Darpa Turns Aging Surveillance Drones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots | Danger Room | WIRED

A fleet of surveillance drones once deployed in the skies over Iraq is being repurposed to provide aerial Wi-Fi in far-flung corners of the world, according to Darpa.

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Heartbleed Bug Puts Millions Of Android Devices At Risk

You might have changed all your passwords in the days since you learned of the Heartbleed bug, but if you're one of millions of people using certain Android devices, you might still be vulnerable.

Time Warner Cable bets big on easy and secure Wi-Fi, rolling out Hotspot 2.0 networkwide

TWC has launched the first large-scale implementation of Hotspot 2.0, which will make public Wi-Fi networks behave like cellular networks. You log into the network once and you’ll be instantly connected wherever you go.

How Arduino And Raspberry Pi Can Enhance Your Connected Home

The Arduino isn’t a fully functional computer, so you’re going to need to connect it to a computer first to program it, and it'll need to run off a battery or outlet after that. But at half the size of the Raspberry Pi, it’s a small and unobtrusive sensor for your home. 

What's the Best Text Editor?

Whether you need to edit code, take or make quick notes, or you prefer a bare-bones, distraction-free writing tool, a good text editor can be your best friend. This week we want to know which text editors you think are the best of the bunch—and there are plenty to go around.

Hackpad is teaming up with Dropbox!

Lost connection with Hackpad. This may be due to a loss of network connectivity. If you close this window you may lose up to 30 seconds of unsaved work.

Iron Man superhero mashups look supercool - CNET

The Iron Mash digital-art series gives Iron Man gear to superheroes like Batman, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Imagine the possibilities.

Check out this astronaut's-eye view of the Grand Canyon - CNET

There are at least a couple of ways to think about this image. You might pondre how taking the photo from so far above the Earth reduces the Grand Canyon to a rivulet in the dirt, reminding us how small our little place in the universe is. On the other hand, it's such a massive natural wonder that it can be seen from space and photographed so clearly in all its glory. Perhaps the image encompasses a bit of both perspectives.

It’s Time to Encrypt the Entire Internet | Enterprise | WIRED

The Heartbleed bug crushed our faith in the secure web, but a world without the encryption software that Heartbleed exploited would be even worse. In fact, it’s time for the web to take a good hard look at a new idea: encryption everywhere.

New Volvos will get AT&T connectivity starting this summer

Whether these new Volvos will be among the emerging number of 4G cars in the U.S. remains to be seen. In its announcement, AT&T only said it would provide “high-speed wireless connectivity,” which likely means that Volvo is going with a cheaper EDGE/HSPA+ module, in some models at least. Basic telematics features such as remote unlock or monitoring don’t require a lot of bandwidth, but the more advanced features of Volvo’s evolving Sensus infotainment system will require a bit more juice.

Google Fiber picks KC to test business service - Kansas City Business Journal

The program is available to any small business in Kansas City, the email states, and isn't restricted to Google Fiber customers. Interested parties must fill out a questionnaire by April 25. The survey contains such questions as a company's industry, its staff size, network needs, customer interaction, IT services and its current Internet provider.

Nokia Halts Lumia 2520 Tablet Sales In Europe Amid Faulty Charger Product Recall | TechCrunch

A fresh setback for Nokia in the early days of its tablet strategy: it’s announced today that it has had to “temporarily delay” sales of its Lumia 2520 tablet in Europe amid a recall of the charger that is sold with the device, which it has found to be faulty. In the U.S., Nokia says sales of the travel charger accessory have been halted. Some 30,000 chargers are affected by the warning, including 600 travel accessories in the U.S.

Windows Phone 8.1: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly [Review]

Microsoft is confident that its Windows Phone devices can make gains on both iOS and Android. To do that, it's finally brought WP 8 largely up to par with its rival OSes while maintaining its own unique aspects. Now, just like everything else that the company has done to align itself with the mobile world Microsoft joined so late, Windows Phone just needs to catch on with the buying audience.

Is This Amazon's 3D Smartphone?

Amazon has reportedly been working on its own collection of branded smartphones for years, and now, we're finally getting closer to seeing its first design.

Halo, Destiny music composer Martin O'Donnell fired by Bungie

After composing some of the most memorable songs in gaming for Bungie games including most of the Halo series, Myth and Oni , Martin O'Donnell tweeted tonight that he has been terminated "without cause" by Bungie's board of directors. It's not entirely common for a game soundtrack to get the album release treatment, but that's just what happened for the Halo games and many gamers have been looking forward to O'Donnell's work on the upcoming game Destiny . There's still no word on why the separation happened, although if he's still interested in working on Halo , one would think it's time for 343 Industries to make a phone call . A statement on Bungie.net confirms the move, although it claims "Today, as friends, we say goodbye." The timing and feeling reported by the two sides appear to be at odds, and while we wait for more details we'll remember better days with Marty's recent work on the Destiny trailer as well as theme songs for Halo 1, 2 and 3.

