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Critics swoon over 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

No spoilers: It's great.

Watch what could happen if you forget to water your Christmas tree

The last thing you want to do is ruin Christmas...and your entire house.

Pornhub gives you a whole new way to celebrate Hanukkah

Finally a way to fill those eight long nights.

The New iMac Pro Is Really Expensive And Really Worth It: Early Reviewers

The machines, meant for Pro users, are super powerful but can’t be upgraded.

Apple’s iMac Pro arrives December 14, starting at $4,999

It seems like forever ago that Apple first teased the iMac Pro, the souped up, professional grade version of its all-in-one. Announced back at WWDC, the..

Apple releases new ads to sell millennials on the iPhone X

Maybe these will finally convince you.

iMac Pro release date finally unveiled | ZDNet

Got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket in the run up to the holidays? Apple's iMac Pro becomes available later this week.

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Twitter officially recognizes tweetstorms with a new threads feature

To create a thread using the new feature, type your first tweet and then hit the plus button in the lower right-hand corner of the composer. That brings up a new area within the composer where you’ll have another 280 characters to express yourself. Repeat the process until your thread is complete, and then hit “tweet,” and the entire thread will post all at once. If you want to update a thread later, open it and hit “add another tweet” in the thread.

Nintendo Switch sells 10 million units in just 9 months

Thanks to popular games like Mario Odyssey and Zelda, it looks like Nintendo's new console is a bona fide hit.

#Breaktheinternet protest offers one last gasp for net neutrality

The FCC's vote on Tuesday goes beyond net neutrality. Once passed, the FCC will have effectively removed itself almost entirely from oversight of internet service providers. This will give ISPs the ability to cut deals with major companies for preferential treatment — a move that net neutrality proponents warn would be the first steps toward ruining the open internet and turning it into something akin to cable TV.

Trump signs U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software

( Reuters ) — President Donald Trump signed into law on Tuesday legislation that bans the use of Kaspersky Lab within the U.S. government, capping a months-long effort to purge the Moscow-based antivirus firm from federal agencies amid concerns it was vulnerable to Kremlin influence.

Toshiba, Western Digital end chip dispute, resume joint investment

(Reuters) - Toshiba Corp ( 6502.T ) and its chip business partner Western Digital Corp ( WDC.O ) agreed to settle a long-running dispute over the embattled Japanese conglomerate’s plans to sell its chip unit, the companies said in a statement, removing a key obstacle to the deal.

A list of ways to “Break the Internet” for the 48 hours before the FCC vote | Hacker News

So this is something of a multi-part response, corrections appreciated. Full disclosure I am highly pro-Net Neutrality, although I believe the authority problem is complex enough that congress should just pass a bill mandating it, to clarify the situation and make it harder to undo. 0. In the US, there's a legal status for telecom companies called "common carrier", and multiple subcategories (Title I, Title II). Basically common carrier status says that you have to abide by certain regulations around who you serve, and in return your company gains some benefits (among them, they're not liable for illegal material transmitted over their networks). So your phone company, a Title 1 common carrier, can't charge you more to call Best Buy than to call Amazon, but if you plan out a bank heist with your buddies over the phone, the phone company CEO doesn't go to jail. Right now ISP's are classified as the less regulated subcategory, Title II. 1. The first question, orthogonal but critical, is whether the FCC has the legal authority to set and enforce policies around net neutrality to anyone at all, or only Title I common carriers.

Photos: The best last-minute tech gifts under $50

Teena Maddox is a Senior Writer at TechRepublic, covering hardware devices, IoT, smart cities and wearables. She ties together the style and substance of tech. Teena has spent 20-plus years writing business and features for publications including People, W and Women's Wear Daily.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Hackers are attacking enterprise security with malware at a 60% success rate

This is why it is so important that enterprises take the time to analyze their overall information technology network down to categorizing workstation systems and user roles. When it comes to malware, security begins at the user level—that is where the system is most vulnerable. A strong comprehensive policy designed to secure every workstation is an essential, cost-effective way to establish stronger security and reduce that 60% hacker success rate.

18 new IT jobs created by Bitcoin and blockchain

"While the number of opportunities and searches are still quite small, Indeed data shows that companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology - and job seekers have been quick to react," said Terence Chiu, vice president of product at Indeed. "It remains to be seen whether the rapid growth in this field will continue and it's worth noting that these are specialized roles that can be hard to fill. However, it's certainly a field worth watching in the near future as both job seekers and employers seize the opportunity."

