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The Best Amazon Alexa Skills

Trick out your Amazon Echo with the coolest and most useful skills in Alexa's arsenal. From news and local information to games, shopping, and travel, we've pulled together the all skills you'll want in 10 top categories.

The word 'hack' is meaningless and should be retired

I regret to inform you that the word "hack" is now bad

Watch a Tesla Model X zoom inside a Boring Company tunnel

The Boring Company has tested its vehicle transportation system.

Meet the mad geniuses building personal flying machines

From billionaires to students, engineers around the world are racing to close the gap between humans and birds. A million-dollar prize adds incentive.

Ctrl-labs’ armband lets you control computer cursors with your mind

Ctrl-labs is developing an armband that interprets electrical signals from neurons in the arm, allowing wearers to control computers, smartphones, and even robotic arms with their minds. VentureBea…

10 moments from Trump's summit so bad that your soul will turn to dust

Including a reference to using a "cassette" tape on an iPad. by mver

As for our bug submitted two days before we were declined a bounty and someone commented that “HID access is already known”. As of today the issue is still restricted and I will not post the full information therefore. But I can post what we submitted in the first place showing we submitted a PoC and two issues, a memory corruption and the HID access also submitted by Yubico:

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iOS 12 for iPhone brings bad news for iPhone hackers

So to all the people that held off paying $999, £999 or AU$1,579, you might be in luck. In September, it's possible you could get an almost all-screen iPhone starting for as low as $600. The 6.5-inch iPhone X successor with an OLED screen could still cost between $900 and $1,000, Kuo forecasts, so save up. (That roughly converts to £680 and AU$1,210 to £750 and AU$1,345, but Apple does not typically directly convert their US prices).


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Inside the workshop where Game of Thrones swords are made

Inside the Game of Thrones workshop, where new weapons are designed and modelled. It's also an archive of the weapons used by the show's many, many now-deceased characters.

Tour New Jersey’s most iconic recording studio

I was visiting to hear a soon-to-be released John Coltrane album. Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album was recorded on March 6, 1963 in this studio. The assembled press listened in awe, hearing Coltrane and his men lay down tracks recorded fifty-five years earlier in this room, the music leapt through time and space. I had goosebumps.

IHOP's IHOb makeover isn't going away anytime soon

"We have from the beginning said IHOb was fun, a tongue in cheek way to launch our new burgers. It was not a permanent change to the actual IHOP name," IHOP spokeswoman Stephanie Peterson told CNET, adding that the chain famous for its breakfast menu would continue to use "touches of IHOb" throughout the summer to promote its burgers.

Should you get the Pixel 2 or OnePlus 6?

That being said, if you're undecided but don't need a new phone ASAP, consider waiting to see what Google has in store in October. Being on a one-year cadence schedule, it's safe to assume that the Pixel 3 will be more of a major update as well (compared to the expected jump from the OnePlus 6 to the 6T), and rumored specs include wireless charging and two front-facing cameras.

Minimalist style, major picture quality from Vizio's M series

With sleek looks and a bright, punchy image, Vizio's affordable M-Series is one of the best TV values of the year.

Vizio M-Series 2018: Another high-performance TV bargain

The on-screen home page takes too long to load after you press the "V" button on the remote and once it does arrive, there's not much there. Just 18 apps appear along the bottom, and while six are heavy hitters (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube and Plex) the rest are minor, and it doesn't have plenty of other big apps like DirecTV Now, HBO, ESPN, CNN or Pandora. You can't remove or reorder apps, or in any way customize the Discover section, which occupies most of the screen with movies and shows you probably don't care about. And even if you do, you'll need a TV provider sign-in for a lot of them.


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Here's every power Jack-Jack has in Incredibles 2

OK, this one might be a stretch. Jack-Jack seems no older than 18 months, tops. Yet after spending a few days with Edna he can accurately mimic her walking gait and facial expressions. This is different from the metamorphosis power mentioned before. It could be that the kid is just a naturally skilled mimic (or it could just be a cartoon thing), but my kid was definitely not up to this level at 18 months. It's uncanny.

