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The Economic Lessons of Star Trek’s Money-Free Society

“They are consistent with the economic circumstances in which they live. Imagine yourself growing up in a society where there is never any want or need or financial insecurity of any sort. You will be a very different person. You will be absolutely uninterested in conspicuous consumption. … You will probably be interested in things of a higher nature—the cultivation of the mind, education, love, art, and discovery. And so these people are very stoic in that sense, because they have no worldly interests that we today could relate to. … I usually say that they’re all aliens, in a way. My friend Chris [Black], who wrote on the show, said it was really hard for the writers, because it’s a workplace drama, but there’s no drama.”

Google’s Project Ara is about more than just modular phones

I had exactly half an hour with four people from the Project Ara team at Google I/O to extract as much information as I could about the mission to actually launch a modular phone. So I rattled off as many questions as I could at a rat-a-tat pace, and the Ara team had answers for nearly all of them.

Why is there an iPhone in this 350-year-old painting?

When Tim Cook and StartUp Delta's Neelie Kroes presented a blurry photograph of this disturbing painting to a room full of journalists at Startup Fest Europe, Cook joked (?), "I always thought I knew when the iPhone was invented, but now I’m not so sure anymore."

Tesla's Gigafactory sets grand opening for July 29th

Though the Gigafactory has been partially operational for months, Tesla hasn't yet officially "opened" its massive Nevada battery plant — but that'll change on July 29th, when some Tesla owners will gather with company officials for a ceremony at the facility.

Samsung's building the first national network dedicated to smart cities

Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom just  announced plans to build a nationwide network in South Korea to connect the intelligent devices required for the smart cities of the future. It’s hailing the new LoRaWAN-based network as the world’s first for commercial use (although  KPN in The Netherlands says it will also have a nationwide network available by June, and  Swisscom is deploying its national network this year as well). These are in addition to several community-based networks already taking root around the world.

Forget the Starks: The best part of 'Game of Thrones' is House Greyjoy

Theon's imprisonment, and devolution into Reek, set up the ultimate redemption story, which is now playing out for our viewing pleasure. Few scenes in the show's history have been more satisfying than Reek screwing up what was left of his courage to aid Sansa's escape. Or the tearful farewell in the snowy woods outside Winterfell when he decided he wasn't worthy of her forgiveness.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 review: The new people's champion topples Titans

There are some key differences between the two graphics cards, though. Rather than using advanced vapor chamber cooling, the GTX 1070 dissipates heat using a trio of copper heatpipes embedded in an aluminum heatsink. And while the card sports the same 8-pin power connector as the GTX 1080, the GTX 1070 sips only 150W of power, rather than 180W. But the truly astonishing thing about that number is how much more performance the GTX 1070 is able to eke out of the comparatively meager power draw; the similarly performing Titan X sucks 250W through 6-pin and 8-pin connectors, while the 275W Fury X uses a pair of 8-pin connectors.

Mars Is Making Its Closest Approach to Us in a Decade and Here's How to Watch

Mars is one of our nearest space neighbors, but even it is still pretty far away—which is why its closest approach in a decade is such an unmissable opportunity. Here’s how and why to watch Mars’ close approach, and what you should be looking for when you do.

How Innovation Fuels Content Marketing

Sometimes your brand's innovation is exciting new tech, like Wipro's, and sometimes it's as simple as embracing the unique processes or solutions that work for your team and educating your audience about how those solutions can help them, too. To harness that innovation--whatever it looks like--as a factor that elevates your brand and separates you from your industry competitors, you've got to incorporate one essential element.

Virtual Reality Study: VR & Time Perception - IEEE Research

A first-of-its-kind virtual reality study reinforces that time (seemingly) flies when you’re busy, but it also shows the use of time symbols (such as the sun) can play a role in altering a person’s perception of time.

ASUS' ZenBook 3 is thinner, lighter and faster than the MacBook

Unlike the MacBook, the ZenBook 3 won't be under-powered. At the top end, you'll be able to configure it with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB PCIe SSD (which should be faster than a typical SATA drive). The display is covered in Gorilla Glass 4, and it looks like Asus was also able to slim down the bezel (now it covers 82 percent of the laptop's front). The ZenBook 3 packs in a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port for charging (which it says can juice the laptop's battery up to 60 percent in 49 minutes), and it should last around 9 hours of typical battery life. As for cooling, Asus says it's developed the "world's thinnest" fan at just 3mm. There's also a built-in fingerprint sensor with Windows Hello support.

