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Windows comes to Raspberry Pi-style board in Microsoft/Intel project

At $299, this is a board that we believe will find a home with Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) and hardware enthusiasts alike. That price not only covers the cost of the hardware but also includes a Windows 8.1 image and the utilities necessary to apply it to the Sharks Cove. When you additionally consider that the Windows Driver Kit 8.1 can pair with Visual Studio Express and are both free with a valid MSDN account, the initial outlay for Windows driver developers is a lot less cost prohibitive than it once was.

StumbleUpon Gets A Redesign In Version 4.0 For Android | TechCrunch

StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover new and interesting things from across the Web. More than 25 million people turn to StumbleUpon to be informed, entertained and surprised by content and information recommended just for them. In addition, more than 80,000 brands, publishers and other marketers have used StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery platform to tell their stories and promote their products …

Apple TV overhaul not expected to debut until 2015

A new report from The Information published today discussing the next generation of Apple TV says the new set-top box won’t be ready for prime time until at least 2015. This expectancy timeline  aligns with previous 9to5Mac reporting on the Apple TV development progress.

Download these great apps for free for a limited time (July 29)

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Mad Skills BMX, Timeless, Avoid and more.

Now that it's almost officially legal, here's how to unlock your phone on all four U.S. carriers

I have 2 iPhones that I got through ATT. I am now eligible to update my phone. I have moved to Belize and really need an unlocked phone. I explained all this to ATT but they are taking a hard line regarding unlocking the phone. I did pay a fortune to get 2 4S unlocked. My husband lost his iPhone a week or two later. I am going to the states in October and plan to buy a 5S. Will need to unlock it for use in Belize. Is there a place stateside where I can get help unlocking the phone? I have kept my cell phone number to use when I am in the states so technically I am still an ATT customer.

Twitter's users and usage grow, investors cheer - CNET

Dick Costolo, Twitter's chief executive, told analysts on a conference call that the company's consumer product is starting to look the way he wants it to. In particular, he said, Twitter's work during the World Cup soccer matches -- making it easy for users to view and participate in conversations about team matches in people's mobile devices -- "delivered the kind of events experience that I have wanted to see from us for some time," he said. "That has given me confidence that we can create great user experiences by organizing content around topics and live events."

Microsoft Now Builds Nearly 95% Of All Windows Phones | TechCrunch

The Microsoft- Nokia deal closed, and Microsoft now builds and sells millions of phones each month. But more to the point, Microsoft now builds 94.5 percent of all Windows Phone devices. That’s according to adduplex , an advertising company that services the mobile platform.

Andrew Mason’s Audio Tour App Detour Steers You Away From The Typical Tourist Traps | TechCrunch

The real goal, he says, is to make the real world more interesting, and that might be the reasoning behind the app’s killer feature: Once you start a walk, you should never have to look at your phone. The narrator guides you from place to place, and you’re able to move at your own pace, but there’s no peeking at maps trying to decipher where you’re supposed to go next or tapping buttons to move on to the next part of the tour.

India's Flipkart Raises $1 Billion in Fresh Funding

BANGALORE, India—India's largest e-commerce company, Flipkart Internet Pvt., said on Tuesday that it has raised $1 billion in fresh funding as it girds for competition with and an eBay Inc.-backed rival for dominance in the world's second-most-populous nation.


Dick: Twitter is everywhere. It's all over TV. When he talks about sanctions against Donald Sterling, there are tweets on the bottom of the screen. In this work serving our "syndicated" audience and TV and newspapers and... lots of them decide not to log in. Serving 271 million well. Provide limited to hundreds of millions, we see big opportunity. That's what I would frame.  To MoPub... big bets on programmatic, all map so directly to precisely kind of work we're doing on MoPub. Noto: MoPub 170 billion ad impressions, up from 130 billion. TapCommerce can fit in as a DSP.

As design becomes the fabric of our connected experiences, it becomes invisible

It’s what holds the product together and makes it work, yet it’s invisible. Most designers will tell you simplicity is at the core of the experience. You can see that trend growing even stronger with today’s leading tech experiences, from Apple’s new iOS 7 to Nest’s thermostat UI. As computing becomes even more immersed in our lives, embedded in our homes, and worn on our bodies, these user interfaces will become even more invisible, operating through gestures, voices, and even expressions.

