has been the subject of protests by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe on the border of North and South Dakota in recent weeks, according to The Hill . The pipeline could pose a threat to the local environment and water resources.

Uber’s Chinese Rival Didi Buys Into Bicycle-Sharing Startup Ofo

Didi is investing tens of millions of dollars in ofo , a bikes-on-demand startup conceived two years ago on the grounds of Beijing’s prestigious Peking University as a student project, and which now bills itself as the country’s largest bicycle-sharing platform. The company founded by college alumnus Dai Wei operates almost 70,000 bright-yellow bikes and handles half a million rides daily across 20 cities, Didi said in an e-mailed statement.

Anonymous Pharmacy Claims Supplying Execution Drugs Is Protected Speech

In a bid to keep its identity secret, an anonymous pharmacy filed a motion Friday night arguing that selling the lethal agents used in 16 executions was protected political speech, “no different than signing a referendum petition or selling a t-shirt.”

Cyber Prophet Jaden Smith to Elon Musk: Water

In a self-described “master plan” released earlier this year, probable hologram Elon Musk declared the future is solar , but this weekend, teen mystic Jaden Smith suggested the Tesla founder ignored a far more obvious answer: Water, the kind we drink and occasionally promote on social media.

Here's a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Built using a dead Commodore 64c, Raspberry Pi 3 and an assortment of connectors, this thing really captures that beautiful ground between hi-tech and outdated that defines cyberpunk in the popular consciousness. I’m sure once you’ve strapped this thing on you feel confident in your abilities to jack-in, break some ICE and topple corporate scum.

Microsoft Has a Whole New Kind of Computer Chip---and It'll Change Everything

With its TPUs, Google sacrifices long-term flexibility for speed. It wants to, say, eliminate any delay when recognizing commands spoken into smartphones. The trouble is that if its neural networking models change, Google must build a new chip. But with FPGAs, Microsoft is playing a longer game. Though an FPGA isn’t as fast as Google’s custom build, Microsoft can reprogram the silicon as needs change. The company can reprogram not only for new AI models, but for just about any task. And if one of those designs seems likely to be useful for years to come, Microsoft can always take the FPGA programming and build a dedicated chip.

Elon Musk just unveiled a critical piece of his plan to save humanity by colonizing Mars

"[Y]ou're kind of looking at two things: what does the fuel cost, and if you want to use and develop and exploration architecture for Mars or the solar system, where can you live off the land? ... "[N]ow that you don't need to take your propellent to get home as part of your camping gear and you can make it on Mars or you can make it somewhere else, now you can take a whole bunch more stuff."

The terrifying moment a pilot is hit by another plane on runway

Technically Incorrect: It seems impossible to believe. But the pilot of a small race plane had engine trouble. Another plane continues to take off behind him.

One astonishing picture of Hillary Clinton shows who and what we've become

Technically Incorrect: Posted to Twitter by the design lead for Hillary for America, this will surely be one of the iconic images of our age.

Bill Maher rages at Apple for releasing dull iPhone 7

Technically Incorrect: The talk show host insists that the only people who want you to buy the new phone are Apple shareholders. He's also appalled by those who stand in the "nerd line."

SpaceX test-fires 'Raptor' rocket that will take humans to Mars

SpaceX has done its first test of the Raptor rocket engine that will take humans to Mars as early as 2024, Elon Musk said in a series of tweets . It was fired at the company's McGregor, Texas facility on a stand that can handle the extreme thrust. Pointing out the "mach diamonds" from the test (above), Musk said the "production Raptor goal is a specific impulse of 382 seconds and thrust of 3 MN [680,000 pounds]," more than three times that of the current Falcon 9.

Coding Rainbow is a gorgeous, free guide to creative software development

Coding rainbow is a series of YouTube videos that aims to teach “creative coding”. New episodes are posted near-daily, and they cover everything from the finer details of JavaScript, to how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained with practical projects.

macOS Sierra problems: Here's how to fix the most common issues

First of all, try restarting your Mac to see if that helps. If it doesn't, force-quit any apps that appear to be taking up a lot of RAM. You can identify these by using Activity Monitor (in /Applications/Utilities) to establish what apps and processes are using up the most CPU or RAM. Its CPU tab lists active processes, with a real-time view of what's going on.