Star Wars: Every Jedi and Every Sith Ever - IGN

So as you prepare for the latest Star Wars movie, it's the perfect time to refine your knowledge of the canon history of the Jedi and the Sith with the following video timelines: Every Jedi Ever and Every Sith Ever! Check them out below:

Do any Republicans oppose the FCC’s net neutrality vote? This one does

Whether it should be or not, net neutrality regulation is a nearly lock-step partisan issue in Washington, D.C. Democratic minorities both on the commission and in Congress oppose the rollback of the rules enacted in 2015 during President Obama’s term. But now one Republican has joined the critics. Today, Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, from the 6th Congressional District, east of Denver, sent a letter to Republican FCC chairman Ajit Pai asking him to delay the FCC vote to abolish net neutrality rules, scheduled for Thursday morning.

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David Marcus, VP of messaging products at Facebook and a former president of PayPal, will be joining Coinbase's board ( @jeffjohnroberts / Fortune) … …

Instagram becomes an interest network with hashtag following

Today’s change will require some smart filtering by Instagram to prevent objectionable content or spam from being distributed by hashtag following. But it has the potential to help users see beyond their own social graphs and dive deeper into niche communities they care about, making Instagram more endless. Eventually, hashtag following could give the app more powerful ad targeting data and an opportunity to show more interstitial ads between Stories, but the company says it’s not doing either right now.

Marvel's 'The Punisher' renewed for second season on Netflix

Almost a month after Netflix released the first season of The Punisher , the network has officially renewed it for a second. As usual for a first announcement, there's no hint at a release date or what's in store for violent vigilante Frank Castle whenever it drops. But clearly Netflix wants to keep the superhero train running after the highly-anticipated Defenders series flopped .

US once again requires that you register your drone

The change is going to cause some short-term chaos, since the FAA had already started returning the $5 registration fee. Will you have to re-register if you did before? What if you haven't had your money refunded yet? It'll definitely be a bit of a hassle to register a tiny personal drone just so that you can fly around the local park. At the same time, it's not hard to understand why the FAA would push to keep registration. Drone activity around airports and other areas are quickly becoming overwhelming and could increase the odds of collisions -- in theory, at least, registrations keep owners accountable and might discourage them from trying something dangerous.

Ex-Trump aide Carter Page tells court to stop AT&T Time Warner deal

The U.S. Department of Justice sued AT&T in November to block its $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner, saying the deal could raise prices for rivals and pay-TV subscribers while hampering the development of online video. A trial is set for March 19.

Now is the worst time to bring back the Facebook Poke

Now we know better. The power and influence of Facebook in particular — whose user base is now more than 2 billion strong — has grown to the point where there's no such thing as a "minor" feature. Giving the Poke new prominence (it never really went away) will certainly mean more of these drive-by interactions, but that's a bad idea, on many levels.

Synaptics: In-display fingerprint sensor to launch in 2018 'tier one' flagship | ZDNet

"Consumers prefer fingerprint authentication on the front of the phone, and with the industry quickly shifting to bezel-free OLED infinity displays, the natural placement of the fingerprint sensor is in the display itself," Kevin Barber, SVP and GM of Synaptics' mobile division, said. "Synaptics' Clear ID fingerprint sensors are faster, more convenient, and more secure than alternative biometrics, and this optical technology represents a major innovation shift and opportunity for the smartphone market."

New Spider ransomware threatens to delete your files if you don't pay within 96 hours | ZDNet

The attackers also issue a threat that if the payment isn't received within 96 hours, their files will be deleted permanently. They add victims shouldn't "try anything stupid" as the ransomware has "security measures" which delete the files if the victim tries to retrieve them without paying the ransom.

Report: Programmers and developers more important to companies than IT managers

However, when it comes to leveraging new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and blockchain, IT is lagging behind in terms of development. Few IT leaders said they had any initiatives planned for these technologies in the coming year. Part of the lag may be that IT leaders are not as confident in their ability to satisfy and support new initiatives, due in part to lack of budget and overall decentralization of IT, the report noted.

Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus expected to have dual front cameras

The naming of the phones is also rumored to change, with this year’s A5 and A7 becoming the A8 and A8 Plus of next year. The manual claims that both phones will run Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box and offer support for Samsung Pay and Bixby. Other aspects remain standard, like a USB-C charger port and an earphone jack. We’re likely to know more about the new models within the next two months if Samsung announces them as expected.