US charges Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes with criminal fraud

But with new criminal charges, the US government is attempting to punish Theranos execs for both defrauding investors and knowingly endangering people's lives with inaccurate blood test results, a penalty that could discourage other companies from lying about new products. The DoJ says the charges could put them in prison for up to 20 years and add additional fines of $250,000 for each count of wire fraud.

The CNET Smart Garden comes to life

This week, we dove back in, and brought our smart garden to life. Click through to see the CNET Smart Garden built from nothing to our current smart bed of veggie seedlings.

How the 22nd century should remember Trump

And at that point we're basically in the timeline foreseen by the 20th century's foremost future historian, science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. In 1953, Heinlein described a folksy, racist, populist TV preacher winning the White House with a minority of the popular vote — in the election of 2012. (What's four years' difference at that many decades' distance, right?) This president then "needed stormtroopers" and so "revived the Ku Klux Klan in all but name." America's economy stagnated, and elections soon became a thing of the past.

Next Xbox reportedly launching in 2020

Cisco Live 2018: Avoiding distillery explosions with cybersecurity | ZDNet

Liquor company Beam Suntory is deploying a series of IoT and security features to smarten up its plants and distilleries while avoiding potentially catastrophic cyber attacks.

Former and current Fitbit employees charged with possessing stolen Jawbone trade secrets | ZDNet

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Australia's semantic sleight of hand on encrypted messaging revealed | ZDNet

Newly-released documents confirm that the Australian government's commitment to 'no backdoors' to weaken encryption algorithms doesn't preclude backdoors elsewhere in the secure messaging pipeline.

Google's new ad settings will let you switch off adverts that know too much | ZDNet

"Turning off a factor means you'll no longer receive tailored ads related to it across our services, and on websites and apps that partner with us to show ads, as long as you're signed in to your Google Account. The ads you see can still be based on general factors, like the subject of what you're looking at or the time of day, or any other factor that is still turned on," Google explained in a blogpost .

Automation: How iRobot's Roomba vacuum cleaner became part of the family | ZDNet

We looked at it, thought it was silly but then thought of it as a video game pet. We thought, why don't we create a real robot pet? First we built a robot doll. And we took that around different toy companies and they said, "It's very nice but what we really want is a robot baby". So we partnered with Hasbro. We did this for about three and a half years and we built some good toys and had some success. Most importantly, because of them we went to the best factories in China and learned how to build at very low cost.

Top-notch phones: 8 phones with display cut-outs | ZDNet

In an effort to adopt the bezel-less design trend, smartphone makers have begun to push the display notch. Whether you love it or hate it, here are eight examples of phones with carved-out front tabs.

Is speedy rollout of Windows 10 version 1803 causing quality problems? | ZDNet

Microsoft insists that its rollout of the latest Windows 10 feature update is going well, but some customers are skeptical. And without accurate data, it's impossible to tell who's right.

iOS 12: The hidden feature I won't be switching on | ZDNet

Given how unstable some iOS updates can be, I don't think I'll be switching on the iOS 12 automatic update feature anytime soon.

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25 Foxconn establishes its North American headquarters in Milwaukee

Foxconn is extending its fledgling American footprint beyond its planned display factory in Wisconsin. The tech manufacturing behemoth is establishing its North American headquarters in Milwaukee, 30 miles north of the upcoming factory. It's buying a seven-story building from Northwestern Mutual and expects 500 people to work at the facility, which will include an innovation hub to help startups create apps using its display tech. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the intend 13,000 jobs at the screen facility, but it's symbolic of the company's US presence -- it's not just dabbling this time around.

Samsung must pay $400 million in FinFet patent suit

Samsung said last month its last generation of chips to use the technology would be a 4-nanometer process that will shrink electronics another notch and boost performance. The technology is called FinFet because the transistor communication channel is shaped like a fin. The transistor component that controls whether current flows through that channel, called the gate, is in effect draped across the fin.

