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Leap Motion Is Bringing Hand Tracking To The OSVR Headset In May

Oculus is a technology company revolutionizing the way people experience video games. The company’s first product, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, is currently in development and is set to launch in 2013. The company was founded by Palmer Luckey and veterans of RedOctane, developers of the acclaimed Guitar Hero series; Scaleform, the #1 user interface software in the gaming; and Gaikai, …

These Are The Cases The X-Files Should Investigate First

We asked readers what mysteries Scully and Mulder should hop on. Left shark? Watch your fins!

Facebook's Oculus Rift demo hints at VR's future

Facebook's Oculus Rift demo hints at VR's future Roaring dinosaurs and miniaturized towns show the transportive power of VR. Check out this story on

Steven Spielberg will direct the 'Ready Player One' movie

If you read through Ready Player One and thought its virtual gaming world deserved a first-class movie adaptation, you may just get your wish. Deadline has revealed that Steven Spielberg will direct the big screen version of Ernest Cline's novel for Warner Bros., with both the author and The Avengers writer Zak Penn producing the most recent script. That's promising stuff, although there are quite a few challenges if it's going to be faithful to the book -- it may need a lot of visual effects wizardry to make people suspend their disbelief, and the pop culture references could make for some problematic rights issues. Provided everything goes according to plan, though, the book is going to get much, much more than just a quick cash-in.

Google’s driverless car could feature air bags on the outside to protect pedestrians

Cars typically have air bags on the inside to protect the driver and the person on the passenger seat from any incident that might knock them around inside the vehicle. But Google has come up with a unique idea, which could have the company’s driverless car feature air bags on the outside to protect nearby pedestrians.

Time for the Prize: Environment-Related Ideas

You should already know about the 2015 Hackaday Prize , but have you submitted your entry yet? All it takes to get started is talking about one idea you have to address a problem faced by a large number of people. To help get the ball rolling we’re giving away some prizes to three entries that discuss possible solutions to Environment-Related problems.


The problem facing Pebble — and many other smartwatches — is the battery life, though Pebble does last up to a week under normal use. The issue of battery life is compounded by the fact that the Pebble uses a proprietary charging cable, meaning users are less likely to have access to it should the timepiece run out of juice unexpectedly. This is where Nomad wants to help, with its mini keyring version of the cable.

The Week in iPhone Cases: Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors take a crack at designing cases

Waterproof up to two meters for about an hour—at least according to Lifeproof—the case has been tested to survive drops from up to two feet high, repels snow and dirt for extra peace of mind, and features a transparent back that lets your iPhone’s Apple logo shine through. The nüüd comes with an anti-reflective optical glass camera lens that lets you take pictures without pesky halos.

Crush Someone’s Dreams In Music Competition And Judging App Chosen

The true test for Chosen will be whether it can lure both talented musicians and entertaining judges. Early spins through the app saw a lot of judges soft-balling their reviews, saying things like “Good try!”. But just like in real-life, sugar-coating the truth doesn’t help. Chosen might not want judges to be so mean that it scares off performers, but they can’t be boring. Hyman tells me “It’s going to be very interesting in to see where judge video critiques go. How crazy will they get? How controversial? How brutally honest will they be?”

Meet Periscope, Twitter's New Live Video App

Fire up the app, launch the camera, and the app tweets out a message (if you want it to) that you have gone live. Simultaneously, a notification fires off — with that little look-at-me whistle — to everyone following you on Periscope. As they join in, they can comment on what you’re doing. And because it has super-low lag time — or latency, to use the term of art — people watching can comment on your actions more or less as they happen. It means that people watching the video can change the course of what’s happening. They can chime in with questions or comments, and all the while tap-tap-tap on the screen to send a stream of hearts to the broadcaster. Don’t want comments? Fine, you can turn them off. If you choose, you can let the video live on Persicope’s servers afterwards, where it will stay for 24 hours before disappearing forever. Or you can choose to let your video be purely ephemeral, living only in the moment and then gone forever. It is delightfully fun.

