Apple said to be co-designing packaging for third-party accessories sold in Apple Stores

The next time you visit an Apple Store, it may look like a lot different. According to leaked images provided to 9to5Mac, Apple is co-designing packaging for third-party accessories sold in its stores.

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Golden State Warriors' Andre Iguodala Is Most Wonderful

The Golden State Warriors recently won the NBA Championship, but that's not the only reason we want to celebrate star player Andre Iguodala. We recently sat down with the basketball player and entrepreneur and asked him all about his new company Twice, his love of startups and plans for the future, and why he is a fan of Elon Musk. Andre Iguodala's passion is just as powerful off the court, and that is the most wonderful thing of the week.

How Mexico is becoming the drone capital of Latin America

Now the U.S. could spoil some of the fun if it continues to militarize drone use in Latin America. The United States Southern Command or SOUTHCOM has already deployed unarmed drones on joint military exercises and missions in Central and South America. The war on drugs also appears to be prompting Latin America to ramp up the use of U.S.- and Israeli-manufactured drones against traffickers.

Instagram confirms it's rolling out 1,080-pixel images - CNET

The one feature Instagram has stubbornly held onto, however, has been the size of images it will allow to be uploaded and displayed. Since its founding, the company has limited its image size to 640 pixels by 640 pixels, which, at the time, was sufficient, since many mobile devices couldn't produce larger images. As times has gone on, however, that has changed and many users see limiting image size to 640 pixels as archaic.

The truth about Intel's Broadwell vs. Haswell CPU

What happens when you run CineBench R15 in multi-threaded mode, though, where it measures the overall performance of all the cores in a CPU? We see the Broadwell come back to edge out the Haswell chip. This is because, while the Broadwell chip is slower in overall clock speed when only one core is working, it runs a little cooler (thanks to its 14nm process). The Haswell has an advantage in the beginning, but as it heats up, it starts to throttle back on frequency so it’s only about 100MHz faster by the end of the test. Combined with the better efficiency of Broadwell, it’s just enough to make the 5th-gen chip barely faster here.

Will Your Next Smartwatch Be a Casio?

Automatic Renewal Program: Your subscription will continue without interruption for as long as you wish, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. Each year, you'll receive a notice and you authorize that your credit/debit card will be charged the annual subscription rate(s). You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged, we will bill you directly instead. Contact Customer Service

Samsung brings 2TB solid-state drives to your home PC

You no longer have to bend over backwards to get more than a terabyte of fast, flash-based storage in your home computer. Samsung is shipping 2TB versions of its 850 Evo and 850 Pro solid-state drives, giving you as much capacity as a decent-sized spinning hard drive while maintaining that all-important SSD speed. They're only intended for desktops at the moment (they only use standard SATA connections), but Samsung is promising similarly cavernous models that are specifically designed for the mSATA and M.2 formats used in laptops. Just be prepared to pay dearly for these no-compromise drives right now -- the 'standard' 2TB 850 Evo is officially priced at $800, while the slightly faster, longer-lasting 850 Pro could easily break the bank at $1,000.

Instagram finally stores high-resolution images

Back in 1988, @Sony and @Nintendo were working together to build the first @PlayStation console, which was simply an add-on for the #SNES console. Eventually, that project evolved into a device of its own that was to have a port to play SNES cartridges, as well as a CD-ROM drive to play newer #games. The deal imploded after just 200 consoles rolled off the production line, and we eventually got the console you know today as the original PlayStation. Today, @Imgur user DanDiebold uploaded photos of the ill-fated collaboration that give us an amazing look at what could have been. It’s like a #frankenstein of a SNES and a PlayStation.

A Look Inside Silicon Valley’s Wild Biotech Accelerator IndieBio

Silicon Valley breeds the kind of people that create computers that fit in the palm of our hands, electric cars that can go hundreds of miles on a single charge and plans to launch tiny satellites across the globe to bring everyone in the world Internet access.

