It's weird how Google thinks full-page 'interstitial' ads in apps are OK, but it wants to punish them on the mobile web

He told Business Insider: "I guess Google sees high bounce rates [people clicking into a site, then almost immediately 'bouncing' away from it] from sites with interstitials, and that makes for a bad consumer experience for search. It's not the same thing as in-app, as Google search hasn't sent the user there."

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Google's Daydream VR platform reportedly launching 'in the coming weeks'

The VR platform was announced back in May, but we've not yet seen any glimpse of a headset designed for it.

Dear God no: Facebook is testing autoplaying video with sound

There are few things more annoying on the Web than having audio blare out when you’re not expecting it. But that’s precisely what Facebook is going for in its latest test , where it starts autoplaying video clips on your feed with sound.

Hackers linked to Russian intelligence agencies target The New York Times

CNN reports that the hackers have also targeted "other US news organizations" in recent months, but did not specify which outlets specifically. US intelligence officials told the publication that they consider the attacks to be part of a broader series of hacks, including those targeting  emails from the Democratic National Committee . The Times says that the FBI is currently investigating the attack on its organization, but denied reports from CNN that it also hired private investigators.

Singapore plans to cut off Web access for government agencies

Public servants in Singapore might have a harder time than most if they want to check their personal email and social network updates at work. Reuters reports that the island city-state is working to implement a policy that will cut off Web access for government employees, as a defense against potential cyber attacks.

Stratasys partners with Siemens, Ford, Boeing | ZDNet

The 3D printing company is unveiling new technologies and some big-name partners, with the aim of advancing additive manufacturing for end-use parts.

PlayStation Now brings Sony games to Windows PC this fall

Soon, you won't need a PlayStation to experience games like God of War or Uncharted. Also, cats and dogs are living together now.

How Congress, the FDA, and Sarah Jessica Parker Helped EpiPen Become a $1 Billion Business

Of course, EpiPen doesn’t have any competition, so if you go to the doctor and ask for an epinephrine auto-injector, you can guess what you’ll get. Even if a competitor entered the market tomorrow, they’d be no threat to EpiPen in the short term. And Mylan CEO Heather Bresch has acknowledged in recent earnings calls that generic competitors would probably only help expand reach. EpiPen is essentially the generic name for this product in the minds of consumers—the Kleenex of plastic tubes you stab yourself in the leg with when you think you’re going to die.

Samsung, Tencent surge in race to become Asia's most valuable firm

SINGAPORE Tencent Holdings Ltd ( 0700.HK ) and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd ( 005930.KS ) are racing to be crowned Asia's most valuable company as expectations for robust earnings growth push their share prices to record highs.

Climate Hackers: One man’s plan to stop global warming by shooting particles into the atmosphere

Keith and others believe humans could mimic this natural phenomenon by launching planes or balloons into the stratosphere to spray similar sorts of particles. His models show variations on this approach could offset at least half of the rise in temperatures due this century, significantly reducing the associated environmental dangers. Given the growing threat of climate change, he believes it’s time to move from lab experiments to limited trials in the real world.

A Superstitious Fisherman Kept This $100 Million Pearl Under His Bed

According to city government officials in Puerto Princesa City , Philippines, a local fisher just dropped off this monster of a pearl to a local tourism office. If legit, it would far surpass the current Guinness record holder, the Pearl of Lao Tzu, at a comparatively measly 14 pounds, which also came from the Philippines.

Japan wants citizens to donate their old phone to make 2020 Olympics medals

The idea isn't as far-fetched as it sounds: our smartphones contain the gold, silver and copper that can be recycled for use in new electronics, albeit in small amounts. But all those small amounts add up, and Japan is looking to use those metals to make the most iconic medals in sport.

Ever wanted to make your own phone? Cyrcle shows you how

The Cyrcle is based on a Seeed Studios RePhone Kit, which contains a battery, touchscreen and other components to build a working phone. It's housed in a 3D-printed round prototype case, but you can then go away and design your own phone in whatever shape you want. The class is also aimed at teachers or adults who can go on to teach kids how to prototype a phone of their own.

Pinterest has acquired Instapaper

Best known for visual bookmarking, Pinterest organizes content in collections of thumbnail images. But it hopes that its newly announced acquisition of Instapaper, an app that allows users to "save now, read later," will help it "accelerate discovering and saving articles on Pinterest," the company explained in a press release.

Surprisingly, Pilot Errors Not the Main Cause of Drone Crashes

“But drones don’t and some of the improvements that have reduced the risks in those aircraft could also be used to improve the safety of drones,” Wild added. “Understanding what happens to drones, even those that don’t cause damage to people or property, is essential to improve safety.”