Uber homes in on safety initiatives amid concerns - CNET

Uber is a ride-hailing service that pairs passengers with drivers via a smartphone app. Since its launch six years ago, the company has gone from a San Francisco-based startup to a multinational service in 295 cities and 55 countries. But with that rapid growth has come criticism about how the company handles safety. Over the last year, Uber has been dogged by allegations of drivers assaulting, raping and kidnapping passengers. The company has acknowledged it needs to improve its approach to security.

Here Is A Building Made From 3-D-Printed Cement Blocks That Is Also Beautiful

The pavilion, which has been named "Bloom," is about 12 feet by 12 feet and stands at 9 feet tall. It's made from 840 individual 3-D-printed cement blocks. Bloom is unique because it uses a new production method using powdered cement. Other 3-D-printed cement buildings made until now have used wet cement extruded through a nozzle.

Apple's Tim Cook to donate his wealth: Fortune

Fortune estimated Cook's net worth, based on his holdings of Apple stock, at about $120 million. He also holds restricted stock worth $665 million if it were to be fully vested.


It’s inescapable. Marketing is increasingly a technical discipline. Data and algorithms allow us to scale up the reach while refining targeting and personalization. But most brands are selling products that can’t be instrumented as easily as a digital product, especially after purchase. Ashu Garg of Foundation Capital will talk with Doug Miliken, VP, Global Brand Development, Clorox, Jeremy Wacksman, VP, Marketing & Product, Zillow about the challenges facing both traditional and digital brands. How can CPG brands monitor digital attribution the way mobile-first businesses do? And should they? Can a strictly digital brand like Zillow learn a few new tricks from an old dog like Clorox?

The challenges of using Facebook for research

However, the nature of Facebook as a mostly private network limits what can be learned from it. We were able to learn how news organizations and newsmakers use Facebook to get their message out and how users interacted with those messages. But this is a small sliver of the overall activity on Facebook and represents only a facet of the use of Facebook for local news. The majority of Facebook activity is still private and available only to Facebook itself. Even with just publicly available data, researchers face ethical and privacy concerns when deciding what to publish.

We got drunk to test a crazy Vegas hangover cure

Hangover Heaven claims to be able to help cure hangovers unlike any other product or solution. We went to find out whether they are correct. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Read More:


The plans focus on two specific scenarios. For those who have loads of photos, there is the Unlimited Photos plan that costs $11.99 per year. Then there’s the Unlimited Everything plan that, well, does what its name suggests, and costs $59.99 per year. There’s also a free three-month trial available to see how much “unlimited” space you actually need and for what. At any rate, with a monthly cost of $5, it’s almost worthwhile paying for the service irrespective of how much cloud-based storage you actually need.

New 3D NAND flash will triple capacity of SSDs, Intel and Micron say

Executives at the two companies said that by stacking the NAND they can greatly increase the capacity. The new 3D NAND technology stacks flash cells vertically in 32 layers to achieve a 256Gbit multilevel cell (MLC) and 384Gbit triple-level cell (TLC) die that fit within a standard package. Both say this approach will yield greater efficiency and lower the cost too.

How Facebook Messenger will help you discover new apps

The composer is now a mini-storefront for apps, like a featured spot in the App Store. And the composer is also like a folder on your home screen—but instead of digging through a slew of apps, they’re right at your fingertips. The apps you use the most will stay pinned to the top of the list, with suggestions from Facebook on apps to download just below. But discovery will also be organic: When your friend sends you a Facebook message with content created in another app, the sound clip, GIF, or meme will have an attribution below—a link that will let you install the app or open it to compose a reply if it's one you already use.

Create apps for your quadcopter with 3D Robotics' free 'DroneKit' software

3D Robotics develops the open source software that powers a lot of home brew UAVs. Today it's introducing a new tool to the public: DroneKit , software that allows anyone to create apps for, well, drones! DroneKit works with any craft that uses 3DR's " APM " autopilot (a small device you add to your 'copter), and apps can be created for Android, web and standalone "companion" devices (that you then connect to your quadcopter). What can you do with these apps? So far, mostly the same things you can do with existing flight planning software (like 3DR's own Tower app ). That means controlling fly paths with waypoints, following GPS targets and access to all the telemetry of the drone. But, of course, now you can do it in new and creative ways . That's a good start, but its 3DRs promise to support the tool and keep adding new features that will change what we can do with these increasingly popular aerial craft.

