Kindle Voyage Review: Amazon’s Luxury E-reader Offers No-Distraction Reading

The Paperwhite changed. My. Life. I love love love it. I love it especially outdoors but also inside. In the doctor's office.  Anywhere.  And I love it deep into the night when my partner is sleeping.  But I'm getting the Voyage b/c those of us who are over 40 (50?) and wear eyeglasses can use those extra pixels. They result in less eye strain and an even better reading experience - though, until I get my Voyage, it will be hard to imagine.  I have, literally, hundreds of physical books in my home. But I no longer want to read them. Amazon has converted me, totally and completely. The Paperwhite did that, and now I can't wait for my Voyage.

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FTC sues AT&T over 'deceptive' mobile data throttling (update: response)

Update: Not surprisingly, AT&T isn't happy. It claims the FTC's lawsuit is "baseless," and maintains that it has been "transparent" about the entire affair between press releases and bill notices. Also, it notes that "only" 3 percent of customers are affected, and they get a text message when throttling is a concern. While it's definitely true that AT&T has discussed throttling out in the open, that doesn't address the FTC's concerns about telling customers exactly how unusable their service can get -- or the complaint that in-contract customers were promised one thing and got another. Also, 3 percent of 55.8 million subscribers (as of the third quarter) still adds up to roughly 1.7 million, so there are plenty of people directly affected by these policies.

YouTube CEO confirms music subscription service is coming soon

There have been plenty of rumors about YouTube starting up a music subscription service, including a confirmation from the Google-owned group in June that it was coming later in the summer (which has obviously come and gone). Tonight we heard another confirmation, this time straight from the mouth of CEO Susan Wojcicki. In an interview at Code/Mobile , the executive said that her team was indeed "working on it" and that this is a near-term goal. While she didn't get into specifics on the program, which may or may not be called Music Key (according to rumors, that is), she stated that one of the obstacles is figuring out "how to give people options" -- likely a way of saying that YouTube is still working out the pricing tiers and what features would be available for each individual plan. And given that the service will supposedly include concert footage and other videos, it may be a bit more complex than what competitors like Spotify offer. It's not clear when exactly we'll see this service ready for the public, but this is at least a solid indication that it didn't just completely vanish, never to be enjoyed by our eyes and ears.

Introducing osquery

After talking with several external companies, it became clear to us that maintaining insight into the low-level behavior of operating systems is not a problem which is unique to Facebook. Over the past few months, we have released the osquery code and binaries to a small number of external companies. They have successfully deployed and tested osquery within their environments and they've given us great feedback.

Three tips for a smoother Apple Pay experience - CNET

The second method allows you to tap your phone to the terminal, without your finger on the Touch ID button, which brings up a list of the cards you've added to your Apple Pay account. You can then select the card you want to use for the transaction, place your finger on the Touch ID button and complete your purchase.

Check Out Marvel's Next 9 Movies, Including Black Panther and More Avengers | WIRED

What We Know:  The third Cap movie is set after both  Winter Soldier and the forthcoming  Age of Ultron . Sebastian Stan returns as Bucky Barnes/the Winter Solder, aka the dark counterpart to Steve Rogers’ Captain America, and directors Anthony and Joe Russo are returning as well. (Kind of a darkest-timeline thing going on.) Anyone with super powers is being required to register with the U.S. government and basically work for the authorities. Tony Stark and the Captain are at odds on the impending legislation, and no matter what happens, a fractured Avengers team means bad news for humanity.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Came Out As Gay

Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day. It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life. It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry. It’s also given me the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple.

This Is The Most Advanced Flying Car Prototype Yet

Whether it will ever fulfil the ultimate promise of the flying car of science fiction remains unclear. While Klein insisted the vehicle does not need a full airport with a big runway to get up into the air, takeoff and landing still require a 200-metre grass strip. When you’re stuck in traffic, even AeroMobil’s flying car won’t be able to help you.