Texting Driver Who Slammed Cyclist: I, Like, 'Just Don't Care'

The 21-year-old Australian woman was livid when she slammed into a bicyclist while texting late last year, putting dents in her car. The victim suffered a spinal fracture and would spend the next three months in a hospital, but Davis wasn't having any of it , The Standard reports.

Google considering tiny cameras for contact lenses, patent application shows

The application, spotted by the Patent Bolt site, also explains how the special lens – made up of a control circuit, a camera, and an image sensor – could assist a blind person approaching an intersection. Processing visual information from the immediate surroundings, the contact lens could communicate with the user via audible signals delivered through a smartphone, indicating if and when it’s safe to cross the street.

What High Design Can Do For Neglected Black Consumers

I'm sorry, I feel that while it's great that this young man has developed a high-quality product, I think that he's creating two different negatives by going the route that this article describes. I understand that African Americans still, to this day experience prejudice and racism, and I don't think that is right. However, I think that marketing this as an "African American Shaving kit", first of all, this only furthers the "Us and Them" attitude, which can only be a negative. But also, by doing this, you have immediately cut your market significantly. As I read the article, it would make a lot more sense to me, to market this as a kit for people with sensitive skin. Sure, put a picture of an African American man using it on the package, proudly show Tristan Walker, and laud his accomplishments on the company website; but don't purposely limit your potential clients. people of all races have sensitive skin, and experience the irritation that this article describes.

LinkedIn's New App Is Here: SlideShare for Android

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Early Stage Startups: The Biggest Killers

Fascinated by what drives start ups to succeed, I look at the entire process from inception to fundraising and everything in between. I was previously an editor at Global Security Finance, a London-based newsletter covering security and defense for the finance community which meant uncovering start ups with exciting technologies as well as interviewing VCs, government officials and defense giants on their financing, funding and M&A strategy. As a Columbia Journalism School student I delved into an eclectic mix of city politics, struggling Harlem businesses and the interactive theatre scene. Although I’m British, a childhood spent in Malaysia has meant a lifelong addiction to Asian food. I continue to hunt down the perfect bowl of noodles in NYC, Sriracha sauce bottle in hand.

Candy Crush is A-Coming to China

There’s no definitive launch date for the Chinese version of Candy Crush — both companies only say it will arrive “soon” — but when it does land, it will be a major coup for Tencent which has secured a country exclusive. Chinese gamers on iOS or Android devices will need to visit Tencent’s Mobile QQ or its Weixin Game Center to get hold of the title.

10 Amazing Discoveries That Remain Unexplained By Science

Science is our route to understanding the world around us—but sometimes, even the sharpest minds need a while to explain the weirdest discoveries. Here are ten amazing findings that remain unexplained by science.

Apple CarPlay coming to Pioneer's in-dash systems this summer

Apple CarPlay in an aftermarket dash system ? You bet! And you may not even need to spend a dime. Pioneer's NEX line of five in-dash head units, priced from $700 to a whopping $1,400, will score CarPlay compatibility through a firmware update in early summer. NEX owners with an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s will be able to use Apple Maps for navigation, listen to music and other iTunes content, and tap Siri to make phone calls and send text messages. Pioneer's devices already in stores will be able to take advantage, so there's no need to wait for CarPlay integration to go live before picking one up.

Apple confirms CarPlay support for aftermarket systems - CNET

Apple's Web site now lists support for Alpine and Pioneer car audio and video systems as coming soon.

How to Lie With Data Visualization

Data visualization is one of the most important tools we have to analyze data. But it's just as easy to mislead as it is to educate using charts and graphs. In this article we'll take a look at 3 of the most common ways in which visualizations can be misleading.

The design decisions behind the tech industry's beloved anonymous Secret app

The Secret app might be fueled by gossip, scandal, and salacious secrets, but it’s soared to popularity (at least in the Valley) because it’s used a no-UI concept and utter simplicity to just get out of the user’s way.

Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit Review

Its Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches have a lot of potential, but the tricky bit is making sure all the features are relevant enough for general consumers to want to pick them up. Perhaps it could be positioned more as a device highlighting important notifications for those who have to keep their phones away (at meetings or while driving), and less of a fitness-tracker, since the Gear Fit already caters to fitness bunnies. I’m also hoping to see future iterations of the Gear smartwatches feature apps that have been modified for better usage and not just being adapted to a smaller screen.

With Gnip, Twitter Is Ready To Sell Your Tweets

Together we plan to offer more sophisticated data sets and better data enrichments, so that even more developers and businesses big and small around the world can drive innovation using the unique content that is shared on Twitter ... And with the help of Gnip’s Boulder-based team, we will be extending our data platform — through Gnip and our existing public APIs — even further.