Don't Look Into This Robot's Eyes While It Learns to Play the Ball-and-Cup Game

Pepper’s human overlords have demonstrated that their robotic baby can learn how to play the ball-and-cup game virtually on its own. At first, they guide its arm to swing the ball on its rope into the cup. And then they let it go to work through trial-and-error until it achieves complete mastery of the game. After 100 tries, the little guy is a pro and gets the ball in the cup every single time. All the while, it stares at us the viewer with the same deadlocked side eye. It’s unnerving.

Thermal Photography Shows Even Pizza Emits Radiation

These beautiful photographs of fast food were taken by Brea Souders using a radiometric thermal camera. They demonstrate that all matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits electromagnetic waves—no microwave oven required. And that Day-Glo Warholish quality is more than appropriate for junk food.

Smart city success requires road maps, not free association

“Sometimes the biggest obstacles we have to being able to build fiber or attach equipment on a pole or a streetlamp, either for a general service perspective or from a connectivity perspective, is the municipality itself,” said Larsen. “We’re hopeful they start seeing the value and the need in having a connected city or the connectivity of IoT, and that that might change.”

Chicago takes aim at driverless cars in proposed legislation

If you envision the Chicago of the future, complete with sprawling skyscrapers, delivery drones, and automated cars cruising down brightly-lit streets, you probably aren’t imagining the same city as some of Chicago’s government officials. In recently-proposed legislation, the city of Chicago may well ban automated vehicles entirely.

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A 'Fruit Ninja' movie might really happen

We wouldn't count on the as-yet undated movie being a critical smash. On top of Vinson's notable-but-not-exceptional pedigree, the writing team is best known for penning an Emmy Awards show and the TV series Anchorwoman . However, it's doubtful that New Line is expecting something Oscar-worthy in the first place. This is really about capitalizing on one of the most popular mobile games in history before a rival studio gets a chance. At this rate, we're half-expecting a Crossy Road flick to materialize any day now.

Is the party over for free wi-fi in cafes? - BBC News

Many of us take free wi-fi in cafes for granted. But there is a trend for smaller ones to experiment with switching it off, in a bid to beat the laptop table-hoggers.

Uber researches vertical-takeoff planes for short-haul city rides

Research into the transportation has so far mainly been conducted by the military -- including DARPA , the US Department of Defence's agency for developing new tech. But Holden predicted that the technology could be ready for takeoff within the next decade and said it was another method Uber could use to accomplish its goal of eliminating private car ownership.

Japanese Can Soon Pay Utility Bills with Bitcoin - Bitcoin News

Coincheck has shown what can be done by joining with the utility company itself. Such an arrangement, however, may be more possible in this part of the world. In Japan, business deals happen via a complex network of alliances and partnerships between large companies and their subsidiaries.

Amazon fined £65,000 for shipping dangerous goods by air

Amazon UK Services was convicted under the Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) Regulations 2002 and has also been ordered to pay the CAA £60,000 in legal costs. The company was cleared of another charge, while the jury reportedly failed to reach a decision on a further six. In 2015 Amazon UK Services had a turnover of just under £1 billion, with a profit of £38 million.

Instagram Will Make Your Brand More Money Than Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where should brands put their resources on social? It looks like Facebook has plateaued, while Instagram is in a rapid growth phase.

Lawnmower confronts apple-stealing moose, moose wins

Technically Incorrect: Some animals realize that gadgets can be defeated. Quite easily, as this delightful YouTube video shows.

Get 2016 health coverage. Health Insurance Marketplace

Now that you've signed up for updates from the Health Insurance Marketplace, we'll send you tips and reminders to help you get covered.

Fear the Walking Dead: "Date of Death" Review - IGN

So what does this mean now for Chris? When will we see him again? And Ofelia too for that matter, since she drove off on her own last week? Will the two of them coincidentally meet up? It sure feels like that could happen. Because when Brandon and that other guy showed up at the end, at the hotel gates, Chris wasn't there. Yes, another story we'll have to circle back to at some point as the show continues to needlessly fiddle around with format. At least, Madison's move to send a signal to Nick held some consequences as it wound up attracting about fifty stragglers looking for shelter. She owns it. She knows. I guess the sign's still lit up too since more showed up right at the end.

