Tim Cook Says Apple Working on Products That Haven't Even Been Rumored Yet

“There are products we’re working on that no one knows about, yes — that haven’t been rumored about yet,” Cook said in an interview with Charlie Rose. Some of those will end up becoming great Apple products, while others will probably be shelved, Cook said.

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11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week | TechCrunch

It’s been an exciting week for us here at TechCrunch with the Hackathon, Disrupt SF and Apple’s product launch all taking place within a few days. Here are 11 of our best stories from the past week (9/6-9/12).

Deliv Partners With Foot Locker For Same-Day Sneaker Delivery

While TaskRabbit, once a competitor in the instant-delivery space , has pivoted its core business to focus on household errands, Deliv is expanding via partnerships with retailers like Bose, 1-800-Flowers, and Mrs. Fields. In Foot Locker's case, same-day delivery will first roll out in five stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles before (eventually) rolling out to all of the shoe company's North American stores.

Treasure Map: The NSA Breach of Telekom and Other German Firms - SPIEGEL ONLINE

According to the logic of the undated Treasure Map documents, that would mean that the NSA and its partner agencies are perhaps not only able to monitor the networks of these companies and the data that travels through them, but also the end devices of their customers. Where exactly the NSA gained access to the companies' networks is not made clear in the graphics. The red-marked AS of Deutsche Telekom by itself includes several thousand routers worldwide.

Acer's Selfie Hat Takes Wearables to Scary Place

This latest weird development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 tablet held by the hat's fold-down flap. The tablet is located on the hat in such a way that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim for the ideal selfie.

Microsoft, Intel, and Gaming Companies Get Ready for Laptops and Tablets with 3-D Vision | MIT Technology Review

Intel also showed how the front-facing 3-D sensors can be used to recognize gestures to play games on a laptop, or take control of some features of Windows. Those demonstrations were reminiscent of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for its Xbox gaming console, which introduced gamers to depth sensing and gesture control in 2010. Microsoft launched a version of Kinect aimed at Windows PCs in 2012, and significantly upgraded its depth-sensing technology in 2013, but Kinect devices are too large to fit inside a laptop or tablet.

Colorado High Schooler Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint | TechCrunch

Colorado has a history with gun violence so it’s only appropriate that 17-year-old Kai Kloepfer, a high school student from Boulder, would want to apply biometric user authentication to firearms. Kloepfer just won the $50,000 Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge for his smart gun prototype.

Apple's 18-karat Watch could cost as high as $1,200

Not to be rude or anything but c’mon you sound like a tmobile customer waiting for this to come about so you then can go in and get it and sell it to whoever buys it and then you would file a stolen insurance claim and potentially block list the watch and you would get another one and repeat until it catches up to you and your going to be in debt to tmobile and can’t pay and tmobile will block you for stop payments and at the same time you screw the other people involved in your scamming ways.

Everything to do, see, and read this weekend

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The Apple Watch Is Most Interesting At The High-End | TechCrunch

Again, Apple has paid excruciating attention to detail in the design and wearability of the Apple Watch. In many cases, its offerings make what is coming out of Switzerland (or Asia) look amateurish. But, let me remind you that I am looking at this object as just that, the physical form, not in the interface. If this was simply a digital watch, I could say it’s a well designed, well-executed one. But it’s not a watch, and that’s where I think it missed the mark.

Black cheese? Burger King Japan unveils burger dark as night - CNET

Fast-food burgers so rarely look like their marketing pictures. They always appear plump, juicy and fresh, but the actual burger at the restaurant looks like it got run over by a Segway. There's one burger about to be served up by Burger King Japan that you might hope won't look at all like its advertising picture. It's a head-turning sandwich that seems better suited for Halloween than a quick lunch.

Weotta finds you fun things to do (pictures) - CNET

Below the suggestions you also can search by category. The more common ones at the top are what you see here, but there's also things like "Guys' night out," "Cheap things to do," or "Great for singles."

Facebook is under fire from gay and transgender users who are being forced to use real names

Taylor Hatmaker at The Daily Dot says reports have been emerging from a number of gay communities that other users who registered under drag personas like Sister Roma are also being forced to change their names or risk losing their pages. Although setting up a fan page is an option, Hatmaker — who is gay — points out that this isn’t appropriate for many users, and that forcing them to do so or risk being shut out of Facebook altogether is unfair:

Here are the best places to watch tonight’s Northern Lights show

That being said, however, visibility is dependent on a range of different factors. Cloud cover and light pollution will also play a big role in whether or not you can see the aurora tonight, so to get a better idea of where you’ll be able to watch, we highly suggest you check out some additional maps.