Researchers hard at work to make the workhorse lithium ion battery better

Will the lithium ion battery be the dominant battery form for many more decades to come? Tesla thinks so, which is why it’s investing billions of dollars into a massive lithium ion battery factory. And thanks to these types of scientific innovations, the lithium ion battery will get even better over the coming decades.

Why Lucy Was a Big Disappointment | Underwire | WIRED

For Besson, those questions are beside the point. She was never meant to be a part of that legacy of weaponized women in the first place. “Transmitting knowledge was the big idea,” he told WIRED earlier this month. “[It was] to remind all these people around the world who are very powerful and very rich, ‘What’s the point?’ All this power most of the time is not well used in our world. It’s a way of saying, ‘Look, she’s got the ultimate power of everything and she gives in to it for everyone.’ I was very attached to that.”

Ford Plans To Replace BlackBerries With iPhones Beginning This Year | TechCrunch

If Apple can continue to win over enterprise customers thanks to its new commitment to enterprise apps, mobile device management, fleet distribution and others through IBM, times could get much rougher than they already are for Waterloo-based BlackBerry, and this Ford news is definitely going to have the one-time ruler of enterprise mobility hurting.

​Soon, you too will be able to learn Dothraki - CNET

Creating languages is nothing new for Peterson, although Dothraki is the first he ever invented that was based directly on somebody else's work. He's worked on the SyFy channel's "Defiance" and "Dominion" shows, and on the CW's "Star-Crossed," but Dothraki is now the largest one he's ever worked on. Originally created by George R.R. Martin in the books that "Game of Thrones" is based on, "A Song of Ice and Fire," Peterson told CNET that he kept the structure of the language as Martin invented it in the books.

Hilton to allow iPhones to be used as hotel room keys by 2016

If you have an iPhone, your next visit to a Hilton Hotel and Resort may be a much more convenient one. According to the Wall Street Journal, the full-service hotel chain will reportedly allow guests to use their iPhone to choose rooms, check in and even unlock doors to their hotel room in the near future.

Twitter acquires deep learning startup Madbits

Twitter has acquired Madbits, a deep-learning-based computer vision startup founded by proteges of Facebook AI director Yann LeCun. It’s the latest in a spate of deep learning and computer vision acquisitions that also includes Google, Yahoo, Dropbox and Pinterest.

Following Blockbuster Q2 Results, Twitter’s Stock Opens At Four-Month High | TechCrunch

Twitter is an online social network and a microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets," which are messages limited to 140 characters. Registered users of Twitter are able to read and post tweets via the web, SMS or mobile applications. Created in March 2006, Twitter is a global real-time communications platform with 400 million monthly visitors to and more than …

Google’s European Privacy Rights Debate Forum Calls For Public To Weigh In | TechCrunch

Think of it as an outsourcing of public policymaking instigated by a commercially driven entity. Which, when you do think of it that way underlines exactly what the problem is here. Bottom line: this is about Google lobbying the European Commission, which is in the process of more widely reforming data protection legislation, by creating its own privacy debate forum to grab attention and exert pressure for regulatory reform.

Is this the kitchen of the future?

But this does make me think about what I want in a connected kitchen. Because I’m always trying new recipes and like to experiment, I’m interested in smart tools that educate me and monitor what I’ve done. So I’m into devices like the Range thermometers that can provide me new information plus historical data that might help me replicate a success or avoid another failure. I’d also like a connected spoon or device that helps measure viscosity so I can tell when my Alfredo sauce has reached the right consistency or my egg whites are stiff enough for a meringue.

Enter the sharknado: a final day at Comic-Con 2014

You can't get into Hall H every day. For the final installment of our  animated series , I set off for Comic-Con's biggest venue in search of new adventures. But the line for the day's biggest and best panels was more than a mile long, and I abandoned all hope early on. Fortunately Thunder Levin, the screenwriter of Sharknado and this week's Sharknado 2 , was around to talk to me about upping the ante, crazy filming conditions, and what happened when he introduced himself to Richard Dreyfuss.

Destiny: The Endgame is Only the Beginning – IGN First - IGN

“We want to have activities that occupy the range of challenge for you,” Smith says, changing gears slightly. “So if you're a fresh level 20 you can play the Nightfall daily activity at level 22 and it's going to be hard. It's going to be challenging. But you can get through it, maybe. Maybe if you have some friends. The weekly Nightfall activity is something that pushes all the way out as far as the leveling allows you to go in Destiny. So it ends up occupying at the far end of the spectrum: this extremely high gameplay investment challenge. Like it's both the toughest guys we can throw at you that's going to require the best gear, and it's going to have a bunch of modifiers on it that make it even harder.”