Why light needs darkness

Lighting architect Rogier van der Heide offers a beautiful new way to look at the world — by paying attention to light (and to darkness). Examples from classic buildings illustrate a deeply thought-out vision of the play of light around us.

French finance minister rules out Google tax deal, more firms could be targeted

PARIS France will "go all the way" to ensure that multinationals operating on its soil pay their taxes and more cases could follow after Google and McDonald's were targeted by tax raids, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said.

ARM’s new CPU and GPU will power mobile VR in 2017

ARM, the company that designs the processor architectures used in virtually all mobile devices on the market, has used Computex Taipei 2016 to announce new products that it expects to see deployed in high-end phones next year. The Cortex-A73 CPU and Mali-G71 GPU are designed to increase performance and power efficiency, with a particular view to supporting mobile VR.

Gregg Keizer on Twitter

ACLU wants a piece of the Microsoft v U.S. data gag order lawsuit. …

The Controversial Science Behind The Yellowstone Grizzly Losing ESA Protection

In the early 19th century these most feared of North American predators roamed as far north as Alaska, as far south as Mexico, as far west as the Pacific Ocean, and as far east as Kansas. But the settling of the West nearly wiped out continental grizzly bears except for some swathes of territory bleeding over the Canadian border, and one tear drop of habitat around Yellowstone—representing just 2 percent of its historic habitat—where, in the 1970s, the population teetered at fewer than 150. In 1975, the federal government intervened, granting the Yellowstone grizzlies protection under the Endangered Species Act, which limited hunting and development in the 34,000-square-mile Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (the national park itself is merely a tenth of the total area). Today, the only place you will find a grizzly bear outside of that area is on the California state flag.

ASUS' Zenbo robot walks, talks and controls your home

It's still early days, but ASUS says ZenBo will offer spoken reminders to its owners, like doctor appointment and medication cues. It'll also be able to send emergency messages to family members if someone falls down — you can even take control of the robot and check the situation from ZenBo's built in camera. For kids, the robot will be able to (awkwardly, robotically) dance along to music as well as read stories aloud from its built-in library. Naturally, ASUS is promoting a Zenbo developer program, with access to the bot's SDK and more information to help birth apps — something very important if the robot is to be a success.

Here's how the Asus ZenBook 3 looks next to the MacBook

Asus' new ZenBook 3 is plainly aimed straight at the MacBook's heart; chairman Jonney Shih made multiple comparisons to Apple's 12-inch laptop on stage this afternoon at Computex Taipei, highlighting how the latest Zenbook is thinner and lighter while managing to cram in an Intel Core i7 processor.

Watch This Cheetah Run With a GoPro On Its Back

Can you imagine riding a cheetah? Besides the fact that it would probably hate you being there, it would also be pretty incredible. Just watch this video simulating what that would be like.

Gilly got a 'Pretty Woman' moment on this week's 'Game of Thrones'

One of which had to be when Gilly got to meet Sam's family at the good castle Tarly. It was a tense dinner, not unlike many Thanksgivings. But Gilly let her hair down and took off her wildling glasses, and turned it into a scene straight out of Pretty Woman .

Brains of People With Schizophrenia Try to Repair Themselves: Study

Schizophrenia is a mysterious, misunderstood mental illness without a full cure. However, researchers from the United Kingdom and China may have found a clue that could help to understand it better.

Can 'Warcraft' break the curse of the video game movie?

In terms of the visuals, how did you set on the exact style you wanted without going too believable, but also not too cartoon-y? I mean, there were kind of two big challenges in making Warcraft . One was to take the aesthetic of the game of Warcraft , which is very stylized and kind of comic book-y, and where the characters are drawn both narratively and aesthetically in these big, broad strokes and find a way to give it a bit of three dimension and realize it in a live-action way. And that was really just a matter of spending a lot of time in preproduction working with Blizzard and with our own artists and just finding a way to strike that balance between the oversized armor and weapons of the game and something which feels that way but works in a live-action environment. The other big challenge was how are we gonna make our Orcs, which are really more than just monsters. They're not monsters in our movie; they're characters. And we spend a lot of time with them and we get to know them. We get to care about them. And the technology for that was really something where ILM came in with this next-generation motion capture that they've been working on.

Iran orders social media sites to store data inside country

DUBAI May 29 Iran has given foreign messaging apps a year to move data they hold about Iranian users onto servers inside the country, prompting privacy and security concerns on social media.


Looking for something new to install on your Android phone or tablet over the long weekend? With millions of options to choose from, it’s not always easy to determine the best of the best. Because of that, we sometimes have to turn to our friends or family for recommendations. Beyond that, it doesn’t hurt to look at what the entire space is up to in order to figure out the trending apps and games.