Melting aluminum

Aluminum tubing is easy to find as scrap and in fact for today’s melt I didn’t even have to leave my property; someone left a broken lawn chair on my front lawn. Normally I am irritated when people leave trash on my lawn but I will gladly accept broken lawn chairs! The alloy is designed for easy extrusion, not for metalworking, so it is not ideal, but you can’t beat the price, and it usually is not painted. Paint (or vinyl coating) makes toxic fumes and causes the melt to take on hydrogen gas, which then forms bubbles in the casting. The Na2CO3 will help remove the hydrogen, but I’d rather not go there in the first place if I can avoid it.

California Stays Intact as Initiative to Carve Up State Fails to Qualify for Ballot

The California Secretary of State's office, which oversees elections, said on Friday that the initiative didn't gather enough signatures from registered voters. The campaign for the proposal, which said in July that it had gathered 1.3 million signatures, said they plan to challenge the decision. By law, a ballot initiative would need 800,000 signatures of registered California voters to qualify.

Apple: iPhone 6 preorders set a record overnight - CNET

Ordering more devices to be available could buffer Apple against the supply shortages it has seen with past launches -- though there was still a significant wait time for customers as of midmorning Friday. The company also sets aside allotments for the different days of the preorder process. The iPhone 5, released in the fall of 2012, sold out of its initial supply of preorders in less than an hour. Apple didn't offer preorders with last year's high-end iPhone 5S because of supply constraints, but it did put its cheaper, plastic-encased iPhone 5C up for preorder. The iPhone 5C availability was much better due to lower demand for the device.

Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things | TechCrunch

In the vast panoply of potential home networking protocols, there are only a few worth worrying about. Wi-Fi works well but it can go down and ZigBee and the like are sparsely supported. But Bluetooth Smart is local, secure, and easy to use. And that’s what Seed Labs is using to connect our lamps, our blinds, and even our tea kettles.

Come To The TechCrunch Virtual Reality Meetup In LA On Sept 18th | TechCrunch

The night before the Oculus Connect conference, TechCrunch is bringing together the virtual reality community for an evening of cool demos, free drinks, and a chance to meet TechCrunch’s writers and VR startups in the space. Register here for the TechCrunch Virtual Reality Meetup .

Exclusive: HP exploring sale of photo sharing service Snapfish - source

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co is exploring the sale of its web-based photo sharing service Snapfish, and has held discussions with multiple private equity and industry buyers, a person with knowledge of the situation said.

18 Whimsical London Fashion Week Photos That Will Make You Smile

London Fashion Week, which started Friday, proves the UK has its own brand of fashion whimsy. Designers and tastemakers are eager to share their style sense through garments and accessories. With cartoonish colors and cheeky statement jewelry, Brits continue their time-honored tradition of challenging the style status quo.

Please, Create An App That Stops You From Texting While You're Driving

She went on to outline a plan to rein in texting while driving, which, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is six times more likely to cause an accident than driving while intoxicated. Earlier this year, a new series of reforms passed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to crack down on dangerous driving, texters included.

Hyperlapse (iOS) review - CNET

Recording your time-lapse videos is just as easy. When you open the app, you see your camera's viewfinder and a single record button -- there's nothing else on the screen. There are few other features in the app, just tools to share your finished videos to Instagram and Facebook. There's no settings menu, or a way to set default controls. In fact, the app feels more like a feature that should be in the Instagram app because it's so bare-bones.

Keep Your Tech Toys Humming All Day With 15000mAh Of Juice

Whether you want your iPad to stay alive through an international flight, are counting on your phone to remain juiced through a long day of meetings or need to keep everyone charged on a family day out, this battery pack has you covered.

BlueTooth, in-app Apple Pay purchases charged “card-not-present” rate

About 1000 New York Uber drivers plan to strike on Monday over fares and working conditions   —  Uber Drivers “Strike” — And Switch To Lyft — Over Fares And Conditions  —  Testing the labor market.  “Uber is not doing anything — it's only an application on our phones.”  —  Facebook: uberdriversnetwork

Square To Raise Fresh $100 Million At A $6 Billion Valuation

In May, Square launched Square Capital, a program to issue cash advances to small businesses using its system that would provide a cash advance for a set fee and then recoup the money through deductions from daily sales on its system. Square Capital is one of several efforts the company’s made to diversify from its physical readers, which have become a common site in coffee shops and other small vendors but reportedly make the the company little, if any, profit.

iOS 8 Won’t Be Able To Forward Texts To Your Computer For A Few Weeks After Launch | TechCrunch

iOS 8 is coming! iOS 8 is coming! As announced during this week’s iPhone 6 event, iOS 8 will ship to everyone with a compatible handset come September 17th.

