888,246 Handmade Poppies Surround the Tower of London to Commemorate WWI

The moat that surrounds the Tower of London has long stood empty and dry . This summer, it's getting filled with 888,246 red ceramic poppies, one for each British and Colonial soldiers who perished during World War I.

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The Moon Is Not Actually Round, It's Shaped Like a Lemon

The data strongly implicate tidal effects as a key shaper of the moon, researchers said. For example, tidal forces pulled on the lunar crust, stretching it out and heating it up in places. This process thinned out the crust at the lunar poles and thickened it in the regions that lined up with Earth, helping sculpt the moon into a lemon with two small bulges (one on the side facing our planet, and one on the side directly opposite).

Snapchat VP Of Engineering Peter Magnusson Departs Startup After Just 6 Months | TechCrunch

Snapchat’s VP of Engineering,  Peter Magnusson , has left the company only six months after the L.A.-based startup was able to poach him away from Google. Magnusson was a particularly high-profile win for the ephemeral messaging app maker, as he had previously headed up Google’s App Engine, a cloud-based platform that counts  Snapchat as one of its largest customers.

France’s Iliad makes a surprise bid for T-Mobile. Would it be a better fit?

Iliad’s upstart mentality actually makes it a much more natural fit for T-Mobile. T-Mobile could easily continue its “Uncarrier” onslaught on the other U.S. operators, and even take some of its cues from Free Mobile. But such a deal would bring no operational advantages to the U.S. carrier, while a merged Sprint-T-Mobile would be instantly propelled to the top ranks of global carriers with more 100 million subscribers.

CIA Admits It Snooped On Senate Computers

According to Feinstein, the dustup centers around the full CIA internal review document concerning the "enhanced interrogation" tactics used by the CIA on detainees. As part of an agreement during the investigation, the CIA had granted access to Senate staffers to a partial copy of the report at a secure CIA location on CIA computers. Later, though, it turns out the CIA got cold feet about some of what it had allowed the Senate to see, and importantly, to transport off the premises.

France's Iliad Confirms Offer For T-Mobile, Shares Spike

The Journal's report said the offer from Iliad was made less than a week ago, but said it was unclear what response T-Mobile's board has had to the offer. 

Even Palantir can't ignore the cult of simplicity

Palantir has a customer base that pays for results, but the company nonetheless attributes puts a lot of effort into user experience. In June, it re-architected its database simplicity in mind; on Thursday, it acquired a startup doing drag-and-drop mobile app development.

BitPay cuts transaction fees on starter plan, making bitcoin payment processing free (and unlimited) for merchants

“If you’re a merchant payment processor, like Braintree, you can only go so low because everything is determined upstream from you by Visa and the issuing bank,” Gallippi said. “The beauty of bitcoin is that it’s a decentralized payments network, and it doesn’t have interchange so there’s a lot of efficiencies you can get out of the system. We’re able to leverage that and have the decentralized network do all of the transaction validating for us. All we really have to do is build the software tools for our merchants.”

The Cyber Prosecutor Sending Nude-Photo Thieves To Prison

Hsu says he started seeing “emotional hacking” cases come across his desk only in the last few years. There are more nude photos around to get hacked than ever, with ‘sexting’ on the rise according to Pew Research Center ; 9 percent of people admitted to Pew that they’ve sent nude photos to someone else, while 20 percent say they’ve received nude shots. Hsu, a slight man with short black hair and wire glasses, has a spacious office on an upper floor of the federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles which feels crowded thanks to numerous stacks of case files on tables and the floor. Behind his desk is a framed ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ poster, and next to it a photo of Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, inscribed, “Keep beating the real bad guys.” He also has posters of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel — “Judgment day is appropriate,” he explains — and a photo of a man standing in front of a tank bound for Tiananmen Square. “It’s the power of one person to save others he doesn’t even know,” says Hsu. Growing up in Orange County, he decided he wanted to be a prosecutor in high school after his parents were hit by a drunk driver while crossing a street.

GoPro's First Earnings Report As A Public Company Is A Wipeout As Stock Falls After Hours

As of the end of trading on Thursday, GoPro shares closed at $47.97, almost double the stock’s $24 IPO price. Since its debut on the Nasdaq in late June, the company has rode a massive wave of investor confidence, with the stock closing at an all time high of $48.80 on July 1. In after-hours trading on Thursday, shares were down 8.28% from the close to $44.00 as of 5:35 pm in New York.

