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These breakthroughs could save our oceans from harmful oil spills

In the last 50 years, there have been at least 44 oil spills in U.S. waters. Innovations to the response process are ever more imperative to prevent similar damage to the ocean like the kind inflicted by Deepwater Horizon.

Sigourney Weaver goes full Ripley in 'Alien' spoof

In space, no one can hear you laugh, and a dot-matrix printer can be as painful as a facehugger.

PowerRay is an underwater drone for filmmakers or fishermen

The creator of the PowerEgg, an ovoid flying robot, has begun accepting orders for its newest creation, a submersible camera drone for home use. Dubbed the..

Ads for Google Home, Amazon Echo are here and they stink

Can commercials ruin the Amazon Echo and Google Home?

New 'Guardians' ride will lord over Disney park

You'll dance like Baby Groot inside Collector's Fortress, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" attraction that opens in May at Disney California Adventure Park.

YouTube says it fixed the problem with Restricted Mode that was filtering LGBTQ+ content

YouTube today claims to have fixed an issue with its service that was causing it to incorrectly filter content in "Restricted Mode" and hiding a large..

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Science protest stretches from Oceania to North Pole

It remains to be seen how this global show of support for science, reason, and facts can be channeled into action going forward, but the turnout on Saturday has been impressive by any measure.

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Samsung's new Galaxy S8 smartphones have turned up the heat on Apple

How to turn hardware into IoT by simplifying and securing connectivity

Simple: connect your device, provision it in the console, and it’s deployed. The inability to have the device connect in the wild is the biggest buzz-killer for IoT. That’s why it can’t be just one carrier’s SIM, nor just cellular: LoRa / LPWA / NB-IoT are important, too. So is Bluetooth for short-range, battery-backed devices. And supporting other standard connectivity that is needed to get challenges solved by leveraging a software platform, too, simplifies connectivity.

Jeep unveils Yuntu concept in Shanghai, seems unenthused about it - Roadshow

Jeep arrived at the Shanghai Motor Show with the Yuntu concept, a neat car that could very well preview the next generation of Jeep's design. Familiar touches abound, including its seven-slot grille and Renegade-ish silhouette. The rear end is a bit more flat than modern Jeeps, but it's surely a boon to interior space.

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Mastercard trials first fingerprint credit card in South Africa

Instagram post by Inderpreet Singh • Apr 22, 2017 at 10:51am UTC

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Samsung has a possible hit with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ -- both for consumers and enterprise users 

The Next Four Avatar Movies Now Have Release Dates Again

Follow-ups to the highest-grossing movie of all time were originally slated to start coming out next year. But recent statements by director James Cameron disclosed that there’d be a delay for the coming wave of Avatar sequels. Now we know the exact dates that Cameron and his team are aiming for, starting with December 18, 2020.

10 Games Every Nintendo Wii U Player Needs

$59.99 The premiere game for the Wii U could be the best 3D Mario game since Super Mario 64. Yes, better than Super Mario Galaxy. A big reason why is because Mario in HD looks fantastic. Mario's whimsical, colorful visuals were born for high-def. The orchestrated music will make you wish all Mario games sound this way. The controls feel perfect. Each level is filled with new ideas to toy with like a stage where platforms vanish and reappear to the rhythm of the music. It's also a fantastic multiplayer game. You will argue, yell, and finally agree to work together to find every single last star, stamp, and secret (find all the hidden Luigis!) until you've conquered the game and either replay it all over again or await the inevitable sequel (we hope). A must-have for any Wii U owner.

Ring's Wi-Fi floodlight adds an HD camera into the mix

Ring's Wi-Fi floodlight adds an HD camera into the mix

Hacker Calculus

Many hackers are self-taught and avoid powerful math tools that might let them take creations to the next level. We aim to create a structured set of modules consisting of hands-on 3D printing and electronics projects, with thorough text documentation and minimal supporting algebra. These modules will teach calculus in this hacker style both for self-learners and others, like the visually impaired, who need hands-on learning. When Isaac Newton developed calculus in the 1600s, he was trying to tie together math and physics in an intuitive, geometrical way. But over time math and physics teaching became heavily weighted toward algebra, and less toward geometrical problem-solving. However, many practicing mathematicians and physicists will get their intuition geometrically first and do the algebra later. We want to let people get to that point directly without passing through (much) algebra, particularly people who learn best by making something.

