Light pink/white PS Vita announced for Japan

Sony announced a new pink PlayStation Vita system during its SCEJA Press Conference today. The back of the system is light pink and the front-facing part is white. Sony will launch the pretty new Vita on November 13 in Japan. It will cost players 18,980 yen (roughly $182.20). [Image: Sony]

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PAX 2014: Halo: Master Chief Collection’s Lockout is Better Than You Remember It - IGN

But the year 2004 collides head-on with 2014 when I play Halo 2 multiplayer, and although this is relatively a good thing for a lot of reasons, it still comes with a few caveats. But first, the good news: Visually, Lockout (and Halo 2 for that matter) have neither looked nor sounded better. The audio/visual update to this decade-old game goes a long way. Detailed graphics and lighting cover up the blurry textures of old, and it looks and feels a lot like the version of Lockout as you remember it in your head -- A pristine vision of elegant multiplayer design that hasn't been matched. In line with an idea introduced in Halo Reach, one of the few Halo games cast out from this hefty collection, the different areas of the map are conveniently labeled on-screen to help teammates better communicate their location.

Mozilla presses forward with new revenue plan, debuts ads in Firefox preview

The concept is straight-forward: When new users start Firefox, they will see pre-populated tiles, some of them "sponsored" -- in effect advertisements -- on the new tab page. For long-time Firefox users, that page, which has room for nine thumbnails, shows the most-frequently-visited websites. Someone new to Firefox, of course, would see nothing. To jump-start the experience, Mozilla will fill the spots with a mix of sponsored and unsponsored tiles. The latter will lead to popular Internet destinations such as Facebook and YouTube.

New Ad Council PSA Asks: Are You Ready for Disaster?

What comes to mind when you think of emergency preparedness? The over-the-top hoarding of doomsday preppers? Finding enough storage room for a year’s worth of water? Mastering a defense tactic to ward off the zombie apocalypse? While popular culture has made the notion of organizing oneself for disaster the stuff of blockbusters, the reality of ensuring your family is safe in the event of a catastrophe is much, much simpler. It starts with making sure everyone stays together.

China Gives Microsoft 20 Days to Explain Problems

BEIJING—Chinese officials gave Microsoft Corp. 20 days to explain what they called compatibility and bundling issues with its software, putting pressure on the software maker as it faces an antitrust probe into its business practices here.

This 'summer camp for startups' in Michigan graduates its second class (exclusive)

But the Coolhouse Labs team had an epiphany following its first class of graduates as to how to differentiate the program from others: Build a talented product design team to help, guide, and mentor its young startups in a very hands-on approach. If its startups don’t come from an area rich in technical talent, Coolhouse Labs can help them with design and prototyping, which are just as important in today’s market as the original idea.

How to Protect Your Photos (Nude or Otherwise) From Hackers on iCloud

The photos in My Photo Stream are stored on Apple's iCloud servers. Apple stores photos you've taken in the last 30 days. This can be a useful way to sync photos between devices; if you take a photo on your iPhone, it'll also show up on your iPad and Mac or PC. It's also a good automatic backup should you lose your phone after that magical vacation.

FreeCharge, Which Gives Users Coupons For Charging Their Mobile Plans, Raises $33M Series B | TechCrunch

FreeCharge , an India-based online platform that lets user earn coupons when they add money to their prepaid mobile phone plans or pay utility bills online, has raised a $33 million Series B from returning investor Sequoia Capital, as well as Sofina, and RuNet.

German court orders Uber to suspend services across the country

It’s not the first ban Uber’s faced in Germany, but it is the first country-wide ban and the stakes are much higher this time — up to €250,000 per infraction, plus possible jail time.

This Labor Day, Reflect On Diversity And The Future | TechCrunch

2014 is the year that work became a central point of discussion in Silicon Valley. For the engineers and knowledge workers in the region, issues of diversity and inclusion finally got their turn in the limelight, forcing us to question our deeply-held views about the meritocracy of Silicon Valley.

Microsoft Continues Its Campaign Against A US Warrant Demanding Overseas Data | TechCrunch

Profits are at risk. Modern technology companies vend cloud-based services to a global user base — if any one country can use domestic warrants to command access to the data of all companies that are headquartered within its borders, regardless of where the information in question is physically stored, no company can protect the data of users who hail from other countries from its own government. That would harm the company’s ability to sell services to those potential international customers.

China gives Microsoft 20 days to provide explanation in anti-trust probe

"(A) special investigation team conducted an anti-monopoly investigation inquiry with Microsoft Vice President Chen Shi (David Chen), and required that Microsoft make a written explanation within 20 days," the SAIC said in a statement on its website.