Government Requests For Twitter Account Data Up 46% Since Second Half Of 2013 | TechCrunch

Content removal requests were up a modest 14.6% when compared to the second half of 2013, but up a stunning 620% when compared to the comparable year-ago period. What drove that? Turkey, in large part, according to the provided data. The country supplied more court-ordered removals than any other country in the period. One-hundred eighty tweets were withheld in that country in the first half of the year, a substantial 73% of all withheld tweets during the period.

Buying Madbits, Twitter Wants Image-Search Super Powers | Enterprise | WIRED

Twitter and Madbits decline to discuss the acquisition, but in a brief message posted to the Madbits website, the company’s founders—Clément Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari—do say that the company has built a “visual intelligence technology that automatically understands, organizes and extracts relevant information from raw media” and that this technology is based on “deep learning,” a form of AI that includes convolutional neural nets. In any event, the video above—which shows off the work of another deep learning startup called DeepMind—goes a long way toward showing what this technology is all about. Deep learning is essentially a way for machines to very rapidly teach them themselves how to do stuff.

Sonic eats poop because it's scientifically accurate

Sonic eats poop because it's scientifically accurate

Microsoft releases Office for iPad update with PDF exporting, presenter view, third party fonts, more

Earlier this week Microsoft introduced an updated version of its OneNote app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac , and today new versions of its Office for iPad suite have been released. Version 1.1 of Office for iPad introduces a list of new features in the first major update to the tablet productivity apps. Included in the update is the ability to send files from Word and Excel as a PDF file, a new Presenter View for PowerPoint, and a list of several more features. Check below for the breakdown of new features for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word for iPad.

A dozen capacious juice packs to consider before your next trip - CNET

The good news is there's a plethora of battery packs (that is, juice packs) which offer many ways to conveniently carry extra power with you. The following are my favorite juice packs (yes, I have a lot of favorites) which when paired with a mobile device, are great not only for long flights, but also when you're out and about camping or hiking in rough environments. And it's always great to have one or two of them in your car , just in case.

The New Habit Challenge: Wake Up Insanely Early

I'm someone who likes to sleep--a lot. This summer, however, I've been waking up around 3:30 a.m. / 4:00--not on purpose. Summer is the only time I have to work on my own writing projects. In addition to my blog, I have a novel in the works and it's on my mind. Last Friday, I wrote a complex blog post by 6:00 a.m. incorporating multiple data sources and finally figured out what bugged me about a recent education news story. Another night, I researched literary agents. This morning, I did my plyometrics work out. Today, I'll edit a couple of chapters, get new tires on the car, and buy new sunglasses. I feared some days that I'd be passed out on the couch by noon. I'm glad to say I haven't taken naps (haven't felt like I needed them) and I still feel rested. Maybe my nights of long slumber are over.

LinkedIn Beats The Street In Q2 On Sales Of $511M, EPS Of $0.51 | TechCrunch

Marketing solutions and premium subscriptions were roughly equal in their revenue contribution at $106 million and $105 million, respectively, both up 44% and each accounting for 20% of overall sales. We’ll listen in to the conference call in a bit to see whether LinkedIn or analysts have anything to say on this front. One thing I would point out is that although LinkedIn is trying to position itself as a community platform and a place to visit more than when you are looking for a job (or to hire someone), it seems like this remains at the heart of its business. (And to be clear it is not one that it is ignoring — witness the company’s acquisition of Bright to boost its job listings.)

Microsoft Loses Email Privacy Case With U.S. Gov, Will Appeal | TechCrunch

Several technology companies voiced support for Microsoft’s suit in the time leading up to today’s appeal — Apple and Cisco filed an amicus brief in Microsoft’s favor. Other companies and groups had also made noise in the same direction as Redmond. Presumably, when Microsoft takes up its case again, those same allies will remain in its corner. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft changes its argument in the face of today’s defeat.

BBM for Windows Phone 8 Beta Is Now Available for All

The company said it has tried to pick up on Windows Phone’s own specific UI design, so the app looks a little different compared to its incarnation on other platforms, although it does obviously provide many of the same core features found on the iOS and Android apps.

The Most Amazing PCs of July 2014

Every month I scour the Internet looking for some prime examples of modded computers. PC mods, as they’re more commonly known, are PCs that have been modified so they look totally unique. Some have received a coat of paint, others have seen standard PC cases cut, drilled, sanded or glued and some PC modders have even made their own cases from scratch.

Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The Pinterest For Creatives | TechCrunch

Pinterest has acquired Icebergs , a “ Pinterest for creative types,” which offered an online collaboration service that allowed users to organize their projects, including not only images, but also articles, files, videos, and other content, and share that content with others. The Barcelona-based company was founded last year, and had a team of just over a half-dozen in both Barcelona and London.