A Power-Harvesting Sensor Chip Will Debut Next Year | MIT Technology Review

Requiring so little power means PsiKick’s chip can function even with the small amounts of power that can be scavenged without using a battery. Wentzloff and Calhoun have tested their chip design in a wearable EKG monitor that runs entirely on body heat. Thanks to other energy-saving techniques, the device required 0.1 percent of the power consumed by a typical EKG monitor, Wentzloff says.

Getting started with Amazon Firefly - CNET

The two small icons along the top of the screen are what you use to force Firefly to listen for a song or video content to identify. Obviously, the music note is for music, with the TV-looking icon for videos. When using either of these features, you don't have to worry about the direction the camera is facing. If you've used Shazam in the past, you're already a pro at using Firefly for music and video content.

How To Build A Feminist Workplace

However, it is not enough to tell employees they have these rights. Falk says that workplace culture will not change if women do not feel like they can take advantage of these benefits without managers thinking poorly of them. "If no one is taking vacation, then of course you are going to think twice before taking family leave," she says. She argues that business leaders should reinforce the culture by speaking up, urging employees to go home when they are unwell or have family issues. “This feeds into the idea that the organization cares about you as a person; the little steps build up to making employees feel more comfortable taking advantage of those bigger policies." Park says that senior management also has a responsibility to serve as role models and take advantage of these policies themselves. When Park’s co-founder and COO gave birth to twins, she had to take extended maternity leave and currently works part time. “We’re making it clear that we are keen to hang on to our employees during tricky periods in their life,” she says.

Report: Snapchat Talking to Alibaba About Raising Funding at a $10 Billion Valuation

Snapchat, which famously turned down Facebook's offer to buy it for $3 billion, is in talks to raise a new round of funding that would value it at $10 billion, according to Bloomberg .

BlackBerry acquires Secusmart, ups voice security ante | ZDNet

Summary: BlackBerry's acquisition of German software firm Secusmart is aimed at securing voice and data and putting better mobile security in every president and chancellor's hand.

The Business of Fake Hollywood Money

While Bilson understands the intentions of the Secret Service, he also feels the efforts are misappropriated. Confiscations have drummed up concerns about on-screen realism; if prop houses continue to be heavily monitored, Bilson fears Hollywood may be forced to seek out less-trackable, more illegal options. “If you make all of this illegal for anyone in any capacity to possess, then what you have is a black market with no controls,” he says. “When fake money is within a prop house’s jurisdiction, we have level of control. If something’s missing, we can alert authorities.”

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky lands on Steam, out today

If you're unfamiliar with Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky , that may be because Nihon Falcom's acclaimed PSP JRPG only headed West towards the end of the system's life cycle. The good news is there's now a new way of playing it, with the trilogy's first chapter coming to Steam later today, courtesy of XSEED. XSEED is also bringing follow-up Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter to North America on PSP and Steam, but that's gonna take a bit more time to arrive. According to the publisher , the best fans should hope for is "the end of the year." As for Trails in the Sky , its regular Steam price is $20 but there's a 15 percent first-week sale if you fancy dipping in early. For more on why it's worth a look, read this . [Thanks, Jason K!] [Image: XSEED] The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Waiting for Destiny: Games that remind us of Bungie's next franchise

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers an all new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold new universe, featuring an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and community activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent, online world.

In Boston, The Internet of Things Is Already in Front Of Your Face

If you want to think about what the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) will look like, walk along Boston’s 400-year-old streets. With its deep elite academic and tech connections, the city is a natural place to experiment and see how people react to--or fail to notice--the network of sensors that experts say will be a trillion-dollar business sector by the end of the decade.

Bravely Second promotes Bravely Default heroine to pope

Bravely Second is the direct sequel to Bravely Default, the spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The game's story takes place several years after the events of Bravely Default, and features a new protagonist named Magnolia Arch.

Could the Gear S be Samsung's next wearable? - CNET

The Korean electronics giant late last week filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the phrase Samsung Gear S.

