Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft back EU hate speech rules

Germany got Google, Facebook and Twitter to agree to delete hate speech from their websites within 24 hours last year and even launched an investigation into the European head of Facebook over its alleged failure to remove racist hate speech.

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Mophie brings wireless charging to its iPhone battery cases

Wireless phone charging has been around for years, but most consumers wouldn't know it. The fight between different standards and a lack of support from phone makers has made the entire idea of charging your mobile wirelessly a huge mess. Mophie is hoping to bring some sanity to the concept with its new $100 Juice Pack Wireless cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S, which integrate cord-free charging along with an additional 50 percent of battery life.

No warrant needed to obtain location data held by cellphone carriers, US court rules

Law enforcement officers don't need a warrant to gain access to a cellphone's location data, as long as they obtain it from wireless carriers, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

4 Ways to Win at Local Content Marketing

It’s no mystery why Facebook, Twitter, and others want to encourage brands to use their paid options; they favor those over organic posts. Effective social media marketing is no longer free. Another important point is that paid social media is really quite affordable, even for small businesses. All the platforms have small minimum advertising investments and give you complete control over how much you’re willing to spend for impressions, engagement, clicks, etc. These platforms have a plethora of super-specific demographic information. They put the most relevant promoted posts in front of the right audience. Just take a look at what Facebook Audience Insights can tell you about your target audience based on location, age, interests, Facebook behavior, purchasing behavior, and more. A lot of what makes content great doesn’t have to do with business type. But if you want to be optimally effective at content marketing to local customers, there are some strategies you should follow that apply to your unique situation. Take advantage of the advice in this post to jumpstart your efforts to engage with local customers effectively.

Periscope will ask "flash juries" of viewers to vote on whether comments are abusive

In a novel step to curb harassment on its platform, Periscope said today it would ask viewers of live-streaming broadcasts to evaluate comments that other viewers report as abusive. An update rolling out today will convene "flash juries" of randomly selected viewers whenever a fellow viewer reports a comment for being abusive or spam. Jurors vote with a single tap, and if a majority of jurors find the comment guilty, it disappears — and the offending commenter is given a 60-second timeout from further commenting. If a second comment is found to be abusive, the offending viewer loses their commenting privileges for the duration of the broadcast.

PayPal to halt operations in Turkey after losing license, impacts ‘hundreds of thousands’

“Our suspension of services is a result of new national regulations overseen by the BDDK that require PayPal to fully localize our information technology systems in Turkey,” he spokesperson said. “We respect Turkey’s desire to have information technology infrastructure deployed within its borders, however, PayPal utilizes a global payments platform that operates across more than 200 markets, rather than maintaining local payments platforms with dedicated technology infrastructure in any single country.”

Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours

U.S. Internet giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp. pledged to tackle online hate speech in less than 24 hours as part of a joint commitment with the European Union to combat the use of social media by terrorists.

The Intel Broadwell-E Review: Core i7-6950X, i7-6900K, i7-6850K and i7-6800K Tested

The i7-6850K and i7-6800K are priced at $617 and $434 respectively, marking an increase in price in order to get onto the HEDT ladder from previous generations. These are six core processors, like the i7-5930K and i7-5820K from the previous generation, with similar limitations. The issue Intel has here is that the i7-5820K has been regularly running close or below its MSRP, making it an easy purchase for users that want a HEDT system (if only for the memory support). Making the base i7-6800K a $434 part rather than a ~$320 part means that a minimum outlay for a system (i.e. motherboard + CPU) is closer to $600 than $400, and less attractive to the top segment of mainstream users.

This Bizarre Gunshot-Plugging Device Just Saved Its First Life

The femoral artery and vein were transected and damage to the femur and soft tissue left a sizable cavity in the leg. After a self-applied tourniquet stopped the bleeding, the patient was transferred to an FST for evaluation and treatment. After proximal and distal control of the vessel was achieved, several hours were spent by the team trying to control residual bleeding from the bone and accessory vessels. Throughout the course of the roughly 7-hour surgery, multiple attempts at using bone wax and cautery on the bleeding sites were unsuccessfull and the patient received multiple units of blood and plasma. Eventually, the FST team opted to use XSTAT and applied a single XSTAT device to the femoral cavity— resulting in nearly immediate hemostasis. The patient was stabilized and eventually transported to a definitive care facility.

Samsung's spacious new 512 GB SSD is smaller than a stamp

The PM971-NVMe is built using 20nm NAND chips and includes 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM as a cache. The NAND is triple-level cell but uses a portion as a write buffer. The drive will come in 512GB, 256GB and 128GB capacities. Samsung didn’t say what interface it’ll connect to the PC with, but its size means it can be mounted to the standard M.2 card and possibly directly integrated into tablet and laptop motherboards.