Explore indie puzzler 'The Witness' on Xbox One in September

Basically, if you get stuck on a puzzle, don't look up solutions on YouTube or from a text-based walk through. Instead, explore another part of the island and you might find the solution while you're at it. If you've avoided the game's spoilers since January, it shouldn't be too hard to resist the urge for a few more weeks, should it?

Tesla’s new Model S P100D adds range and cranks Ludicrous Mode up a notch

For comparison, consider that the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder is one of the fastest production cars available, with a 0-60 mph time of 2.3  seconds, and a 9.9 second quarter mile. As mentioned, Tesla’s own maxed out previous Model S before today could manage 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. That car started at $847,000 new; the P100D is about $134,500 delivered to start. Even the Model X is quick off the draw, with a 2.9 second 0-60 mph time when equipped with the P100D and Ludicrous Mode.

Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard takes aim at Google with new built-in search

Microsoft has released a big update for its Word Flow keyboard on the iPhone this week. The biggest addition is a new search interface that lets you find GIFs, emoji, images, contacts, and anything from Bing search results without leaving the keyboard. Microsoft's GIF search feature copies the animated pictures into your clipboard, allowing you to paste them in. Word Flow will even pick out GIFs from words you type, so if you say "deal with it" in a message you'll get a GIF icon that brings up the relevant image.

This is How South Florida Ends

It’s a scorching midsummer day, and the sawgrass is still under a pale blue sky. Waist-deep in water and sinking slowly into the muck, I fend off mosquitos as a man from South Florida’s Water Management District mixes a bag of salt into a hot tub-sized bucket on the side of the road. Thirty feet away in the marsh, another city official wearing waders and a bug hat stands on a narrow steel walkway, dangling the end of a long hose over a plexiglass chamber.

20 Singapore to cut off public servants from the internet

Government declares its systems will be ‘air-gapped’ to guard against cyber attack but some analysts warn hi-tech nation risks falling behind

Steve Wozniak Says an iPhone without Headphone Jack Will 'Tick Off a Lot of People'

Apple is all set to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of its own Lightning connector on the upcoming iPhones. The move will allow the company to free up more space inside the device that can be used to fit in a slightly larger battery or add a secondary speaker. Taking a cue from Apple, many Android OEMs have also ditched the 3.5mm audio jack and switched over to USB Type-C for delivering audio.

Google: Here's how a software update knocked out our App Engine cloud | ZDNet

Google added that a few things did go as planned during the mishap. Its engineers attempted to roll-back the change within 11 minutes of noticing a problem, but it was too late to reverse the CPU overload. While App Engine automatically redirected requests to other datacenters, Google's engineers were also compelled to manually redirect traffic to mitigate the issue.

DroneDeploy raises $20 million to help any business put drones to work

“DroneDeploy’s software can enable anyone from the smallest business to the largest corporation in the world to get commercial value out of drones. We’ve seen the model succeed where you have a free product for individuals and small business owners, but can say to large, commercial companies who use this here is an enterprise version, if you pay us more you will get more,” the investor said.

3 Uncommon Ways to Find High Value SEO Clients | SEJ

Jon Rognerud is a recognized authority on SEO, who, since 1996 has been developing and launching digital marketing projects from small to large companies, including products at online giant Yahoo!. He is the founder of, a leading search marketing company focusing on the technology, finance, health and real-estate markets. He plans, builds and delivers profit-making SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns, including training, consulting and breakthrough speaking seminars. He also blogs on his personal website at

North Korea debuts its own Netflix-like video-on-demand service

The Manbang reportedly uses IPTV protocol, connects to the state-controlled intranet and has access to five TV channels. The device enables users to watch documentaries about the leadership and learn Russian and English. Users can search for titles by typing in search terms or browsing among categories, similar to how Netflix is presented in the US.

France, Germany Push for Access to Private Internet Messages in Terror Probes

PARIS—France and Germany Tuesday urged the European Union’s executive body to propose new rules that would compel operators of internet messaging services to help authorities decrypt private communications as part of terror investigations.

France and Germany want Europe to crack down on encryption

France and Germany this week called on the European Union to adopt a law that would require app companies to make encrypted messages available to law enforcement, as part of Europe's ongoing efforts to thwart terrorist attacks.

iPhone 6 phones infected with 'Touch Disease' that makes screens useless

T he problem lies in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus' logic board, the part of the phone that facilitates communication between the different elements of the device. The Touch IC chip, which controls how the screen responds to touch, connects to the board through a lot of little solder balls. As the phone is bent and twisted slightly over time these balls crack and lose contact with the board, resulting in a dead area appearing on the screen.