Twelve South ships HiRise Pro stand for raising the height of the iMac and iMac Pro

Accessory producer Twelve South has unveiled a new stand designed for the iMac, iMac Pro, and compatible monitors, with the HiRise Pro capable of raising the viewing angle of the screen to help lower the risk of neck strain while working, as well as reducing the amount of desk clutter. The HiRise Pro is an updated version of Twelve South's existing HiRise iMac stand, consisting of a gunmetal steel case with a hole to slot the iMac or monitor's stand through. Inside the casing are a number of slots in the sides for placing a shelf that the monitor stand rests upon, with the four slot positions raising the display from 0.9 inches at its lowest to 3.54 inches at its highest. According to Twelve South, the HiRise Pro supports all current iMac models, the incoming iMac Pro, and monitors with a base width of 10 inches or less. The extra space inside the HiRise Pro can be used to store a variety of items, to help keep the desk space tidy. As well as providing ample storage for other accessories, it is also able to house docks, with an opening at the rear providing access to ports if the dock is placed on the bottom of the enclosure.

Everyone can relate a little too well to this insane ice skating fail

After not having ice skated in four years, Madoka Takayama's first moment back on an ice rink was filmed by her friend Kyoka Tanaka. And well, you've just got to see for yourself what happens next. It's 37 seconds of pure chaos and unadulterated hilarity.

It's Not a Spoiler to Say These Last Jedi Posters Are Spectacular

With reviews for Star Wars: The Last Jedi out today ( including ours ), it’s understandable if fans are nervous about spoilers. We totally get it. But this story right here is a safe zone. It’s just some gorgeous, fan-made posters for The Last Jedi to get you excited for the film. No more, no less.

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Facebook plans to start paying taxes locally, instead of through Ireland

Facebook responds to former VP who said social media is destroying society

Chamath has not been at Facebook for over six years. When Chamath was at Facebook we were focused on building new social media experiences and growing Facebook around the world. Facebook was a very different company back then and as we have grown we have realized how our responsibilities have grown too. We take our role very seriously and we are working hard to improve. We’ve done a lot of work and research with outside experts and academics to understand the effects of our service on well-being, and we’re using it to inform our product development. We are also making significant investments more in people, technology, and processes, and — as Mark Zuckerberg said on the last earnings call — we are willing to reduce our profitability to make sure the right investments are made.

Hot Toys' Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Figure Is Legitimately Intimidating the Hell Out of Me

There’s always been a unsettlng realness to Hot Toys’ absurdly detailed figures. The absurdity of seeing such a lifelike visage in such a small scale is disconcerting. But then there’s the times when such visages aren’t just wildly lifelike, but also boring their tiny little plastic eyes into your very soul .

The Pope has way too much faith in the way we use social media

"Rich in humanity" is definitely not the way folks tends to describe social media platforms like Twitter. Though if you count misogyny, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, violence, etc. as all facets of humanity then, well, he isn't too wrong. There's plenty of that in every social media platform, though to be clear, that's definitely not what the Pope is endorsing.

Groupon founder Andrew Mason is back with a cool new startup

Descript was born out of Detour. Detour worked on "hundreds of hours of audio tours, and we would be doing voice-over sessions in our studio and noticing that it took probably twice as long to edit the sessions as it took to actually record them, and you needed a professional engineer to do that," Mason said.

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Two of the largest ICOs yet are by companies co-founded by women

My Smartest Employees Have Forced Me To Reward Them—Here’s How

Finally, everyone knows that a workplace isn’t a one-way street, and it’s not only your direct manager who can decide your fate. So if your boss simply has it out for you, think about how you can showcase your contributions peripherally in ways that aren’t heavy-handed or self-promotional. For example, after wrapping up a project, offer to host a short talk to share the risks you took, the outcomes, and what you learned that could benefit the team. Pro tip: By focusing on your failures and hard-won lessons, you can share accomplishments in a way that doesn’t have any whiff of egotism.

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Bitcoin’s triumphant debut on Wall Street hasn’t ended the financial industry’s skepticism

Google launching artificial intelligence research center in China

BEIJING (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Wednesday it is opening an artificial intelligence (AI) research center in China to target the country’s local talent, even as the U.S. search firm’s products remain blocked in the country.

