Automation Changes the Work We Do, But it Doesn’t Have to Kill the Joy | MIT Technology Review

Carr, a former executive editor of Harvard Business Review and an occasional contributor to this magazine, has written several books that have challenged common beliefs about technology, like the added value of IT for businesses and the cognitive benefits of Google. In The Glass Cage he is channeling the anxieties of the contemporary workplace. Even talented white-collar workers feel as though they are half a generation from being rendered obsolete by an algorithm. But Carr is not analyzing the economic consequences of automation for the workforce at large. The book begins with a warning to airline pilots from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration not to rely too much on autopilot. He narrates two crashes, tracing their cause to pilot inattention caused by the autopilot’s lulling effects. This reads like the opening of a utilitarian argument against automation: we ought to let pilots do their jobs because computers lack the judgment necessary to preserve human life during moments of crisis. Later, we learn that the safety records of Airbus planes and the more pilot-oriented planes built by Boeing are more or less identical.

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Pinterest Launches A New Analytics Dashboard For Business Users | TechCrunch

For Pinterest, releasing a product that keeps businesses happy and keeps them using its platform can only be a positive. The more they Pin and interact with Pinners, the more likely they are to use some of the services Promoted Pins to boost engagement. And having analytics to show that those Promoted Pins actually work will be key to ensuring that more businesses decide to use them.

ESA Is Investigating Solutions For Galileo Satellites' Misplaced Orbit

The ESA is also investigating the possibility that the satellites might still be usable for navigation in their current orbits, but that’s still being evaluated by teams on the ground. “The worst case scenario,” according to the ESA, is that the satellites may not be able to be used for the Galileo program at all. But even in that case, the satellites could be put to use to “further push the limits of the system.”

Doggie Data: Pooches Are Most Active in Portland and Laziest in Houston

Which cities have the fittest and laziest dogs, and which breeds are buffest? Two doggie activity monitoring companies shared some new data with The Wall Street Journal for clues.

GoPro's $60 'Fetch' harness captures a dog's perspective of the world

The harness is nicely padded and fully adjustable, so it can be strapped to hounds of nearly any size. (The chest mount can even be removed in case there's not much clearance between your dog's belly and the floor.) And everything's washable and water-friendly, so you can even record your dog's swimming excursions — if that's something you want to do. The Fetch mount is scheduled to ship starting tomorrow, and GoPro's offering a 30-day money back guarantee in case your dog ends up hating the whole thing. And let's be real: it looks like the two dog friends pictured above aren't really digging it. Fetch didn't arrive in time for National Dog Day and the corresponding flood of Instagram photos, but there's always next year.

Free Razer PC gear in Joystiq's back to school giveaway

Graduation is a distant memory. Middle school? High school? Undergrad? Daycare? Everyone's leaving their old life behind and getting ready to build a new front of educational righteousness in the near future. Just like mom asked you to, you've made a checklist of necessities. New phone case to prevent backpack breakage! New writing utensils of varying stain power! One used copy of Lord of the Flies ! A totally sweet new PC that you told your entire extended family was for that design class but it's really for Dota 2 ! Alright, that last one is pretty hard to swing. Building a killer PC with all the accoutrements you can imagine is a difficult task. While we can't help with the rig itself, Joystiq and Razer can assist with some accessories. In the spirit of our Back to School feature, we're giving away one Razer Adaro Wireless headset worth $150, one Razer Naga mouse worth $80, and one Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2014 worth $140. All you have to do to enter is like Joystiq on Facebook using the Rafflecopter widget below before 10AM EST on Wednesday, August 27th. Three random winners will be selected to win the goods.

