What the Cellphone Unlocking Law Means for You

Keep in mind, however, that just because you can pop in a SIM card and get voice or SMS service doesn't mean you can get LTE data service on your phone overseas. LTE support is based on what band is supported by your phone and the carrier in a specific country. More often than not, your phone will get HSPA+ at best if you are trying to use it someplace else.

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First and Only Bitcoin ATM in Arizona Wrecked by Lightning

It appears that the gods aren't libertarians, as the first and only bitcoin ATM in the state of Arizona has been seriously damaged by a lightning strike.

What's wrong with what we eat?

It's easy to worry about food: Are we eating the wrong stuff? What about people who don't have enough to eat? These talks examine the problems -- and some compelling solutions.

The life-long learner

Wofford College president Ben Dunlap tells the story of Sandor Teszler, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor who taught him about passionate living and lifelong learning.

Wikipedia Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations With Coinbase | TechCrunch

Coinbase makes it easy for the average person and business to use the digital currency Bitcoin. Coinbase lets any consumer to create a Bitcoin wallet and start buying/selling Bitcoin instantly by connecting their bank account. In addition, Coinbase provides a series of merchant tools that support some of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet. Coinbase processes the first $1,000,000 …

Palantir Acquires Social Polling Startup Poptip | TechCrunch

The Poptip team has worked tirelessly to develop innovative technology that helps commercial companies process unstructured conversation data. And we’ve been fortunate enough to help quantify the voices of hundreds of millions of people through our products. Our work at Poptip was our first foray in real time data analysis. But we know we still have so much room to innovate and grow, and Palantir gives us the resources to do just that.

An Infrared iPhone Case That Lets You See In the Dark | Gadget Lab | WIRED

It’s main goal is practicality, though. According to FLIR, the case’s thermal-imaging capabilities can help pinpoint the position of pipe clogs, identify leaks before they damage wood and walls, find weak spots in your home’s insulation, see if there are raccoons hiding in your shrubs, and make sure your pet is still alive.

Concur Is Partnering With Airbnb And Uber To Capture A New Breed Of Business Traveler | TechCrunch

With that in mind, Concur will enable travelers to pay for their rides and have them automatically added to their expense reports. That will provide one more avenue for customers to find its service, following other partnerships — like one with Google to integrate hailing an Uber into Google Maps. More importantly for businesses, such a partnership would allow businesses to pool Uber fares and pay for them under a single account.

FCC Questions Verizon’s Limits On Unlimited Data | TechCrunch

But this practice is nothing new — most major carriers have been doing this since they introduced tiered data plans in an attempt to move users away from the unlimited plans that were offered in the early days of smart phones. Once it became popular to stream large amounts of data like video or music on your mobile device, service providers looked to shift away from these types of data plans.

Despite 'Mario Kart 8' Success, Nintendo Is Faltering

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'EA Access' subscription on Xbox One brings all-you-can-eat gaming for $5 per month

EA Access passes will be sold on Xbox Live, in GameStop stores, EB Games in Canada, and online for European gamers via GameStop and Amazon. You can hit the website for details, and EA says it will become available for everyone on Xbox One "soon." Considering the discounts, if you were already planning on picking up a sports game or two this fall, the pricing doesn't seem particularly outrageous, although we will be interested to see what rotates through the "evolving" list of vault games. So, on a scale from Horse Armor DLC to Sim City 4 , how excited is everyone about this?

Facebook Is Shutting Down Gifts To Focus On Its Buy Button And Commerce Platform | TechCrunch

Facebook wants to help other businesses sell things, so it’s done selling its own. Facebook Gifts will shut down on August 12th and stop selling gift cards for businesses like Starbucks and iTunes. Facebook tells me no layoffs will occur, and most of the team has already been reassigned to other commerce initiatives it’s concentrating on. Those include the Buy button for making ecommerce purchases within Facebook, Auto-Fill for auto-populating your billing info in other shopping apps, and Custom Audiences that let brick-and-mortar merchants retarget Facebook ads to existing customers.