Terminator-vision and the complex questions behind “augmented reality”

For folks in my generation—those born in the late 70s or early 80s—the definition of "virtual reality" is informed by decades of popular entertainment and includes at least a few strong Lawnmower Man images. Virtual reality, as it’s been sold to us by the combined forces of Hollywood and consumer electronics companies, is the experience one gets when one straps on a head-mounted display and slips into a computer-created world. And even though most of the world’s images of VR come from the hilariously terrible first wave of VR popularity in the 1990s, mainstream companies like Oculus are close to actually making VR happen in a way that isn’t inconvenient, overly expensive, or dumb.

Can Lyft Pull an Avis?

The battle between the two companies has gotten brutal, bitter, even a little juvenile. Last year, a Lyft analysis allegedly showed that Uber employees had requested and canceled some 5,560 rides on Lyft, annoying drivers and delaying rides for thousands of other passengers. (Uber has denied the allegation — and claims Lyft has done the same to it. Which Lyft denies.) The website The Verge revealed that in an operation code-named SLOG, Uber gave independent contractors burner iPhones and company credit cards. The contractors would request Lyft rides and then attempt to recruit the driver to the black side once in the car. (“We can’t successfully recruit drivers without talking to them — and that means taking a ride,” Uber responded.) At one point, Uber put out mobile billboards in San Francisco reading SHAVE THE STACHE — a reference to Lyft’s iconic pink mustache. Lyft later parked a huge teal BE MORE THAN A NUMBER billboard outside Uber’s office.

Uber suspends UberPOP in France - BBC News

"We have decided to suspend UberPOP in France from 20.00 [19.00 BST] this Friday evening, primarily to assure the safety of Uber drivers," Thibaud Simphal, head of Uber France, told Le Monde.

Pheromone is one of the first few jailbreak tweaks to customize Cydia

Pheromone is a jailbreak tweak by HASHBANG Productions designed for Cydia to improve the user experience and add new features. The tweak adds a brown tint color to match Cydia’s icon which means that all the buttons in the Navigation  bar and the Tab bar will be colored brown.

Amazon to celebrate 20th birthday with Prime Day sale - CNET

Prime Day will start on July 15 at midnight Pacific Time (3 a.m. Eastern Time or 8 a.m. UK time) and will run through until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time the same day. The event will include seven "Deals of the Day" and thousands of short-term "Lightning Deals." Also, although these deals are only available to Prime members, Amazon offers 30-day free trials of the US service at .

YouTube star PewDiePie made $7 million in 2014

Last year around this time, word got out that Felix Kjellberg, a 24-year-old Swedish bro known online as PewDiePie , made $4 million a year by playing video games, recording his reactions and uploading the resulting videos to YouTube. At the time, he had 27 million YouTube subscribers. Today, Kjellberg has 37.7 million subscribers on YouTube and his company, PewDiePie Productions, pulled in roughly $7.4 million in revenue in 2014, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen . It looks like this whole " watch people play video games on the internet" craze is here to stay.

A Hello Kitty movie is coming

Anthropomorphic cartoon cat Hello Kitty will soon star in a Hollywood film,  Deadline reports . The movie, set to come out in 2019, will be released through the US subsidiary of Japan's Sanrio lifestyle company.

San Diego Comic-Con 2015's best exclusive items - CNET

San Diego Comic-Con is happening next week, and with it comes a wave of exclusive items from popular comics, shows, and games. SDCC is a massive convention, so it's always difficult to know exactly what will be sold and from whom. But if you're interested in collecting items from your favorite shows or games, you'll want to keep a lookout while you're there. That's why we've gathered some of the best Comic-Con exclusives that'll be sold on the convention floor.

How to get the home button back in Edge - CNET

3. At the top of the Advanced settings menu, you'll see a toggle for Show the home button . Switch this toggle to On , and you should see the home button appear on your toolbar immediately. A text box will also appear. In this text box you can type in the URL of your actual start page, or you can type in any URL you want -- it does not have to match the URL of your actual start page, which you can configure in the main Edge Settings menu.