As Twitter launches Periscope, Meerkat announces $14 million in funding

Part of the Meerkat money, $14 million, comes from traditional tech players like Greylock, Comcast Ventures, and other Silicon Valley investors. But the list also includes Ashton Kutcher, Lorne Michaels' BroadWay Video Ventures, and talent agencies like William Morris Endeavor and CAA. Twitter reportedly paid $100 million for Periscope before it had even launched.

Facebook wants to blur lines between reality and virtual reality

Facebook doesn't want to simply build a virtual reality game where users put on a headset and pretend they're flying a jet or commanding a tank.

4 Ways To Tell If You're Really Leading By Example

One of the best ways to cultivate influence among others is to focus on meeting the needs of others. This can be difficult. Instinctually, we can all be self-focused. Many of us arrive to work thinking about all the things we have to do in any given day to be effective. But if we make it a habit to spend 10-15 minutes a day doing something on behalf of someone else—such as listening, having an agenda-free conversation, thinking of what you can do to remove an obstacle for someone else—we are able to build a service-based leadership habit.

Google Keep Adds Labels and Recurring Reminders

Keep , the slim-but-handy note-taking app from Google, got a useful update today that added two features: labels, so your note can finally get a bit more organized, and recurring reminders, so you can remember to actually use those notes. The update is live on the web, and should be rolling out to Android slowly (though you can download the APK at Droid Life ).

PayPal cited for 'reckless disregard' of U.S. sanctions

PayPal has reached a $7.7 million settlement with the U.S. Treasury for ignoring U.S. sanctions and allowing money transfers to accounts linked to Iran, Cuba, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review - CNET

Samsung's striking, high-end and convenient Galaxy S6 Edge has the beauty, brains and brawn to take down the iPhone 6 and all the Android competition. We're still testing -- but get ready to burn your cash.


Launching initially for iOS with Android to follow “soon,” the new and optional profile feature lets you complete your hometown, favorite music, and an open-ended mini bio that can include anything from your job details and star sign to your favorite football team and allergies. Driver profiles also include star ratings and ride count.

Supernatural: "Paint It Black" Review - IGN

However, something about Rowena is off. Her flair sort of dilutes whatever her master plot is. At first the plan seemed to be making Crowley a better King of Hell but then there was getting revenge on the coven and that turned into manipulating Crowley's opinion of Sam and Dean. After she tortured Olivette tonight and learned about the Men of Letters, it seems she's going back to pushing the Sam and Dean topic. Let her figure out her evil plan, let her show off her skills -- just give her something else to do other than pouting at and nagging Crowley.

Arrow: "Suicidal Tendencies" Review - IGN

Despite the fact that I’ve tended to rate new episodes of Arrow higher than those of Flash in the past few weeks, I’m more concerned about the state of the former as we move closer to the season finale. Season 3 has struggled to develop a clear sense of purpose and direction. As I’ve said in the past, when you compare the state of this season to how the show was faring with the Deathstroke conflict last year, the overarching conflict hasn’t come together as neatly or elegantly. With that in mind, it was disappointing to have an episode like “Suicidal Tendencies” come along. This episode tried to split its focus between two completely different storylines, and in the end did neither enough justice.

Foxconn Leads Fight to Save Business Tax Breaks in China

Foxconn and other foreign businesses in China are fighting to save tax breaks and other benefits promised by Chinese cities and provinces, as Beijing ramps up a campaign against big spending by local governments.

Mashable on Twitter

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The Verge on Twitter

Do not **** this up Sony! RT @verge Sony Pictures wants to make Robotech its next big sci-fi franchise … …

GameStop revenue falls on weak demand for hardware

(Reuters) - GameStop Corp forecast a weaker-than-expected profit for the full year, as demand for the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles fail to make up for falling sales of earlier versions.

