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Here are the best Super Bowl 50 commercials

Armed with nearly infinite money -- one Super Bowl commercial will cost $170,000 a second in 2016 -- the advertising industry has trotted out all of its best ideas to capture your attention while you're watching the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers.

Here's why Peyton Manning embarrassed everyone with his Budweiser marketing

Except, maybe, when Peyton Manning takes a bow for leading his team to a Super Bowl win — at 39 years old, ancient in football years, on the verge of retirement — and mentions that he's going to drink a lot of Budweiser.

5 The Pirate Bay now lets you stream torrents from your browser

The best-known torrent site in the world now streams pirated content too. The Pirate Bay has added support for  Torrents Time , a plugin that lets users stream torrents directly inside their browser. There's no need to download the torrent itself, or a BitTorrent client, or even the actual content — then lets the whole process run inside Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome, on either Windows or OS X. The system is currently in beta, and has all the usual problems of pirated torrents (namely bad image quality and the need to wait for peers to seed the content), but it's still an extremely simple system.

Facebook's Free Basics service has been banned in India

Facebook's free-but-restricted internet service, Free Basics, has been  banned in India after the country's national telecoms regulator ruled that the program and others like it infringe the principles of net neutrality. The ruling was not directly aimed at Free Basics, but the general practice of zero-rated internet services — those that let users access certain apps and websites without eating away at their mobile data.

Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 15% of iPhone battery life

Using an iPhone 6S Plus for a week without the main Facebook app installed, I recorded the battery life at 10.30pm each day for a week comparing it to a daily average taken from a week with the app. I charged the phone overnight, taking it off the charger at 7.30am, and used it normally. I accessed Facebook for the same amount of time, and for the same purposes, using the social network’s excellent mobile site within Safari, as I had done using the app. I also left the Facebook Messenger app installed.

Chris Martin is the Super Bowl's biggest loser, according to the Internet

On Sunday night, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars joined Coldplay for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show and, frankly, ruled the show.

Super Bowl 50: the ads, not the football

Mat once failed an audition to be the Milkybar Kid: an advert creation that pushed white chocolate on gluttonous British children. Two decades later, having repressed that early rejection, he completed a three-year teaching stint in Japan with help from world-class internet and a raft of bizarre DS titles. After a few weeks back in the UK, he's recently returned to Japan, heading up our coverage of a country that's obsessed with technology -- often in very unusual ways.

We Have the Technology to Destroy All Zika Mosquitoes

While gene-drive technology could save human lives, the feature that makes it so powerful—that mosquitoes themselves spread it—also raises concerns over unforeseen ecological consequences. What if the DNA change somehow jumps to other insects? If things were to go wrong, would scientists be able to recall it? An expert panel of the National Academy of Sciences, in Washington, D.C., is expected to release a report in May on responsible use of the technology. “I don’t think there is a real consensus yet on gene drives,” says Keegan Sawyer, director of the study. “There are differing camps.”

CSS variables are finally landing in Chrome

The problem is that this is not done at runtime with these libraries, so you’re not able to change these colors in real time without recompiling your stylesheets.

Instagram now lets you switch between multiple accounts

The process is pretty simple. You add new accounts from the settings menu, and once that's done, just tap your username at the top of your profile to move between them. Your profile photo will be placed more prominently throughout the app so that you never lose track of which account is active. Instagram first tested account switching on Android in November, with iOS following a couple months later. As of this week, everyone is getting the new option on both platforms.

6 Tools for Selling Products on Instagram : Social Media Examiner

Thanks for including Curalate’s Like2Buy in this round up! Hundreds of the world’s brands are now leveraging Like2Buy to turn Instagram into an instant revenue generator. I just wanted to highlight that it only takes minutes to set up your Like2Buy account and won’t require a single second of work from your ecomm or engineering teams. Let us know if you have any questions!

You'll never think about domestic abuse the same way again after this Super Bowl ad

This year's ad, which aired in a prime slot right after the halftime show, encourages everyone to look out for signs of domestic abuse in friends — and learn what you can do to stop it.

iOS 9.3 beta 3 is out for developers | Cult of Mac

The third beta of iOS 9.3 has been seeded to developers today two weeks after Apple pushed out the last update that brought new features for Control Center, NightShift mode, and more.

16 Facebook's Free Basics blocked by India

No service provider shall enter into any arrangement, agreement or contract, by whatever name called, with any person, natural or legal, that has the effect of discriminatory tariffs for data services being offered or charged to the consumer on the basis of content, provided that this regulation shall not apply to tariffs for data services over closed electronic communications networks, unless such tariffs are offered or charged by the service provider for the purpose of evading the prohibition in this regulation.