Google self-driving cars are now in Austin, Texas

We’ve chosen Austin, Texas, as a new testing location for our project, and one of our Lexus SUVs is there now, with safety drivers aboard, driving a few square miles north and northeast of downtown Austin.

Is Your Shirt Smarter Than You? - CNET

From CNET Magazine: Hats, shirts, socks -- if you can wear it, there's a good chance it eventually will read your vital signs, show your stress levels and even tell you to cut back on your Thanksgiving turkey.

Saturn's tiny moon Prometheus is a ring wrecking ball - CNET

You could call Saturn's moon Prometheus an oddball if it were actually shaped like a ball. It's not. The satellite, which measures 53 miles (85 kilometers) across, has an oblong irregular body, nothing at all like the elegant sphere shape we normally associate with moons. It hangs around Saturn's F ring, sometimes slicing through the icy particles that make up the ring.

Halt and Catch Fire: "10BROAD36” Review - IGN

Bosworth and Tom took a backseat at Mutiny this week while Cameron and Donna went through their usual cycle of butting heads and then finding common ground. The episode telegraphed Donna’s decision to have an abortion early on in the scene with her mother, but I thought it dealt with the complexity of her decision in a compelling manner without ever explicitly saying the words. Annette O’Toole gave another great performance in that scene, seemingly implying that she knew Donna was lying but couldn’t muster the accusation. Generally, Kerry Bishe triumphed in this episode, as the writers gave her a wide variety of scenes to play and she nailed them all.

Brazilian Christians Create 'Clean' Version of Facebook

The site, launched last month by a group of Brazilian Christians, is intended for those who want to make "social networking a reflection of their Christian life." Instead of a "like" button, there is an "Amen" button.

From fitness trackers to drones, how the Internet of Things is transforming the insurance industry

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we examine the impact of the IoT on the insurance industry. From free fitness trackers to track individuals' exercise habits to drones to assess damages in unsafe post-disaster conditions, we analyze current US insurance markets — including the auto, health, life, and property insurance markets — and look at ways insurers are integrating IoT devices.

Regulators Probe Marketing of Hot Private Tech Shares

Securities regulators have launched a broad investigation into whether hedge funds and other investors are improperly selling hot private technology stocks amid a boom in the trading of such shares, people close to the probe say.

Why the open source business model is a failure

The problem is compounded when you consider that open source companies' products are not just competing with the freely available software on which their products are built. It's often the case that they also have to compete with similar products sold by proprietary software companies. And that particular playing field is often an uneven one, because the low revenues that open source companies can generate from subscriptions mean that they can't match the huge sales and marketing budgets of competitors with proprietary product offerings.

5 Incredible Trends That Will Shape Our 3D Printed Future


Mortal Kombat X: Klassic Skin Fatalities and Reveal Teaser - IGN Video

Get a look at a few of the Klassic Skins coming out soon and the fatalities that come with them.

Apple partner to take on 40k workers to build iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

According to a new report from  DigiTimes,  Pegatron subsidiary Protek has already begun taking on new workers, and plans to recruit 40,000 people in total. It will continue hiring until October, sources say, but iPhone production will kick off in August ahead of the launch in September.

Mojang Prepping 'Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta'

Windows 10 gamers will be able to play online with Pocket Edition gamers (via an update shortly after the game's launch), and the Windows 10 version will support up to eight players in each multiplayer gaming session—either locally or over Xbox Live. A built-in GameDVR will let you record all of your adventures, and it will allegedly be pretty easy to switch between using a controller, a touch interface, or a keyboard and mouse to play Minecraft on Windows 10.

DARPA challenge greatly propelled humanoid robotics -- and WPI

"The humanoid robotics group is a relatively new field in robotics but this challenge brought together a lot of people to solve the problem," he said, adding the field has been advanced 10-fold in the last few years. "There are a lot of justifications for using humanoid robots in a disaster situation. Humanoids allow us to go into different unstructured environments. Wheels are good, Tracks are good. But if you need to climb up ladders, stairs and go through narrow crossings, you do better with the human form."