Watch the final trailer for 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1'

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

Google Developing a Pill That Would Detect Cancer and Other Diseases | WIRED

Andrew Conrad, the head of life sciences inside the company’s Google X research lab, revealed the project on Tuesday morning at a conference here in Southern California. According to Conrad, the company is fashioning nanoparticles—particles about one billionth of a meter in width—that combine a magnetic material with antibodies or proteins that can attach to and detect other molecules inside the body. The idea is that patients will swallow a pill that contains these particles, and after they enter the bloodstream—attempting to identify molecules that would indicate certain health problems—a wearable device could use their magnetic cores to gather them back together and read what they’ve found.

Why the Droid franchise still works as a carrier exclusive - CNET

While exclusivity deals can be a source of annoyance for consumers, who may not necessarily be on the right carrier for the right smartphone, they have traditionally made business sense. A carrier will promise marketing support and prominent position in its chain of thousands of retail stores in exchange for an exclusive window. For many handset vendors who lack the marketing heft or retail savvy, it's a good deal.

FTC Sues AT&T For Throttling Speeds Of So-Called Unlimited Data Plans

A complaint filed in federal court alleges AT&T didn't adequately inform subscribers to its unlimited data plans that mobile web speeds would be cut back after hitting a certain amount of data, starting at 2 GB, in a billing cycle. The throttling, which occurred more than 25 million times since 2011 (when AT&T began the practice), reduced speeds by up to 90%, making browsing and use of phone applications "significantly slower or practically inoperable," said Ramirez.

Sweat Equity: Benchmark Takes Stake in Tinder in Exchange for Matt Cohler Joining Board

In a statement, Sam Yagan, a director of Tinder and the CEO of the Match Group, said: “Matt will complement Sean’s proven product leadership and the expertise in the social and dating categories we already have on the board. I’m confident Benchmark’s involvement will help Tinder achieve its huge growth potential and am excited about continuing to build out the Tinder team.”

Ascension Trailer Shows Off Syfy's New Space Mutiny Series

Ascension , otherwise known as the drama that Syfy is banking big time on bringing back their brand, has a slick new trailer. And what it's showing is a whole lotta spaceship—and we like that.

Keeping it real: When Apple derangement ruins an argument

Aaaaand then selling them later and getting more than the price of the competitor’s product. The Macalope got $200 for his first-generation iPad three years after its release. Please point him to the “competing” device that was a) available in 2010, b) could do what the iPad did (as elegantly and had as many apps) and c) had a net cost of $300 plus tax and the time value of money.

Game on! Nintendo jumps into health tracking with a sleep sensor

While a fitness-tracking wristband may have been a more predictable step for the gaming company — we'd like to see one with Super Mario-like gamification that lets you unlock new levels the more you keep moving — this is a big step into the popular health and fitness tech category.

Mysterious smart energy company raises $150 million, led by ex-HTC executive

Taiwanese firm Gogoro came out of stealth mode this morning — sort of — announcing in very broad, vague terms that it's looking to "utilize the power of mobile connectivity and data analytics to transform energy distribution and management in the world's cities." It's hard to say what that really means, beyond that the company has an energy focus — but it's interesting to note that they're promising products at next year's CES in January. That suggests that there'll be a consumer angle here of some sort.

Funding Daily: Today’s tech funding news, in one place

The Los Angeles-based company lets customers “name their price” for event tickets and matches them with sellers willing to take their bids. The company is announcing today that it has raised $18.3 million in new funding that it will use to expand its online and mobile products, lock in new partnerships, and grow its user base. Hearst Ventures led the new round, with participation from new and existing investors.

Apple VP Greg Joswiak On iPhone 6 Plus Sales, iOS 8 Bugs, And Apple’s Watch | TechCrunch

One of the big aspects of that involves factoring how people are buying and using iPhones. Recode’s Mossberg asked how many iPhone 6es the company has sold since its launch last month and referenced the fact that last night, T-Mobile CEO John Legere claimed that the 6 Plus is selling in greater quantities than they expected. Joswiak said that for right now, sales are limited by output, so the ratio of 6 sales to its larger sibling is a function of production.