Press Fit Standing Desk Review: An Affordable Option With U.S. Manufacturing And Materials | TechCrunch

Yamnitsky sent over one of the first production prototypes off of the line so that I could check it out in action, and it’s impressive out of the box. Assembly, even on my own, took about 5 minutes, and most of that time was spent removing bubble wrap from the individual pieces. There’s no hardware, nails or screws to deal with, and yet the desk feels solid and doesn’t exhibit any noticeable shake when you’re typing away on your laptop while standing. Plus it breaks apart in less than a minute for easy transportation to another room or a new location.

4chan: the website that leaked Jennifer Lawrence nude photos, explained in 60 seconds - Telegraph

In the wake of the Jennifer Lawrence picture leak, which her spokesperson has described as a “flagrant violation of privacy”, we take a look at 4chan - the forum on which the photos surfaced

The iWatch Is Not Apple's Next Big Thing

HealthKit is a platform or set of APIs to allow Apple and third parties to link sensors, wearables, and other health-related apps to the iPhone and, via an Apple app, aggregate and compile data in a single location for a user to see and digest. Or in essence, each device's sensors monitor certain health-related items but all of the data from each device is stored in each app individually. If these apps are written to the HealthKit API, that data can be pooled and organized inside an Apple Health app on the iPhone for analysis of a person's health data.

RunScribe Is A Wearable For Granular Gait Analysis | TechCrunch

What exactly does runScribe measure? A full 13 kinematic metrics (with its Pro pack) captured via the 9-axis sensor within the device, including stride length, pronation, contact time, swing excursion and stance excursion. It uses these metrics to create a runScore so the user can easily compare one run with another, i.e. without having to drill down into all the individual metrics every time — although that remains entirely possible with the full service. And desirable if you are, for instance, trying out a new pair of kicks to decide whether they are appropriate for your running style.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 confirmed for early 2015 [update]

As part of today's Sony Computer Entertainment event in Japan, Capcom showcased content from its popular Resident Evil survival horror franchise. The first trailer debuted for the definitive version of the critically acclaimed masterpiece Resident Evil. Fans of classic survival horror can get their first look at the visual upgrades they can expect by downloading the trailer as well as brand new artwork and screens from the Capcom press site now. The game is set for release on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC in early 2015. Also at the event, Capcom unveiled Resident Evil Revelations 2. The title is planned for release in early 2015 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. More information and official details for Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be available in the near future so please stay tuned. The live-action teaser trailer for the game is available to check out at the official Resident Evil YouTube page.

How To Present A Successful Hackathon Demo | TechCrunch

It’s sad to stay up for three days building something awesome only to bomb the demo presentation. It’s no surprise it happens: you’re exhausted and racing to finish your project, with little time to plan your words, and only a few minutes to say them. So here’s some advice on how to give a great hackathon presentation.

Umstrittener Fahrdienst: Gericht stoppt Uber in ganz Deutschland - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Frankfurt am Main - Travis Kalanick, der Chef von Uber, k�mpft nach eigenen Angaben gegen ein "Arschloch namens Taxi". Nun hat der um markige Worte selten verlegene Manager in Deutschland einen herben R�ckschlag erlitten. Das Landgericht in Frankfurt am Main hat in einem Eilverfahren eine einstweilige Verf�gung gegen den umstrittenen Fahrdienst erlassen - und Uber damit vorl�ufig in ganz Deutschland gestoppt.

25 Dazzling Electric Zoo Festival Photos on Instagram

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Windows XP’s Market Share Fell By Less Than 1% In August | TechCrunch

According to Net Applications , Windows XP’s global desktop market share fell from 24.82 percent in July, to 23.89 percent in August. That’s just under one percentage point in a full month. At that pace, it will take more than two years for Windows XP’s market share to fully dissipate.

Sony Japan & Asia presser round-up: Fives alive on PS4

While some of you were snoozing, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan & Asia had a little shindig ahead of this month's Tokyo Game Show, and it was news-stuffed. If you want you can re-watch the whole shebang here , all two hours or so of it... on your precious day off. Just in case you'd rather not, we've compiled a list of the highlights below the break. Bloodborne (Gamescom 2014) The overriding theme of the show was games newly confirmed for PS4, arguably topped by the surprise reveal of Persona 5 (above.) Yes, for Sony's latest console. It's not the only new 5 that was announced for the system today, after Nippon Ichi Software finally drew the curtain on Disgaea 5. Japan does love a crossover. You've seen Dynasty Warriors meets Zelda, now take a look at Dynasty Warriors meets Dragon Quest in Dragon Quest Heroes. There's still time for Demon's Souls meets Nintendogs, Japanese games industry. Talking of Demon's Souls, From Software's Bloodborne now has a February 5 release date in Japan. Still no word on a concrete ETA for the West. Meanwhile, Capcom confirmed the much suspected Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is indeed creeping around the corner.