The MIT Media Lab’s antidisciplinary approach to research positions it to interrogate design and technology's relationship: the tensions; their affinities and entanglements; their closeness and distance.

T-Mobile was asked to turn over more customer info than its larger rivals - CNET

Despite T-Mobile's smaller customer base (Verizon and AT&T each have nearly twice as many customers), the carrier fielded more requests than its rivals. AT&T, for instance, saw 263,755 requests, while Verizon saw 287,559. Sprint saw 308,937 requests.

FGM app launches in Britain as school holiday danger zone nears

FGM involves the partial or total removal of external genitalia and can cause serious physical and psychological problems and complications in childbirth. Some girls are at risk of being subjected to FGM, which is often seen as a gateway to marriage and a way of preserving a girl's purity, when their parents take them abroad during school holidays to visit extended family, British security forces say.

Architect Finally Gives Us What We Want: A Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper

Just when you thought the world had hit peak Beyoncé , the hippest city in Australia is going to build a massive skyscraper inspired by… Beyoncé. This is not a joke . The city of Melbourne has given planning approval for the construction of a curvy 68-story tower in its central business district. It even moves.

LG's ultra-thin touchscreen panels will enable lighter, thinner notebooks

LG announced on Monday that it will introduce a thinner and lighter touch LCD for 14- and 15.6-inch laptops later in 2015. The new display uses LG’s Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology, which achieves extra thinness by embedding the touch capability within the LCD itself. Traditional touch displays require three layers that include the protective glass, a touch layer, and the LCD panel.

International Space Station resupplied for the first time in months

The International Space Station has just received its first new supplies since April 14th. The Progress 60 Russian cargo ship docked with ISS early this morning, at 3:11AM ET  according to NASA , bringing with it over three tons of cargo. That includes "1,940 pounds of propellant, 106 pounds of oxygen, 926 pounds of water, and 3,133 pounds of spare parts, supplies and experiment hardware."

Whipclip Raises Over $40 Million For Its TV Show And Music Video Clipping App

The focus of the app itself is largely on live TV, as Whipclip allows you to launch the app and create clips from the last 2 minutes of a show that’s currently airing. That may not be the best solution in today’s time-shifted world, however, so it’s good that Whipclip also lets you access any of its shows or videos, even if they’ve already aired. After you create your clip, the snippet can be posted to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as shared within the app itself.

Cydia 1.1.20 update released to fix bugs and crash issues

If you’ve been facing any of these issues while using Cydia, it’s strongly recommend that you update it to the latest version. Cydia installer 1.1.20 update can be installed via the Changes tab in Cydia.

iPhone 6 Plus blew up while charging, woman claims - CNET

Technically Incorrect: A Hong Kong woman who left her iPhone to charge overnight says she was awoken by a big bang.

The Universe might contain millions of hidden black holes

Black holes are, by definition, impossible to see by conventional methods and are often further obscured by thick blankets of dust or gas. But that's not an issue for NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR). It can peek through the obscuring layers and monitor the black holes via the high-energy X-rays that they emit. And, after a recent survey that spotted five previously unknown supermassive black holes in the centers of various galaxies, NASA researchers now think there could be millions of of them dotting the Universe like the holes of an intergalactic colander. "Thanks to NuSTAR, for the first time, we have been able to clearly identify these hidden monsters that are predicted to be there, but have previously been elusive because of their surrounding cocoons of material," said George Lansbury of Durham University in a statement. "Although we have only detected five of these hidden supermassive black holes, when we extrapolate our results across the whole universe, then the predicted numbers are huge and in agreement with what we would expect to see.