Michael Keaton in 'Birdman' Is as Meta as a Movie Trailer Gets

Directed by Biutiful helmer Alejandro González Iñárritu, Birdman is the story of Riggan Thomson, who played the titular superhero more than two decades ago and is mounting a return to glory on the Broadway stage. He laments being recognized everywhere as Birdman — something Keaton knows more than a little bit about — and is facing down his own ego along the way, meta-meta something-something.

Judge orders Microsoft to turn over data held overseas

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Portland legalizes Airbnb-style short-term rentals

"We now are mixing commercial and residential," said Robert McCullough, president of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association and the Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition, which advocated delaying the decision for more study. "Most people who sign up will be very responsible ... but it obviously is going to be a bit of a shock when people discover there is a rooming house next door."

12 powerful websites that can replace your desktop software

The World Wide Web sure ain't what it used to be, and when it comes to getting things done anywhere and everywhere, that's a good thing. Once, the idea of working in your browser was nothing more than a pipe dream. And the idea of replacing desktop software with online alternatives completely? Pfah! Ridiculous.

Scrap the mystery: High-tech vision for Google barge crumbles in a heap - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

On Wednesday, a tugboat towed the barge from Rickers Wharf Marine Facility in Portland and deposited it at Turner’s Island Cargo Terminal in South Portland. Roger Hale, owner of the terminal, said the structure had been purchased by an unnamed “international barging company” and was being prepared to leave Portland for an ocean voyage to an undisclosed location.

Giraffe Dies After Hitting Its Head on Highway Bridge

One witness, Instagram user pabimoloi , writes in a post, "Saw two giraffes being transported to Pretoria on the highway today. Not sure what the regulations are but as they were going under a normal highway bridge, I saw one of the giraffes hit its head. It was so terrible to see. Hope they got wherever they were going okay."

PlayStation Now subscription option 'definitely in the works'

With PlayStation Now ready to enter its open beta today, Sony's Jack Buser answered calls for a subscription model by saying it's "definitely something in the works." The director of the game-streaming program elaborated on the PS Blog , writing, "...we've heard you loud and clear for an update on a PS Now subscription option and want to reassure you that we are working on it." To recap, PlayStation Now lets players stream PS3 games from Sony's cloud servers to PS4, and other systems in the future. Currently the beta only offers rental options, with players able to access games for either 4 hours, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days. As displayed in a new video, there are different prices for different games - Vigil Games' Darksiders , for example, is $3 for 4 hours, $6 for a week, $8 for 30 days and $15 for 90. The pricing structure has been the major point of contention for potential customers, reflected by Buser noting there'll be "reduced pricing" on some of the four-hour rentals in the coming weeks, bringing them down to $2. He also noted some of the games come with DLC included.

Square Overhauls Reader To Support Chip-Based Credit Cards

Mobile payments company Square is known for its signature glossy white credit card readers that plug into iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Credit cards in the U.S. will have embedded computer chips starting next year, which is why Square announced today that it has overhauled its Reader device. The chip-based credit cards are known as EMV because it is a joint effort between Europay, Mastercard and Visa Visa . Credit card companies will likely pressure merchants to accept chip-based cards as the deadline approaches.

Tips for Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement

On the other hand, companies that do the work to build a positive culture will reap the benefits and increasing employee engagement is a big part of that. Employee engagement, according to experts, drives all the good things an organization needs to thrive - better customer outcomes, better employee retention and increased productivity. "Employee engagement is important because a well-engaged employee means the difference between just showing up or excelling at what they do. With today's increased competition for top-notch talent, and the huge costs to retrain new staff, engagement becomes more important than ever. When engagement is low things can get off track really quick and it can spread like wildfire…best practices are usually the process that falls apart when engagement is low, though best practices are what produce ideal outcomes," says Gabe Zichermann, CEO & Co-Founder of Dopamine and author of The Gamification Revolution.

How I Taught My Kindergartner To Use Her Screen Time For Good

So I decided: If I wanted to show her that she really could get under the Internet’s hood and tweak its engine, the best way would be to show her how to create something better than Google. The idea of how to do it occurs to me when she asks me for ice cream and I point out that there are no ice cream parlors nearby--a fact I seem to point out to her every day at 4:30 p.m.