How to be green in a high-tech world

Technology uses energy. Switching to renewable sources might not be an option for everyone, but there are still some ways to reduce your carbon footprint while living a high-tech lifestyle.

Farming for the future: How one company uses big data to maximize yields and minimize impact - TechRepublic has a mission: Make farms more productive and protect the environment while doing it. With a combination of hardware and machine learning from IBM, aims to change the way we farm.

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"Nevertheless, she persisted." Seen at San Francisco's #MarchForScience :

Could coconuts reveal the secrets of the great Alcatraz escape?

Earlier this month, scientists from the University of Delft went to Alcatraz and deployed a small fleet of coconuts to see where the strong currents in the bay might carry the tropical fruit under identical tidal conditions. Of course, the coconuts weren't using any prison-made paddles, but they were equipped with technologies that had yet to be invented in 1962: GPS and a 3G data connection to track their every move, bob and drift.

The small corner of Reddit where people share their darkest secrets

It’s difficult to know what to think about r/confession. The community inhabits a sort of grey area -- a semi-regulated online space where genuine advice can sometimes live side-by-side with the outbursts of negativity that often pervade forums like Reddit. Depending on the nature of the confession, a poster might be met with an outpouring of support -- or a wall of hate.


Long-time reader jaromil writes: Devuan 1.0.0-RC is announced, following its beta 2 release last year. The Debian fork that spawned over systemd controversy is reaching stability and plans long-term support. Devuan deploys an innovative continuous integration setup: with fallback on Debian packages, it overlays its own modifications and then uses the merged source repository to ship images for 11 ARM targets, a desktop and minimal live, vagrant and qemu virtual machines and the classic installer isos. The release announcement contains several links to projects that have already adopted this distribution as a base OS. "Dear Init Freedom Lovers," begins the announcement, "Once again the Veteran Unix Admins salute you!" It points out that Devuan "can be adopted as a flawless upgrade path from both Debian Wheezy and Jessie. This is a main goal for the Devuan Jessie stable release and has proven to be a very stable operation every time it has been performed. "

19 Google’s New Chip Is a Stepping Stone to Quantum Computing Supremacy | Hacker News

Thinking about this demonstration as an experiment could be a little misleading. It's somewhere between an experiment and a benchmark. Nobody has any reason to expect new physics between 10 and 50 qubits, but actually building and controlling the system is complicated. Quantum computing is in an interesting place right now where engineering milestones and scientific milestones are happening together because the technology is so fundamental. That doesn't happen that often and it's one of the most exciting things to be about being in the field. If that interest you, then you might want to come work at Rigetti Computing: "The Tiny Startup Racing Google to Build a Quantum Computing Chip" We're hiring. reply

Offers | The Next Web

You’re working on a project and you’ve got dozens of files in varying formats with different, sometimes conflicting data. With DeltaWalker 2 Pro, you’ll have the ultimate platform for comparing, editing, synchronizing and merging all that info into a cohesive whole. And right ...

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Nintendo's next hit console could be the SNES Mini

Anti-Vaping Surgeon General Has Been Abruptly Replaced

Late Friday evening, the White House made a mysterious decision to ask for Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy’s resignation. He was quickly replaced by Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams and all social media accounts were scrubbed of Dr. Murthy’s presence. It’s unclear what prompted Murthy’s sudden dismissal but one clue could be that he’s not about that vape life .

​Three-wheel Electra Meccanica Solo is a half car that's all electric - Roadshow

In fairness, Electra Meccanica's little EV isn't designed for the highway. It's a city car for the vast majority of trips under 25 miles that most drivers make every year. The Solo is designed to be exactly as much car as one person needs to grab a few bags of groceries or for a short commute. The compact size makes it easily parkable on dense urban streets and the electric drivetrain means it's pretty green.

Twitch’s Affiliate Program wants to help streamers make bank

Until now, the only way to make money directly from streaming on Twitch was to become a Partner. Streamers partnered with Twitch enjoy a number of benefits, including access to the Cheers tipping system , Twitch’s new marketplace, and subscription services.

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Can Sennheiser's iconic headphone compete with today's models?