A Bitter Guide To Open Source – Codezillas – Medium

First and foremost, have a look at competitors and prior art. If someone else’s library does the same thing yours does, you’ll need something that sets it apart. Lets say you want to build the next lodash. Good fuckin luck (sorry had to get that out of the way). But outside of that, in order to tap into lodash’s market share, you’d need to have a hook. It would have to be smaller, or faster, or a better API. See where I’m going with this?

Digital transformation technology and services spending is on the rise | ZDNet

This latest spending guide aims to shed some more light on where digital transformation funding is being spent as well as what digital transformation priorities are most pursued. By IDC's estimates, businesses will spend $1.1 trillion in 2018 on digital transformation technology and services, an increase of 16.8 percent over the $958 billion spent in 2017.

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

The Windows Fall Creators Update installed the Mixed Reality Viewer app on your Windows 10 machine, even if you didn't know it was there. Do a quick Cortana search and open the app to play around with 3D models—either ones you've created in Paint 3D or downloaded from Microsoft's library of thousands of models. If you own one of Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality partner headsets or want to start playing around with 3D and mixed reality development, this app is your way to start leveling up.

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Google Cloud expands Android Enterprise Program, up to 39 devices | ZDNet

But Samsung remains out of the loop. Google Cloud added two tablets from Huawei to its enterprise recommended program.

Single sign-on: How Okta is building an online identity platform | ZDNet

With developers working on both IT and customer-identity products, and a leadership that Salazar describes as "making long-term bets," there's a lot to be done. One area that's needed a lot of thought is how Okta prices its platform versus its identity services. The per-seat model associated with SaaS isn't really suitable for developer tooling, but with API call-based pricing it's also hard to go from a low-cost proof-of-concept to a full-blown product -- especially when that means switching from developer to enterprise price plans.

​Samsung's Chromebook Plus V2 adds camera and swaps ARM for Intel | ZDNet

However, there are a few key changes that have, according to CNET's hands on preview , led to improvements. The 2018 model runs on an Intel CPU instead of the ARM processor, bringing it in line with the Samsung Chromebook Pro which launched alongside the first Plus but with a high-end Intel Core m3 processor.

Cisco Live 2018: 'GDP is directly linked to GDPR' | ZDNet

"What we've done is signed on for the cross-border privacy rules framework, or CBPR, and so we actually started there first before we went to Europe to do GDPR. And the regulators in Europe were very pleased to learn that what we were doing was really taking a global approach with our partners, with our processes downstream, with our customers and our strategy, so we're looking at the principles of GDPR, not necessarily all of the specific implementations," she explained.

35 New deep learning technique solves Rubik's Cube without assistance | Hacker News

I know it's too much to ask, and this accomplishment is impressive, but when I read the headline I thought that solving Rubik's Cube 'without assistance' might mean building a mechanical apparatus to solve the cube. reply

10 hidden features in iOS 12

The Messages app isn't getting a whole lot of new features in iOS 12. One of the changes is a new camera tool for pictures and videos taken within the Messages app. We've already covered the feature in detail here, but the gist is this: Open the camera app in Messages, then tap the star icon in the lower-left corner to get started.

How to set up Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi

But how do you get started? Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up Windows 10 IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, and then deploying a simple app, using a Windows 10 PC as the base machine.

5 tips for making meetings more effective and efficient

I'm frequently shocked by presenters who stick to their planned presentation at all costs, even when the audience is telling them it's not helpful. I've seen meetings where the audience has clearly tuned out, and finally someone is kind enough to say, "This isn't what we need," only to have the presenter respond, "Let me just finish the last 48 slides." No one is awarding points to you for finishing your agenda, and I've often led highly successful meetings where we change direction in the first 90 seconds and don't even get past the title slide of my carefully prepared presentation. Stay attuned to the needs of your audience, and keep your ultimate objective in mind. There are usually multiple paths to the same objective, and just because the path you carefully mapped out isn't the one the group ultimately takes does not make the meeting any less successful.

