10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

3. Cortana It's nice to be able to talk to your technology. If you've used an Xbox One or talked with Siri and her friend Google Now, you know how convenient it can be to interact with your technology hands-free. "Hey Cortana, play music," or "take a note" are just for starters. You can get more specific with reminders that will show up on any device running Cortana—which will soon include Androids and iPhones along with Windows Phones. You can say, "Remind me to buy milk when I'm near a supermarket," or "remind me to ask my wife about her mother when she calls." And Cortana isn't just about voice commands: Her Notebook keeps track of your interests, popping up info such as your favorite sports team scores, local weather, and even traffic conditions for your commute home. For more, check out How to Use and Customize Cortana .

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Should Body-Cam Footage Always Go Public? It’s Complicated

One big concern is that such videos could potentially infringe on personal privacy, and activists say there is a need to draw a distinction between video that has public value, and video with no public value. “We think that 99 percent of body-cam videos will either be of no importance at all—for instance, a person asking a cop for directions—or will be of only prurient interest, if for example, a drunk person runs down the street naked,” says Chad Marlow, advocacy and policy counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union, and principal author of the ACLU’s model bill for police body cameras . “In these situations, there is no public benefit to be secured by making a video publicly available that would trump privacy interests.”

The Magic Circle Review - IGN

Yet moving past that, I enjoyed The Magic Circle more and more as I progressed, impressed by the surprises that unlocked as I continued through the three-hour story. I never learned to like the pedantic human characters, though I grew a little more fond of my gruff A.I. mentor as time passed. He isn’t all that charming, but he’s far more likable than any of the insufferably narcissistic human beings I met on my journey. Despite some attempts to flesh out their motivations, I couldn’t generate a shred of empathy for any of them. The Magic Circle’s satire suffers from this point. If you want me to sympathize with a perspective, you must give me someone relatable to sympathize with; in a universe where everyone is a jerk, that doesn’t work.

Take The Fast Company News Quiz

Did you follow the news this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events—and earn a special emoji badge.

Google Straps Aclima Sensors To Street View Cars To Map Air Pollution

If a city knows what intersections are full of smog, it could add trees or change stop light schedules to improve the air its citizens breathe. Google Earth’s Outreach program that equips nonprofits and public-benefit organizations with data wants to give the world these insights.

7 Step Content Creation Strategy for Epic Content Marketing

The groundwork for an epic post needs to be laid over the course of many days, even weeks. In order to prepare for the ideation process, you must ask your team to have a handle on the pulse of your target audience and niche at all times. This can only happen if you and your content team keep abreast of the latest happenings in the niche. Follow thought leaders, keep track of the latest news, trawl through discussion forums, and hunt on social media; basically make every attempt to know all developments in your domain and the kind of information your target audience is looking for.

Here’s the Drone That Facebook Plans to Fly in the Stratosphere to Bring Internet Connectivity to the Rural Poor | MIT Technology Review

Each Aquila drone will carry radio equipment to provide broadband connectivity to satellite receivers inside a roughly 50-mile radius on the ground below. The drones will also carry equipment that can form high-speed connections using laser beams. The idea is that Facebook will create aerial chains with the drones to link several rural areas to the Internet. The drone nearest an urban area would use its laser to hook into the global Internet, and that connectivity would be passed down the line to drones over rural areas using the laser links. In cloudy weather, the ground-to-drone link will be made using radio instead, at some reduction in the data rate.

BMW paying Bay Area i3 owners up to $1,540 to delay charging - CNET

As part of the trial, the BMW Group Technology Office in Mountain View, California has also taken a large cache of used lithium-ion batteries previously used to power Mini E hatchbacks to create a stationary energy storage unit. The solar-augmented storage will charge in off-peak hours, then push power back into the grid upon request during peak demand times. PG&E will pay BMW for the energy it returns to the grid.

Uber valued at about $51 billion after latest funding round: WSJ

Uber Technologies Inc has closed a new round of funding that values the online taxi-hailing company at nearly $51 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Sony Confirms Vote to Play Feature for PS Plus Is Coming Soon - IGN

According to the PlayStation Blog , Vote to Play allows PS Plus subscribers to vote on "one of several" PS4 games for the next month's PS Plus lineup. The one with the most votes will be free, and runner-ups will be sold at a discount.