LIVE: Yahoo Soars On Earnings

The rest of Yahoo continues to move sideways, however. This was, notably, yet another call on which Mayer trumpeted her editorial and mobile app moves while moving swiftly past the elephants in the room: The fact that topline GAAP revenues actually declined 1%, and the fact that the company still can't announce any revenue from Tumblr, the social media platform it bought for $1 billion a year ago. In the earnings release there is — again — no mention of revenue from Tumblr . At some point it would be nice to see a financial logic for that deal to appear in Yahoo's numbers.

Forensic linguistics study names Nick Szabo as author of original bitcoin paper

“Our study adds to the weight of evidence pointing towards Nick Szabo. The case looks pretty clear-cut. Szabo is an expert in law, finance, cryptography and computer science. He created ‘bit gold,’ a precursor to Bitcoin, and was looking for collaborators in 2008. Did Nick Szabo create Bitcoin? We’re not sure, but we think he probably wrote the paper so it’s certainly worth a closer look,” said Grieve in the release.

Privacy fears over FBI database

However, under the new system if a candidate is asked by an employer to submit a photo along with their fingerprints this will now be stored by the FBI, too. The difference is that all photos will be stored on the same database regardless of whether someone has been arrested for a crime.

Canadians arrest a Heartbleed hacker

Shortly after the Internet bug was revealed to the world last week, the Canada Revenue Agency suffered a data breach that leaked the Social Insurance Numbers of about 900 taxpayers. The agency was forced to shut down its website temporarily to prevent further theft of sensitive personal information.

How Apple’s CarPlay could save the car stereo industry

CarPlay — which is currently only available in new models from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo (though it is expected to expand to other manufacturers soon) — will allow drivers to control music and certain phone functions with either Siri or built-in infotainment controls. Phone calls, text messages, and voice mails can all be handled through Siri, which will operate through verbal prompting. Apple maps is also part of CarPlay, so Siri will offer turn-by-turn directions in conjunction with a map displayed on the car’s center-stack screen. The system is expected to be able to anticipate potential destinations and routes, based on prior trips, contacts, and email information. Of course, an iPhone’s music catalog can be navigated using the system, as can iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

Atlassian's Geeky Software Carves Out A Big Home With Developers

Ultimately, Atlassian succeeds not because it's the best tool among a bad bunch, but because it respects developers' time and concerns. Tools like JIRA are intentionally not flashy. They're utilitarian, not because Atlassian lacks creativity, but because the company cares more about what developers want than what marketing or sales or other groups within a company may want. This shows not only in the software itself, but also in how it's sold: Atlassian is salesperson-free, over-the-web, and costs a reasonable amount of money.

3D-milled ice cubes get brief, beautiful life - CNET

But you don't need to wait that long to see the mini ice marvels get created. Watch a chunk of formless ice get turned into a striking mini version of the Kinkaku-ji Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto in this video that's just a minute long. Then check out the gallery to see what other designs the agency created, and let me know what kind of ice sculpture you'd float in your drink. I think I'd go with an ice palm tree.

Apple said to partner with Shazam on song-ID tool for iOS - CNET

The Cupertino, Calif., electronics maker plans to release a feature in iOS 8 that identifies a song and its artist via an iPhone or iPad, Bloomberg reports.

Healthcare Marketing Report Card

With over 70% of Internet users using online resources to discover health information, now is the time to invest in creating a website that delivers on the patient needs end-to-end.

AT&T Threatens Boycott if TV Airwaves Auction Rules Aren’t Changed

It’s not a bad argument to make with the FCC, which needs AT&T and Verizon Wireless to bid if it wants to raise the billions of dollars Congress told it to make from the auction. But it’s also hard to imagine AT&T sitting out an auction this important, which would allow its competitors to scoop up airwaves that would help make their LTE networks a stronger competitive threat.

iOS 8 to include song identification feature powered by Shazam

The company is planning to unveil a song-discovery feature in an update of its iOS mobile software that will let users identify a song and its artist using an iPhone or iPad, said two people with knowledge of the product, who asked not to be identified because the feature isn’t public. Apple is partnering with Shazam Entertainment Ltd., whose technology can quickly spot what’s playing by collecting sound from a phone’s microphone and matching it against a song database.

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone fingerprint sensor hacked

But the researchers pointed to what they said are "additional concerns" about Samsung's security system compared with the iPhone's, because a would-be hacker can make an unlimited number of attempts at spoofing the fingerprint, and because it can be linked to payment systems such as PayPal - which could then be used to wire money to the attacker's account.