Amazon To Invest $2B In Its India Marketplace As Competition With Flipkart Intensifies | TechCrunch

Amazon.com is an American international e-commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. Founded in 1994, it is the world's largest online retailer. Jeff Bezos incorporated the company (as Cadabra) in July 1994 and the site went online as Amazon.com in 1995. The company was renamed after the Amazon River, one of the largest rivers in the world, which in turn was named …

David Lynch’s New Ad for Nail Polish Is as Weird as You’d Expect | Design | WIRED

Twin Peaks , the 1990s David Lynch television show that garnered a rabid cult following, recently turned 25. The anniversary came and went, and the barrage of retrospective essays and trivia nights went with it. To stave off any Lynch-ian withdrawals, we suggest you direct your attention to the avant-garde director’s latest work: a commercial for $50-a-bottle Christian Louboutin nail polish.

Ex-Zynga Developers Land $2.5 Million For New Studio JuiceBox Games | TechCrunch

While the game is free to play and gamers can advance naturally through HonorBound without having to pay for anything, JuiceBox does have ways to separate players from their cash. PLayers are able to buy heroes in the game, instead of having to capture them, or buy experience, resources and tools, and money. “Everything is for sale, but nothing is only for sale,” says Martinez.

Destiny Beta Played By 4.6 Million Gamers

“This is the biggest beta of this console generation by a wide margin and the largest console beta ever for a new video game IP to date,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “Hosting a beta at this scale is an incredible feat, so we’re thrilled to see the phenomenal response. But the beta is just a taste of what’s to come. We’re counting down the days to our launch day, September 9th.”

What’s Up With That: Why Does Your Dog Seem to Know What Time It Is? | Science | WIRED

It’s five o’clock, and your dog is excitedly wagging her tail and nuzzling against you. Your furry friend is hungry and seems to know that this is the hour you usually feed her. But was this performance a simple reaction to a rumbling in Ginger’s tummy or are canines actually able to somehow read the clock?

Martha Stewart is hooked on drones - CNET

The lifestyle goddess muses about the wonder that flying machines have brought into her life -- and could bring into yours.

Exclusive Interview: Best Buy CEO Says Tablet Sales Are "Crashing," Hope for PCs

@dsilinski   Best Buy is not the first to mention this.  It's been going on since the middle of last year.  Tablets have saturated, even faster than I thought they would.  The announcement of the death of the PC years ago was incorrect.  Something else I said was wrong and the PC would never be dead.  It was simply economy and saturation that slowed sales to a more equitable level.  Tablets were niche, and will soon slow even more. Most tablets are junk, or fail to provide any real usability for the majority.  Sure, some are good and some users can get at least something out of them.  But the majority don't, and the overpriced device ends up collecting dust.


Apple TV overhaul not expected to debut until 2015

It’s really sad that there is such greed and stupidity when it comes to content creators, distributors, and owners. For example, it’s so embarrassingly sad that you can purchase both a rated and unrated version of a film on iTunes. These should come TOGETHER in one purchase, similar to how almost all of them are, when bought on DVD. How outrageous is it that they want to force you to purchase both, at full price? Another thing that screams stupidity is the fact that they don’t offer the ability to upgrade to HD for the price difference between SD and HD… Let’s say you bought an SD movie on iTunes for $9.99, and want to upgrade to HD. You should only have to pay $5.00 to reach a total of $14.99 spent on this particular movie. I hope they’ve done research on this, but personally I can’t fathom how they could make more money by getting the few people that will repurchase the movie at full price, as opposed to the incalculably larger number of people that would upgrade to HD for the price difference. Let alone the fact that they’d probably make far more money, it’s just better for business to be more fair to your customers.

Cydia: QuickFolders is quick navigation for iPhone folders

QuickFolders is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to navigate your folders on iPhone with ease, with the ability to tap and hold to open a folder and, in one continuous motion, drag your finger to the app you wish to open and let go. It is a convenient multitouch gesture that could save you a few seconds every time you open a folder.

Twitter's users and usage grow, investors cheer - CNET

Dick Costolo, Twitter's chief executive, told analysts on a conference call that the company's consumer product is starting to look the way he wants it to. In particular, he said, Twitter's work during the World Cup soccer matches -- making it easy for users to view and participate in conversations about team matches in people's mobile devices -- "delivered the kind of events experience that I have wanted to see from us for some time," he said. "That has given me confidence that we can create great user experiences by organizing content around topics and live events."