This founder launched a $14,000 smartphone immediately after laying off employees at his other startup

This founder launched a $14,000 smartphone immediately after laying off employees at his other startup

Instagram Adds Business Profiles in Advertising Growth Push

Facebook Inc.’s photo-sharing application Instagram is unveiling tools to help businesses differentiate themselves from regular users in a bid to help drive advertising revenue.

You Can Now Charge Your 3DS With the Lightning Cable You're Already Carrying

Even if you’ve already bought Nintendo’s charger for the New 3DS or New 3DS XL, this tiny adapter is still a must-have addition to your kit. You probably don’t carry your 3DS’ bulky charger wherever you go, but there’s little doubt you always have a spare Lightning cable in your bag if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. Now you can use it to charge up all of your portable gaming hardware.

Xbox One price drops to $299 ahead of E3

If Microsoft is hoping to quell rumors of new Xbox hardware at E3, it isn't doing the greatest job. The company has permanently cut the prices of Xbox One consoles by $50 across the board, lowering the base price to $299 -- even some of the nicer multi-game 1TB bundles now sell for $319. These are tremendousprices, of course, but they're coming just a couple of weeks before E3. While this could just be an attempt to goose sales during the historically quiet summer, it's only going to fuel talk of a possible smaller 2TB system that would become the new flagship. The price drop is great if you're looking for the most affordable Xbox One possible, but it's otherwise worth holding off a little while... especially if you want to see what Sony brings to the table .

Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation

Live-streaming app Periscope is rolling out a new experiment with real-time comment moderation, the company announced today. While its parent company Twitter has struggled over the years with spam and abuse – without much success, let’s be honest – Periscope is aiming to go a different route with the introduction of a community-policed system where users can report and moderate comments as soon as they appear on the screen.

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Simply Hired is shutting down June 26, reportedly as part of an acquisition

Simply Hired, a technology company based in Sunnyvale, California, operates job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. With more than 30 million unique visitors per month, the company provides job seekers access to millions of job openings across all job categories and industries, reaching job seekers on the web, mobile devices, email, and via thousands of partner sites including The Washington …

It's convertible season, so what are you waiting for?

Buying a summertime convertible is one of the most underrated things you can do in the car world. Anyone who can’t appreciate a drop-top during the span of warm months either has no levity in their heart, or no adventure in their soul. Macho car guys may make snide remarks, and the light-skinned or the overly coiffed will worry about sunburns and mussed hair. Ignore the boors and aid the anxious by tucking sunscreen and a baseball hat in the glove box.

All the sites you used in 2008 have now been hacked

"We've dealt [with this investigation] in complete secret given this company's business. In order to protect this secret, we decided that we would give another name to Google and never pronounce Google's name—Tulip. And we've worked offline on this investigation for nearly a year. We used one computer, but only as a word processor."

Asus Transformer 3 really wants to scratch Microsoft's Surface

But there looks to be more similarities than differences -- there's even the same Harmon Kardon speaker system built in both models. But those differences make a big change in the pricing. The Transformer 3 starts at $799 (AUD $1,115 or 545) compared to the $999 (AUD$1,395 and 683) of the base model of the Pro.

A 3D Printer Made This Building -- And People Actually Work There

While other construction projects have at least partly relied on 3D printers, the Dubai government says this entire building is printer-made, even the furnishings and interior designs. And it's not just for show: The office is supposed to be a functional workspace, with phone hookups, water, electricity and air-conditioning.

There's Little Energy In Congress For Making Encryption Law

Burr-Feinstein is now languishing in the Senate Intelligence Committee that Burr chairs and Feinstein co-chairs. The two sponsors have the power to bring the bill up for discussion in the committee, but can't force a vote on the Senate floor. The bill, in its current form, wouldn't have the votes needed for passage in the Senate, sources say.

Paris Is Now Banning All Pre-1997 Cars

How many cars are we actually talking here? Sure, pre-1997 cars don’t make up a whole lot of the actual vehicles on Paris streets, only around 10 percent. But they could potentially generate as much as half of all the city’s emissions. Paris has already banned diesel, which is far worse for air and lungs, in trucks and larger vehicles. Historic cars are not exempt but that could change; an exception was discussed last year .

Catch up with Computex 2016: Day two

Richard's love for gadgets was probably triggered by an electric shock at the age of five while poking his finger into power sockets for no reason. Since then he has managed to destroy a few more desktops and phones until he was sent to England to start secondary education. Somehow he ended up in London, where he had the golden opportunity to buy a then senior editor a pint of lager, and here we are. Follow Richard around in electronic stores and you will witness some intense exchanges between him and the sales reps.