Report: Gigantic 12.9-inch iPads Are Coming Next Year

Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has kept screen sizes simple, offering only four options. Now, the company may be taking a different approach. Bloomberg reports that Apple will launch a 12.9-inch iPad in early 2015, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

Feature: Early Access, as told by the devs that live there

"Early Access" has become a four-letter word. Tales of alleged scams, abandoned or canceled projects and unfinished games being sold at retail have many questioning the service's validity and usefulness as a tool for empowering developers. Customers are increasingly concerned about quality assurance and Steam becoming a hot mess of unnavigable menus drowning users in content. In light of this, Joystiq reached out to developers with varying histories regarding Early Access to find out more. Meet Jamie Cheng, Chris Simpson and Ryan Clark, your tour guides behind the scenes of Early Access indie development. Join us as these three developers share their thoughts on what has caused the downward spiral of public perception surrounding Early Access, what can be done about it, and what future – if any – the program has. BEFORE EARLY ACCESS "It's very dear to us, the idea of alpha funding," Chris Simpson of The Indie Stone told Joystiq. "To see its reputation kind of start to go down the toilet is very frustrating for us." The Indie Stone is the studio behind Project Zomboid , one of Steam's first games to pass Greenlight certification, as well as one of the many games currently available on Steam Early Access.

The Crew races at 30FPS, 1080p on Xbox One, PS4, PC

An Ubisoft representative has let slip the graphical benchmarks the team behind open-world racer The Crew is currently aiming for: 30 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. This revelation comes in response to a forum member's complaints that the PC beta test of the game is locked at 30 frames per second. An Ubisoft community manager stepped in to respond with a succinct rebuttal: "The final game will run in 1080p with 30 frames per second on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will support up to 5760 x 1080p on PC for triple screen set-ups," the response reads. "Right now the team is focusing on providing an optimal experience for all players." Later, the community manager would edit the reply to note that the development team is working to reach 60 frames per second on the PC. "We can officially say that we're aiming for 60FPS on PC at launch," he wrote. "Our Beta build is still more performant at 30FPS, but you can expect to play at 60FPS on PC when the game is launched." Whether or not Ubisoft's developers reach the hallowed realm of 60 frames per second remains to be seen.

Facebook didn't actually acquire a sound studio, but it did hire audio engineers

Part of Facebook’s overall strategy appears to include creating original audio content, as evident by a handful of recent hires who previously worked at sound studio WaveGroup Sound.

Exclusive: Microsoft CEO Nadella to visit China amid antitrust probe - source

It is not clear if Nadella, who took over as Microsoft CEO in February, will meet with any Chinese government representatives as part of his visit, or try to resolve issues with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), one of China's antitrust regulators.

The Times Square That Could've Been

The resulting exhibition includes over 20 boards, which display visions that range from postmodern literalism--one design features a “monumental” big apple, hovering above the square--to futurism at its most tribal, with a muscular totem pole of a tower bisected by a floating sphere. In one board, light bulbs cover the old Times Tower, with the idea that Broadway stars could be depicted at a scale befitting their fame.

Facebook Is Going To Suppress 'Click-Bait' Articles

Facebook is making these changes because they asked users in an initial survey about the type of content that is preferred in the News Feed. About 80% of the time people said that they preferred headlines that helped them decide if they wanted to read the full article before clicking through. Facebook said that the click-bait headlines may “drown out content from friends and Pages that people really care about.”

First 64-bit Android phone has no 64-bit software

Further ReadingQualcomm’s first 64-bit chip is the mid-range Snapdragon 410Chip launches in second half of 2014, uses ARM's Cortex A53 CPU architecture. The Desire's 64-bit badge comes courtesy of Qualcomm's  Snapdragon 410 . The first 64-bit Qualcomm chip isn't a high-end monster that rivals the Snapdragon 805; it's instead a low-end chip—Qualcomm's lineup is being upgraded from the bottom up, it seems. The SoC has four Cortex A53 CPU cores running at 1.2GHz, 1GB of RAM, and LTE. The rest of the phone is packing a 4.7-inch 854x480 display, 5MP camera, 8GB of storage (plus a microSD slot), and a 2100 mAh battery.

Google fixes image search after 'car crash' bug | ZDNet

Summary: UPDATED. The search giant said it wished it served up "micropigs" instead, after a Russian car crash image dogged users of its image search engine.