Dick: Twitter is everywhere. It's all over TV. When he talks about sanctions against Donald Sterling, there are tweets on the bottom of the screen. In this work serving our "syndicated" audience and TV and newspapers and... lots of them decide not to log in. Serving 271 million well. Provide limited to hundreds of millions, we see big opportunity. That's what I would frame.  To MoPub... big bets on programmatic, all map so directly to precisely kind of work we're doing on MoPub. Noto: MoPub 170 billion ad impressions, up from 130 billion. TapCommerce can fit in as a DSP.

As design becomes the fabric of our connected experiences, it becomes invisible

It’s what holds the product together and makes it work, yet it’s invisible. Most designers will tell you simplicity is at the core of the experience. You can see that trend growing even stronger with today’s leading tech experiences, from Apple’s new iOS 7 to Nest’s thermostat UI. As computing becomes even more immersed in our lives, embedded in our homes, and worn on our bodies, these user interfaces will become even more invisible, operating through gestures, voices, and even expressions.

Buying Madbits, Twitter Wants Image-Search Super Powers | Enterprise | WIRED

Twitter and Madbits decline to discuss the acquisition, but in a brief message posted to the Madbits website, the company’s founders—Clément Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari—do say that the company has built a “visual intelligence technology that automatically understands, organizes and extracts relevant information from raw media” and that this technology is based on “deep learning,” a form of AI that includes convolutional neural nets. In any event, the video above—which shows off the work of another deep learning startup called DeepMind—goes a long way toward showing what this technology is all about. Deep learning is essentially a way for machines to very rapidly teach them themselves how to do stuff.

Why Lucy Was a Big Disappointment | Underwire | WIRED

For Besson, those questions are beside the point. She was never meant to be a part of that legacy of weaponized women in the first place. “Transmitting knowledge was the big idea,” he told WIRED earlier this month. “[It was] to remind all these people around the world who are very powerful and very rich, ‘What’s the point?’ All this power most of the time is not well used in our world. It’s a way of saying, ‘Look, she’s got the ultimate power of everything and she gives in to it for everyone.’ I was very attached to that.”

BlackBerry Passport Preview - CNET

The Passport is a risky bet that could either be a colossal failure or a win over the BlackBerry faithful. But it fits with the company's renewed focus on heavily regulated industries and professionals in government agencies or large corporations where security is a priority. For consumers, the same issues that plagued the previous BlackBerry 10 devices -- the lack of native app support, a fading brand, heavy competition, and seemingly unenthusiastic carrier partners -- remain.

Here are the key issues to watch when Sony reports earnings Thursday - Digits - WSJ

Analysts say Sony’s long-troubled TV business probably had a decent quarter, thanks in part to sales linked to the  World Cup soccer games. Sony is aiming to make the business break even during the current fiscal year, and analysts say that’s possible, judging from how its next-generation TVs are doing. Industry marketing company BCN reported earlier this month that Sony, during the first half of this year, had a 64.9% share of the Japanese market for 4K TV’s, leaving second-ranked Toshiba far behind. Analysts hope the TV unit’s cost structure will become more efficient after the spinoff. “The key is whether the upcoming results will make investors confident that the segment will be in the black on an annual basis,” said Masahiro Ono, an analyst at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities. “Even if it records another loss in the first quarter, it wouldn’t be that negative if the amount is small, because the timing to release new products was slightly slow this year, meaning cost might have preceded sales.” But there is no World Cup next quarter – or next year.

India's Flipkart Raises $1 Billion in Fresh Funding

BANGALORE, India—India's largest e-commerce company, Flipkart Internet Pvt., said on Tuesday that it has raised $1 billion in fresh funding as it girds for competition with Amazon.com and an eBay Inc.-backed rival for dominance in the world's second-most-populous nation.

The One-Horse Race: 85% Of The 300M Smartphones Shipped In Q2 Were Android | TechCrunch

“Global smartphone growth in the current quarter is at its lowest level for five years, and there are wide variations by region,” Linda Sui, a director at the research firm, notes in a statement. “Africa and Asia are booming, while North America and Europe are maturing.” Nevertheless, the changing tides have played squarely into Google’s hand. OEMs have been producing low-cost smartphones based on Android for years already, buoyed by the OS being free to license and the growing ecosystem of apps and services to use based on Android.