A new terrible father on 'Game of Thrones' gave the Internet daddy issues

A new terrible father on 'Game of Thrones' gave the Internet daddy issues

Twitter investors were sharply divided over Jack Dorsey’s stock plan

“We appreciate the stockholder feedback we have received on our proposal to approve the Twitter, Inc. 2016 Equity Incentive Plan at our 2016 Annual Meeting of Stockholders,” the company said in a filing. “Based on discussions with our stockholders, we have committed to amend the 2016 Plan after the Annual Meeting to prohibit the repricing of stock options, including through an option exchange program or cash buyout, without the consent of Twitter’s stockholders. We recognize the importance of protecting the value of your investment in Twitter and we also endeavor to be responsive to stockholder feedback on our compensation programs.”

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Computex 2016: ASUS unveils $599 Zenbo home robot | ZDNet

The robot is currently capable of much the same tasks as you would expect of a voice-controlled tablet computer on wheels, albeit with a select number of custom applications -- such as a library of stories that involve different voices and controlling the room's lighting, as well as reminding seniors of appointments and notifying family members in the case of a fall -- but the company is looking for partners and developers to get on board.

Australia is auctioning $11.5 million in confiscated bitcoins next month

(Reuters)  – Around A$16 million ($11.49 million) worth of confiscated bitcoins will be auctioned in Sydney next month, the first such auction outside the United States, as demand for the digital currency surged to its highest in nearly two years.

Foxconn replaces 60,000 human workers with robots

Although Foxconn confirmed to the BBC that it was working to automate much of its manufacturing operations, the company denied that the new robotic assembly line would mean fewer jobs for humans. Instead, the company says it is simply using the machines to "replace repetitive tasks previously done by employees" while allowing those employees to focus on more valuable parts of the manufacturing process like R&D and quality control. "We will continue to harness automation and manpower in our manufacturing operations," Foxconn told the BBC , "and we expect to maintain our significant workforce in China."

Nic Healey on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

What Facebook Live and Periscope need is a waiting room

Imagine an alternative to immediately starting your Facebook Live or Periscope broadcast. You’d get a link that you could freely distribute, when typically it’s awkward or impossible to post your stream to other social networks when you’re on camera already. You could potentially set an estimated start time, or wait to begin the broadcast whenever you’re ready. There could even be an option to schedule a stream further in advance, though the platforms and people lining up to watch might worry the broadcaster would flake out.

Iran orders foreign messaging apps to store data within its borders

Iran has ordered foreign messaging apps to store all data on its citizens within the country's borders,  Reuters reports , giving the companies one year to comply. Iran's Supreme Council of Cyberspace announced the measures on Sunday, saying they are based on the "guidelines and concerns of the supreme leader" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to the local IRNA news agency.

Asus Just Announced a MacBook Clone and Adorable Home Robot

Asus has had a busy morning announcing a slew of new products at the Computex 2016 technology expo in Taiwan. Here are some of the highlights—including a super skinny new MacBook rival and an insanely cute house robot.

Isaac Newton Once Tried To Invent His Own Language

The great 17th century physicist Isaac Newton is known for many things. There’s his laws of motion and theory of gravity. Plus, the dude invented calculus, wrote a lengthy treatise about optics, and dabbled in alchemy for good measure. But few people know that as a young college student, Newton tried to invent his own universal language.

Now you can be a cat and knock things over in VR

Everyone's favorite cat destruction simulator, Catlateral Damage , is now available for virtual reality on the HTC Vive. The VR version of the game turns you into a cat ghost that can warp around and materialize wherever the most damage can be inflicted on a human domicile. And then you knock things over. Yeah, it's kinda just like the existential object-flinger  Job Simulator — except in this game you're a cat! Everybody wins.

11 History Books You Should Read Before Writing Your Military SF Novel

So you want to be a military science fiction author. You’ve read the classics from all the major authors, and you’ve got a great idea for a novel. Except you haven’t served in the military, and don’t know much beyond what you’ve seen on TV and in movies. Here are 11 books of military history you might want to read before diving in.

The Geek Feminist Revolution is an Essential Commentary For the Geek World

This is an rightfully angry collection of essays: you can feel this in every word. This is much needed anger: a powerful and thoughtful examination of the professional world that helps construct the worlds we take part in. This book is packed: advice on writing and constructing new worlds - advice that challenges writers to do better for their characters and stories to reasons for why the Affordable Care Act has literally helped save her life. There’s examinations of films like Die Hard and Mad Max, and bluntly honest essays on what it’s like to be a woman writing science fiction on the internet.