NIS America to pay agreed pledge for GaymerX2 [Update]

I would like to give an updated statement on the events that have unfolded over the past 24 hours. We, GaymerX, received an email from NIS America in regards to the sponsorship, which read as though there was a budget misallocation and that they would not be able to complete the terms of the sponsorship. This has been explained that that was not the case, however, they agreed that it was worded poorly and could understand how I could misconstrue the intent of the letter. I apologized to them for escalating it to the press in the manner I did - as I have no intention of causing the NIS brand harm, and was only looking to defend our company and make sure that we were going to get paid. I realize that it would have been much better to have more back and forth on the subject before going to the press and that my reaction, while in defense of the company, was extemely severe given the circumstances. I want to publically apologize for any pain or distress I may have caused NIS America or their team - they have been very genuine and sincere in fixing the issue and have confirmed that payment will be made in full.

Data Breach Bulletin: Russian Hacker Claims To Have Infiltrated Both Wall Street Journal and Vice

Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island – This week, the Massachusetts General Attorney announced that Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island hospital must pay $150,000 in damages for a data breach that compromised more than 12,000 Massachusetts’s residents’ personal information (that $12.5 per person).  Two years ago, the hospital shipped 19 unencrypted backup tapes to its parent company, Care New England Health System, and then offsite for archiving. The tapes never made it to their destination, and it took the hospital almost a year to realize the tapes—and the sensitive data they contained—were gone.  The breach was not reported for several more months, thanks to inadequate employee training and internal policies, according to the release. The hospital has agreed to take steps to improve their security in compliance with both state and federal laws and regulations. The fees will go towards civil penalties, attorney fees, and a fund through the Attorney General’s Office to promote security education and future data security litigation, according to the release.

Dragon Age: Inquisition combat trailer burninates the countryside

A new trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't offer new info on the game's combat, but it's encouraging to see BioWare focus on the level of strategy offered by its real-time-with-pausing system. To see more combat in action, watch our new video preview which comes with even more dragon - that's really what it's all about, right? No? As you probably already know, BioWare's upcoming RPG is now due on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 18 . What you may not know is there's also a delay to Dragon Age Keep , the tool that will let you set up story choices from previous Dragon Ages to carry over in Inquisition . As explained on the BioWare blog , the delay is in keeping with the one for Inquisition , and it'll result in an extended beta program that'll drag on for testers. [Image: EA] Dragon Age: Inquisition (Leliana)

Activision reveals Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare special editions

POWER CHANGES EVERYTHING: CALL OF DUTY®: ADVANCED WARFARE COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS UP THE ANTE FOR PLAYERS THIS HOLIDAY Three Editions, including an Unprecedented Digital Offering, Packed with Epic Content Designed to Provide Ultimate Call of Duty Experience Atlas Pro Edition Includes Season Pass for Unparalleled Value Santa Monica, CA - July 29, 2014 - Prepare for a new era of combat. Today, Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), revealed details on three collector's edition versions of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare. The Atlas Pro Edition, Atlas Limited Edition and Atlas Digital Pro Edition are infused with specialized content sure to immerse players in the high-tech, advanced future Sledgehammer Games is bringing to Call of Duty this November. The Atlas Pro Edition and Atlas Limited Edition are now available for pre-order while supplies last. The Digital Pro Edition will be available for pre-order at a later date. Full details follow. Inspired by the Atlas Corporation, the leading Private Military Corporation (PMC) in 2054 and lead by the influential Jonathan Irons, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Limited Edition features an extensive array of both digital and physical content, including a bonus multiplayer map Atlas Gorge, a collectible SteelBook™, the Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual, and the Atlas Digital Content Pack, a collection of digital content that includes an Atlas-themed exoskeleton, Atlas-themed weaponry, and more.

EXCLUSIVE: Payments giant First Data acquires Gyft in an effort to bring digital gift cards to the masses

“We have been building this relationship for a while, and the way I look at it is, once you get to the point where the relationship is good, you ask ‘Why don’t we just do this together?,” Lingham says in an interview with Pando. “We started the company with a mission to digitize and transform the plastic gift card space. The inspiration for this was really Starbucks, and the question, why can’t I do that for all the merchants? But as we were going through the process, it was a lot more complicated than it seemed. Onboarding merchants was a real grind.”