Comedy Central channel starts streaming on Roku

It took a while, but Comedy Central is finally bringing its video content to Roku's streaming devices . As Variety points out , although the network hasn't made an official announcement, the channel's now available for download . You will need a pay-TV subscription to access most of Comedy Central's on-demand library, however, which includes The Daily Show , Key & Peele, South Park , Broad City and many more shows . That said, cord-cutters won't be completely left out, since they'll be able to enjoy the latest episodes of some shows -- like The Daily Show , The Nightly Show with Larry More and a few select others. Don't have it on your Roku player yet? You can install it directly from here .

Helio's cellphone service comes back to life with a $29 plan

Remember Helio, the virtual carrier that tried to cater to the tech-savvy young crowd ( not so successfully ) with data-centric plans and rebranded basic phones ? It's baaaack. Ubi Telecom, a mobile company focused on Korean-speaking Americans, has quietly revived the brand as a mostly bring-your-own-device service on Sprint's network, with Verizon* as a roaming partner. However, it's definitely not the provider you remember from a decade ago. Service is much cheaper at $29 (tax included!) for unlimited data, text and voice, but that data is capped at a paltry 128Kbps -- you won't be checking out Netflix. The ready-to-go phone catalog is old, too, with the Galaxy S4 being as good as it gets. The resurrected Helio makes sense if you think that even Virgin Mobile's $35 plans are too rich for your blood, but it won't trigger those warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings.

Channel 9 Apps (Channel 9)

To get the Channel 9 Xbox app, fire up your console, sign in and then go to 'Apps'. Browse or search for Channel 9, select it and download. Once it is downloaded, you can run it from your list of apps, or you can pin it to make it easier to get back to later.

Falling Skies: "Hunger Pains" Review - IGN

Well, it seems the Espheni are starting to run out of ideas as their plan for overthrowing the human populace has devolved into rushing strongholds with as many skitters as possible. Maybe it’s for the best, as their advanced technology has proven ineffectual against humanity’s guerilla tactics over the past few seasons. The constant barrage of skitters leaves the 2nd Mass under siege and with their food storage gone, which means any advantage they had last week has been put on the back burner.

AMD preannounces lower revenue due to poor demand for its APUs

AMD said gross profit margins (non-GAAP) are expected to be down as well, to 28 percent, versus the 32 percent the company originally expected. Because demand for its APUs is down, the company said, it will have to rely more on sales of lower-margin embedded and semi-custom chips. AMD also said it would take a charge of $33 million as it transitions its manufacturing from 20-nm to a FinFET process.

Stretchable nanowire mesh heats your sore muscles

There's no word on when this chainmail-like design will reach something you can buy, but there's talk of using it beyond medical purposes. You could use it to heat up a winter jacket, or provide efficient, evenly-distributed warmth in your car seat. If the technology pans out, you could feel better without having to let anyone know that you're feeling chilly or sore.

13 Tips For Parenting When Screens Are Everywhere

When I started writing a column about parenting and screen time this spring, I talked to a lot of people about technology and young children, from academic experts to friends and former colleagues. I wrote about what I learned in a feature about the challenges that ubiquitous screens pose in the 21st century .  

Someone made a teaser trailer for Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events adaptation

Of all the children's books series that didn't deserve to have cruddy movie adaptations, A Series of Unfortunate Events is perhaps Hollywood's greatest victim. The 2004 Dreamworks take on Daniel Handler's (pen name Lemony Snicket) cult classic series about the harrowing lives of the three Baudelaire orphans could have been great — dark, smart, funny — but was mostly just weird and hurried, and paid far too much attention to its poorly cast leads (Jude Law as Snicket, and Jim Carrey as the villainous Count Olaf).

The Monster Italian Track Where Porsche Tests Its Beauties | WIRED

But the real star at Nardò is the high-speed circular track. It’s 7.8 miles around and 2.5 miles in diameter. The outer lane is banked at more than 12 degrees, so at 150 mph, the centrifugal force is effectively canceled out, making it easier for test drivers to mash the gas pedal into the floor for hours at a time. That’s useful for testing the endurance of production cars as well as the viability of entirely new ideas. This is where the VW concept car W12 Nardò drove 4,810 miles in 24 hours, putting up an average speed of 200 mph.

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