The Samsung Galaxy S6's Blurred Lines

These aesthetic choices have led to predictable hollers that Samsung is in some way "copying" design elements from the iPhone 5 and 6. I don't think that's the case—I think Samsung, as always, is aware of and has been inspired by its competitors, and that's a good thing. Samsung is taking that inspiration and building on it, and that's how we advance.

The CSO Security Career Survival Guide

Additionally, most all enterprise security positions increasingly require solid communications skills and business savvy: it’s no longer as much about how to secure applications and business-technology systems – but more security professionals need to help the business move into new markets, embrace new technologies and geographies in a way that mitigates the business risks. Those who can bridge the language gaps between the business suits and engineers and development teams will do very well in the years ahead.

NASA's Plan to Give the Moon a Moon | WIRED

NASA chose this mission concept over one that would’ve bagged an entire asteroid. In that plan, the spacecraft would’ve captured the space rock by enclosing it in a giant, flexible container. The claw concept won out because its rendezvous and soft-landing on the asteroid will allow NASA to test and practice more capabilities in preparation for a Mars mission, Lightfoot says. The claw would’ve also given more chances at grabbing a space rock, whereas it was all or nothing with the bag idea. “It’s a one-shot deal,” he says. “It is what it is when we get there.” But the claw concept offers some choices. “I’ve got three to five opportunities to pull one of the boulders off,” he says. Not bad odds. Better than winning that Pikachu.

Movie-Inspired Gadgets In Real Life

Initially the film, which came out in 1989, gave Greg Henderson, the company’s founder, an idea to solve a bigger problem. It was the year of the Loma Prieta earthquake in California, and Mr. Henderson imagined finding a way to raise buildings’ foundations off shaky ground. But it was only last year that hover technology stepped up a gear. “Launching the hover technology proof of concept to the world in the form of the Hendo hoverboard was a perfect fit. ‘Back to the Future II’ piqued the imagination of fans around the world,” explains Mr. Henderson, who envisions that the applications of hover technology will extend to positively impact “transportation, industrial automation, structural isolation, education and much more.”

Google's new CFO Ruth Porat negotiates sweet pay package

Ruth Porat will receive an annual salary of $650,000. Google has also agreed to pay her a one-time sign-on bonus of $5 million. Google has also agreed to make equity grants to Porat in the form of restricted stock units: a $25 million new hire grant with the first $5 million vesting in December 2015 and the remaining $20 million vesting on a pro-rata quarterly basis in 2016 and 2017 and a $40 million biennial grant in 2016.

Apple reportedly puts Trent Reznor in charge of redesigned Beats Music app, presses forward with iTunes Radio revamp

� Under Nasser's watch, Ford acquired Volvo Cars and Land Rover and placed them under the newly Premier Automotive Group in order to expand its market share in the luxury segment. Nasser also aimed to overtake General Motors by developing car-related services, but hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted on e-commerce, car distribution, junkyards, and auto-repair shops. Meanwhile the productivity of plants and quality of Ford vehicles slipped. According to an analyst, "Nasser's been the primary architect of a failed transformation of Ford from its core automotive heritage to some expansive consumer-centric organization, which we think employees, dealers, suppliers and investors have found to varying degrees to be somewhat incomprehensible".[4][5] � His later tenure as CEO was tainted by the Firestone and Ford tire controversy. In September 2000, after initially trying to avoid appearing, Nasser fronted a US Congressional sub-committee over the recall of Firestone tires fitted to Ford's sports utility vehicles. The tires were estimated to have caused between 130 and 200 deaths through disintegration, and Ford is suspected to have known about problems well before the recall was issued.

This App Will Let You Wear The Apple Watch Right Now

This would probably be one of the most practical uses for augmented reality. The technology has so much potential when it comes to allowing brands to pitch their products to people, especially in nascent categories like wearables where consumers can't draw from past experiences to inform their decisions. It's an opportunity to digitize a physical experience, to convince people they want a product by putting a virtual simulacrum of it right in their lives. And it doesn't depend upon the mass adoption of virtual-reality rigs, or some far-flung future technology. It's all possible right now, today, with the iPhone you already have.