Twitter Picked Up 16M Active Users In Q2 | TechCrunch

Twitter is an online social network and a microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets," which are messages limited to 140 characters. Registered users of Twitter are able to read and post tweets via the web, SMS or mobile applications. Created in March 2006, Twitter is a global real-time communications platform with 400 million monthly visitors to and more than …

Wikipedia Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations With Coinbase | TechCrunch

Coinbase makes it easy for the average person and business to use the digital currency Bitcoin. Coinbase lets any consumer to create a Bitcoin wallet and start buying/selling Bitcoin instantly by connecting their bank account. In addition, Coinbase provides a series of merchant tools that support some of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet. Coinbase processes the first $1,000,000 …

Nuage Networks Cloud Video Series

Nuage Networks brings a unique combination of groundbreaking technologies and unmatched networking expertise to the enterprise and telecommunications industries. The Silicon Valley-based start up has applied radically new thinking to the problem of delivering massively scalable and high programmable SDN solutions with the security and availability required by business-critical environments. Nuage Networks, backed by Alcatel-Lucent’s rapidly growing IP division, has the pedigree to serve the needs of the world’s biggest clouds. The cloud has made promises – the mission of Nuage Networks is to help you realize them.

Google seeks public opinion on 'right to be forgotten' - CNET

With so many individuals and experts getting involved in this public discussion, will Google find the help it seeks to better make the appropriate decision on each takedown request? That remains to be seen. The search giant certainly seems to want to extend the debate, if only to show the European Union publicly that it's trying to grapple with a ruling with which it simply does not agree.

US government increases funding for Tor, giving $1.8m in 2013

Formerly known as "the onion router", Tor is software which allows its users to browse the internet anonymously. It works by bouncing connections through encrypted "relays", preventing any eavesdropper from determining what sites a particular user is visiting, or from determining who the users of a particular site actually are. That makes it popular amongst organisations trying to promote freedom of speech in nations like China and Syria – but also popular amongst users trying to evade surveillance in the West.

Net Neutrality Comments To The FCC Slow To A Crawl | TechCrunch

Comments submitted to the FCC regarding its notice of proposed rule-making on the net neutrality issue totaled 1,101,729 as of yesterday afternoon. An impressive number, but also a nearly unchanged figure.

Killer Instinct Classic 2 for Xbox One outed by Game Rating Board

The legendary fighting game franchise is back with next-generation visuals, over-the-top action, a wild cast of combatants, rocking reactive music, and C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERS! Choose from amongst a wild cast of combatants each with fluid animations, unique combat tactics, and flashy special attacks. Utilize an open-ended combo system to rack up huge combos as your opponent looks for openings to break you and turn the tides of battle. Go online and test yourself against players from all over the world, or brush up on your combat skills in detailed tutorials.

Give me a deluxe apartment in Destiny's sky

There are plenty of mechanical details that need to be tweaked before Destiny is ready for its full public debut, as this weekend's past stress test showed. There are balance issues and a few bugs, and the smart thing for Bungie to do is to really nail down the questing and shooting and matchmaking until they're all pretty much perfect. That's your core gameplay right there, and if that's not satisfying, nobody will really care all that much if you can dye your armor red. After all that's taken care of, however, what I want most next - before more content, even, is a house. Well, more like an apartment. The game says that the Tower is "where the Guardians live," so fine, let me live there. Destiny (4/28/14) MMOs are a mechanical hamster wheel - do the quest, get the loot and XP, level up so that you can get better gear and do harder quests, repeat - which can inevitably get really dull over the long term. One way to make the grind more enjoyable is to allow the player to emotionally buy into the conceit at work: I'm not just killing ten Thralls, I'm cleaning out this area to prevent the Hive from gaining a foothold on Earth! Narrative matters if you want to keep players happily churning away in your sustained world, and I don't just mean the narrative you write, but rather the one the player creates for themselves.

This Destiny beta footage came from the moon

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers an all new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold new universe, featuring an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and community activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent, online world.

Movidius Launches Improved Version Of The Vision Processor That Powers Google’s Project Tango | TechCrunch

As El-Ouazzane rightly argues, though, what’s even more exciting than the chips themselves are the user experiences they will enable in the long run. For Project Tango, the focus was on 3D sensing, but one area El-Ouazaane is especially excited about is computational photography that takes inputs from multiple cameras on a phone for a more DSLR-like experience and photo quality. “This will enable mobile devices to cross the chasm between point-and-shoot camera and SLR quality,” he told me.

Meet Elise - Rewind Theater - IGN Rewind Theater - IGN Video

Destin and Mitch take a look at the new Assassin's Creed Unity trailer and analyze the location and the reveal of Elise.

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