The 8 Best Sprites in Videogame History | Game|Life | WIRED

Classic gaming consoles could only keep track of a few moving images at a time. Super Mario, the turtle he’s stomping on, the magic mushroom he collects—each of these is a single sprite. On the Nintendo Entertainment System, sprites could be a maximum of 8 by 16 pixels, and could only have four colors each (one of those being a transparency).

Activision reveals Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare special editions

POWER CHANGES EVERYTHING: CALL OF DUTY®: ADVANCED WARFARE COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS UP THE ANTE FOR PLAYERS THIS HOLIDAY Three Editions, including an Unprecedented Digital Offering, Packed with Epic Content Designed to Provide Ultimate Call of Duty Experience Atlas Pro Edition Includes Season Pass for Unparalleled Value Santa Monica, CA - July 29, 2014 - Prepare for a new era of combat. Today, Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), revealed details on three collector's edition versions of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare. The Atlas Pro Edition, Atlas Limited Edition and Atlas Digital Pro Edition are infused with specialized content sure to immerse players in the high-tech, advanced future Sledgehammer Games is bringing to Call of Duty this November. The Atlas Pro Edition and Atlas Limited Edition are now available for pre-order while supplies last. The Digital Pro Edition will be available for pre-order at a later date. Full details follow. Inspired by the Atlas Corporation, the leading Private Military Corporation (PMC) in 2054 and lead by the influential Jonathan Irons, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Limited Edition features an extensive array of both digital and physical content, including a bonus multiplayer map Atlas Gorge, a collectible SteelBook™, the Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual, and the Atlas Digital Content Pack, a collection of digital content that includes an Atlas-themed exoskeleton, Atlas-themed weaponry, and more.

Andrew Mason’s Audio Tour App Detour Steers You Away From The Typical Tourist Traps | TechCrunch

The real goal, he says, is to make the real world more interesting, and that might be the reasoning behind the app’s killer feature: Once you start a walk, you should never have to look at your phone. The narrator guides you from place to place, and you’re able to move at your own pace, but there’s no peeking at maps trying to decipher where you’re supposed to go next or tapping buttons to move on to the next part of the tour.

SmartThings Wants To Eviscerate The Home Insurance Industry

Hawkinson is particularly bullish on the potential for sensor data to shake up the insurance industry. As homes get more connected, the massive amounts of data they produce will reveal the flaws in actuarial tables. Generically priced (and sky-high) premiums will no longer make sense. Allstate already offers a 25% premium discount for those who sign up for a home monitoring service. “I don’t know if the insurance industry will change their model fast enough,” Hawkinson says. “Smart homes absolutely eviscerate the current system. Insurance is a tax on society. It should be less.”

Report: Snapchat Talking to Alibaba About Raising Funding at a $10 Billion Valuation

Snapchat, which famously turned down Facebook's offer to buy it for $3 billion, is in talks to raise a new round of funding that would value it at $10 billion, according to Bloomberg .

What You Need To Know About Ebola

I’ve been a working journalist for more than a quarter of a century, much of it freelance, with a particular interest in science, technology and medicine. My experience includes writing for The Economist’s science section, The Independent on Sunday, The Telegraph and New Statesman, as well as papers in Canada and Jamaica. I have also contributed to CBC and BBC programs and the World Service science unit. I have an MA in Science Journalism from City University London. Follow me on Twitter @PRodgersScience

Tips for Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement

On the other hand, companies that do the work to build a positive culture will reap the benefits and increasing employee engagement is a big part of that. Employee engagement, according to experts, drives all the good things an organization needs to thrive - better customer outcomes, better employee retention and increased productivity. "Employee engagement is important because a well-engaged employee means the difference between just showing up or excelling at what they do. With today's increased competition for top-notch talent, and the huge costs to retrain new staff, engagement becomes more important than ever. When engagement is low things can get off track really quick and it can spread like wildfire…best practices are usually the process that falls apart when engagement is low, though best practices are what produce ideal outcomes," says Gabe Zichermann, CEO & Co-Founder of Dopamine and author of The Gamification Revolution.

How I Taught My Kindergartner To Use Her Screen Time For Good

So I decided: If I wanted to show her that she really could get under the Internet’s hood and tweak its engine, the best way would be to show her how to create something better than Google. The idea of how to do it occurs to me when she asks me for ice cream and I point out that there are no ice cream parlors nearby--a fact I seem to point out to her every day at 4:30 p.m.