Google will finally improve Chrome scrolling using a Microsoft invention

Google is finally adopting a standard that supports both mouse and touch navigation for its Chrome browser. If you’ve used a copy of  Chrome on a Windows tablet recently then you’ll probably be familiar with the poor scrolling performance and general touch support, and it’s something Google will now address across all of its versions of Chrome. Google revealed today that it plans to support Pointer Events, a standard that was  first introduced by Microsoft in Internet Explorer.

Apple acquires big data analytics firm Acunu

"Apple appears to have acquired London-based big data analytics firm Acunu, which previously marketed an eponymous real-time analytics platform that boasted high-velocity ingests and compatibility with Cassandra databases."

Uber Unveils a New Global Code of Conduct for Increased Safety

A new advisory board will be established to review Uber’s safety practices and guide the company on adding safety features to its platform. And as part of its new Quality Assurance program, off-duty law enforcement and security professionals will routinely audit and report drivers’ behavior and their compliance with the code of conduct.

Power-Up: The Bleeping Amazing History Of Nintendo In 4 Minutes

Watch this to see how the gaming giant rose while creating the most innovative games ever—and then fell. Also: Tetris music!

The Americans: "Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?" Review - IGN

And wow on Betty’s reply to Elizabeth saying that yes, her death would make the world a better place in the long run: “That’s what evil people tell themselves when they do evil things.” No, I don’t think Betty is meant to give an absolute declaration on Elizabeth as an “evil person”, but we’ve already seen her do terrible things for what she believes is a truly just cause, and it was unsettling (both for her and us) to see her actually be told that what she was doing was evil. All of which is to say, this entire tragic, tear-inducing storyline underlined what a terrific character Elizabeth is and how awesome Keri Russell is playing her.

All 650 Members of Parliament in the UK will receive an iPad Air 2 after the May election

Getting elected to British Parliament has an added bonus this year. According to  The Telegraph , all 650 Members of Parliament (MP) in Great Britain will be given an iPad Air 2 and a laptop after the May election. The House of Commons Commission says the new hardware will cost around £200,000 ($300,000) over the next five years. Each MP will be given a 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad Air 2, which costs £499 ($744). Apple's tablet was chosen by the commission in part because it's already popular among MPs — 209 members in the House of Commons possess an iPad, including Prime Minister David Cameron.

St. Paul considers CenturyLink's cable alternative

With CenturyLink eager to offer cable-like television service in the Twin Cities, the city of St. Paul is forming a cable franchise application committee to negotiate the particulars, and there are a lot of them. CenturyLink already provides landline phone, "normal speed" Internet and DirecTV satellite television services in St. Paul. The franchise agreement would allow the company to offer Prism TV -- an Internet-based pay-television option -- throughout the Twin Cities. "It's a pretty high-tech product, so we deliver it over fiber-optics, versus a cable cord," said Joanna Hjelmeland, a CenturyLink spokeswoman. "We would be a competitive alternative to cable." Prism's features include up to four or five split screens at once and a wireless box. "You can move your TV inside, or outside, or watch a cooking show in your kitchen, without being connected to the box," Hjelmeland said. The company submitted a letter to the St. Paul city clerk Jan. 9 indicating that it hopes to enter into a competitive cable franchise agreement with the city, similar to the agreement that St. Paul recently negotiated with Comcast.

Jesse Brown on Twitter

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Pilot Was Locked Out of Germanwings Cockpit Before Crash | WIRED

Investigators do have other data to work with. The radar flight path can provide clues as to how the aircraft was behaving, and if the pilots were trying to correct for a problem with the aircraft. The pattern and state of debris can reveal some of the story. Calculating the trajectory and impact angle of various parts can indicate the position of the jet in its final moments, for example. Close examination of wreckage can provide clues. Scorching or soot suggest a fire. Looking at whatever’s left of the cabin and cockpit will yield more information—if, for example, the oxygen masks were deployed.

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