Jailbreak Tweak Roundup: ColorFlow, PlayTask and #PlayMe2

If you are looking for a quicker way to control your music, PlayTask is a useful jailbreak tweak that allows you to play or pause any music apps with a simple swipe down gesture within the multitasking menu. Simply double tap the home button to pull up the card-based multitasking screen and swipe down. You can configure the color, size and opacity of the play and pause buttons within the tweak’s preferences menu in the Settings app. PlayTask is free on Cydia for iPhone in the default BigBoss repo.

Cast Your Vote in Absurd Creature of the Week’s Tournament of Absurdity! | Science | WIRED

We’re coming up on one whole year of Absurd Creature of the Week! So to celebrate, we’ve used a super-secret, super-complex algorithm to choose the 16 most absurd of the absurd—to pit them against each other in mortal combat (bracket is at the bottom of this post). Now, you will vote to decide which is the very most absurdest of them all. Here are today’s matchups:

Rich People Are Trucking Their Own Water Into Drought-Ridden California

Although 81 percent of the state is experiencing an " extreme drought ," for many parts of California there is no apparent water shortage. Visit the highest-income neighborhoods and you'll see lush lawns and sparkling fountains defiantly sucking our lifeblood from the Earth. Apparently, the rich will do whatever it takes to keep themselves moist.

Report: Apple Will Announce the iWatch at the iPhone Event

going to be releasing a new iPhone with a bigger screen. It's very possible it will be called the iPhone 6, and some think that Apple will offer the new phone in different sizes, perhaps a 5.5-inch and a 4.7-inch, which would be a slight bump to the current iPhone 5S's a 4-inch screen size. The jury is still out, however, on whether the new iPhone will feature a curved screen, though reliable sources have tweeted images that show just that .

What’s Up With That: Your Fingernails Grow Way Faster Than Your Toenails | Science | WIRED

First, in order to understand why nails grow, you first need to understand how they grow. Nails begin in the nail matrix. This is the pale, half-moon shaped section peeking out from under your cuticle (though it’s usually hidden on smaller nails). This specialized tissue churns out skin cells at a manic pace and promptly cannibalizes them for their keratin—a tough, fibrous protein that gives skin its leathery texture. As the dead, keratin-rich cells pile up in the matrix, they push the nail along towards the tip. The nail is attached to the skin below, called the nail bed, which grows along with it (occasionally you can see excess growth from the nail bed—called solehorn—coming out from under the nail).

EcoFactor Says It Beats Nest In Home Energy Management

I am currently a vice president at Eastwick Communications (I do not write about my clients and will disclose any potential conflicts of interest) and have been a technology writer for nearly two decades. I started at CRN covering distributors and Apple and then moved to CNET, where I helped manage the coverage for hardware, green tech, software and science for nearly 11 years. (I got tased for a story once too: it's like being dunked in boiling oil.). Between 2008 and 2011 I was a senior analyst and editor in chief of Greentech Media. I've spoken in Europe, Asia and the U.S. on green technology and hardware, appeared on 60 Minutes, represented multinational corporations as a lawyer in the late 80s and written special reports on the tech industries in Israel, the Middle East, China, India and Europe. One summer, I also gave out coupons for free nickels at a casino in Reno.

Salesforce Community Adds Customers And Partners To Growing Cloud | TechCrunch

Vanessa Thompson, research director at IDC says this is a logical replacement for some legacy solutions and it comes at an opportune time. “ is not just offering communities, they are offering an alternative to existing community solutions as well as websites, social intranets and portals. has also struck the market at the right time [when] the enabling technologies that help onboarding, cloud and mobile have matured to a level where they become table stakes as part of a ‘connected experience’ for a customer,” she said.