'Sharknado 2: The Second One' Recap: A Storm of Ridiculousness

Fin already seems on edge — like, disappointed by Hilary Duff's new single -level testy. But his nerves become further frayed when the plane begins experiencing turbulence from a storm. In the bathroom, he attempts to pull himself together, and if this was a 90s teen drama, this is the scene where he would have popped some pills, kicking off a Very Special drug-abuse storyline. But it's not. Boo. So instead, he makes his way back to his seat with his wife-bot, and tries to pull himself together. It doesn't work because he looks out the window and sees ... a SHARK.

Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' is coming next year, and this is its first poster

Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight is back on. After saying that  he would cancel the project earlier this year after its script leaked online, Tarantino has slowly begun hinting that he was coming back around to it, and others involved in the project have even suggested that it's preparing to start shooting. Now an ad in the film magazine  Empire confirms as much, promoting the movie with a first poster and a premiere date of 2015. The ad also suggests, as the leaked script did, that Tarantino's upcoming western will shoot in 70mm, a rarely used higher-resolution format that results in some gorgeous images.

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky lands on Steam, out today

If you're unfamiliar with Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky , that may be because Nihon Falcom's acclaimed PSP JRPG only headed West towards the end of the system's life cycle. The good news is there's now a new way of playing it, with the trilogy's first chapter coming to Steam later today, courtesy of XSEED. XSEED is also bringing follow-up Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter to North America on PSP and Steam, but that's gonna take a bit more time to arrive. According to the publisher , the best fans should hope for is "the end of the year." As for Trails in the Sky , its regular Steam price is $20 but there's a 15 percent first-week sale if you fancy dipping in early. For more on why it's worth a look, read this . [Thanks, Jason K!] [Image: XSEED] The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Google adds Hangouts feature from Google+ to its business apps - CNET

The company said anyone with a customer account with Google Apps -- the search giant's service aimed at enterprise users -- will now be able to use the feature, which lets multiple users in different locations chat over a video feed at one time. Google Apps customers will be able to use the service even if they don't have a Google+ account.

How To Hack A New Brain For Your Old Game Boy With Raspberry Pi

With only a slight modification to the original Game Boy enclosure, it turns out the Raspberry Pi model B fits perfectly inside. To get the full sensory experience, the game audio comes through the amplifier, which is hooked up to the Pi and lives inside the Game Boy enclosure. Installing a backlit LED screen requires a little soldering and the controller board needs to be trimmed slightly, but it all fits. The whole thing is wired together and then powered by an external USB battery pack.

No One’s Going to Stop Using Phones in the Car. Here’s How We Make That Safer | Design | WIRED

What we need instead is a call to action, for experience designers to really design for context correctly. There’s certainly no shortage of tools at our disposal. Perhaps cars could include a USB-driven dock (like the Elevation dock, which works for various connectors and devices) that’s within Bluetooth range but not easily accessible to the driver. This would enforce using voice and dash controls, and keep drivers focused on the task at hand (i.e. driving). Car manufacturers could take a page from consumer technology and start pushing regular firmware updates to customers after sale. The ability to connect to a smartphone could encourage them to stop treating in-car interfaces like something embedded in amber, and more like a fluid platform for innovation. I don’t want a Lexus app store, and I really don’t want to worry about rogue apps opening my sunroof at 4 a.m., but I do want interactions that update regularly, and the ability to craft my own menu.

Get Over $900 Worth Of Tools For Digital Artist in the Productive Designer Bundle [Deals Hub]

The creative mind is a beautiful thing–when you can keep it on track. When you see the world in unique and interesting ways, it can be easy to get lost in thought and let the important things slip away. If you need help staying on track and focusing on the work that you’re supposed to be doing, then check out the Productive Designer Bundle. It’s on sale right now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub .

LittleBigPlanet 3 launching November 18, pre-orders net costumes and plushies

Sony announced that its DIY platformer sequel LittleBigPlanet 3 has a bundle of free goodies in store for pre-order buyers ahead of its November launch, including exclusive Sackboy plush dolls and a variety of retailer-specific in-game content. Plunk down some pre-release cash for a physical copy of LittleBigPlanet 3 at participating retailers and you'll get a handsome Sackboy plush, free of charge. Target customers get the same plush with a Sackboy-sized Target hat as a bonus. All PS4 pre-order customers, regardless of their preferred retailer, will additionally receive a batch of in-game costumes inspired by EA's upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition . The PlayStation 4 version of LittleBigPlanet 3 also boasts unique pre-order costumes available only at select retailers. Players who purchase a copy from GameStop will receive the Mythical Creatures Costume Pack, Best Buy customers get the Hidden Creatures Costume Pack, and Amazon buyers receive the franchise-spanning PlayStation Favorites Costume Pack (shown above). LittleBigPlanet 3 will make its PlayStation 4 debut on November 18.