Vandrico Wants To Become The Wearables Platform For The Workplace | TechCrunch

As Tudela told me, the idea here is to create a very flexible platform that allows businesses to deploy wearables to their employees, no matter whether that business is a mining company, utility or a small business. For the most part right now, the platform is mostly about being able to send alerts to users. Because it’s completely platform agnostic, a worker could be wearing a smartwatch, a head-mounted display like Google Glass or any other wearable.

7 Standout Moments From Made in America Music Festival in Philly

Jay Z threw a stack of $2 bills into the air and watched as it rained down on the audience at Steve Aoki's Philly show. The $2 bills have a history in the music industry. Sightings of the uncommon paper money can be attributed to one wealthy lawyer: Mr. Steven Reisman, a human $2 bill dispensary for the stars in the hip-hop and rap world.

Startup Mentors — How Do You Filter Out The Good, The Bad And The Ugly? | TechCrunch

In light of the recent brouhaha over the actions of a particular European investor who had a habit of attaching himself to accelerators as a ‘mentor’, it seems an appropriate time to do a quick rundown on the kinds of things entrepreneurs need to look for in genuine potential mentor to them and their companies. Because, in case you have been hiding under a rock, there a lot of new ’mentors’ flooding towards technology startups, and it would be good if everyone had a clear idea of how this relationship should play out.

This Selfie-Friendly Camera Is Good for Non-Egomaniacal Photography, Too | Gadget Lab | WIRED

Of course, you don’t have to use this camera to take selfies, but the tilting 3-inch touchscreen is a unique twist on an existing design. In “selfie mode,” which is automatically enabled when the LCD screen is tipped all the way down to face forward, you get a pared-down UI that lets you tap the screen to focus and shoot quickly. By flipping downward instead of upward, the hotshoe and control dials don’t obscure the lower portion of the screen, and it’ll let you frame duck-face shots from more-flattering angles.

Typing Writer Turns Your iPad Into A Typewriter (And No, It Wasn’t Created By Tom Hanks) | TechCrunch

Elliott stopped by the TechCrunch New York office a few weeks ago to show off the app — I haven’t used both of them, but judging from what’s been written, the Hanx Writer app emphasizes nostalgia for things like the sound of the typewriter, while Typing Writer may be more of a practical writing tool, with an emphasis on moving forward as you write, rather than constantly going back and tinkering. (To that end, it also comes with first drafts from writers like Jim Shepard, Melissa Febos, Aimee Brill, and Rick Moody.)

Customizable 3D Printed Jewelry

This project was driven by a desire to use 3D printed plastic in combination with other materials. My collaborator Kristina Larsen (Instructables member Kristinaliv ) and I have been using felt for a variety of other projects and the bright colors, matte finish, and unexpected material juxtaposition made it just the thing for this piece. For our first prototype we made a closed tube and needle-felted wool roving into the cage to make the inlay. This was really time consuming and didn't look as good as crisp as we had hoped. Our second version incorporated readily available sheets of polyester craft felt and a removable cap with a twist-off flange, but the flange wasn't robust enough for repeated usage. The version we decided to go with has a simple press-fit cap and uses sheet felt for a clean finish. The cap is robust enough to stand repeated use, so you can switch out the inlay felt for a variety of colors, depending on your mood.

Vita gets a personal touch with themes in new software update

Sony will soon allow players to give their Vita handhelds a personal touch, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Atsushi Morita announced during the company's Pre-Tokyo Game Show briefing. A new software update for the system will add customizable themes to the handheld, allowing for customization of wallpaper, icons and sounds on the system's dashboard. The announcement only featured themes of popular Japanese video game franchises, so it's unclear if players can use any images and sounds for the customization options. A translated tweet from PlayStation Japan appears to point to an October release date for update 3.30, which features themes. [Image: Sony]

Ukrainian Forces Retreat From Luhansk Airport

Meanwhile, Russia's foreign minister said on Monday that diplomats at a new round of talks on easing the crisis in Ukraine must push for an immediate, unconditional cease-fire between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian separatists.