Firewatch Review - IGN

It’s a pair of firework-launching teenage girls that set Firewatch’s story in motion, and you can choose to talk to Delilah at almost any time by bringing up your two-way radio. She’s got something to say about almost everything, whether you need advice on how to handle a given situation or you’re just reporting your progress on a task she’s given you, and she’s so engaging that I found myself eager to call about every little thing I came across. Things get darker – in a figurative as well as a sometimes literal sense – when the teens go missing, and you and Delilah try to piece together the puzzle of their whereabouts while making your own critical (sometimes difficult) decisions. The writing here is simply head and shoulders above nearly every other game I’ve ever played. In fact, Firewatch’s script, unlike most video games, would also make a fantastic novella that’s every bit as gripping as the game is. It’s tense, scary, and funny – sometimes all within a few minutes of each other. Not a lot of games can successfully claim that.

Here's Tim Cook's ringing endorsement for iPhone photography

Granted, he probably got caught up in the festivities and was more interested in looking at real-life than his screen, but the internet isn’t a forgiving place and people are having a field day berating Cook’s photographic skills today.

A better sounding (and much cheaper) alternative to pricey sound bars

Moving onto the wired analog connection on the LP7498E amp, and digital audio via HDMI to the W Studio sound bar, the B6 was more refined and clear sounding. The B6 also produced a wider and more spacious soundstage than the W Studio. The subwoofer's bass on the latter was more powerful than the B6's, but not by all that much.

Indian Telecoms Regulator Effectively Bans Facebook’s Free Basics Service

NEW DELHI—Indian telecommunications regulators on Monday effectively banned a controversial Facebook Inc. program to let people have free, but limited, use of the Internet, issuing rules requiring companies to charge the same price for access to any website.

Watch The 9th Annual Crunchies, Hosted By Chelsea Peretti, Right Here

It’s a big week for San Francisco. Yesterday, the city played host to the Super Bowl and tonight, we are celebrating the startup ecosystem with our 9th Annual Crunchies award show in the swanky WSF War Memorial Opera House . You can guess which one of those I’m more excited about.

World's fastest mobility scooter hits record 107.6 mph

It must've been a slow week at an Isle of Man bodyshop when mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine decided to "tweak" a mobility scooter for a bit more speed . The garden-variety Days Strider model was designed to go 8 mph, so naturally the pair added an 80-horsepower, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled Suzuki motorcycle engine. That made the chassis and tires woefully inadequate, so they also redesigned the frame and added go-cart wheels. "But that's not really a mobility scooter anymore," you may say.

Watch the cinematic opening for 'Dark Souls 3'

Dark Souls 3 is almost here, people of the internet. But while you patiently wait until April 12th , when the game's scheduled to launch, there's now a cinematic opening for it to keep your emotions at ease. In the video titled To the Kingdom of Lothric, you'll see cameos from Yhorn the Giant, Aldrich Saint of the Deep and Farron's Undead Legion -- characters you're set to encounter throughout Dark Souls 3 . And if you haven't pre-ordered yet, From Software's new fantasy action title will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

One Punch Man Is the Next Must-See Anime Show

OPM is a relatively scant—just 12 episodes—show about Saitama, a man so strong he can defeat nearly any enemy with a single blow. At first glance, Saitama is a remarkably unappealing protagonist. (As a bald man in a yellow jumpsuit, he looks a little like a used condom.) Both visually and metaphorically, he’s an overgrown childL the only reason he became a hero is that he wanted to be one as a kid, and then just kinda didn’t do anything else. His decisions feel like Rube Goldberg logic contraptions; in one episode, he saves a child not because the value of human life, but because of declining birth rates. He doesn’t even take any of his fights seriously—a good chunk of his dialogue is being bored with monsters, though not even in that wry, Deadpool way. And for all his strength, he is often deeply ineffectual.

Gag-filled 'Deadpool' regenerates gory, immature hilarity for grown-ups (review)

"Deadpool" tightly packs every kind of gag, from juvenile dick jokes to '80s referential humour to under-the-radar witticisms, into a shotgun. And once the chambers on that scatter gun approach are out of ammo, the movie then resorts to punching you in the face with seven more kinds of cracking wise. Running gags about Sinead O'Connor and "Say Anything" sit alongside Weasel (TJ Miller) riffing on just how ugly a post-transformation Wade is. It's blunt-force, rapid-fire comedy, and it's unrelentingly funny. (And as always, stay til after the credits.)

People are making fun of Tim Cook's blurry Super Bowl photo

The number of jokes grew to point that "Tim Cook" became a trending topic on Twitter. An hour later he tweeted out another photo that was in focus. Whether it was as a response to people poking fun at him on Twitter or not is uncertain, and the original photo hasn't been deleted. But it just goes to show that even Tim Cook isn't immune to having a photo meme-ified.

