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Taste test: Burger robot startup Creator opens first restaurant

Creator’s transparent burger robot doesn’t grind your brisket and chuck steak into a gourmet patty until you order it. That’s just one way this startup, formerly known as Momentum Machines, wants to serve the world’s freshest cheesebuger for just $6. On June 27th, after 8 ye…

I discovered a browser bug

I accidentally discovered a huge browser security bug. Here's what it does, and how I discovered it…

Today in Apple history: iOS 4 brings multitasking and FaceTime | Cult of Mac

On June 21, 2010, Apple releases the first version of iOS 4. With FaceTime and multitasking features, it's a big step forward for iDevices.

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over ‘consensual relationship’ with employee

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced his resignation today, following an investigation into a “consensual relationship” with an Intel employee. The board named Robert Swan, Intel’s chief financial officer, interim CEO effective immediately.

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Microsoft abandons VR plans for Xbox One

Speaking with , Microsoft's chief marketing officer for gaming Mike Nichols revealed the company doesn't have "any plans specific to Xbox One consoles". This is, of course, a complete 180 from Xbox chief Phil Spencer's promise to integrate VR within the Xbox One X. Instead, Microsoft seems preoccupied with bringing the immersive qualities of VR and MR to PC . Translation: if Halo makes the leap into VR as a flagship title, Xbox players will be left out in the cold. Nichols' justification is that PC is "probably the best platform" because it's open, and already has multiple companies supporting it.

Instagram launches IGTV, a standalone app for longform video

IGTV is the most recent addition to Instagram’s video offerings, following the introduction of Instagram Stories and live video. The app will be available for download on iOS and Android smartphones in the coming days, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told a gathering of influencers and members of the press today at an event held in San Francisco. Instagram users can update the app in order to begin watching IGTV videos today.

Five free apps to help remind you to take a break

When this article was initially published in 2015 it listed five desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS that reminded users to take breaks, stretch, and stay healthy. With major tech companies like Apple and Google now all in on using their devices to help create healthier lifestyles it's time to revisit apps that help us improve our computer use habits.

Intel’s CEO resigns as information about a ‘past consensual relationship’ surfaces

“Intel was recently informed that Mr. Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee,” the company notes in the release. “An ongoing investigation by internal and external counsel has confirmed a violation of Intel’s non-fraternization policy, which applies to all managers. Given the expectation that all employees will respect Intel’s values and adhere to the company’s code of conduct, the Board has accepted Mr. Krzanich’s resignation.”

T-Mobile urged to fire Corey Lewandowski for mocking child with Down syndrome

The company's adviser responded with "Womp, womp" when hearing about the 10-year-old, who was separated from her family at the US-Mexico border.

8 biggest risk factors for company-owned mobile devices and how to avoid them

Mobile devices are at risk due to their very nature of being portable. Their comparatively small size and lack of being physically secured renders them susceptible to loss or theft, which is why I recommend always keeping them on your person rather than in a purse or bag. These devices represent an attractive target for thieves since they can be resold with relative ease, unlike an HVAC system or Dell server, and are harder to track if the operating system has been wiped and SIM card removed. Always maintain control of your phone; don't leave it unattended in a public place, and make sure you know how to use " Find my iPhone ," Google's " Find my Phone " or some similar service.


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Apple macOS Mojave: Cheat sheet

As of the June 4th announcement, the developer preview of macOS Mojave is available for download by members of the Apple Developer Program. This program is not aimed at the public, but rather the software developers who write applications for use with Mac computers to be able to test their software against the latest version of macOS. In recent years, Apple has made a separate beta program available to the public for users that register with Apple's Beta testing site; this will become available at the end of June 2018.

How to install Windows apps on Linux with Winepak

You can go back to the application list page and install most of those included with Winepak. I did attempt to install InternetExplorer8, but found it is now unavailable to flatpak. Turns out, some applications are not quite ready for prime time (and require being built using a flatpak-builder tool). That of course, would completely defeat the purpose of having a system that makes installing Windows apps on Linux simple. Because of that, we'll wait until those tools are available to be installed via the flatpak install command.

Microsoft employees protest: 'Stop work with ICE over cruel border policies' | ZDNet

A Microsoft employee protest calling on the company to cancel its work with Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) has prompted CEO Satya Nadella to speak out against the Trump administration's immigration policy under which ICE agents are separating children from families at the border with Mexico.