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Security writer recovers from massive revenge cyberattack

To Krebs, the incident highlights the dangers to free speech in the modern era. It's not just that it's relatively trivial to mount a censorship campaign, it's that the cost of defending yourself against that campaign can be prohibitive. One anti-DDoS service estimated that an Akamai-level defense would cost Krebs over $150,000 per year. How could any small-scale news outfit afford that kind of protection? A concerted effort to clamp down on device exploits and block spoofed traffic could be vital not just to improving basic internet security, but protecting freedom of expression. Countries with a penchant for censorship can easily use these data floods to silence critics, and they might just try so long as it's easy.

Apple Watch Series 2 review: A faster, brighter fitness machine

But with Series 2, Apple is committing to what I consider its highest purpose: your health. GPS and water-resistance are must-have features for fitness enthusiasts, and they also give the Apple Watch more power to stand on its own. The Series 2 is also a perfect hardware complement to watchOS 3, which opened up all of the watch’s sensors to third-party apps. In addition to the heart rate sensor, the gyroscope, and the accelerometer, developers can tap into the watch’s GPS. With apps no longer hamstrung by Apple’s limitations, they will only get better.

Those Used Coffee Grounds Could Get the Lead Out of Your Water

Those used coffee grounds you dump into the trash every morning might just help remove lead and mercury from drinking water one day, according to a new study by a team of Italian scientists.

Another Psychological Study Fails the Reproducibility Test

Strack himself raised questions about the methodology and statistical analysis in an accompanying commentary to the new paper, arguing that the findings should not be deemed conclusive just yet. For instance, the pool of participants were drawn from psychology students, who were very likely to have read about the original 1988 study in their textbooks and guessed the true purpose of the recreated experiment, which could have skewed the results.

Trump launches nationwide Snapchat filter to attack 'Crooked Hillary' before debate

While both Trump and Clinton campaigns have paid for Snapchat filters before at regional levels, Trump's debate filter will mark the first time a candidate has purchased one of the overlays to run at a national level — only one of which is available per day. Of the two camps, it's Clinton's campaign that has more regularly  turned to the app — using events like  this month 's Iowa vs. Iowa State football game to promote its candidate— but Trump's team is reportedly trying to increase its reach among the younger voters that make up the bulk of Snapchat's userbase.

Listen to the world's first computer music recording

By referencing the pitches that the Mark II computer was capable of producing – detailed in Turing’s manual – and noting the shift in sound in the BBC recording, the researchers learned that the record was playing at the wrong speed. They were then able to figure out how much the recording had to be sped up in order to reproduce the machine’s original sound.

Facebook accused of censoring Palestinian journalists

Facebook has apologized for disabling the personal accounts of several editors and executives at two major Palestinian news publications, according to a report from  The Electronic Intifada . Facebook says the accounts were mistakenly suspended after being reported for violating the site's community standards, but the publications believe the incident is related to Israel's recent push to combat online incitement to violence.

Google's answer to Amazon Echo is reportedly coming soon

It’ll be interesting to see if this hots up the market for home automation devices. At that price point, Google’s offering will come in at $40 less than Amazon’s Echo and match its lower-end Tap speaker .

Gizmodo on Twitter

Roku has five new boxes to serve every possible TV-watching human

Samsung's Note 7 replacements are reportedly overheating

It looks like Samsung still hasn’t learned its lesson. Clearly, there are issues with the Note 7 that need to be thoroughly examined and addressed in order to deliver safe-to-use devices to customers. Instead of worrying about how soon it can begin selling its phones again, the company should pull the Note 7 off store shelves until it can sort its battery issues once and for all.

Everything we've tested with the iOS 10 Home app so far

So we took the last week to integrate Home with over 50 accessories at the CNET Smart Home, set up and test over a dozen automations and scenes, and generally turn this beautiful space "smart."

'Minecraft' novel in the works by 'World War Z' author

It's not yet known when the book will be released or if it will have ties to the movie but it does appear that it will be the first of many. Publishing house Del Rey -- the science fiction offshoot of Penguin Random House -- is overseeing everything and the company has already remarked that it's "fortunate to have someone of Max's incredible talent and passion on board for the launch of the series."

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