Mystery Solved: The People in the 9/11 Wedding Photo

Mahe told Keefe that all the people in the photo are still alive, but much of the conversation revolved around her efforts to return the photo to its owner, he said. "The conversation was me just listening to her, 13 years of what she’s done, and what she’s gone through. She’s looking at the pictures, the perished, the fallen, trying to match them up to the people in the photo, and the whole time she’s been keeping this photo safe in her favorite Ernest Hemingway novel."

What Is It Really Like to Work in Social Media?

So you want to be the person behind the social media accounts of a brand? That is great, however, it also means that there is an incredible amount of pressure and importance to your job.

This week in bitcoin: Why Apple Pay won't kill bitcoin

For bitcoin users, the biggest news out of Tuesday’s Apple event wasn’t a new iPhone or the unveiling of the Apple Watch, but a different kind of product: Apple Pay . It is Apple’s foray into mobile payments, using NFC to allow iPhone or Apple Watch users to store their credit card information on their phone and then simply tap it to pay at retail checkouts. Mobile payments have never really gotten off the ground in the U.S., which is why companies (including Google) have been trying to install some sort of a secure wallet and easier payment system into our increasingly cellular-dependent lives.

Framed Data jobs

Watch Tim Cook's Candid, Heartfelt Interview With Charlie Rose

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down with Charlie Rose for a long, heartfelt interview about a wide-range of topics, and the first hour of that interview is now available on Hulu  (the second part will air on PBS on Monday). 

More Than 2 Million People Have Downloaded U2's New Album

Over 2 million people have download U2's new album "Songs of Innocence" off iTunes, according to Re/code's Peter Kafka .

Successful Security Awareness Programs Hold Employees' Hands to the Fire

The primary reason for this article is that I find few CSOs and the people responsible for implementing awareness programs are aware of the impact that consequences have on the success of not just an awareness program, but on the entire security program. When you find that you are not getting the results you want with regard to organizational behavior, you need to stop and consider if you need to divert some resources toward consequences. Again, without even considering the issue, you are eliminating 80% of the probability of success.

Revenge of the Phablet: What iPhone 6 Plus Mania Says About Smartphones

Even with all these benefits to phablet usability, many people will still prefer a smaller phone. Reachability is one thing, but it does nothing for pocketability, which matters to many. For people with smaller hands or who often use their phones with one hand (think subway commuters), the UI challenges of a huge screen are exacerbated. And then there's just the totally normal desire for compactness — to have a gadget that does everything you want in as small and light a device as possible.

Joystiq Deals: Enter to win a new iPhone 6

If you don't have a spare $600 to spend on a new iPhone 6, don't worry, Joystiq Deals has you covered. For the next two months, we're hosting a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will take home a $600 Apple Store gift card to spend on the iPhone 6 of their choice. No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes, but you will need to visit the Joystiq Deals website and enter your email address in the appropriate text-entry field. Make sure it's a valid address too, as the winner will be contacted via that email. Entrants may only register for the sweepstakes a single time, but you can earn additional contest entries by sharing the event on Facebook and Twitter. For a full rundown of the rules and all the official legalese, visit this page . Otherwise, drop your name in the online hat and keep your fingers crossed for luck. Joystiq Deals is a partnership between AOL and StackSocial. A portion of sales goes to funding this site. Deals are curated by StackSocial independently of the Joystiq editorial team.

8 Signs You've Found Your Life's Work

Amber Rae, I've commented twice already, and am glad for all who have degrees (!) of contentment, satisfaction etc. I am also glad that BMAN spoke his mind and others too who have been neither "hot nor cold" ! So, Amber Rae or any one else (Suzie etc.), could you take this a little further and elaborate- write in another 8 points of the hassles you face even while you are enjoying the more dominant 8  positives that you have already referred to  . Maybe this will help more people to relate to this "way of life", also I believe I can say with confidence that all those who identify with the 8 positives are those who have gone through the mill, quite certainly they did not groove in from day one. And, how do you move from negatives only to positives, and ensure that the positives become more and more dominant.

The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

Hugh Herr is building the next generation of bionic limbs, robotic prosthetics inspired by nature's own designs. Herr lost both legs in a climbing accident 30 years ago; now, as the head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, he shows his incredible technology in a talk that's both technical and deeply personal — with the help of ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her left leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, and performs again for the first time on the TED stage.