Arrow: "The Magician" Review - IGN

All of this sapped the episode of some of its tension and drama, but there was still entertainment to be had. Ollie’s conflict was definitely a highlight. Last time he fought Merlyn, he hadn’t taken his vow not to kill. That vow was once again tested as his opponent returned. And Ollie’s struggle only grew more complicated as he realized that Merlyn probably didn’t kill Sara. As Merlyn himself said, what would be the point in antagonizing the man who placed a massive bounty on his head by killing his daughter’s lover? Ollie wound up in a position where he was defending Merlyn from Nyssa’s wrath, which clearly wasn’t a happy turn of events for him. It was a great moment to see him stand up to Nyssa and assert control of his city, even as he knew it would draw the eye of Ra’s al Ghul himself.

Wall Street to Facebook: Show me more growth

Wall Street to Facebook: Show me more growth Wall Street expects Facebook to post revenue of $3.12 billion, up more than 50% from the same quarter a year ago. Check out this story on

Innovation Uncensored San Francisco 2014

Game Changer: A Look Inside Ubisoft’s Immersive Game Experiences (1:00 - 2:30PM)- Thanks to compelling narratives, innovative gameplay, and breakthrough technology, video games these days are true entertainment experiences. At the forefront of this charge, Ubisoft has inspired communities around the world to play, connect, rock out, and Just Dance. During this visit to Ubisoft’s San Francisco office, get hands-on with some of its top video-game franchises and learn about the technology that powers its innovation. Hosted by Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ubisoft; Jason Altman,Executive Producer, Just Dance Now; Paul Cross,Creative Director, Rocksmith

Daniel Radcliffe rapping 'Alphabet Aerobics' is magically delicious

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

IGN on Twitter: "Battlefield Hardline has a new release date:"

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Captain America: Civil War - How Avengers 2 Will Lead to Civil War - IGN Video

Eric, Joshua, and Roth talk about what may bring Iron Man and Captain America to blows in Civil War.

How well does George R.R. Martin know 'Game of Thrones' characters? - CNET

That's exactly what happened Tuesday on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" when Martin was promoting his new book, "The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones."

YouTube finally arrives on the PlayStation 4

While Sony’s newest console has let users upload videos to Facebook and post screenshots on Twitter, a native YouTube app has been a long time coming. Given that the Xbox One has had a YouTube app since November, we’re pretty sure PS4 fans are happy to finally receive their own from the Google-owned company.

Build 14 iOS 8 Apps Using Swift + BONUS iOS 7 Developers Course - 70+ Hours of Elite Instruction!

Build 14 iOS 8 Apps Using Swift + BONUS iOS 7 Developers Course - 70+ Hours of Elite Instruction!

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "A Fractured House" Review - IGN

Certainly, regardless of what Christian may or may not have done, Ward breaking free and killing the innocent men guarding him erases any chance of him being on the path to redemption right now, which I’m glad to see. He’s turned out to be a fun continuing presence on the show, but let’s keep him dark. Oh, and Simmons of all people, telling him if she saw him again, she’d kill him was great – given we’d never seen her confront him since he tried to kill her and Fitz.

Open thread: can BlackBerry Classic wean Kim Kardashian off her Bold?

New smartphone is one of today’s tech talking points, along with Oculus VR, WhatsApp, iPhones in Iran and giant robots

Crowdsourced Design Marketplace Minted Raises $38M More, Adds Fabrics And Home Decor | TechCrunch

E-commerce design startup Minted has big ambitions for its crowdsourced marketplace of designs, with plans to launch in a whole new product category as well as give its artists a platform for creating new storefronts. To realize that goal, the company has raised an additional $38 million in Series D funding led by Norwest Venture Partners.