Hands-on video with ASUS ZenBook 3: so, so thin

We didn't expect much from yet another ASUS ultraportable, but the ZenBook 3 is seriously impressive. Weighing in at 2 pounds and 11.9mm thick, it's both thinner and lighter than Apple's already crazy portable MacBook. It also packs in speedy Core i5 and Core i7 processors, so you won't have to worry about it being underpowered. Above, check out our hands-on video of the ZenBook 3, and you can read deeper impressions on the announcement post .

Asus' crazy water-cooled laptop is getting an upgrade

Asus' mammoth GX700 — a gaming laptop with a separate water-cooling station that allows for some ridiculous overclocking shenanigans —  blew our minds when it was unveiled last fall, and now it's getting a younger sibling. The GX800 was unveiled alongside a handful of other products at Asus' Republic of Gamers (ROG) Computex press event today, and the company is calling it "the most powerful gaming laptop in the world."

New Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 smartwatches will track your heart rate

Three years after Pebble started selling its original Kickstarter-funded smartwatch, the Redwood City, California-based startup is rolling out a successor. The new Pebble 2 has some aesthetic improvements, but the most notable new feature is the Pebble 2's ability to track heart rate. In fact, the Pebble Time 2, another new smartwatch, will also feature heart rate sensors, and Pebble says they'll be included on all future Pebble watches.

10 'Game of Thrones' fan theories, ranked least to most likely

If SmallJon really is double-crossing Ramsay then this one has to be true, right? Well, maybe. It all depends on how cold he is as a character, and how convincing he wants his fake allegiance to look. If SmallJon is double-crossing Ramsay and Rickon knows about it then it seems likely that Shaggy is still alive somewhere; if he's kept Rickon in the dark to make his double-cross more convincing, though, then maybe he really did kill Shaggy to add to the grim authenticity of his plan. The other possibility, of course, is that the Umbers are actually on Ramsay's side; if that's the case, Shaggydog is definitely a goner.

DT Giveaway: SanDisk Extreme 900 portable SSD

Looking for a new portable hard drive? You could buy one, or you could enter to win a 960GB SanDisk Extreme 900 Series SSD, a slim external hard drive that weighs in at just under half a pound.

John Oliver Would Like Someone to Invent These Things

John Oliver runs a regular segment called “How Is This Still a Thing?”, but he’s decided to turn it on its head. So “How Is This Not a Thing?” describes the things that Oliver would like see invented—preferably as soon as possible.

Apple Employee Reveals How It Is to Work at Apple's Retail Store

The anonymous retail worker, who worked at Apple’s retail store from 2011 to late 2015, reveals that Apple pays its retail store workers £8 per hour, which is not even sufficient for them to buy the very products that they sell. To make matters worse, the company does not give any bonuses to its employees, even if they sell thousands of pounds of devices every day or get some enterprises customers onboard. The only bonus that Apple gave its retail workers in return is recognition.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the '90s was just as adorable as she is today

SEINFELD — "The Hot Tub" Episode 5 — Pictured: (l-r)Jerry Seinfeld as himself, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes, Jeremiah Birkett as Jean-Paul (Photo by Barry Slobin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Get an iPhone Charger for Any Occasion at a Great Price [Deals Hub]

There’s no convenient time for your iPhone to hit 0% on its battery meter. No matter where you are, you should be able to get a charge. And with these great chargers for any situation, you can. Get them on sale now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

How to Successfully Target a Niche Facebook Audience : Social Media Examiner

I started a FB group a couple of years ago…a peer-to-peer support group for kidney patients and their loved ones. At first I thought it would have limited appeal because of the nature of the illness. Boy was I wrong! The group now has well over 12K members and is rapidly growing. It’s a natural, organic fit for me to bring my book “Dancing with Rejection” to the group’s attention and it has been very well-received. Having said that, I’ve been wondering about reaching out to other applicable niche audiences so I found this article very helpful, Lesley. Thank you. I also run a couple of successful blogs. What do you think about “guest blogging”?

An Experiment to Combine Lego and Snap Circuits

Since the axle on the Snap Circuits Geared Motor (6SCGM) is not compatible with Lego, my first attempt at combining Snap Circuits and Lego is to use the Snap Circuits 2.1 inch Pulley (6SCPULL3) mounted on the Geared Motor with a Snap Circuits 0.375 rubber ring to hold the pulley snugly on the axle. All these parts are included in the Snap Circuits Motion set.

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