Shazam Brings Always-On Music and TV Recognition to Mac With Free Menu Bar App

Music recognition service Shazam , which was one of the early App Store hits and has continued to see good success on mobile platforms, is now bringing its services to the desktop in the form of the first music, TV show, and ad recognition app for Mac. Running as a menu bar item, Shazam for Mac quietly monitors audio around the user's Mac and provides not only pop-up notifications of the content being played but also easy access to supplemental content such as lyrics, additional tracks from the album, purchasing options such as the iTunes Store, music videos, social sharing options, and more. Once content has been identified by Shazam, a standard Notification Center pop-up appears onscreen, and an entry for the item is added to the running list of Shazam IDs in the menu bar app. Clicking in either location takes the user to a dedicated page on the web for the identified content. MacRumors spoke with Shazam's Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker about the launch, and Danker highlighted the utility of Shazam for Mac in the context of the popularity of lyrics searches on the Internet.

Sharp's first-quarter operating profit boosted as Chinese smartphone makers swell sales

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sharp Corp said it expected revenue from Chinese smartphone makers to increase fivefold in the six months to September after a jump in smartphone panel orders helped boost operating profit by 55 percent in the first quarter.

Smartphones become next frontier in cybersecurity

Mathew Solnik says he can take over a smartphone from 30 feet away without alerting the user or the phone company. Then, he can turn the phone into a live microphone, browse its contacts or read its text messages.

PSA: Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC out now

TITANFALL'S FRONTIER'S EDGE NOW AVAILABLE Pilots, prepare to drop your titan and battle on the furthest reaches of the Frontier in Titanfall Frontier's Edge. Available now for Xbox One and PC, Frontier's Edge is the latest DLC pack for Respawn Entertainment's critically-acclaimed Titanfall and introduces three new maps to the Frontier including: · Dig Site – A critical asset on the Frontier, Dig Site is surrounded by sheer rock walls that offer natural protection against air assaults. Titans patrol narrow pathways between giant industrial processing plants while pilots leap overhead to attack from above · Export – An exporting hub built on the side of a mountain, Export recalls the boom-towns of the gold rush from centuries earlier. Focused on close-quarters combat, pilots use this to their advantage to gain speed and height, while titans lock down natural choke points that overlook the town below · Haven – Catering to the Frontier's wealthy elite, this exclusive beach resort rests on the edge of a massive crater lake. Pilots will utilize the sheer walls of the hotel skyscrapers to gain high ground while titans attack from inside art galleries and luxury restaurants Titanfall Frontier's Edge is now available for now for Xbox One and PC for $9.

2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon review - CNET

"Really? It's a wagon with an automatic transmission. It's only got 180 horsepower!" That's what the uniformed said when I raved about my time in the 2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon. The car doesn't draw attention to itself and largely flew under the radar over the course of my testing.

This is what Instagram for Android would look like with Google's Material Design

Google's "Material" redesign isn't expected until later this year, but it's already getting people excited. The new user interface style is supposed to be based around how physical objects move and is "grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink." Google is already encouraging third-party developers to redesign their apps to fit with the new style, but some people just can't wait for that to happen. Designer Emmanuel Pacamalan has  created a concept video showing Instagram rebuilt using Material Design principles, and the results are gorgeous.

iFixit's Oculus Rift teardown finds Samsung display, 40 LEDs - CNET

Oculus, which was purchased by Facebook earlier this month for $2 billion, is only providing the developer-kit prototypes and hasn't yet committed to a launch date for the Rift. Still, its Rift virtual-reality headset has gained enormous attention within the video-game industry, with a bevy of companies lining up to develop applications for the device.

Facebook mobile app to offer free, limited Internet in Zambia

Facebook has partnered with more than 150 wireless providers over the past four years to offer free or discounted access to its social network, but the new app in Zambia marks the first time the company has added Web services beyond its own social network to the menu of free services.

Will Apple Save Sapphire Seduction For iPhone 6S?

By this account, the sapphire screen would be the perfect follow-on for the larger screen of the iPhone 6. “S” is for sapphire. (The “S” was possibly for security in the 5s, Siri in the 4s and certainly the “GS” in the 3gs was for its 3G capacity.) Possibly Apple could introduce sapphire as a premium feature on select models of the iWatch and 5.5″ Air and then roll it out as a must-have standard feature on the 6s. This would reinforce the idea of the iPhone as an affordable luxury, which is key to its market dominance.

Cydia: QuickFolders is quick navigation for iPhone folders

QuickFolders is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to navigate your folders on iPhone with ease, with the ability to tap and hold to open a folder and, in one continuous motion, drag your finger to the app you wish to open and let go. It is a convenient multitouch gesture that could save you a few seconds every time you open a folder.