Why It Took 23 Years to Link Amelia Earhart's Disappearance to This Scrap of Metal | WIRED

Conspiracy theories abound about the fate of Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. Some say Earhart was captured by the Japanese or that she found her way back to the US and lived out her life as a New Jersey housewife, Gillespie said. His team’s hypothesis is that Earhart and Noonan were trying to find Howland Island, but after failing to do so, they landed on a reef extending out from Nikumororo, also known as Gardner Island. For days, the pair sent out distress calls from the aircraft’s radio, but the rising tides soon pushed the plane over the edge of the reef and into the ocean. The team thinks Earhart and Noonan survived for a while on the island as castaways.

Oppo N3 launches alongside 'world's thinnest smartphone'

Oppo has revealed pricing for both of the phones, but hasn't given a definitive release date beyond "November". The Oppo N3 can be had for $649 (around £400 / AU$730) SIM-free while the R5 is slated at $499 (around £310 / AU$350). Stay tuned for our full reviews coming soon.

Report: PS4 users report myriad issues following 2.0 update

Though today's PlayStation 4 system update brings with it a host of new features - most notably Share Play functionality - the new software has also been causing problems for a number of users. As Videogamer points out, numerous reports of issues stemming from the 2.0 update have appeared across the spectrum of social media. On NeoGAF , PlayStation 4 owners are reporting problems ranging from odd volume fluctuations to issues connecting to YouTube to an inability to play previously purchased games. Responses to Sony Europe's announcement include players unable to sign in to the PlayStation Network following the update. Despite these reports, these issues seem to affect a relatively small number of PlayStation 4 owners, though our own Alexander Sliwinski is one of them. We've attempted to reach Sony for more information on these update issues and its plans to fix them, but have yet to receive a response. If you're having an issue with your PS4 post-update, let us know in the comments. [Image: Sony]

The Dark Below expands Destiny on December 9

The first expansion to Destiny , The Dark Below, will launch on December 9, Activision revealed today. The Dark Below takes players below the surface of the moon to compete in new missions and blast through story quests that reveal The Hive's sinister plans to summon a god known as Crota. Which sounds a little too similar to "crouton" for us to be too worried about its desire to destroy Earth. The Dark Below will cost $20 on its own or can be obtained by purchasing Destiny 's Expansion Pass, a $35 ticket to both The Dark Below and an upcoming expansion. The Dark Below raises the game's level cap to 32 and adds five bounty slots as well as new weapons and gear, including legendary and exotic items. It also features three competitive arenas – Pantheon, Skyshock and The Cauldron – as well as the cooperative strike mission The Will of Crota and the six-player raid mission Crota's End. PS4 and PS3 players will have access to The Undying Mind, a strike mission that will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms until "at least fall 2015." The expansion was announced during Sony's Gamescom press conference in August .

The Inside Story Of Matt Taibbi's Departure From First Look Media - The Intercept

Working with Matt Taibbi was one of the best experiences of my career and I’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to do so again. From my perspective, the management of First Look Media repeatedly took incidents that should’ve been minor hiccups of the sort experienced at any media company or startup and, through incompetence, escalated them into full-blown crises. Having worked closely with Matt since he hired me, I witnessed no behavior on his part that I would characterize as “abusive,” and his hostility was reserved for his superiors, not his subordinates. He certainly was no more “combative” than any number of other editors I’ve worked with, including Intercept editor-in-chief John Cook. I also categorically reject the allegation that there was a gendered component to his managerial issues. We were successfully working to address those issues when First Look once again stepped in to fuck things up. I regret that the world won’t get a chance to see Matt Taibbi’s Racket .

Grieving father fulfills his deceased daughter's dream of fame

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

IBM and Twitter announce data analytics partnership

"Twitter has created something extraordinary. When you bring this together with other kinds of information and leverage IBM's innovations in analytics, Watson and cloud, business decision-making will never be the same," she told an event announcing the launch.