NYTimes Bits on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Out-of-Box Exploitation: A Security Analysis of OEM Updaters

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) refer to the first boot of a new PC as the out-of-box experience (OOBE). As you battle your way through modal dialogues for questionable software, and agree to some exciting 30 day antivirus trials, it’s pretty forgivable to want to throw your brand new computer through the nearest window.

Jawbone refutes reports that it will exit the fitness tracker market

Speculation that Jawbone is exiting the wearables business or going out of business altogether is false. This speculation appears to emanate from wrongful insinuations made in a blog post in which the reporter has since posted a "Correction." Unfortunately, other media picked it up before the reporter posted a correction and spread this false information. Jawbone remains wholly committed to innovating in and building great wearables products. The company has never been more excited about its pipeline of technology and products and looks forward to sharing them when ready. We manage our inventory positions according to internal business processes, and strategic product lifecycle objectives. This situation is no different and we will continue to support all of our products in the marketplace.

Digitalize your creations with Equil Digital and Ink Smartpen 2

The Equil’s smart stylus reads notes written on just about anything you can picture yourself working on – a Post-It, a legal pad, a Moleskine, even a piece of random scrap paper.

Twitter Shuts Down Russian Parody Accounts, and the US Government Is Pissed

Twitter parody accounts are the second worst thing on Earth. What’s the worst thing? When Twitter shuts down parody accounts because they might offend public figures. That’s what Twitter has been doing recently with accounts that poke fun at Russian politicians, such as @DarthPutinKGB. And the American government isn’t happy about it.

Atari will enter IoT market with new connected devices in partnership with Sigfox

“Atari, which has disruption rooted in their DNA, was quick to envision the transformative role that the Internet of Things can play in interactive entertainment,” said Ludovic Le Moan, CEO of Sigfox, in a statement. “Our network bridges the virtual and physical worlds simply, reliably, and inexpensively, and this collaboration will launch a new dimension to gaming, while supporting features that are limited only by the imagination.”

Overwatch and the new wave of friendly online shooters

There’s a new multiplayer-only shooter out, and I’m really having a lot of fun with it. Just a few years ago that’s not something you would have heard me say. The genre has historically not been very welcoming to newcomers; the result of entrenched players who are simply way better than you are, and often toxic communities that aren’t very pleasant to be around. No one enjoys repeatedly dying while someone laughs at you the whole time, slowly building up enough experience for a half-decent scope or zoom option.

Airbnb’s new site lets neighbors complain about noisy guests

The launch of this portal comes as the company moves forward with its new marketing campaign that encourages you to “live there”: Guests shouldn’t just stop in a city for a split second and leave, but should actually take it all in like a local. And that means being a good community member. To defuse local governments and its citizens putting forth potential regulations, such as what Airbnb faced in San Francisco with Proposition F , it has to show that it’s taking the needs of non-guests and non-hosts very seriously.

Y Combinator is giving some Oakland residents a basic income in new pilot study

A product of the YC Research program , Basic Income is a long-term study to assess the impact technological improvements have on resources, jobs, and cost of living. Altman posits that as technology moves to replace existing jobs, there has to be some minimum level of income to allow people to live — to provide a floor. He believes people should be able to work and earn as much as they want, however, saying, “We hope a minimum level of economic security will give people the freedom to pursue further education or training, find or create a better job, and plan for the future.”

4 hiring lessons I learned founding a startup

Some of these questions you’ll know how to deal with, but other answers will just have to come with experience. As someone who’s been through it before, I can shed some light on some of the things you’ll likely run into.

This Is the Most Brilliant Way to Smuggle a Beer

Available in white or black versions to blend in with the cups used by your city’s most popular coffee chain, the $12 reusable Lolo Lids also create an airtight seal around your can when inserted into a paper cup, helping to keep its contents cooler longer. Is there a chance you’ll still be caught trying to sneak a beer into a venue where it’s not allowed? Of course there is. But until these become popular enough for security guards to catch on, they’ll be foolproof for at least a little while.

This pair of smart rings will stop you from 'Netflix cheating' on your significant other

There are times when you know your partner is on episode five of a series, and you probably shouldn’t watch episode six, or seven, or eight, but you just do anyway. Once you are mid-binge, it can be hard to simply stop.

Daughter immediately regrets showing dad her new knife tattoo

Rather than getting angry, the photographs show dad attempting to recreate his daughter's tattoo. Lucky for him, the two appear to have been at a restaurant, so steak knives were within reach. He is shown balancing the steak knives on his body and gazing dramatically into the camera.