StubHub will soon start selling tickets directly

StubHub is trying to be more than just that app you turn to when you see those two little words: sold out . Today, the secondary ticket seller announced it will soon start selling tickets directly from venues, beginning with the 2016 Philadelphia 76ers season. The new platform won't differentiate between primary and secondary ticket sales, so users will be able to view all available tickets in the same space.

Google is giving away 2GB of Drive space for completing its account security checkup

It’s obviously on your calendar already and you’ve been looking forward to it for months, but tomorrow is “ Safer Internet Day ” which means Google is bringing the celebration to you.

Live From Inside Chipotle's Unprecedented Company-Wide Food Safety Meeting

Update 12:03 p.m. ET: During the presentation, Ells (pictured above) noted that the outbreaks likely stemmed from cross-contamination from one food to another at the chain's restaurants. Tomatoes, which caused the salmonella outbreak, will now be diced at a central kitchen—rather than at individual restaurants. This, Chipotle says, will reduce the risk of the ingredients being infected by other foods. Lettuce and peppers will also be prepared at the central kitchens. Chipotle workers will continually test the ingredients for contamination.

Recruitment marketplace Hired nabs $40M, acquires 3 companies in U.S., France, and Australia

“I could draw plenty of analogies between our business and other well-known marketplace companies re-imagining massive — and massively broken — industries that have not seen change in decades, but instead I’ll just say that I feel confident we’ll soon take our place among them,” he said. “All of the pieces are in place for us to scale business exponentially and to make Hired a household name. What’s more, I hope that we become known as a company that’s doing something really important. Not just delivering your dry cleaning or walking your dog, but helping giving you the tools to make a critical life decision with ease. There’s work to do yet, but I know we’re already well on our way.”

31 Take a virtual tour of Mars with this new 360-degree image from NASA

NASA published a 360-degree image on the Curiosity rover's official Facebook page last week that was meant to let viewers "explore Mars" with their smartphones. It was a great idea, and it teases at how, someday relatively soon, we'll be able to explore other planets virtually well before any of our descendants get a chance to do it in person.

Firewatch review: a game that perfectly captures the beauty and terror of nature

People usually go camping to relax and get away from the stress of city life, but I’ve always found it to be terrifying. It’s not the bears or the fires that scare me — it’s the silence. When you’re used to the steady murmur of traffic and people and all of the other noises that come from urban life, a quiet evening in the woods feels alien. Every sound — whether it’s the crackle of the fire or an animal off in the distance — becomes thundering. I’ve read enough detective novels to know what happens in the woods at night. The quiet isn’t something I’ve ever gotten used to.

Google CEO Pichai Receives Record $199 Million Stock Grant

Google Inc.’s Sundar Pichai is poised to become one of the highest-paid executives of a publicly traded company this year after parent Alphabet Inc. awarded him restricted stock worth about $199 million.

Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad Out Amid Compliance Concerns

“David is a strong leader who will take Zenefits to the next stage of development, as it evolves from a startup to a large-scale national leader,” Conrad said in a statement. “I am immensely proud of the organization we have built and the industrywide impact we’ve had but recognize that our company’s management infrastructure and policies haven’t kept pace with our meteoric growth. Elevating a strong management hand with successful experience and impeccable credentials is without a doubt in the best interests of the company at this time.”

President Obama will ask Congress for $1.8 billion to fight the Zika virus

President Obama  plans to ask Congress for $1.8 billion to help fight the Zika virus. If approved, the emergency funds will be used to support mosquito control programs and vaccine research, as well as health services for pregnant women with low incomes. So far, only a dozen cases of Zika have appeared in the United States, and there's been only one known case of local transmission in Texas. However, additional funds will go to countries that are currently experiencing Zika outbreaks to help stop the spread of transmission.

Use virtual reality to overcome your fear of public speaking

It’s certainly better than practicing in front of the mirror or by glancing at printed notes, as neither of these options replicate the feeling of being in front of people watching and listening to you. It probably works best with a Cardboard headset that straps onto your head, as you’ll have your hands free to gesture along with your speech.

The OnePlus 2 now costs $349

If you need a high-end phone but have budget issues, OnePlus has permanently lowered the price of its OnePlus 2 smartphone from $399 to $349 (€345 and £249 in Europe and the UK). That makes it just $100 more than its entry-level OnePlus X phone, and could push it from "kinda expensive" to "okay, I can handle that" for a lot of folks. To prevent any bent noses, the company said it would refund the $40 difference to anyone who purchased the OnePlus 2 within the last 15 days. It'll also throw in a free StyleSwap cover for a limited time.