Report: Capcom aims patent infringment suit at Koei Tecmo

Capcom has filed suit against Koei Tecmo alleging that the Dynasty Warriors publisher infringed on key Capcom patents in recent games, according to a Sankei report translated by Siliconera . The patent in question refers to backwards compatible content being transferred from a game to its predecessor. Imagine the Genesis-era Sonic & Knuckles cartridges. If you connect one to a Sonic 2 cartridge, you can play as Knuckles in the older game, despite his first appearance coming well after Sonic 2 hit store shelves. A more recent, topical example would be Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends , a standalone expansion that could be linked with the original Dynasty Warriors 8 to add additional stages and characters to the older musou brawler. Capcom's suit alleges that 50 Koei Tecmo games are in violation of the patent. The Street Fighter publisher is seeking 980 million yen (about $9.4 million) in restitution as well as a temporary ban on sales of several Koei Tecmo games. [Image: Koei Tecmo]

Instagram Reveals Stunning Tech Behind Its New Hyperlapse App

It also makes Instagram's decision to launch the app with iOS support — with hopes for Android support once the APIs are available — make a lot more sense. Instagram did some serious heavy lifting under the hood, and a great deal of that engineering benefits from a vertically integrated ecosystem of device and operating system APIs.

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 5 review: Exit wounds

This review covers the latest episode in an ongoing season, and may contain spoilers. Players of Telltale's The Walking Dead have offered a singular, echoing criticism throughout its first and second seasons: "My choices don't matter." Detractors claim that the story is set in concrete and only the journey changes – and even then just slightly. They decry the game's decision-making mechanics as shallow and containing a falsely advertised level of impact on the narrative. I've never had a problem with The Walking Dead 's subtlety. Regardless of the differences among every person's experience, the game always told a deep, uneasy story packed with drama and action in equal measure. The narrative rode waves of tension, crashing down on important dialogue decisions and cresting up to harried firefights and split-second amputations. In the final episode of Season 2, "No Going Back," the detractors win. In this episode, your choices matter in the deepest way – altering how the story ends. Unfortunately, this means that the balanced narrative loses in a spectacular and surprising fashion.

Hardware Crowdfunding: Where The Venture Dollars Flow | TechCrunch

While investors are absolutely using crowdfunding success to vet hardware startups (the rate of investment across these $100k+ campaigns is orders of magnitude higher than the general startup investment rate) not all project categories are created equal. Your camera campaign is unlikely to be a home run with investors even if you hit it out of the park with the crowd. Conversely, even a mediocre outcome in an automation campaign may earn the attention of investors’ wallets. It just goes to show, investors want to back companies that not only deliver what people want today, but also represent a compelling vision for the future.

15 simple, secret Windows tips and tricks designed to save you time

Nobody wants to waste time endlessly navigating menus. Fear not! Dr. PCWorld has the cure. Take these 15 secret Windows tricks to streamline your computing experience and eradicate little irritations that trip you up throughout the day. You won't need to call me in the morning.

How The 32 Teams Of The NFL Found Their Brand Footing

We tell the teams it’s really about that driveway-to-driveway experience, from the minute you leave your house to getting to the game. From a marketing standpoint, we can’t control the Xs and Os on the field--we have no effect on the outcome of the game. But we can help control or influence every other touchpoint. So if you think about a fan, 50% of the time he can be really annoyed about his team. Can you imagine having a brand where 50% of the time the consumer is not happy with it? If we can’t control the players on the field, how do we make sure every other touchpoint is uplifting and really something the fans want to interact with?

Messaging App Tango Expands Its Channels Program With BuzzFeed And Other New Publishers | TechCrunch

Tango is an all-in-one social networking app that gives you unique and meaningful ways to interact with your friends and family. Tango allows you to send free text messages, play games, and make free phone calls and video calls with those you care about. Tango works on iPhones, iPod touch, hundreds of Android phones, Kindle Fire and Blackberry Phone devices, as well as tablets and PCs, and provides …

World’s first ‘smart’ cruise ship features robot bartenders, virtual balconies and more

Quantum of the Seas also features a futuristic venue it’s calling Two70. Here you can marvel at the transformation of its floor-to-ceiling windows into giant screens for video projection, with six seven-feet-high dancing “Roboscreens” controlled by robotic arms….we’ve reached out to Royal Caribbean in a bid to find out what in Captain Cook’s name it’s talking about here, and will update when we hear back….where guests can enjoy movies , multimedia shows, and digital-mapping presentations.