19 Incredibly Impressive Students At Harvard

We spoke with campus leaders, sought the counsel of student journalists, and combed the internet to find the 19 Harvard College undergrads who will knock your socks off. 

Airbnb Under Fire From New 'Share Better' Campaign

The battle over the so-called sharing economy is heating up as New Yorkers question the impact of home-sharing sites like Airbnb.

How To Master The Fine Art Of Small Talk

I have a real problem with the philosophy of number two. Perhaps it's because I'm content to be quiet, and I once had a roommate that would prepare stories for social occasions, and dutifully walk them out to terrible response by the listeners. Follow the last line of number 1, and number 2 will take care of itself. I'm an introvert that does improv. Nothing is more beneficial than simply having the right energy. Speaking of improv, Number 3 is poor in improv, because a question forces the other person to work to come up with an answer (which isn't relaxing). If you're going to lead with a question, go with something easy to answer like, "Did you see that cake?" Alternatively, you could go with a funny question, but it has to be tailored to the group you're in, or it could fall flat. You run the risk of asking a question that would put a person in an uncomfortable position of agreeing with your sense of humor. I love the idea in the last paragraph.

Google Hires Leading Researcher to Build a Quantum Computer | MIT Technology Review

Chris Monroe , a professor who leads a quantum computing lab at the University of Maryland, welcomed the news that one of the leading lights in the field was going to work on the question of whether designs like D-Wave’s can be useful. “I think this is a great development to have legitimate researchers give it a try,” he says.

San Diego School District's New 18-Ton Armored Vehicle Creates Stir

"They can call it a 'love buggy,' a 'student patrol limo,' or a 'campus police fun bus' and then paint it pretty colors," a reader wrote, "but that doesn't change the fact it's a piece of military equipment that is unnecessary and sends the message that local officials are at war with students."

Windows 9 leaks: How to get its best new features today

Those reviews have all the nitty-gritty details, but you’ll probably want to start with Classic Shell since it’s donationware. Classic Shell includes options for both Windows XP- and Windows 7-style Start menus, along with numerous customization options. You can tinker with what’s listed in the Classic Shell Start Menu, or even change the look of its Start button to an icon of your choice. Cool stuff, indeed.

Why Most Product Managers Suck

Unfortunately, nearly everyone seems to think they’d make a great PM (engineers, consultants, you name it), but the reality is that most folks just can’t hack it. I’ve worked with countless PMs at huge companies like Yahoo and Google, and over the past two months have interviewed over twenty PM candidates.

Japanese woman is first recipient of next-generation stem cells

The procedure took place at the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation Hospital, next to the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) where ophthalmologist Masayo Takahashi had developed and tested the epithelium sheets. She derived them from the patient's skin cells, after producing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and then getting them to differentiate into retinal cells.

After balloons and robots, Google's next moonshot is a vibrating spoon

A new technology's joining those diabetes-monitoring contact lenses at Google X's Life Science division, one that'll make eating a lot easier for people with Parkinson's or essential tremor. This technology takes the form of a spoon that vibrates to counteract its users' tremors, making it possible to eat without spilling food. It's called Liftware, and it was designed by San Francisco company Lift Labs , which Google has just acquired and integrated into its moonshot division, with all its other far-out , ambitious projects. Liftware's makers designed it, so those afflicted with the aforementioned conditions can still function independently and socialize during meals. The company's founder Anupam Pathak even believes his high-tech utensil's technology could be used for things like keys, make-up brushes and other handheld tools. With Google's money now backing the project, who knows -- that might actually happen in the future.

Apple iOS 8 Preview - CNET

With all the hardware launched at the September 9 event, Apple covered some of the more prominent new upgrades throughout the show, but -- with hundreds of new changes -- there simply wasn't time to talk about everything. Fortunately, at WWDC Apple let gamers and game developers know about a behind-the-scenes change that could really take mobile gaming to new heights: Apple is beefing up iOS gaming with Metal, a new graphics engine that promises 3D graphics rendering that Apple says will be as much as 10 times more efficient than it is currently.

For $110, this man built an earthquake warning system - CNET

A professor at UC Berkeley (in California's earthquake country) has created a prototype device that warns of pending quake-related rumbles and could be installed as easily as a home fire alarm.

Preorder an iPhone 6 with a pink diamond for $48.5 million - CNET

The Bespoke collection, which tops out at $4.75 million, is the company's second string. The top-of-the-line phones are found in the SuperNova collection, which starts at $32.5 million for a blue diamond, steps up to $42.5 million for an orange diamond, and then reaches a pinnacle of excess with the pink diamond.

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