Here’s a clear look at what the Galaxy Note 5 may look like

Now that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is out of the gate, the Internet’s attention is gravitating towards Samsung’s bigger flagship: the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung typically busts out the new Note in September, but the very first rumors about the phablet are already out, and we expect to see a whole lot more of them ahead of its launch. Here’s what we know so far.

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Fujifilm announces infrared X-T1 camera for fine art and crime scenes

Many digital cameras can be modified to shoot infrared photography — regular cameras come with a sensor filter to block out the unwanted wavelengths of light, which aren't desirable for typical photos. It's possible, if often difficult, to remove these filters, but many people settle for adding external filters to their lenses, which block out all but the infrared portion of the spectrum and require very long exposures as a result. By making the X-T1 IR infrared-capable from the start, Fujifilm is providing a neat solution for those who want to shoot infrared photos out of the box.

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Clean Energy Plan

Even stronger is the social case for clean energy. Obama’s team has been working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to tie the plan directly to healthcare issues, demonstrating how it will prevent premature deaths from exposure to coal plants and protect children from developing childhood asthma. In a statement that garnered some of the loudest applause in the entire announcement, Obama reiterated something well-known about “dirty energy” (and he did say “dirty energy” at least once): It has been proven to hurt the US’s low-income and minority populations the most.

Space telescopes help search for aliens, dark matter and the beginning of time - CNET

The Hubble Space Telescope has given us so much, but it's getting old, in telescope years. It turned 25 this year, and has been visited four times for servicing, the most recent of which was in 2009. From this point, it will continue to operate until its systems fail. In 2018, NASA plans to launch the James Webb Space Telescope to work alongside, then replace it. The James Webb Space Telescope will have a mirror 6.5 metres in diameter, compared to the Hubble's 2.4 metres.

Brain game 'improves lives of schizophrenia patients' - BBC News

A computer-based brain-training game could improve the daily lives of people with schizophrenia, say University of Cambridge researchers.

Better, stronger, sleepier: Fitness tech and me - CNET

So, what happened? Well, I started this in the depths of Aussie winter, dragging myself out of bed confused and blinking into the cold air, to watch a 30-minute TV show while climbing a fake hill and asking myself "Why"? For the first week or so I would get back into bed around 4 a.m. and lie there, not fully awake, but nowhere near sleep, until about 6 a.m., when I'd manage a fitful extra hour of sleep that made me feel even more exhausted. The Jawbone told the sad story: I was getting less sleep than ever and it was awful.

​This interactive map crams in American literature's greatest road trips

People love road trips . Some like 'em more than others. And some like them perhaps a little bit too much. This interactive map from Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez crams the locations mentioned in twelve road-tripping books including Mark Twain 's Roughing It and Jack Kerouac's On the Road . That total's 1,500 entries, paired with the most appropriate coordinates the author could assign. You might take issue with some of the book choices, but we'll only accept complaints after you've tackled the entirety of this cartographic labor of love. You'll find the bibliography after the break. Wild, Cheryl Strayed The Cruise of the Rolling Junk, F. Scott Fitzgerald Rolling Nowhere: Riding the Rails With America's Hoboes, Ted Conover A Walk Across America, Peter Jenkins Cross Country: Fifteen Years and 90,000 Miles on the Roads and Interstates of America with Lewis and Clark, Robert Sullivan The Lost Continent, Bill Bryson Blue Highways: A Journey into America, William Least Heat Moon On the Road, Jack Kerouac Roughing It, Mark Twain Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Tom Wolfe Source: Atlas Obscura Tags: americanliterature, books, googlemaps, literature, roadtrip, roadtrips

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