Could the Gear S be Samsung's next wearable? - CNET

The Korean electronics giant late last week filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the phrase Samsung Gear S.

Data Breach Bulletin: Russian Hacker Claims To Have Infiltrated Both Wall Street Journal and Vice

Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island – This week, the Massachusetts General Attorney announced that Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island hospital must pay $150,000 in damages for a data breach that compromised more than 12,000 Massachusetts’s residents’ personal information (that $12.5 per person).  Two years ago, the hospital shipped 19 unencrypted backup tapes to its parent company, Care New England Health System, and then offsite for archiving. The tapes never made it to their destination, and it took the hospital almost a year to realize the tapes—and the sensitive data they contained—were gone.  The breach was not reported for several more months, thanks to inadequate employee training and internal policies, according to the release. The hospital has agreed to take steps to improve their security in compliance with both state and federal laws and regulations. The fees will go towards civil penalties, attorney fees, and a fund through the Attorney General’s Office to promote security education and future data security litigation, according to the release.

Hangouts Now Works Without Google+ Account, Becomes Part Of Google Apps For Business And Gets SLA | TechCrunch

Google had given us early access to its blog post about today’s announcement. In it, the company specifically referenced that anybody with a “Google account” could now use Hangouts with needing a Google+ profile. The final copy of the blog post changed that language to “any Google Apps customer account. ” We regret the error.

51 Dragon Age: Inquisition combat trailer burninates the countryside
52 Yelp Swings To Profitability In Strong Q2 With $88.8M In Revenue, EPS Of $0.04 | TechCrunch
53 EXCLUSIVE: Payments giant First Data acquires Gyft in an effort to bring digital gift cards to the masses
54 FreedomPop brings free voice, data, and texting to tablets - CNET
55 Countries don't own their Internet domains, ICANN says
56 Twitter's user growth picks up $TWTR
57 Nuage Networks Cloud Video Series
58 'Wall-E' animator's adorable Lego robot could collect big - CNET
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61 Twitch tries out live concerts with free house music performance tonight
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69 AT&T, IBM Research and ACS create faster way to distribute bandwidth in the cloud
70 Watch bodies turn to gibs in the next Unreal Tournament
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72 A Futuristic Office Design To Combat Your Constant Distraction
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76 Palantir Acquires Social Analytics Specialist Poptip - Digits - WSJ
77 Netflix starts paying AT&T to increase streaming video speeds
78 Destiny: The Endgame is Only the Beginning – IGN First - IGN
79 ASNE: Two-thirds of U.S. newspapers employ women in top editing jobs
80 Microsoft Offices In China Raided In Antitrust Investigation
81 Shazam Launches Its First Desktop App
82 Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4-inch) review - CNET
83 Hearthstone Hunter Challenge - Curse of Naxxramas - IGN Video
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86 5 Laws of Social Media Marketing
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88 Led Zeppelin to Reissue 'IV' and 'Houses of the Holy' This Fall
89 Facebook’s New Save Button Is Actually Useful | Gadget Lab | WIRED
90 Ford Switching Employees to IPhones From BlackBerries
91 HealthTap’s Video Chatting Doctors Want to End Your WebMD Meltdowns | Business | WIRED
92 BitTorrent starts testing Bleep, its new P2P messaging platform
93 WIRED Summer Binge-Watching Guide: Lost | Underwire | WIRED
94 Opt Out of Amazon Prime’s Free Two-Day Shipping, Earn $1 Video Credit
95 Fantastically Wrong: The Angry, Enormous Eagle That Could Carry Off Elephants | Science | WIRED
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98 Iceberg rescues Titanic: Content marketer launches fund for investigative journalism
99 Ferrari’s 458 Spider is a masterpiece that belongs in your art collection
100 European regulators training sights on Google's mobile software