American Horror Story: Freak Show - "Edward Mordrake, Pt 2" Review - IGN

The rest of the episode really belonged to Twisty and his sad tale of betrayal and bottoming out. As a simpleton clown who was falsely accused of molestation, Twisty found himself alone and resentful of freaks. And his attempt to kill himself left him deranged and without a jaw. As mentioned, as much as I loved Twisty and his presence on the show, I was fearful we'd grow weary of him. So I was happy to see his backstory unfold here and his soul get claimed by Mordrake. An interesting development and a devilish way of setting Dandy up as the new clown killer.

We Need More Fat Phones With Killer Battery Life

Your smartphone has a terrible battery life. I can say this with confidence because it is universally true. Phones today have ludicrous screens and processors that rival the supercomputers of days gone by, but they can't last a day. We need more thick-ass phones that make it through the weekend.

China's Xiaomi surges to become world's third largest smartphone vendor

As for the leading smartphone vendor Samsung, the Korean company continued to struggle amidst heated competition from Apple and Chinese rivals including Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei Technologies. In the third quarter, Samsung's market share was 24.7 percent, down from the 35 percent share it had a year ago, according to Strategy Analytics.

Mobile Internet investment hits record $19.2B --- up 232% in last 12 months

The good news is that not only are mobile entrepreneurs pulling in serious capital pre-exit, investors in post-IPO mobile internet companies are achieving an average 28 percent return on investment. On the positive side, that means that mobile internet companies that have gone public are generally doing well. On the negative side, only nine of the 16 stock market sectors Digi-Capital tracks generated positive returns for investors in the last twelve months.

Antares Rocket Explodes On Launch Pad

Update 9:55 EDT: At this point, it will probably be several weeks before it’s clear when Orbital Sciences will be able to fly another Cygnus to the International Space Station. The full cost of the spacecraft and rocket was over $200 million, at least some of which was insured. The total cost of the damages on the ground is still unknown. That concludes the press conference.

Niki de Saint Phalle: Google doodle marks 84th birthday of French artist

Google’s latest doodle celebrates the birthday of Niki de Saint Phalle, the artist and sculptor who rose to prominence in the 1960s by developing a trademark style of “shooting” paintings in which colour was shot on to canvasses.

Hackers Are Using Gmail Drafts to Update Their Malware and Steal Data | WIRED

In his career-ending extramarital affair that came to light in 2012, General David Petraeus used a stealthy technique to communicate with his lover Paula Broadwell: the pair left messages for each other in the drafts folder of a shared Gmail account. Now hackers have learned the same trick. Only instead of a mistress, they’re sharing their love letters with data-stealing malware buried deep on a victim’s computer.

Watch Mike Tyson try to punch out video game Mike Tyson - CNET

Still, Tyson can take solace in the fact that he actually won, in some way. Plus, the whole spectacle brought me back to my childhood. I spent a good amount of time with "Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!" as a kid, and despite being able to knock him out on occasion, I more often found myself on my back, looking up at a victorious Mike Tyson. Now, Mike Tyson knows what that feels like too.

HP's Sprout Is A Bold Attempt to Reimagine The Desktop PC

Back in the 1980s, Commodore's remarkable Amiga computer did sophisticated video, 3-D animation, and audio at a time when the typical PC was barely capable of displaying even rudimentary color. It was years ahead of its time, but eventually, every PC picked up on features which the Amiga pioneered. If HP is serious about Sprout, it could turn out to be the Amiga of immersive computing: an important machine whose influence on the industry is a lasting legacy. But first, let's see what HP--and its customers--do with Sprout once it hits store shelves next month.

Winter is coming, and so is a 'Game of Thrones' video game - CNET

And thanks to a tweet from Laura Perusco, Telltale's community and PR specialist , we now know that the first episode of "Iron from Ice" is still on target for a 2014 release. While it's not a firm release date, it gives us hope that we'll be able to play at least a few episodes of the game before the next season of "Game of Thrones" hits the HBO airwaves, which should happen around April 2015.