Meet the Vietnamese smartphone maker gunning to be the next Apple - CNET

But it's the use of components from foreign companies that has tripped people up. Before the device hit the market, some questioned whether Bphone was really made and designed in Vietnam or whether the smartphone was actually a Chinese device. Other Vietnamese vendors, such as MobiiStar, have contracted Chinese manufacturers to design and build smartphones that they slap their brand on. And there's a debate over whether a company can claim a phone is "made in Vietnam" or any other location if it uses components from other places, like that Qualcomm processor.

Hands on with Windows 10's Windows Hello: It just works

Why this matters:  More and more modern cars include remote unlocking technology, where your proximity unlocks your car and tells it to get ready to go. Hello works the same way: You sit down at your PC, and it automatically unlocks your PC with your face—no password required. (We all hate passwords, right?)  I look at Hello as a similar feature: a convenience, nothing more. Still, I think you’ll be loathe to go back to the old way of doing things once you have a PC with Hello enabled.

Uber to Invest $1 Billion in India

NEW DELHI—Uber Technologies Inc. said it would invest $1 billion in India in the next nine months as it seeks to increase the number of cities in which it operates in the country and fend off competition from local rivals.

The next Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be easier to navigate with new bezel

The next-generation Samsung smartwatch is rumored to pack 768MB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage and the usual set of smartwatch sensors: a Wi-Fi chip, a heart rate sensor and a GPS chip to make location services faster. It's also said to include a digital crown, though it's unclear what it would be used for. On the Apple Watch, the digital crown does the very same things the newly announced rotatable bezel is expected to do.

14 best TV shows to watch while you're stoned

The last thing anyone wants to do when attempting to find TV to watch is fight with Netflix or Hulu. Sure, dramas are great forms of TV, but not always welcomed when your stoned senses are their most vulnerable.

8 Windows 10 settings you should change right away - CNET

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Windows 10 is all about syncing. If you don’t curb its enthusiasm, Windows 10 will sync all of your settings, themes, passwords, and other preferences (not to mention your notifications and, like, everything else). Maybe you want all of your PCs to be exactly the same. Or maybe not. If not, you can turn off setting syncing by going to Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings. Toggle off the various sync settings tied to your Microsoft Live account so you can play with your new Windows 10 machine without messing up your other PCs.

A closer look at the Edge browser in Windows 10

There's not much to Edge's design, and that's a good thing. As in Chrome, there's just one bar toward the top of the screen that doubles as the address box and search field. Nearby are self-explanatory icons for forward, back and refresh. Up in the upper-right corner, you'll see four icons, which allow you to mark up a page (more on that later) or share a page (more on that later as well). The icon farthest to the left is where you'll find your favorites, browsing history, downloads and your so-called Reading List, which I'll tell you about shortly. Meanwhile, the icon all the way on the right brings up various settings, including the ability to swap out the default white theme for a black background. (I prefer the stock light one, but that's just me.) Lastly, there are buttons just to the right of the address bar for adding favorites and entering Reading View. As with everything else here, these icons are exactly where you'd expect them to be, and even if you're a first-time user, it should be obvious at a glance what these buttons are for.

More Bad News For Android Users

The bug is apparently able to target Android devices running versions 4.3 through 5.1.1, the current release -- which amounts to more than half of all Android devices on the planet.

Asana Wants To Get Better About Diversity, And This Is Its Plan

Asana, the team productivity software that’s raised $38.2 million from high-profile investors like Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz, just got called out on Twitter for its lack of diversity. Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz (pictured above) was quick to respond and he handled it well. In fact, he says Asana is actively working to create a more diverse workforce.

Microsoft: Over 14 Million Devices Running Windows 10

Yusuf Mehdi, a VP in the Microsoft’s Windows and devices group, called it “unprecedented demand” and said there are plenty more upgrades to go. The Windows 10 rollout is taking place in waves, starting with people who signed up for the company’s Windows Insider plan and “reserved” a copy—that is, signaled interest in upgrading weeks ago.

Wikileaks: U.S. Spied On Japanese Officials And Companies

TOKYO (AP) — The Wikileaks website has published documents that it says shows the U.S. government spied on Japanese officials and companies.

How Far Can the Human Eye See a Candle Flame? | MIT Technology Review

Answers on the Web vary from a few thousand meters to 48 kilometers. Now a pair of physicists have carried out an experiment to find out.