What it cost one developer to port a game through ID@Xbox

Jamie Fristrom launched Sixty Second Shooter Prime on Xbox One last month, selling it for $5 a pop. Prime is the latest version of Sixty Second Shooter , his game that first launched on the Chrome Web Store and later on PS4 and Vita. To bring Sixty Second Shooter Prime to Xbox One, Fristrom had to spend $5,143 on equipment, permissions and insurance. Fristrom breaks down the costs in a blog post : Microsoft provides Xbox One dev kits to early adopters of the ID@Xbox program, so those were free, but Fristrom spent $63 shipping one to his partner. Hardware and video capture device costs hit $253, localization (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) cost $729, and maintaining the game's URL cost $19. And then the big-ticket items – errors and omissions insurance cost Fristrom $2,037, and securing ratings on foreign boards (PEGI, USK) cost $2,042. Microsoft requires developers to have errors and omissions insurance, and Fristrom found the cheapest possible option that covers everything in his contract. "It's not just any E&O Insurance – it has to cover IP and copyright violations, so the cheap E&O Insurance you can easily find online doesn't qualify," he writes.

What is success?

Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. These talks say it all.

44 Route 53 Update - Domain Name Registration, Geo Routing, and a Price Reduction

Up until now, you had to register your domain at an external registrar, create the Hosted Zone in Route 53, and then configure your domain's entry at the registrar to point to the Route 53 name servers. With today's launch of Route 53 Domain Name Registration, you can now take care of the entire process from within the AWS Management Console (API access is also available, of course). You can buy, manage, and transfer (both in and out) domains from a wide selection of generic and country-specific top-level domains (TLDs). As part of the registration process, we'll automatically create and configure a Route 53 Hosted Zone for you. You can think up a good name, register it, and be online with static ( Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)) or dynamic content ( Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Elastic Beanstalk , or AWS OpsWorks ) in minutes.

Hate Your ISP? Maybe You Need Community Fiber

Community fiber, properly deployed and managed, can give at least some of us a way out. One particularly attractive model is called "open access." Under an open access model, the local municipality might be the owner of the fiber infrastructure, but agrees to lease access to the system to anyone on non-discriminatory terms. This opens up the possibility of having many local ISPs competing for your business over the same fiber infrastructure.

FCC Questions Verizon’s Limits On Unlimited Data | TechCrunch

But this practice is nothing new — most major carriers have been doing this since they introduced tiered data plans in an attempt to move users away from the unlimited plans that were offered in the early days of smart phones. Once it became popular to stream large amounts of data like video or music on your mobile device, service providers looked to shift away from these types of data plans.

Use Android Wear as a remote shutter button - CNET

Here is how to use Android Wear as a remote to snap your smartphone selfies and group shots with ease.

Notifier Pro for Gmail review: You've got Gmail notifications on your Mac's menu bar

Gmail Notifier Pro does have one big advantage over MailTab Pro and some other options: it allows you to plug in multiple Gmail accounts and monitor all of them at once, which should be of major benefit to anyone with separate personal and work/business accounts. Otherwise, as a lightweight way to keep tabs on your Gmail inbox with notifications, Notifier Pro is a fine replacement for Google’s dearly departed original.

How OS X Became Apple's Sexiest Product

“Vibrancy is Apple’s name for the various translucent aspects of Yosemite’s interface,” says Scrivener’s Blount. “Way back with the release of Tiger, Apple introduced floating HUD panels into OS X--those black translucent panels that are often used for tools--and from there, it became quite common to have controls set against a dark background in programs where it was important that the UI didn’t distract from content, such as the editing tools in iPhoto. Yet despite this becoming more common in OS X UI design for the past several years, until now, Apple has never provided a unified set of tools for building a UI against a dark background. Any developer wanting to do so has had to create his or her own set of lighter UI elements to place on top of that background, which leads to a less unified appearance across different applications.”

Apple officially welcomes Beats to the family as Beats moves online sales to Apple's site

There’s a new instrument in the Apple family. Musicians rely on their instruments to give structure and form to their imagination. At the dawn of digital recording, the Macintosh computer was the instrument of choice. At the beginning of portable digital music, the iPod placed the library of the world’s music in your pocket. The iPhone became not only an instrument for music but also the center of your connected life. The iPad extended this capability with a user interface and apps that allowed you to compose a symphony on the subway. Starting today, we at Beats are fortunate to add our instrument to this legacy by joining Apple. The products we build together will allow us to reimagine sound once again and to continue this great tradition of bringing imagination to life.

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