Galactus, Groot and Grim Reaper invade Denver Comic Con

When the Guardians of the Galaxy aren't saving the universe or fighting Thanos, they're taking a relaxing stroll around Denver Comic Con. Here's Groot, Gamora, Yondu and Mantis.

Microsoft: This Azure password-banning tool will help kill off bad 'P@$$w0rd' habits | ZDNet

The tool contains a list of 500 of the most commonly used passwords and helps blocks a million more that contain character-based variations on these bad passwords. That means since 'password' is already blocked, users won't be able to set their password to 'P@ssword' or 'P@$$w0rd'.

Fortnite makes me feel like I'm 120 years old

Commentary: I thought music, movies or weird body augmentation tech would make me feel old. Turns out it was a video game, and that video game is Fortnite.

17 Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence? Some Experts Hope So | Hacker News

>> Generally speaking, logical modelling is too limited for good concept representations In principle, First Order Logic and equivalent languages can represent anything that can be represented in natural language. The problem is that in practice it is very hard to transfer into a logic language all the knowledge you might need for a useful system. In fact, this was one motivation for at least one branch of machine learning- the work from Ryszard Michalski, Claude Sammut, Ranan Banerji, Steven Vere, Brian Cohen and later rule-learners like Quinlan's decision tree learners and of course all the later work in Inductive Logic Programming by Plotkin, Shapiro, Muggleton etc. These are all rule-learning systems, that can avoid the knowledge acquisition bottleneck that probably did in for purely rule-based expert systems in the '90s (i.e. getting experts to transfer their knowledge into rules). I rather agree that further progress in AI will require a, let's say, synchretistic approach- like I say in another comment, the obvious thing for me is to use deep learning for perception, logic for inference and probabilistic modelling to deal with the noisy world.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns, interim appointed | ZDNet

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This is why your iPhone's battery dies fast

If you've ever searched for tips on prolonging iPhone battery life, you've almost certainly encountered this one: turn off email fetch. The reasoning: battery life suffers if your phone automatically checks for new mail every 15 or 30 minutes.

Amazon Fire TV Cube preview: Alexa still needs work as a TV guide

The Fire TV Cube itself is a glossy black box that, aside from the blue ring that lights up when Alexa is listening to you, looks about as nondescript as a bit of home theater kit can be. (It's also not strictly speaking a cube since its sides are different lengths — what gives, Amazon?) I'm not much of a fan of the glossy finish, but it's here for a reason: there's an omnidirectional IR blaster inside that gives the Cube the power to control some of your more traditional, non-smart home theater equipment. (Stick around for the full review for more on this; my current test setup consists of a 65-inch TV and not much else.) You'll find an HDMI-out around back along with a port for an IR extender and a microUSB port you can use to connect a full-sized ethernet adapter. There's also 16GB of storage inside the box, which is double what you'd get out of any other Fire TV.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 date leaked - 36 hours of deals start midday on July 16th

Prime Day deals will obviously include heavy discounts on Amazon devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Kindles and tablets - Amazon regularly runs discounts on these items throughout the year so there’s a very good chance that for Prime Day it’ll haul out its cheapest ever prices on at least a few of these items if not all. You should also expect some tempting offers for some of Amazon’s other services like Audible.

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There's nothing civil about a foreign invasion undertaken by illegal migratory insurgents. These people are, in fact, an infestation, and their presence does nothing to improve the lives or the condition of American citizens.

California’s net neutrality bill has just been “eviscerated” (UPDATED)

A California Assemblyman who received substantial donations from AT&T has led a move to de-tooth California’s promising network neutrality bill and succeeded. The bill, SB 822 sponsored by San Francisco Democrat Scott Wiener, was considered to be a gold standard state law to fill the regulatory void left by the FCC’s abandonment of the 2015 Open Internet Order.

Marketers risk a consumer backlash linked to mobile-tech addiction

Omnicom media agency Hearts & Science does billions of dollars in business helping marketers place their ads in front of the right people. But Hagedorn is concerned about the balance between social responsibility and commercial viability. “On the consumer front, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in net attention—the amount of attention anyone can spend away from traditional media outlets to mobile devices and applications,” he said. “This shift has had a big impact on consumers and users of technology themselves. They’re now physiologically different because of the influence of mobile devices and applications. And in the moves now that our industry has made to monetize net consumer attention, we’ve seen bad actors emerge with bad consequences, like identity hijacking, fake news, and ad fraud.”