Microsoft's HoloLens will ship to developers 'within the next year'

Nevertheless, Nadella's remarks do give us our best sense yet of how and when HoloLens will leave Microsoft's labs and become a shippable product. Earlier this year, Nadella tempered expectations that HoloLens would be a major gaming product when released. He told ZDNet , "I want us to push a lot more of the enterprise usage ... In general Microsoft's approach will be always this dual-use focus, or this multi-focus. What we can uniquely do is bridge consumer to enterprise. That's in our DNA." Nadella built on those comments in this week's BBC interview, adding that "We will have developer versions of it first and then it will be more commercial use cases and it will evolve."

Mini review video: our verdict of Windows 10 in 45 seconds

Didn't read all the way through our nearly 3,700-word review of Windows 10 ? You really should: Devindra makes some good points. That said, if you're short on time, or just have a hopelessly short attention span, we've distilled our writeup into a mini review video . As you can tell by the score alone (91 out of 100), we really, really dig the new software, and found very little fault with it. In particular, we love how the new, Live Tile-ized Start menu seems to combine the best of Windows 7 and 8, all the while correcting some big UX mistakes that Microsoft made over the past few years. In addition, new features like Cortana search and the Edge browser are in and of themselves worth the upgrade (and what an easy upgrade process it is too). Find the highlights in the short video above, and head over to our full review at the link below if you decide you want a little more detail after all.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

Microsoft released its latest version of Windows this week, and we dove in headfirst. If you missed any of the news, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know, from us and our friends at Gizmodo .

Hospital Drug Pump Can Be Hacked Through Network, FDA Warns

The FDA said an independent researcher alerted the agency that Hospira’s pumps could be accessed through a hospital’s wireless networks. “This could allow an unauthorized user to control the device and change the dosage the pump delivers, which could lead to over- or under-infusion of critical patient therapies,” the FDA said.

How A Former Smashing Pumpkin And Groupon Founder Andrew Mason Want You To See Live Music

Jimmy Chamberlin knows how to fill an arena. As a founding member of the Smashing Pumpkins, the rock drummer crushed toms for over 20 years. Now, as CEO of LiveOne, he's bringing the concert experience to audiences around the world with a live streaming service. And his partner is a certain music studio intern you may know better as the founder and ex-CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason . Watch the video to learn how Chamberlin discovered what audiences want in the digital age—and how his company can deliver it.

T-Mobile will give you a free upgrade to the next iPhone if you buy an iPhone 6

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is  doing the unthinkable . Starting today, T-Mobile customers who buy an iPhone 6 on the company's $15-a-month Jump On Demand phone leasing plan can swap the phone out for the new iPhone when it comes out without paying for anything more. Just pick up the new phone and keep paying as usual. In Legere's own words:

Cecil the Lion's death opens question of why illegal poaching of protected animals is still so common

Cecil the lion, a popular safari attraction in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park for tourists and locals alike, was lured out of his protected habitat with bait before American dentist Walter Palmer shot him with a bow and arrow on July 1. Cecil survived for 40 hours before he was shot with a rifle, skinned and decapitated. It was an opportunity for which Palmer paid $55,000.

Police arrest boss of failed Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange

Although Karpeles didn’t walk off with the full $387 million of lost money, he is suspected of profiting from the exchange to the tune of around $1 million, and stands accused of deliberately misleading users about how safe their money was during his tenure. Lawyers representing Karpeles say the ex-Mt. Gox boss has done nothing illegal, but he has now been arrested and will be questioned by the Japanese authorities.

How to make sure your Facebook is as secure as possible

To decrease the likelihood of hacks, as well as the time it takes account holders to find suspicious activity that could be a precursor, Facebook has just launched a handy check-list that all users should take the time to walk through.

Humans Renewed for Season 2 - IGN

“We’re so pleased to announce a second season of Humans and extend our terrific partnership with Channel 4, Kudos and the stellar cast, crew and writers Sam and Jonathan,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and Sundance TV. “As one of the year’s top new cable series, Humans has been embraced by fans and critics across the U.S. and UK. We’re looking forward to continuing this very captivating story and further exploring the show’s parallel, Synth-filled world that hits so disturbingly close to home.”

Why enterprises are embracing rogue IT

Embracing rogue IT by no means indicates a disregard for IT and its services, because businesses still recognize a need for IT even with this shift. In fact, companies have found that rogue IT has led to better collaboration between IT and other departments, since the need for security still exists even if IT isn't the one bringing the technology in the door. "Most businesses recognize that they still need IT to help manage and support the technologies they use, and make sure that valuable business information doesn't get into the wrong hands. As a result, IT departments and businesses are being required to take a much more collaborative approach," says Mittlehauser.