Makerspace Organizers Meeting -- Nation of Makers

Continuing to build the President’s Nation of Makers initiative, this event will gather those who run, support, and/or are involved with makerspaces around the country to increase awareness, engagement, and support for the movement while simultaneously connecting makerspace organizers to Federal resources (grants and programs) they otherwise might not know exist.

5 Key Considerations When Choosing Technology for Use with Office 365 Cloud Voice - TechRepublic

ZK Research 2016 Unified Communications Survey shows that 40% of Skype for Business customers are now using the platform for voice. Many of these customers are now considering complementing the deployment with or shifting to Microsoft’s cloud suite, Office 365. Read More..

I’m still not sure what Scalebound is—but I definitely want it

At Gamescom 2016, Kamiya briefly detailed another gameplay system, albeit a rather important one. Dragon Link is a system that allows Drew to command Thuban, swapping the third-person viewpoint for a first-person one. This gives you a wide, cinematic view of the action as you control Thuban directly, through Drew's eyes, mashing buttons to smash, and bash, and set fire to monsters with wild abandon. You can open up weak spots on enemies, or unleash a combo move, including one that sees Thuban hurl an enemy into the air in classic Platinum Games style, giving Drew the opportunity to leap in with a slicing sword attack.

Judge clears Fitbit over Jawbone trade secrets

Judge clears Fitbit over Jawbone trade secrets Fitness tracker maker claims Fitbit stole trade secrets. Check out this story on

Why Japan has more music stores than the rest of the world

The industry, however, doesn’t mind the rentals and the associated piracy risk, because renting trains consumers to want physical copies. It also offers more opportunity for retail sales; whole floors of rental stores are often dedicated to selling new CDs. Even in small towns, there’s still a convenient place to browse physical media and be exposed to the music industry’s advertising. And according to Mark Mulligan, a global music analyst, people who rent could be a ready-made customer base for streaming services in future.

Airlander 10: World’s largest aircraft crash lands second flight

The Martha Gwyn is an odd beast. At its most basic, it's a 92-metre (302ft) blimp filled with 38,000 cubic metres of helium. There are four propellers—two at the back, one on the front left, one on the front right—that provide vectored thrust from four V8 turbo-diesel engines. But in addition to those rather mundane elements, the envelope (the bit that holds all the helium) has an aerofoil silhouette that reportedly increases lift efficiency by 40 percent. Tucked in just below the front of the envelope is a tiny cockpit capsule with space for a pilot and a handful of personnel. The Airlander 10 will theoretically be able to carry payloads of up to 10 tonnes (thus the name), though that has never been tested. HAV has future plans to build an Airlander 50 with five times the capacity. It will be presumably be about the same size as Wales.

Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App Store.

Come Get Your New Hopes For More Young Justice Crushed Once More

The reason she’s so independent this season is for all the wrong reasons this time around, unfortunately. She’s trying really hard and I know her intentions are to do right by her team by distancing herself from them but she’s actually hurting them and I don’t think she’s making the right decisions. Her independence is coming from a certain sadness and she’s running from something instead of being truly independent in this case. I’d like to see her resolve that.

Win the Airplane Elbow Rest Fight With This Clever Portable Wall

Building a wall between the US and Mexico is a bad idea, but building a wall between you and your seat mate while flying is complete and utter brilliance. As soon as you find your assigned seat the war over the armrest begins, but this tiny portable pop-up wall ensures both sides get equal use of it. It also prevents your seat mate from invading your territory.

Expand Your FreshWorks Collection With a Pair of All-Time Low Prices

It’s hard to overstate just how popular Rubbermaid’s FreshWorks containers have been with our readers over the past month, and while the top-selling 2-piece set isn’t on sale today, you can expand your collection with some a la carte deals.

YouTube's TV app gets a facelift

Google's massive video site adds carousels, more recommendations and added categories to browse clips without awkward remote searches.

The 50 Best Video Games of All Time Ranked

Blizzard’s bracing 2004 fantasy simulation introduced millions of players to the concept (and joys and frustrations) of massively multiplayer online worlds. Like so many influential products, it didn’t invent so much as refine and perfect—from the way gamers meet-up and socialize online to how to populate large digital worlds with satisfying stuff to do. It was one of the first games to render a landmass that felt “real” and un-gated, allowing players to run from one end of the continents in its fictional Azeroth to the other without seeing a loading screen. It also de-stigmatized and normalized online gaming by, over time, revealing that its millions of players (some 12 million at its peak in 2010) were no different from non-players. The massive revenue it generated for years also spurred legions of game designers to try to create similar online playgrounds.

Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 1 Review - IGN

Despite the pacing problems though, when Ash vs Evil Dead was on point - it was on point! And the entire season started and ended on very strong notes. With the writers of the final two episodes, Rob Wright and Craig Digregorio (also EP/showrunner), being the best at matching Sam Raimi's "balanced jackass" version of Ash. So bookend-wise, this first season gave us some damn fine hilarious carnage. The opening one-two punch of "El Jefe" and "Bait" kicked the series off right while "Bound in Flesh" and "The Dark One" closed things out with some truly stupendous works of mayhem and mirth. Leaving room for more colossal works of gruesomeness next year.

Unlikely photos of "iPhone 6 SE" packaging appear, contain some questionable details

A series of photos have popped up purporting to show packaging for a new "iPhone 6 SE," but may be photo manipulations, combining the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE boxes. The low resolution pictures originally emailed to Techtastic were clumsily redacted . Follow-up photos revealed by frequent leaker "KK" appear to be of the very same box, in the same environment, just no longer redacted. In the new "iPhone 6 SE" pictures, the "SE" label is slightly lowered under the "iPhone 6" text. On the iPhone SE packaging, the bottom of the "SE" label is even with the bottom of the adjacent text. Additionally, in the new images, the "SE" label extends higher than it does when compared to a genuine iPhone SE box. On the back packaging, the claimed 64-gigabyte device storage label suffers from more compression artifacts than other oval features on the box. Other typography on the box isn't well justified, with overly-wide spacing between words in multiple lines. It also appears that there is no space between iPhone and 6 in both the first mention of "iPhone 6 SE" and the second mention in the sticker on the bottom of the back of the box.

A team of hackers has changed the future of computing forever

“This first step is about lighting a spark, igniting an automation revolution, and watching the technology that will follow Mayhem in the years to come," said Mike Walker, DARPA program manager, at the ceremony to announce the winners. "Automation may someday overcome the structural advantages of network offense and give the defense a chance at a fair fight. It can’t happen fast enough.”

Sony Reveals DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Support is Headed to the Mac

Sony has officially announced a brand new “DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adapter” that will allow an owner to plug the USB adapter into their computer, like a Mac, and get full support for the DualShock 4 controller. The adapter means that all of the functions of the controller will be available to players, including the shoulder buttons, the touchpad, motion sensors, and even the light bar. Obviously all of the face buttons, joysticks, and D-pad will function, too. Vibration works as well.

Jeff Williams will quietly become NASA’s most experienced flier

During an interview  with NASA’s Rob Navias in June, Williams was asked to reflect on his duration record. “I think we would all agree that it’s an honor to spend any day in space, certainly to have accumulated that time is an honor for me,” Williams said. Then the astronaut made clear that he didn’t view his record as a personal achievement but rather as a testament to the station itself. “To be a part of it at the beginning, the middle, and now when it’s in the full utilization mode, and really stepping up in terms of the greater scientific community, that’s really the bigger story to me personally. This is the most significant technological achievement, in my opinion, in history.”

Uber has handed a hot finance Wall Street startup a huge boost

Given Uber has more than 300,000 drivers , the partnership could represent a huge boost for Betterment. Betterment will offer these flexible retirement accounts at no cost and with no fees for the first year exclusively to people who drive with the Uber platform.

HTC Vive slightly beats Oculus Rift when it comes to developer loyalty

Developer loyalty can make or break a new platform — like virtual reality. And this year, developers are favoring the HTC Vive VR headset, just barely, over the Oculus Rift, according to a new poll for the upcoming VRDC conference .

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

It wasn’t just an honorific title: Jobs had increasingly moved away from the day-to-day running of Apple in his last few years, which is why Tim Cook’s operations and supply chain wizardry proved so useful. Jobs instead focused on “blue sky” thinking about new, cutting-edge research projects, as well as creative concepts like marketing. Aside from reduced hours to fit around his health needs, that wouldn’t have changed with the shift from CEO to Chairman.

YouTube's app for the big screen is being updated today

Google previously had similar categories hidden in the left-side menu bar, but the company thinks that moving them front and center will help users find content faster and keep them watching longer. The categories themselves have also been refined a bit, with some new additions and subtractions getting to the 14 total you'll find now. It's something YouTube has been working on ever since it started designing its own consistent interface across the big screen in 2013. Previously, YouTube had an open API that device makers could tap into and make their apps, but that led to inconsistent experiences and new features being left behind.

Hackaday SuperConference: Call for Proposals

The 2016 Hackaday SuperConference is coming. Now is the time to submit your proposal for a talk or a workshop at the world’s greatest conference about hardware creation. The SuperCon is an unparalleled opportunity to present on a deeply technical level where you can be certain everyone in the audience is following. All of those details, the war stories of production, the out-of-stock problems and board respins, the moments when you’ve bent physics to your will, these stories will be met with awe and cheers as the audience of your peers takes the ride along with you.

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