MyCharge TransitPlus mobile charger Preview - CNET

My one caveat about the TransitPlus is that its 12-volt plug only sticks out 1.5 inches from the device. Some cars hide their 12-volt outlets in consoles or dashboard compartments, which might make it impossible to plug the TransitPlus in. To add some flexibility, the TransitPlus' 12-volt plug swings out in three positions: perpendicular with the the long side, perpendicular to the short side, and at an angle.

PC market in 2014 a bit less dire than previously thought

Global PC shipments will decline by 3.7 percent this year, IDC said, revising its previous forecast of a 6 percent decline. The new prediction came with a caveat, though: IDC says the future of the PC market is still “tenuous.”

Mixpanel A/B Testing

We’ve made mobile A/B testing powerful for developers too. Sometimes the most important parts of your application aren’t visual. For example, the velocity of a space ship in a game or the number of images that you show are integral to your app but difficult to run experiments on. Our Tweaks API solves this problem: it lets you write a little bit of code that can drastically change your application so you can experiment and see how people react.

Standalone Kinect For Xbox One Will Go On Sale October 7 For $149.99 | TechCrunch

Kinect for Xbox 360, or simply Kinect (originally known by the code name Project Natal),[7] is a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform, and may later be supported by PCs via Windows 8. Based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, it enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to …

Flash Giveaway: Win A Free Ticket To #TCDisrupt | TechCrunch

We’ve decided to do something a little crazy this year for the ticket giveaways. We’re giving away tickets…lots of tickets. Almost every day from now until Disrupt we will be giving away tickets to our Disrupt event in San Francisco. Here’s the catch: there’s a short time window to enter each day. We’ll make the announcement about the ticket giveaways in various places, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You’ll have to keep your eyes on our social channels if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. The link for the ticket giveaway will always be on this page, but we’ll be turning on/off the ability to enter at various times.

Apple planning 12.9-inch iPad for 2015: Bloomberg

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) is preparing to roll out a larger, 12.9-inch version of its iPad for 2015, with production set to begin in the first quarter of next year, Bloomberg cited people with knowledge of the matter as saying on Tuesday.

Behold, the Most Beautiful Food You Can't Eat

Australian photographer T.Q. Lee creates his favorite treats using non-food items for his series, Inedible . The convincing photos look almost like ads for a fast food chain at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they're actually made of objects like tire rubber, Lego bricks and hazardous chemicals. Probably not what you're craving for a midnight snack.

Samsung Gear S Preview - CNET

But it's the 3G connectivity that's the big point of difference from the other Samsung watches on the market. The aforementioned SIM slot means the watch has 3G capabilities -- along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi -- meaning the Gear S doesn't need to be tethered to a phone in order for it to have full functionality.

Water- and dust-resistant gadgets to go the distance - CNET

This Bluetooth speaker is built for summer fun. It has a water-resistant coating that means you can splash around it and not worry about breaking anything inside. Pair two of the speakers together via the UE Boom app to make a complete stereo experience.

Upcoming Gigaom event: Negotiating an exit after your seed round is crowdfunded

You exceeded your crowdfunding goal and are set to move forward with your new product. You have the starter capital to produce your nifty IoT product and the initial built-in clientele. But what happens when the funding runs out and a second round of investment is needed? How do you handle investors who invested equity before the crowdfunding? And as the business piques the interest of buyers, how do you consider an exit?

6 Entertaining Games Made Entirely in Microsoft Excel

The geniuses at built an Excel version that allows you to play the game, and track your moves to help analyze your strategy. Since the game is made entirely in Excel, you can resume the game at a later time by saving the workbook, and it can be played online or offline. It is available for Excel 2007 or later, and can be downloaded for free here .