49 Motorola on Whether Its Moto 360 Smartwatch Can Get You Laid (Video)

Motorola on Whether Its Moto 360 Smartwatch Can Get You Laid (Video)

These Stunning, Simple Posters Tell The Story Of The Syrian Revolution

Simple silhouettes depict brutal events like the Houla massacre in 2012, when 108 people were killed, including dozens of children. In one poster, a bird represents a musician who wrote protest songs against President Assad, and was later murdered. Another, showing a citizen struggling to carry a Syria-shaped boulder up a flight of stairs, represents the struggle in Cachoux's hometown of Homs.

51 CONFIRMED: Yahoo Has Poached Top Amazon Exec Lisa Utzschneider
52 Give me a ring: North Korean couples mark engagements with mobile phones
53 About.Me Launches App That Aims To Replace The Business Card | TechCrunch
54 Facebook shares down 11% on warning of rising costs
55 Put your clothes back on, Twitch streamers
56 Battlefield Hardline delayed to deepen cops vs. robbers fantasy
57 Facebook’s Slowing User Growth And Weak WhatsApp Revenue Send Shares Down 9% | TechCrunch
58 The iMac’s 5K Retina Screen Is Spectacular
59 Reddit adds a crowdfunding layer for its members — are you paying attention, media companies?
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61 How To Create A Culture Of Productivity
62 In China, high demand for robots but too many robot manufacturers
63 Dragon Quest Heroes hits Japan in February, Metal Slime PS4 out this year
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65 This University Teaches You No Skills—Just a New Way to Think | WIRED
66 CNET on Twitter: "HP dives into 3D printing with the new Multi Jet Fusion"
67 Researchers Say They Have Found A Piece Of Amelia Earhart's Plane
68 Autodesk puts up $100M fund for 3D printing companies
69 Ruckus launches its first small business router: Could this be Google’s new Wi-Fi hardware?
70 Leaked Office for Mac 2015 screenshots look just like the Windows version
71 Whisper CEO: We’d fire any editor that actually said what the Guardian alleged
72 BuzzFeed expands its data team by acquiring company run by the co-founder and former CTO of Bitly
73 The kindest cut: my journey into the nether regions of male birth control
74 Google Play Books is now a lot better for reading nonfiction titles like textbooks
75 James Cameron doesn’t think Oculus is a big deal
76 Changing the way business decisions are made | Twitter Blogs
77 Microsoft Adds IoT, Big Data Orchestration Services to Azure
78 Tim Cook: 'I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me'
79 South Park: "The Magic Bush" Review - IGN
80 Marvel's new 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer has Iron Man trying to lift Thor's hammer
81 10 Innovations For The Bank Of The Future
82 Facebook loses $24,420 a minute during outages
83 Sponsored post: An inside view: How will the Internet of Things transform your business?
84 Facebook spending gets thumbs up from analysts - if not investors
85 Louise Costume - Bob's Burgers
86 Microsoft Health platform launches with payments-friendly, $199 Band wearable
87 If You Like SkyMall--And Forever Diapers, And Camping Comas--You'll Love The Products In SkyMaul 2
88 Google Wallet Exec Rebooting the Payment Terminal | MIT Technology Review
89 Silicon Valley Republicans slip out of the shadows with open wallets
90 CNET on Twitter: "Antares rocket carrying unmanned Cygnus spacecraft explodes at NASA launchpad"
91 HP Sprout Preview - CNET
92 The guy behind Google Wallet is back to change payments all over again
93 Can Rory go a day without data?
94 Xiaomi Poaches Spotify’s Donovan Sung To Lead International Product Development | TechCrunch
95 Valkyria Chronicles PC port confirmed
96 This Ad Shows Just How Romantic The Internet Of Things Can Be
97 Rockabye Baby's Secret To Success: Forget About Baby
98 Rupert Murdoch on Myspace: We just messed it up
99 Unmanned U.S. Rocket Explodes During Lift-Off
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