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Uber drivers made more than $600 million in tips in one year

Lyft, of course, is not available in nearly as many markets as Uber. Lyft only operates in the U.S. and Canada, while Uber operates in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. So, more continents and cities means more opportunities for tipping.


Windows 10 tip: Fine-tune memory usage to make the most of a virtual machine | ZDNet

By default, Hyper-V assigns a measly amount of RAM to virtual machines you create. For best performance in the virtual PC, adjust these numbers, and use dynamic memory for maximum flexibility.

AMC is taking on MoviePass with $20 subscription plan

The subscription plan is known as AMC Stubs A-List, and AMC says it addresses the criticisms it previously harbored for MoviePass’s subscription service.

EPYC: One year on and AMD has transformed the server landscape | ZDNet

What really strikes me about EPYC is how rapidly it gained traction in a market that's usually stifled by inertia. Server customers aren't the type to adopt something new just for the sake of having something new, so the pace at which EPYC silicon has permeated the market is a clear indicator of the pent-up demand for change -- and serious competition to what Intel was offering. The long list of mammoth wins for EPYC range from cloud customers such as Microsoft , Baidu and Packet , to hardware OEMs such as Dell EMC , HPE , Cray , and Cisco .

Elon Musk emails Tesla workers: 'We've been extensively sabotaged by employee' | ZDNet

In the email, obtained by CNBC , Musk said the employee made "direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System under false usernames" and exported "large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties".

Tesla: We're now suing ex-employee for alleged theft of gigabytes of trade secrets | ZDNet

In a suit filed on Wednesday in Nevada, Tesla alleges that former Tesla process technician Martin Tripp has admitted to "writing software that hacked Tesla's manufacturing operating system" and leaking several gigabytes of Tesla data to outsiders, including "dozens of confidential photographs and a video of Tesla's manufacturing systems".

34 Samsung unveils 7nm technology with EUV | ZDNet

At its annual Foundry Forum last month, Samsung said it was on track to start risk production of 7nm later this year. It can take up to one year to transition from risk production to full volume production, and Samsung also said that some of the IP blocks won't be available until the first half of 2019, so it seems unlikely that 7nm will be ready in time to produce application processors for the Samsung Galaxy S10 next spring. As a stopgap, Samsung has developed an 8nm process, which it will present in a talk tomorrow that will be followed by a Qualcomm presentation on a 10nm Snapdragon SoC that can be extended to the 8nm technology.

Teradata sues SAP, alleges stolen trade secrets and HANA built on its IP | ZDNet

SAP lured Teradata into a purported joint venture in order to gain access to Teradata's valuable intellectual property. SAP's purpose for the joint venture was to steal Teradata's trade secrets, developed over the course of four decades, and use them to quickly develop and introduce a competing though inferior product, SAP HANA. Upon release of SAP HANA, SAP promptly terminated the joint venture, and SAP is now attempting to coerce its customers into using HANA only, to the exclusion of Teradata.

Tesla is suing a former employee for leaking confidential data

Tripp, according to the lawsuit, allegedly also coded a way for this data to be systematically exported to people outside of Tesla. The lawsuit alleges that the former employee lied to the press about Tesla’s business.

Instagram takes on YouTube with new IGTV app | Cult of Mac

With IGTV, Instagram now has another way to bring in revenue through ads. The company is also obviously trying to strike a blow at YouTube, which has dominated mobile video for over a decade. IGTV could also spell more trouble for Snapchat which has been trying to make vertical video the most popular format among Millennials and teens.

Tesla is favoring Germany for its next Gigafactory

If the plans carry through, it would be Tesla’s first Gigafactory in Europe. The continent is a hotbed in the battery tech industry as more carmakers switch to electric vehicles. Matter of fact, industry experts estimate Europe’s battery market could be worth $290 billion by 2025 thanks to the green car revolution happening there, reports Reuters . Germany would make sense to be the location for Tesla’s first European Gigafactory as the company already has the headquarters for its Grohmann Engineering division in Prüm, Germany. That facility recently built a production line for Tesla’s battery factory in Reno, Nevada.