Forza Horizon 2 Demo And Xbox One Achievements Announced - IGN

The company confirmed the demo will be coming two weeks ahead of the game's full release on September 30, and also unleashed the full achievement list for the Xbox One edition for the game. You can check them out below.

Disney Files Patents To Use Drones In Park Shows | TechCrunch

If Disney isn’t already the most magical place on earth, it soon will be. The mega-amusement park has filed three patents to use drones within the park, first spotted by MarketWatch .

Amazon Promotes Its Student Program With 50 College Scholarships | TechCrunch

Amazon announced this morning that it will be offering 50 full-time, undergraduate students with a college scholarship that includes $5,000 toward their tuition as well as an additional $500 to spend on textbooks at Amazon. The scholarships, which will be merit-based, will be distributed in time for fall semester 2015.

Icelandic Earthquake Swarm Heads Towards Askja: What Could Happen? | Science Blogs | WIRED

I would speculate that of the three scenarios, the first 2 are far more likely in the unlikely situation that the current intrusion reaches Askja and happens to intersect with a rhyolite mush under that volcano. We know we have a large volume of basalt intruding right now, so it would need to intersect an large volume of rhyolite mush to produce a hybrid magma like we saw at Eyjafjallajökull. The third scenario could happen, but would likely need a smaller volume of basalt not to remobilize and mix. The fourth scenario seems to be much more common in continental arcs, while Iceland is a hotspot , where most rhyolite formed by the crystallization of basalt and remelting of the crust.

USB condom protects against digital infections - Telegraph

Do you ever charge your smartphone or tablet from airport charging stations, strange computers or other unknown USB ports? If so, you could be exposing your sensitive data to prying eyes or getting digital infections - it could be time for a USB condom

Pandora Radio Comes to Google Glass

Google Glass Explorers now have a new way to listen to music through Glass. Pandora rolled out its first Glass app Wednesday, which allows users to control their stations via voice commands.

Amazon has sold no more than 35,000 Fire phones, data suggests

Amazon famously never gives sales figures for any of the devices it sells, preferring to let its financial results do the talking. Analysts can make estimates of how many devices have been sold, based on their information from sales channels and any guidance the company might give. But it’s not as definitive as, say, the smartphone sales that Apple or BlackBerry include in their financial figures. (They are now the only two companies which give specific values for device sales in their financial results; Apple goes farther by giving the revenue from those sales too.)

Twitch confirms sale to Amazon for $970 million to Acquire Twitch SEATTLE-August 25,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Twitch Interactive, Inc., the leading live video platform for gamers. In July, more than 55 million unique visitors viewed more than 15 billion minutes of content on Twitch produced by more than 1 million broadcasters, including individual gamers, pro players, publishers, developers, media outlets, conventions and stadium-filling esports organizations. "Broadcasting and watching gameplay is a global phenomenon and Twitch has built a platform that brings together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of games each month – from The International, to breaking the world record for Mario, to gaming conferences like E3. And, amazingly, Twitch is only three years old," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of "Like Twitch, we obsess over customers and like to think differently, and we look forward to learning from them and helping them move even faster to build new services for the gaming community.

Double fumbles, Kaepernicking and Manningfaces in Madden 15

Madden NFL 15 is the next game in EA Sports' long-running football series, arriving simultaneously for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2014.

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76 You won't be swapping guns with pals in Destiny, player-to-player trades aren't in the game
77 A Gadget That Stops Seats From Reclining Caused a Plane-Diverting Fight
78 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Release Date Announced - IGN
79 Google Eyes Giant Offices in Historic Los Angeles Airplane Hangar
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98 One of History’s Most Beautiful Cars May Also Be the Most Innovative | Autopia | WIRED
99 Microsoft removes 1500 apps from Windows Store, will refund anyone who purchased them - Neowin
100 Apple offering iPhones on AT&T Next installment plans through online store, but no Verizon or T-Mobile financing (yet)