39 'Fortnite' marks World Cup with stadium and goal scoring challenges

There are six male and female jerseys to pick from, complete with personalization to reflect your favorite player's colors and number -- now might be your chance to have Neymar rule Tilted Towers. You can buy a footie-themed glider or pick axes, and emotes like a red card can signal an unforgivable offense. We suspect the novelty of all these extras will wear off once the World Cup winds to a close, but this might be just what you're looking for if you live and breathe the sport.

This company just sold one million phones in 22 days | ZDNet

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How to leverage the industrial internet of things | ZDNet

Rexnord provides a range of smart-connected products that offer a way to monitor critical parameters of its customers' equipment, providing operational analytics that help them improve the performance of their systems and anticipate the failure of key components. That way they can prolong the useful life of equipment and avoid catastrophic failures that result in costly unplanned production downtime.

IBM buys Oniqua Holdings to bolster asset optimization business | ZDNet

Oniqua specializes in inventory optimization software for asset-intensive industries such as mining, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing. Its key focus is on Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) systems, which monitor the operational efficiency of parts and equipment to avoid unplanned downtime.

Samsung Galaxy X folding phone could cost twice as much as iPhone X | Cult of Mac

Apple and Samsung are both supposedly working on foldable phones. The Korean company will get its out first though, but hold onto your wallet, it’s going to be shockingly expensive.

Can Russian hackers be stopped? Here's why it might take 20 years | ZDNet

"I think the national security community has lacked a bit of creativity when it comes to thinking of the sheer scope and scale of a massive cyberattack, and the physical consequences that come from that, so I think the nuclear deterrent is interesting--it's part of the evolution of what is going to be a truly effective deterrence. We just don't know yet, and I don't think we will know for about 20 more years," said Rudolph.

Here's a $20 arcade cabinet made of cardboard and a Switch

I was unable to build the kit myself, so had to make do with the pre-assembled prototype on display at Nyko's E3 booth. The cabinet is assembled in sections, with individual holders for each Joy-Con and a pair of plastic joysticks that clip onto their thumbsticks. This modularity makes taking the various parts of the Switch out of the kit easy enough. It's actually pretty well thought out -- there are even passthrough buttons that move the shoulder buttons on the Joy-Cons to match the traditional arcade six-button layout.

Cult of Mac Magazine: 6 reasons you should switch to Safari and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine : In iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Safari gets solid improvements that will win you back from Chrome — especially if you value your privacy. But while safeguarding your privacy and security on the web fuels many of Safari’s great new features, there’s much more Safari goodness to anticipate.

Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener

There are plenty of ways to manipulate photos to make you look better, remove red eye or lens flare, and so on. But so far the blink has proven a tenacious opponent of good snapshots. That may change with research from Facebook that replaces closed eyes with open ones in a remarkably convincing manner.

First look at Instagram’s self-policing Time Well Spent tool

This unlaunched version of Instagram’s Usage Insights tool offers users a daily tally of their minutes spent on the app. They’ll be able to set a time spent daily limit, and get a reminder once they exceed that. There’s also a shortcut to manage Instagram’s notifications so the app is less interruptive. Instagram has been spotted testing a new hamburger button that opens a slide-out navigation menu on the profile. That might be where the link for Usage Insights shows up, judging by this screenshot.

World Cup 2018: How to get your TV ready to watch

During our calibrations we attempt to get the most accurate color possible. For soccer, the most common color you'll see is the green of the field, and if it's not accurate, it's pretty easy to see. The human eye is very sensitive to green, and you can usually tell if grass looks too brownish or dull, or too yellowish or vibrant. When you're watching football, you want as natural and accurate a color green as possible -- the World Cup pitch should not look like AstroTurf.

Lenovo Legion gaming laptops and desktops march into E3 2018

The Legion Y7000 (left) retains a more traditional budget-gaming-laptop design, while the Y730 and Y530 (middle and right), get a sleek makeover, new thermals an upgraded components.

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