Silexica, which optimises how disparate applications work together on autonomous cars, raises $18M

As we inch closer to building increasingly autonomous cars, the complexities that these vehicles will present as programmable hardware are increasing, with some 250 applications ranging from cameras to navigation controls to weather sensors running on a typical high performance system today. Now, a startup that is building a system to help optimise that and let all of those vendors work together in a neutral way is announcing some funding to continue its growth. Silexica , a startup based out of Cologne, Germany, that has developed a set of tools to help map and optimise a wide range of applications across multicore processors — specifically the kinds of applications and computers that power self-driving cars — has raised $18 million.

40 Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse

This image provided by the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center shows part of the interior of the building in Staunton, Va. Immigrant children as young as 14 housed at the juvenile detention center say they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells. The abuse claims are detailed in federal court filings that include a half-dozen sworn statements from Latino teens jailed there for months or years. (Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center via AP)

Amazon's tiny Cube lets Alexa control your big TV (and more)

With infrared control for your TV, sound bar, cable box and more, this diminutive device lets you talk to the TV -- and get responses.

Apple invests $25 billion in future A-series chips | Cult of Mac

Apple will reportedly invest a massive $25 billion in 5 nanometer node technology to enable its A-series chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to fabricate next-generation chips for iOS devices.

'Time' slams Trump's family separation policy in a cover for the ages

Likewise, the cover story , "A Reckoning After Trump's Border Separation Policy: What Kind of Country Are We?" by Karl Vick, doesn't mince words about what it sees as the eroding of our traditional norms and values by the current president.

44 Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse

This image provided by the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center shows part of the interior of the building in Staunton, Va. Immigrant children as young as 14 housed at the juvenile detention center say they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells. The abuse claims are detailed in federal court filings that include a half-dozen sworn statements from Latino teens jailed there for months or years. (Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center via AP)

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Once everything is set up, the Cube looks and acts just like a Fire TV, with the notable addition of hands-free voice control. You can treat it like an Echo device, waking it up by saying "Alexa" and talking to it without touching the remote. The microphone array on the Cube is powerful enough to pick up your words from across a large living room. Since the Cube will likely be placed near a TV or soundbar connected to a TV, Amazon says it improved microphone sensitivity over other Echo devices to better hear your voice when audio is coming through the TV or connected speakers. It still recommends placing the Cube at least a foot or two away from any active speakers in your home theater setup, including the TV itself.

Famous gorilla Koko who could do sign language has died at the age of 46

‘The foundation will continue to honor Koko’s legacy and advance our mission with ongoing projects including conservation efforts in Africa, the great ape sanctuary on Maui, and a sign language application featuring Koko for the benefit of both gorillas and children.’

How to use Apple Pencil with iWork apps

Apple unveiled in March 2018 a new version of the iWork apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) that includes support for the Apple Pencil on the iPad. The support goes further than just letting users interact with the document and app like a stylus—it allows users to draw elements directly into Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to bring life to their documents and even add annotations. This tutorial primarily covers how to use these features in the Pages word processing app .

Free to download Fortnite generates $100M in 90 days via in-app purchases

'Fortnite' has become the second most successful free-to-play game launched on iOS, according to analysts, hitting the $100 million milestone for in-app purchases just 90 days after it shipped on iPhone and iPad, and outpacing its rivals in the 'battle royale' genre.

Alexa turns on your TV, and it feels like magic

Once the Cube recognized "Alexa" it lit up and paused the music (or TV show or whatever) so it could better hear the rest of my command, just like an Echo. If it wasn't able to pause, for example when I was watching a show on my cable box, it instead sent a mute command to my sound bar or receiver's speakers. In both cases it was worth waiting a second or two for silence before issuing the command, something that took me awhile to get used to.

The Weather Channel’s new storm graphics are totally insane

But what does that really mean? In its debut, the Weather Channel simulated a full-fledged tornado quite literally ripping the walls off its own studio. A power line and car fell from the sky as its anchorman ran for safety. Things only escalated from there. The technology ups the ante for an industry that’s already known for dramatizing the weather with XTREME graphics. It played out like a Universal Studios ride on the eights . Take a look:

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56 Logitech's school-targeted Crayon stylus is so good, Apple should copy it
57 AnyChart | Data Visualization with Elasticsearch and AnyChart JavaScript Charts — Integration Sample
58 The ACLU wants to help fight government orders that could compromise phone security
59 How to meet project goals by creating a work breakdown structure
60 New sneakers? Apple Pay can save you money on Adidas products | Cult of Mac
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81 'Alien' Atacama skeleton gives up its strange genetic secrets
82 How HR managers are handling the talent shortage problem
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