How Apple is trying to solve some of the world's major health problems

Its potential is powerful when you think about it: ResearchKit allows doctors and researchers to collect more data from more patients than ever before, which could lead to findings that were impossible before doctors could collect study data daily through a smartphone.

'Nimble' brings Wolfram Alpha to your menubar on OS X

As magical as Wolfram Alpha often is, I find myself forgetting it exists more often than not when I need it. ‘Nimble,’ a Wolfram Alpha menubar client, aims to change all that by giving the knowledge engine prime real estate at the top of your screen.

Thousands of FBI and Homeland Security details stolen by hackers

He found the database on the intranet, along with 1TB of data. He managed to download the details of about 30,000 US government employees from the FBI and Homeland Security, as well as 200GB of data. The data includes more sensitive information like credit card numbers and military emails, he said.

Hangouts targets improved call quality and speed with peer-to-peer connections

The change could alleviate some of the long-standing criticism of sluggishness and poor call quality with Google's communications platform.

'Titanfall 2' will have a real single-player campaign

Respawn hasn't said much about its Titanfall sequel beyond plans for multi-platform support, but some details are starting to trickle out... and they'll be good news for fans of the robot-slash-infantry shooter. In a chat with Forbes , head writer Jesse Stern notes that Titanfall 2 will have a real, honest-to-goodness single-player campaign when it arrives either late this year or early next. That's not completely shocking given that the team didn't have the resources to flesh out its solo game the first time around. Still, it's reassuring if you were frustrated by the original's barely-there offline experience, which really just amounted to AI matches with a sliver of story in between.

Firewatch Photos will print and ship your in-game snapshots

The reason the feature isn't available on PlayStation 4 yet? Firewatch Photos is a network service, and Panic's Cabel Sasser tells Polygon that consoles need to be "extra vigilant" about network access. "We are actively investigating what it would take to make this happen on the PlayStation 4," Sasser says. "Sony wants it and so do we!" Polygon 's piece also explores the origins of the mode and how deep the thought process was for the feature. A line of dialogue was rewritten and re-recorded to reflect the fiction's photo processing store after the original bits of script was already in the can, for instance. What's more, the idea of getting physical copies of the photos came up as an off-handed idea amongst the team."When there's an idea that immediately excites us both -- like the idea behind Firewatch in the first place -- it's hard to stop us from doing it," says Sasser. Sounds like PS4 support is a matter of "when," not "if," in this case.

Apps To Help You Survive and Conquer Valentine's Day

Crap: It’s the second week of February and you’ve done exactly nothing in preparation for Valentine’s Day. That’s OK—with the remaining time, a few installs can save your day (and maybe night?). Whether you’re celebrating with a long-term partner or even just trying to spare your single self a little heartache, there’s an app to go along with your plans (or lack thereof). Put down your credit card, do not order that stuffed bear. Just, grab your phone.

French data privacy regulator to Facebook: You have 3 months to stop tracking non-users

BRUSSELS (by Julia Fioretti, Reuters) — The French data protection authority on Monday gave Facebook three months to stop tracking non-users’ web activity without their consent and ordered the social network to stop transferring personal data to the United States.

Humble Bundle is funding its own games

That policy isn't going to thrill you if you believe that indie games shouldn't be confined to specific services. However, it could make sense for tiny studios eager to get noticed. After a modest start this fall, Humble Monthly has over 70,000 subscribers -- that's a lot of people who could spread the buzz about a game that might otherwise fly underneath the radar. Even if you don't fork over the $12 per month to get early access, you may find yourself playing more unexpected hits.

Exclusive: The big death in Captain America: Civil War | News |

Another source close to the film told us that they have already fit Sebastian Stan for a Captain America costume. Like in the comics, Bucky Barnes takes on the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers is apparently killed. You would think the honor would go to Sam Wilson, the Falcon (and current Captain America in the comic series), but there’s Marvel movies have a penchant for characters who feel the need to make up for all the red in their ledgers.

MIT Technology Review

The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.

Want the full MS-DOS virus experience? Time for a night at the Malware Museum | ZDNet

With ancient artefacts from the 1980s and 1990s at the Internet Archive's new online museum, you can take a stroll down malware memory lane.

Flash memory's density surpasses hard drives for first time

"On the other hand, flash memory is getting denser with technology announcements of 2.77Tbspi, higher than any announced HDD areal density. This is a new development. So flash is developing and certainly getting competitive in terms of areal storage density, but the chips are still more expensive to make than disks and the raw costs of storage will likely remain less for HDDs for some time to come."

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