Innovation Uncensored San Francisco 2014

The Incredible, Edible World Behind Hampton Creek’s Food Innovation Kitchen - Plants have the power to change how we eat, and one start up is demonstrating how. Step inside the R&D kitchen at Hampton Creek for a behind-the-scenes conversation and cooking demonstration about the science of taste and how food will continue to evolve. Hosted by: Josh Tetrick, Co-Founder and CEO, Hampton Creek; Chris Jones, Director of Culinary Innovation, Hampton Creek; Ben Roche, Research and Development Chef, Hampton Creek. Hosted by Josh Tetrick, Co-founder and CEO, Hampton Creek; Chris Jones, Director of Culinary Innovation, Hampton Creek; Ben Roche, Research and Development Chef, Hampton Creek

An Interactive Ceiling That Undulates as You Pass Under | Design | WIRED

To set the pipes in motion, visitors just walk underneath them. Underneath the 13-by-13 foot floorboards are capacitive sensors that track footsteps. That information, combined with data gleaned from four Microsoft Kinect sensors at the installation’s corners, determines which pipes should move up, and when. The piece can handle up to ten people at once, but Staal says it’s optimized for two people, when fewer pipes are being retracted. The effect is meant to mimic the generative movement of the ocean, as well as Lundin’s approach to exploration: “It’s very technical, but their geology department is very open minded in how they approach their exploration operations.” Staal says. “The leader of their exploration department is like a philosopher.”

PAX 2014: Bloodborne: Come for the Combat, Stay for the Atmosphere - IGN

But as one of IGN’s biggest Souls fans, the thing that stood out to me most during my time with Bloodborne is just how incredible the atmosphere is on almost every level. For example, take the enemy design. Everything that exists in the small slice that we’ve seen exudes dread. From the shambling townsfolk who wander around what seems like a funeral procession in a haze, to the emaciated hounds which go from pitiful to deadly in an instant, the world is filled with terrifying occupants around every corner. It ads an evocative sense of unease over the entire world.

How We Played Telltale's Tales From the Borderlands - PAX Prime - IGN Conversations - IGN Video

Greg and Marty chat about what makes Telltale's take on Borderlands special.

Yakuza Zero sets the calendar to 1988, coming 2015

Yakuza Zero , the recently-revealed entry in the Japanese crime sim series, will take fans back to the year 1988, developer/published Sega announced at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. Taking place years before the first Yakuza game, the new entry in the series will focus on two protagonists: Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. The game, which is coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, will feature cross-play with the PS Vita. Yakuza Zero is expected to start its crime spree in spring of 2015. [Image: Sega]

'The Incredibles' if It Was Directed By Christopher Nolan

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

European 700MHz band should be freed for mobile broadband by 2020, report says

However, to close the gap with North America and Asia, “it is essential that Member States have flexibility to move sooner, preferably between 2018 and 2020 and potentially earlier,” Anne Bouverot, director general of the GSMA said in a statement. This should be possible to respond to the sustained growth in mobile data traffic and the dramatic change in the way citizens across Europe are watching news and entertainment content, relying more and more on the Internet to access programming, she said.

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, for the week of August 31, 2014

Ever wondered why people often plant geranium flowers outside their window sills? It’s not just because they look pretty. It turns out mosquitoes and other insects don’t like hanging around the geranium flower. One of the oils that can be extracted from the geranium flower is a substance called geraniol — a natural essential oil that, according to a handful of studies, has proven more effective at keeping mosquitoes away than citronella candles, and in some cases, even DEET. Ivisaband is a small microfiber wristband that’s imbued with this oil, so when you wear it, you supposedly become far less appealing to the blood-sucking bastards buzzing around your campfire. We haven’t had a chance to try them out for ourselves just yet, but the company is so confident that its product works that it offers a money-back guarantee. You can snag a pack of five for just $19.

Dragon Quest Heroes coming to PS4 from Dynasty Warriors devs

Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Japan, marking the first time the series has appeared on a Sony platform since 2005's Dragon Quest 8 . Helmed by Dynasty Warriors series developer Omega Force, Dragon Quest Heroes is an action-oriented spinoff in the same vein as the upcoming Hyrule Warriors . Sony will also release a Metal Slime-themed PS4 console in Japan to commemorate Dragon Quest Heroes ' release. [Image: Sony]

Yohann Is An iPad Stand Jony Ive Could Be Proud Of | TechCrunch

I didn’t think I’d ever get excited about an iPad stand. But the Yohann , designed by Swiss architect Berend Frenzel, ticks all of my boxes. First up, it’s a thing of beauty, with an incredibly simple but clever — why didn’t I think of that — design. It’s also highly functional, in terms of viewing angles and positions. And it’s European-made.