How to Set Up a Just-Smart-Enough Smart Home

Great article. I did the design/wiring install on one of the first fairly complete single family dwelling smart homes in the late eighties. We built it well enough that it could be retrofit easily with more modern control devices, though we used top end industrial software of that time. It was kinda ridiculous, a rich man plaything. $750k of 1990 dollars to wire a 10 room single family dwelling with some landscape. It did have a waterfall, and pond filled by wells, and landscape lighting, all of which were flexibly controlled.  It was fun, made some money, but I also laughed at it.  They used a system I strongly urged against. Which meant the first night in the house, the set points on the HVAC were off and it was too cold.  Normal house? 4 seconds with the thermostat. This smart house? Call to local engineering company and online software reprogramming.  $200.  LOL. (part of my contract was that I explicitly took no responsibility for a system I considered not appropriate).

Show Your Support For Cecil The Lion… With a $2,500 Phone?

But it’s also a lesson in the power of design to change the attitude of an product, even if, as in this case, it’s an exercise in re-skinning. Dipped in all-white or -black, the Play:1’s grill look more like a textile than metal, and the soft-touch coating feels like a matte glaze on porcelain. “It’s a little less consumer electronic,” says Tad Toulis, Sonos’ VP of product development. “It begins to feel a little more like a vase or a piece of ceramica.” In keeping with the design’s lower profile, even the logo has been toned down to be, according to Toulis, “subtle enough that it can be seen but not so subtle that’s invisible.”

7 TED Talks on how to grow clothes, batteries, bones and more

What does it take to regrow bone in mass quantities? Typical bone regeneration — wherein bone is taken from a patient’s hip and grafted onto damaged bone elsewhere in the body — is limited and can cause great pain just a few years after operation. In an informative talk, Molly Stevens introduces a new stem cell application that harnesses bone’s innate ability to regenerate and produces vast quantities of bone tissue painlessly.

Le Tote - Growth Engineer

Join LE TOTE! We are building the world’s largest on-demand closet for women, and our plan is to 10X our customer base in the next 12 months - Sound like something you can do? We are looking for a Growth Engineer to join our quickly growing team and help us fundamentally shape our growth strategy. As a the lead Growth Engineer, you'll have the responsibility and freedom to make big changes to our product and the resources to build/ship your tests. We built all our systems from the ground up so our systems are agile and we can move fast. We are data and metrics driven and you will design the most effective viral loops, funnels for highly optimized user flow. We are a very well-funded startup (Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Y Combinator, Azure Ventures, etc.), based in the Mission in San Francisco.

Flabbergastingly insecure: Google's Android is the new Flash

Several years ago, Steve Jobs called out Adobe Flash as a trainwreck of security and performance problems, garnering him contempt from industry players deeply invested in the software platform. Today, Google's Android platform is getting same brutal appraisal, but it's coming from Android's own fans. Google's Flash in the Android pan Today, virtually everyone agrees that Flash is a petulant boil on the web. Wired recently referred to Flash as "that insecure, ubiquitous resource hog everyone hates to need," in an article detailing both Mozilla's efforts to disable Flash in its browser and Facebook's security chief Alex Stamos calling for Adobe to give Flash a kill date. Even Google—once a staunch proponent of Flash back in 2010 when hoped to wield the closed source web middleware as a distinguishing feature of Android tablets compared to Apple's Flash-free iPad—has made great efforts to distance itself from the persistent headache that is Flash. Google's new opinion of Flash came only after a very painful experience of working to deeply integrate Adobe Flash into Android and its web browser.

Read-it-later app Pocket testing recommendations in public beta

Why this matters: Pocket is catching up to read-it-later rival Instapaper, which already lets you explore recommendations within the app’s Browse tab. Because Pocket’s Recommendations feature is still in beta, the company is looking for feedback to refine and improve it before rolling it out to all of Pocket’s 17 million users. The end result could be, with the help of beta testers, the best content recommendation tool around.

History of Awesome - The Legend of Zelda - IGN Video

The Legend of Zelda went on to become Nintendo's next success, despite being a big departure from their popular breakout game Mario.