The first generation models had a very high 2000-ohm impedance. A few years later, the HD 414 impedance came down to 600 ohms. In 1995 Sennheiser's 50th Anniversary Edition HD 414 was a 52-ohm model, suitable for use with portable music players. Fun fact: Sennheiser licensed "Open-Aire" technology to Sony for its first-generation Walkman headphones. Sennheiser ceased HD 414 production years ago and no longer manufacturers replacement drivers, but still stocks ear pads and cables.

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” cast hints about upcoming season

We had a chance to watch the first two episodes at the premiere and can confirm that they’re very funny (and filled with TechCrunch references). We also sat down for a video with the stars of the show, and got a few hints about what to expect this year.

Headphone deal: BeatsX wireless earphones are $100 at Best Buy

Best Buy has the black version of Beats' neckband-style Bluetooth sports headphone on sale for $50 off.

Is Comcast's new wireless service right for you?

2. The $45 unlimited rate requires that you also subscribe to Comcast's most expensive "Premier" bundle of broadband and TV packages or its triple-play package, which could cost you $150 a month on top of your wireless costs. If you subscribe to a less expensive package, you can still get the service, but it will cost $65 a month for unlimited data. That's still not too bad, considering Verizon's unlimited service is $80 a month for a single line if you sign up for paperless billing.

Here are the epic movie scenes CNET can't forget

For me it's when the Jeep pulls up with the three skeptical scientists in " Jurassic Park " (Universal Pictures) to see the dinosaurs for the first time. Music starts to swell as one of the scientists looks to his left and sees something so incredible that it causes him to stand and awkwardly remove his hat and sunglasses. He physically turns the head of his female companion who also stands with her mouth agape. Cut to a Brontosaurus casually lumbering, making a small roar and eventually eating a leaf from a tree. It's really hard to quantify how epic this scene was because the use of Computer Generated images hadn't really peeked at the time and the dinosaurs looked so real. It still gives me chills to this day. Watch it !

Three X-Men Movies, New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and Dark Phoenix, Will Hit Theaters in 2018

Not on the list is X-Force , which is current being written and is rumored to kind of act as a kind of Deadpool 2.5 with not just Deadpool, but Cable and Domino, who were both just cast.

California parking garage operator prepares for self-driving revolution

The Virginia-based developer has already shown future plans for the two-floor underground parking garage, part of a residential complex under development in the Los Angeles Arts District, to the LA Times .

Five new things you can do with Google Earth

Earlier this week, Google unveiled a new version of Google Earth, an app that was considered amazing when it launched in 2001 but hadn’t really evolved in the same way that Google’s other technologies have. Now, thanks to this latest update, Google Earth is replete with 3D imagery, curated video content, and other features that will either make you want to book a trip to some far-flung part of the world or just appreciate the Earth right from your own latitude and longitude coordinates. Or maybe both.

Galaxy S8 drop test: The screen survived, but the glass back cracked

The rear backing of our Galaxy S8 cracked on our first test. But after everything we put it through, it looks a lot better than I had expected, and it's still very much in working condition. The spiderwebs on the back don't paint a pretty picture, but the glass isn't coming off the phone, and most of the damage could probably be masked with a good case. (This happened to our Galaxy S7 last year as well.)

4 critical points to consider when receiving cybersecurity and privacy advice - TechRepublic

Redmiles, Kross, and Mazurek feel strongly that there is a strong relationship between respondents' security and privacy experiences and advice sources; however, the details are murky. "The direction of this relationship is unclear: do people receive bad advice that leads to worse experiences, or do they wait to seek advice until after a negative experience?" explain the researchers. "We hypothesize some of both."

Gadgets With Gurman: Apple's Latest iPad, Buy or Wait?

Bloomberg Technology reporter Mark Gurman takes a closer look at Apple’s latest iPad and offers advice on who might be the right buyer. (Source: Bloomberg)

Scott Pruitt came to Earth Day Texas, and the whole thing was pretty weird

When he arrived to speak nearly an hour late, Pruitt took the stage with Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton for a "fireside chat." As the administrator spoke, his staff and security detail of eight-or-so people watched the crowd, positioned on the edges and in the aisles of the auditorium.

>10,000 Windows computers may be infected by advanced NSA backdoor

Tentler is in the process of doing his own scan on the Shodan computer search service that makes use of the DoublePulsar detection script. So far, he has run a manual spot check on roughly 50 IP addresses that were shown to be infected. All of the manual checks detected the hosts as running the NSA backdoor. Once installed, DoublePulsar waits for certain types of data to be sent over port 445. When DoublePulsar arrives, the implant provides a distinctive response. While security practices almost always dictate the port shouldn't be exposed to the open Internet, Tentler said that advice is routinely overridden.