Europol launches taskforce to fight world’s top cybercriminals

“There are a number of countries that will still provide online criminals with a relatively safe haven. These may be countries which do not have any cybercrime laws in place, do not have the expertise and capabilities to deal with online criminals, where corruption enables online criminals to operate, or indeed where political motives prevent international cooperation from happening,” said Brian Honan, independent security consultant and founder of Ireland’s first Computer Emergency Response Team.

NASA to reformat Mars rover's memory from 125 million miles away

"The flash reformatting is a low-risk process, as critical sequences and flight software are stored elsewhere in other non-volatile memory on the rover," John Callas, project manager for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Project, says in a statement. By reformatting the memory, NASA says that it'll be able to identify and disable use of the bad flash memory cells, hopefully avoiding frequent resets like these for the foreseeable future. All "useful" data remaining on Opportunity will be downloaded before it's reformatted, and the rover will communicate with NASA at a slower data rate during the formatting process in order to improve reliability of the transmission.

Sonic Boom Badnik Boss Battle - PAX Prime - IGN Video

Sonic takes on the evil doctor Robuttnik in a fight with friends.

PAX 2014: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to Receive Four Add-Ons, Season Pass - IGN

The DLC will release on unspecified dates following Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 's release, each priced at $10 USD –– alternatively, players can purchase the season pass, which includes all four packs, for $30 USD. The add-on packs will showcase new characters and missions, 2K said in a press release.

Twitter’s Timeline Could Get (More) Algorithmic | TechCrunch

Twitter has changed significantly over the past 8 years. With every new product manager and leadership cadre there have been attempts to make it more accessible to new users and more sticky for existing ones. But the biggest changes may yet be ahead as Twitter considers altering the core of its product: the timeline.

An algorithm to figure out your gender

In its 2012 post, the company said it only asserts gender when it is "reliable," but we don't know what percentage of the time that was; and of the reliable data, Twitter was wrong 10 percent of the time, assigning the incorrect gender. That could have meant an error rate of 20 percent or more. But let's assume this research has only improved, and Twitter now has an extremely high confidence and accuracy, which it measures above 90 percent. But things still don't add up.

Google Sends Invites for September 15 India Event; Android One Launch Likely

Google has sent invitations for an event in India on September 15. While the invite itself says "More details closer to the date!", it is expected that the much-awaited Android One smartphones will make their debut at the event. Android One was announced back in June at Google I/O with India's Karbonn, Micromax, and Spice the confirmed launch partners, though more Indian companies have reportedly joined the list since then. Will you buy an Android One smartphone? Android One smartphones with their affordable price tag and near-stock Android software are Google's attempts to regain control of the customer experience in the entry-level segment. While the success of the likes of Moto E (Review | Pictures) has made a little bit of a difference, the experience in the sub-Rs. 10,000 smartphone segment has been sub-par for most Android users. This can largely be attributed to low-end hardware and an OS that often comes pre-installed with all kinds of bloatware due to the marketing deals that many manufacturers sign in a bid to offset some of the costs. Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President, Android, Chrome and Apps at Google told NDTV Gadgets that the Mountain View-based company will not subside Android One hardware.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst terrorizes Japan on PS4, Vita

Bandai Namco Producer Yusuke Tomizawa announced the action-RPG God Eater franchise will live on. During Sony's Pre-TGS media briefing, Tomizawa revealed God Eater 2: Rage Burst is coming to PS4 and Vita in Japan. With the addition of Sony's console, Tomizawa said – via a translator – the franchise can live on and allow the developer to try new things. God Eater 2 first launched on the PSP and Vita, in Japan, in 2013. The Burst branding indicates an expansion of the original sequel, similar to the re-release of the first game in the franchise under the banner God Eater Burst in 2010 (Japan, 2011 worldwide). God Eater Burst added new characters, story and monsters. [Image: Sony]

Out in the Open: Hackers Build a Skype That’s Not Controlled by Microsoft | Enterprise | WIRED

He says the team has no plans to turn it into a company or monetize it in any way. “No one getting paid, but we dedicate as much time as we can,” he says. “If I’m not in class, or I’m not eating, I’m probably working on Tox, and that’s at least the same for probably 10 people.” Besides, the lead developer, known only as irungentoo, is completely anonymous, so it would be hard to issue him a paycheck. “I don’t think any of us know his real name,” Lohle says.

This New 4D Batman Theme Park Ride Looks Like a Giant Nope-Coaster

Growing up outside of St. Louis, there was a Six Flags only a forty-minute drive away. You could look right off the highway and see the sprawling parking lot, the giant Ferris wheel, and the twisted metal of all the roller coasters. The most imposing snake-like construction was Batman: The Ride.

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