Wipe the Internet Clean With This Extension

If you still believe in outdated concepts like privacy, do note that in order to work, the extension needs permission to track your browsing history. Seriously though, this is pretty typical for browser extensions, and if you want to write to everyone involved and ask them what they plan to do with your data, you can find them here .

Top Windows 10 questions: How to install, secure, upgrade, get it for free | ZDNet

The Windows 10 installed base continued to climb in 2017, and so did the audience for my weekly series of Windows 10 tips. The most popular of all was this how-to article on how to prevent friends, family members, and employees from inadvertently installing malware or crapware on PCs you support: "Windows 10 tip: Keep unwanted software off PCs you support."

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Large bitcoin exchange says hackers are attacking again

Google's Home Max smart speaker is now available for $399 | ZDNet

Debuted in October alongside the new Pixel, Home Max uses a new technology called Smart Sound to adjust sound quality based on its location in your home. Every time it's moved, Home Max reassesses its location and makes adjustments for optimal sound. It has touch controls on the top and can be controlled via phone app.

Prescription Drugs Are Sometimes Cheaper If You Don’t Use Your Insurance

The reasons a cash price can be less are many, varied, and unpredictable. For one thing, insurance companies often negotiate prices for categories of drugs rather than trying to get the best price on each category. And if you have a set copay, say $15, that doesn’t change with the cost of the drug. Insurance companies also know that copays and other out-of-pocket costs deter people from using care, which keeps their costs down. The bottom line is that insurance doesn’t necessarily net you a better deal, and if you take expensive medications regularly, it’s worth your while to try a little comparison shopping.

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Business takes a hit when this fake news baron tries to play it straight

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Putin isn’t on Twitter but gets reports on Trump’s tweets, the Kremlin says

Dutch blockchain project GUTS is ending ticketing scams

It is GUTS’ mission to make the ticketing industry less susceptible to rip-off resellers and scammers. In other words: an honest, worldwide ticketing market. Did you know that for the average high-profile gig, many tickets resell for over 500 percent their original value? As it stands, this is very difficult to prevent. Add to this the ease of copying tickets to rip off unwitting punters and you have a problem that leaves many fans with a bad taste in their mouth.

New law reinstates small drone registration in the US

The registration rule got a second life today, when it was signed into law as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. Count that as a win for industry, which got legislators to write broader powers for the FAA as a footnote in a much larger bill. Any future court cases will have to proceed from the premise that Congress has now explicitly endorsed the FAA’s jurisdiction over these small unmanned aircraft.

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Your Spirit Airline flight is now on time, almost

Careers | Natero | Customer Success Software

As a front-end developer, you will be joining a team dedicated to the design and implementation of the browser-based UI for our flagship product. One of the greatest challenges is to blend data and usability: making the UI intuitive and understandable while still presenting all of the data that our customers need. To achieve this you'll be using a wide array of data visualizations to turn vast amounts of data into intuitive displays. You will also be responsible for designing and implementing many pages and features from scratch based on business and customer requirements.

Photos: Take a tour of this major new datacenter

The system sucks hot air from the servers and cools it using cold water from an aquifer 170-meters below the site, before the cold air is returned to server halls, and is pumped through the raised floor in front of the servers, and the process starts again.

Lifehacker on Twitter

If you've got little kids, get rid of your window-blind cords right now.

Top 17 Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks for iPhone

You’ll see a little three dotted button at the end of the toolbar, right next to the Send button. Tap it and Facebook Messenger will show you a list of apps specifically made to interact with Messenger. You’ll find all sorts of crazy and fun apps here. For creating GIFs, videos and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, you’ll need to download these apps to be able to use them. But once downloaded, they integrate seamlessly with Messenger.

Yes, that Netflix tweet is creepy — and raises serious privacy questions

Netflix's ability to extrapolate detailed and specific viewing habits from its vast data set leaves troubling questions about its employees' access to personal customer information.

The best gifts for Apple professionals in 2017

Apple's AirPods are more than just wireless earbud-type headphones: Priced at $159, AirPods connect to iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs. The headphones use high-tech features (optical sensors and a motion accelerometer) to detect when one or both are in the ear, and they automatically route audio and engage the built-in microphone accordingly. The mic filters background noise to help improve audio quality, while the AirPods are controlled using Siri .

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61 Twitter's now going to help you thread tweets
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65 Microsoft adds location awareness to its Azure IoT app development platform
66 New Juno Results Reveal the Weirdness of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
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90 Storify, once a hot tool among journalists looking to tell stories using social media posts, is shutting down
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