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Microsoft aims to simplify enterprise IoT deployments with SaaS offering, analytics tools - TechRepublic

Microsoft's new offerings speak to many of the challenges faced by organizations looking to embrace IoT. Microsoft IoT Central, and the related tools for analytics, are an interesting option for Microsoft shops that see the value IoT could bring, but haven't yet been able to justify the investment necessary to do it right.

Fundamental growth hacking for new ‘solopreneurs'

Growth hacking is a turbo-charged form of marketing where you shed anything that could derail or distract. It requires an unconventional mind-set. You must focus on your market with laser-sharp precision, guiding your audience towards conversion; throwing out anything that won’t help you grow as a business or personal brand – incredibly useful when tasked with the many demands that come with being your own boss.

The 5 biggest tech stories out of India this week

It’s been another action-packed week for India’s tech and startup scene. Here are the highlights:1.  Google launched Areo, a hyper local app for food delivery and services. In a really strange move, Google has kind of entered the food delivery services market in India, which has seen quite a bloodbath over the past year with the likes of FoodPanda shutting down operations.

Blast around the track in the Lotus Exige Cup 380 - Roadshow

Love cars? Climb in the driver's seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino sparks social media backlash from baristas

(Reuters) – Starbucks baristas have taken to social media to complain about the coffee chain’s entry into the latest food craze: Unicorn Frappuccino.

An existential threat looms over Mark Zuckerberg's quest to kill the smartphone

Imagine a future post-phone world in which, instead of Apple or Google, Facebook set the ground rules about what apps can and can't do on its platform. Like Apple's App Store, Facebook could take a cut of all transactions that occur within its AR platform. And Facebook would know more about its billions of users — what they're seeing and interacting with in the real world — than any company in history.

Google had more than 90k government requests for data in 2016, calls for new data framework - TechRepublic

The number of requests that Google received in the latter half of 2016 marks the highest number of requests in a six month period that the company has received since it first began releasing a transparency report back in 2010. Being that many of the requests were cross-border, Google called for a new framework to handle and process such requests, detailed in another blog post . While Google didn't present a specific policy, it did note that personal privacy should be a balanced part of the new initiative.

What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for TVs?

You'll need an HDR-compatible TV, as well. HDR is not 4K . A 4K screen might support HDR, but that doesn't apply to all sets. If your TV doesn't support HDR, it won't take advantage of the additional information in the signal, and the panel isn't calibrated to handle that information even if it was properly read. Even if the TV can handle the signal, it might not produce a particularly better picture (our reviews of HDR-capable TVs include evaluating HDR performance), particularly if it's a less-expensive LED TV. So, if you haven't picked up a 4K television yet, you might want to wait for a good HDR-compatible one that fits your needs in the future. If you have, don't fret; HDR content is even less abundant than 4K video, and we won't see it become widely available for a while.

Elon Musk's new plan to save humanity from AI

Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer . Morningstar: © Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc. . All rights reserved. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. Dow Jones: The Dow Jones branded indices are proprietary to and are calculated, distributed and marketed by DJI Opco, a subsidiary of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and have been licensed for use to S&P Opco, LLC and CNN. Standard & Poor's and S&P are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. All content of the Dow Jones branded indices © S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its affiliates.

40 amazing cars that dominated the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show

The Shanghai motor show presents Chinese consumers with an opportunity to see the latest and greatest offerings from around the world. At the same time, the world's press has the chance to evaluate the newest developments from China's growing contingent of automakers.

March for Science: Live Updates from Washington DC and Around the US

We’ll be liveblogging throughout the day: follow our coverage here . Eric Niiler will be reporting from the March for Science in Washington, DC, while Emily Dreyfuss joins him on the East coast from the campuses of Harvard and MIT in the Boston area. And in San Francisco, Anna Vlasits and Megan Molteni will be at both university-led and city-wide events. We’ll keep tabs on the action at other satellite marches around the world where interesting things are happening—like in Memphis, where two official satellite events are occurring, one led primarily by scientists and the other by activists.

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82 Acclaimed Director Ang Lee May Direct Long-Awaited Clone Thriller Gemini Man
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