Mojang bans brands from building Minecraft promo maps and mods

For an idea of just how vast that base is, consider that, in 2014, creator Markus "Notch" Persson revealed that the PC version had over 100 million registered users . It's understandable that a pool of users that large would prove a tempting lure for brands that want to market their wholly unrelated wares to the community. But no more -- according to the new building promotion guidelines, it's no longer permissible to build servers or maps to "promote unrelated products in playable form." So what does that translate to? Well, you can say goodbye to awkward promotions like the giant, working cellphone CaptainSparklez made on behalf of Verizon, or Disney commissioning a map of Tomorrowland to promote its film of the same name. All that said, if you're a mega fan and you do these sorts of things on your own time and dime, well, that's just fine by Mojang.

Fog Creek launches HyperDev collaborative app-development tool out of private beta

In fact, he did that recently when he wanted a feed for a certain type of podcast from a radio station. Over the span of a five-hour plane trip from New York to San Francisco — with Wi-fi all the way, thank goodness — he built the project in HyperDev. The for-loop portion in the app “was the most cut-and-pastey code I had ever done in my life,” Spolsky said. But it worked. And that’s exactly the type of quick programming where HyperDev can shine.

The next iPhone will only have minor improvements

Getty More evidence is suggesting that the iPhone that will come out this fall will be a slight upgrade from the current iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

A Simulation of What 100,000 Volts Does to Human Flesh

Besides shooting an actual human or a pig carcass, the best way to determine the efficacy of a projectile—like a bullet—is with ballistic gel, which has almost identical density and viscosity to human muscle tissue. But how does it fare against extraordinary voltages? According to this experiment caught on video, the short answer is: not well.

The Quantified Vagina: This Startup Aims To Track Women's Health Through Smart Tampons

The medical community regularly tells women that 35 is the magic age when their fertility drops of a cliff; if they are so lucky as to conceive, they are described as having a "geriatric pregnancy." From her experience in the biotech industry, however, Tariyal knew there were ways to give women more specific data about their own fertility, since ethnicity, genetics, and a range of other factors can play into a woman's fertility. It is possible to track a hormone called anti-mullerium as a proxy for how many eggs a woman has left, otherwise known as her "ovarian reserve." By comparing your personal hormone reading to the rest of the population, you are able to get a sense of whether your fertility is declining faster or slower than average.

Look at This Giant Fucking Gator

A monstrous, dinosaur-sized alligator has been filmed strolling across Buffalo Creek golf course during an afternoon round of golf. Charles Helms, the man who recorded the now-viral video, brazenly filmed the carnivore from only a few yards away and posted it to his Facebook page.

Innovium raises $50 million for networking chips in data centers

Innovium has raised $50 million in funding across two rounds to develop networking infrastructure products for next-generation data centers. The company is disclosing those rounds for the first time.

7 initial ways you can be a better mental health ally and advocate

"Sadly, there are a lot of people with a false idea that therapy is restricted for people with a mental illness," Roberts says. "In fact, everyone can benefit from therapy. Therapy allows people to gain insight about who they are and use this knowledge to better cope with difficulties and navigate life."

Instagram officially announces its new business tools

Instagram this morning officially announced the launch of its tools for business users, including new business profiles, analytics and the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads directly from the Instagram app itself. The launch comes following a series of leaks and reports of the tools’ imminent launch, and largely confirms details we already knew — like how the profiles would be structured , and what sort of insights on posts and audience demographics would be available.

The Best Photo Album Apps You've Probably Never Heard Of

If you’re still using the default photo management options that come pre-installed on your phone, you’re missing out. There are a ton of innovative third-party album apps out there, all of which are designed to make managing and sharing your photos easier. Here are the ones that impressed us most.

‘Unusual’ Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe This Exhibition

Progressland pays particular attention to space exploration. There’s a packet of tomato seeds that spent most of the 1980s on a space shuttle, a NASA thermal blanket, and a vintage Russian spacesuit glove. Each is classified as an artifact of human achievement. Zuckerman found these items scouring “weird auctions” in Texas and Florida, where astronauts’ families often unload space paraphernalia, including a canister of film from an Apollo 17 lunar mapping project. Zuckerman stitched the images together to create a tableau of the moon that doesn’t look quite right. “It’s not a powdery gray,” he says. “It’s an astrological feel, like stars. It elicits wonder.”

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Hedy Lamarr's FBI File Is Shockingly Slim

Hedy Lamarr lived an extraordinary life. She was an actress who pushed boundaries, an inventor who went unappreciated in her time, and a sex symbol who was very much appreciated in her time. And given the life she led in the 1940s you might expect her to have a rather thick FBI file. But you’d be wrong.

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