Tesla's autopilot mode will get two awesome new features

Highway autosteer will reportedly allow drivers to go long distances without ever touching the wheel or pedals. It's literally autopilot for your Model S. Parallel autopark is, well, exactly what it sounds like. The software update should be rolling out in the very near future (Tesla has not yet confirmed a release date), just as soon as they figure out one last niggling issue:

The Top Tech Writer in the Caribbean

When I looked out my window, I saw fields, cows, ocean, dirt, trees, mountains. Sometimes a person would walk by, or a car on the one-lane road blared music as it sped past. I know that when I look up and around me in San Francisco, it will be harder to find this calm, to actually separate myself, to give my brain a break. On the island, the literal moment I walked outside my apartment, my iPhone became nothing more than a camera I could play Dots on or listen to my pre-installed iTunes library. I was disconnected. AFK had a truer meaning for me. And there were people who weren’t only crucial to living in Dominica, but became really special to me: Havis, who would sit at a trailhead and wait for hours until I returned from a walk, telling me, “I want to wait here to make sure you get home safely.” Betsy, who knew everything about her native produce, being so patient with me asking her now how exactly does one cook breadfruit…? Also, what is breadfruit?

Best Apps for Visiting Museums

The Smithsonian Institution includes 19 museums and galleries scattered throughout the D.C. metro area and New York City. This app makes it a cinch to find your way to the nearest one, using augmented reality, no less. Just hold up your phone and spin around (slowly, at sub-breakdancer speed); the app’s display will overlay the distance to each museum on a live view of your surroundings. (The National Mall is a great place to try this feature.) Or set the app to show Smithsonian libraries and local affiliates. Available for Android and iOS, free, si.edu

Boston’s WTF/LOL Problem

Even when Boston firms attempt to hire, they make two common mistakes. First, they provide little in the way of power to young people to make decisions and be entrepreneurial. When I was going through the recruitment processes at Google and Facebook, the message was always “run a product used by millions (if not billions) from day one.” The message was trust – sure you are young, but so was Zuckerberg. Incredible creativity comes from those who know little about what they do.

Apple seeds OS X El Capitan beta 5 to developers

It is not clear what’s new in the fifth beta of OS X El Capitan yet, but it is likely to bring with it more bug fixes and performance improvements, and further add polish to the OS before its release later this fall.

Latest Apple TV rumor: new box in September, but no TV service yet

If you thought that the lack of a new Apple TV during the company's last developer conference would put a halt to the rumors then... you must not have been paying attention for the last few years. Buzzfeed sources say a revamped set-top box will arrive in September with the previously rumored slimmed-down size, more powerful hardware inside, touchpad (and perhaps TouchID) equipped remote and most importantly, an actual App Store. The third gen Apple TV has gone several years without changes so a refresh is certainly in order, but the other half of the rumor says Apple's long-rumored subscription TV setup will not launch with it. While the folks in Cupertino work out those last few deals and decide if they really want a Sling TV or Playstation Vue-style slim bundle of channels, you can decide if buying a soon-to-be-outdated model is worth keeping access to YouTube .

What It's Like to Have the Oldest Phone in San Francisco

I’ll also almost always have a book with me. I wish this weren’t necessary. As a frequent public transportation user, and a relatively tall person in a relatively short city, I would love to spend my rides on BART and Muni reading people’s texts over their shoulders. Alas, I have done a decade of research on this, and I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that people’s texts are boring. Furthermore, texting gives people boring, expressionless faces—although it does, thank god, stop people from talking on their cell phones while they’re on public transportation. Whatever you’re paying for your texts, it’s worth it for the wonderful hush that came over buses and trains when texting became more popular than talking. Still, when you’re not able to text, a book is mandatory.

This Prank Is Proof That We All Blindly 'Like' Engagement Photos

"It can get really depressing when your entire feed is people celebrating life events and all you're doing is sitting around, checking Facebook," Broussard told The Huffington Post Monday. 

UK Is Leading The Way To Become A Global Bitcoin Hub

In many countries, when it comes to regulating bitcoin companies, it’s still mostly a work in progress. Some governments want to restrict bitcoin quite a lot, while others are adopting a more favorable stance. The U.K. has been the financial hub of Europe for decades now, and it looks like it plans to do the same thing with bitcoin.

Destiny: The New Bosses Could Finally Get it Right - IGN's Fireteam Chat - IGN Video

We think that the new boss encounters could be an exciting new change for Destiny.

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