Mark Zuckerberg on the shift to mobile and the Great Unbundling of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg says his approach to mobile consists of breaking the monolithic Facebook app down into smaller, more discrete experiences — ones that may look and feel nothing like the big blue app or main website, and may even allow for different identities

LIVE: Google Misses And The Stock Is Falling

Analysts kept asking about costs and expenses, and Pichetti said Google was very comfortable with its cost structure. Its total costs and expenses totaled $11.3 billion, up from $9.2 billion the year earlier. The reason Google's costs are all over the place is that the buying and divestiture of Motorola Mobility, acquisitions, and "moonshot" projects such as Wi-Fi balloons and driverless cars. 

Google's stock Android KitKat camera app arrives on Google Play with new Lens Blur mode - The Next Web

You’ll need Android 4.4 KitKat or later to install the app, but the good news is that you can now get camera updates directly from Google Play now instead of having to wait for your phone maker and carrier to send over an update.

Heartbleed: Security Experts Reality-Check the 3 Most Hysterical Fears

PC World — Heartbleed has dominated tech headlines for a week now. News outlets, citizen bloggers, and even late-night TV hosts have jumped on the story, each amping up the alarm a little more than the last one. But while it's true Heartbleed is a critical flaw with widespread implications, several security experts we've spoken with believe the sky-is-falling tone of the reporting is a bit melodramatic.

Crossed up! Anki Drive unveils new cars and first new tracks - CNET

The first of the new tracks, both of which will be available May 6 and cost $100, are the same size as the original, is known as Crossroads. For the first time, this offers Anki players a track with an intersection, meaning that players will have to learn how to navigate their cars through the crossing while avoiding others cars, yet without losing position against opponents. But, said Anki president and co-founder Hanns Tappeiner, cars will collide, and success will come from learning how to navigate the new challenge.

Google’s New Street View Image Recognition Algorithm Can Beat Most CAPTCHAs | TechCrunch

Here is an interesting conundrum for Google: it has created an algorithm that’s significantly better at reading street numbers in Street View images, which helps it give you more accurate directions. At the same time, though, it turns out that this algorithm is so good, it can decipher 99 percent of CAPTCHAs (those squiggly text puzzles you often have to solve to prove you are human).

The Super Mario Bros. theme played on 48 wine glasses

The Super Mario Bros. theme song is one of the most recognized songs ever created. Whether you played the original game when it launched in 1985, or just heard it in one of its various incarnations over the years, it’s a criminally catchy tune.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Preview - CNET

One of the oddest tech convenience features is the available Smart trunk. Like the system offered on the Ford Escape , this trunk lid will automatically open without the driver having to reach for their keys. However, where previous systems required a foot to be wiggled beneath the rear bumper to pop the boot, Hyundai owners will simply need to need to approach the rear with the key fob in a purse or pocket and wait three seconds. On one hand, this sounds incredibly convenient. On the other, I can see the potential for annoyance due to accidental activation. We'll have to wait to test the 2015 model to decide.

Dropbox aquires iOS photo app Loom, will fold into Carousel next month - CNET

Carousel, Dropbox's answer to its growing photo storage problem, works very much the same way Loom did. By storing photos in the cloud and charging users a subscription fee for storage, both apps allow people to snap photos and not worry about how much room those photos were taking up on the smartphone. But Loom didn't decide to join Dropbox simple because of its larger consumer base.

Lavabit held in contempt of court for printing crypto key in tiny font [Updated]

Levison reluctantly turned over his encryption keys to the government, although not in a manner that the government deemed useful—he provided a lengthy printout in tiny type, a move the authorities said was objectionable. “The company had treated the court orders like contract negotiations rather than a legal requirement,” US Attorney Andrew Peterson, who represented the government, told  PC World .

51 Automattic raising more than $100 million - Fortune Tech
52 MLB.TV is now streaming on Google's Chromecast
53 Apple joins other smartphone manufacturers in adopting anti-theft measures
54 Galaxy S5 costs $256 to produce, making it the priciest Samsung phone ever
55 The Coolest Spaceships Ever Built, Compared by Size | Science | WIRED
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74 Line Will Let You Sell Your Own Stickers to its Users
75 Instagram Reassigned Inactive “Kathleen” Username To An Employee But Will Give It Back | TechCrunch
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80 NYTimes Exec Editor Jill Abramson on Tattoos, Anita Hill & Nate Silver
81 Optimizely launches platform for testing and tweaking your native iOS apps - The Next Web
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83 Lending Club Raises $115 Million, Acquires Springstone Financial for $140 Million
84 Aereo Launches ProtectMyAntenna.org To Explain Its Position Vs. Broadcasters | TechCrunch
85 Vice President Biden joins Instagram - CNET
86 Mayer aims to persuade Apple to choose Yahoo over Google: Re/code
87 Why 'Bandwidth As a Commodity' Could Be a Huge New Market
88 Walmart launches Western Union-style cash transfer service
89 Fired Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro’s Severance Totaled $58M | TechCrunch
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93 Amazon workers in Germany strike
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