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Watch the first trailer for Wes Anderson’s stop-motion movie Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s best friends

The Replicant: Inside the Dark Future of Blade Runner 2049

What the sequel can tell us about the state of sci-fi and America's appetite for dystopia.

You Probably Can’t Guess Who’s A Sex Worker In This Group–And That’s The Point

A new video confronts stereotypes and preconceived notions about sex workers in a way viewers may not have considered. [Warning: NSFW.]

Lifetime account of Sticky Password Premium is 80% off

If there's one rule in the world of passwords, it's that you shouldn't use the same one for every app, service, or account. Get compromised in one place and you risk having yourself exposed elsewhere. No, you need individual, strong, secure passwords. The problem, though, with having so many dive

Ford Trying Out New Car Designs Using HoloLens

Ford has been testing HoloLens for the past year in Dearborn, Mich., and is now expanding its use of this technology 'across the globe.'

Why Ford is test-driving Microsoft's HoloLens globally for faster car design | ZDNet

Ford is combining clay models with holographic projections to design its new cars.

Nice guy gets played by troll for way longer than anyone deserves

Leave nice people alone!

Apple wants you to get very excited about, oh, the App Store

Commentary: In a series of new ads, Apple wants you to believe that with iOS 11, the App Store will make your life better.

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Facebook to give details of thousands of Russian election ads to Congress:

Zuckerberg vows to protect “election integrity"

As part of the announcement, Zuckerberg also outlined ways Facebook would try to protect the integrity of elections. He said the company would be more transparent around political ads -- with added requirements like disclosures about who paid for them, as well as strengthening the review process around them.

Snapchat's Spectacles hardware team hit with leadership shakeup and job cuts

Snap's hardware team, known internally has Snap Labs, is tasked with building physical camera products to work with the Snapchat app. The team's first product was last year's Spectacles camera eyewear, and the division has also experimented with developing a drone.

Best 'dumb' phones for the internet weary: in pictures

Best 'dumb' phones for the internet weary: in pictures

Alexa has beamed up new Star Trek skills, including Klingon

To mark the premiere of CBS' " Star Trek: Discovery " on Sept. 24, the Amazon Echo has decided to boldly go where no smart speaker has gone before, adding a spaceship full of Trek-inspired skills. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

'Watchmen' has started filming its HBO TV series

There were hints the news was coming. On Tuesday, showrunner Damon Lindelof dropped an Instagram photo captioned "Day One," showing a trophy marked "In Gratitude" (fans know it was presented to superhero Nite Owl). The statue is apparently sitting on the "Watchmen" writers' room table, but not much else is revealed.

No, This Inhumans Poster Does Not Mean the Show Is Cancelled...Yet

While the orientation and layout of this ad may be new, it should be noted that it’s just a differently-organized version of promotional art that ABC has been using as far back as June that also calls the show the “complete series.” An earlier teaser poster merely describes it “a Marvel television series,” but the change doesn’t necessarily mean that ABC or Marvel have already axed Inhumans . The wording seems more likely to be related to the show premiering in theaters, with a “complete” run of the series happening on TV.

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Instagram now lets you add filters and masks in live video too

Inside CNET: Welcome to the all-new CNET app

Next up, we've made finding the best products a breeze. Whether you're in a store about to buy something and need that one last review to confirm the purchase, or brainstorming how to make the media room of your dreams, our app brings CNET's expert advice to your fingertips. Our entire products section is centered on our best-in-category reviews and lists, so if you just want to buy a pair of reliable wireless headphones, you can quickly scan our editors' picks, get it in your online shopping cart and be done!

4K and Ultra HD: Everything you need to know about the hot new resolution

Absolutely not. The 8K standard is primarily for the exhibition market (aka movie theaters). To make that many pixels matter, you need to be feeding a truly gigantic screen and sitting right in front of it. Besides, you can't buy an 8K screen today without having it custom built, which would cost approximately seven hojillion dollars. And there's no commercially available 8K content. You'd need to get movies directly from distributors the same way theaters do. You do not need this unless you are Jerry Bruckheimer. (If you are Jerry Bruckheimer, though, give me a call. I know a guy.)

'Dear Apple, The iPhone X and Face ID Are Orwellian and Creepy' - Slashdot

For the company that famously used 1984 in its advertising to usher in a new era of personal computing, it is pretty ironic that 30+ years later they would announce technology that has the potential to eliminate global privacy. I've been waiting 10-years since the first iPhone was announced for a full-screen device that is both smaller in my hand but has a larger display and higher capacity battery. However, I do not want these features at the cost of my privacy, and the privacy of those around me. While the ease of use and user experience of Face ID is apparent, I am not questioning that, the privacy concerns are paramount in today's world of consistent security breaches. Given what we know from Wikileaks Vault7 and the CIA / NSA capabilities to hijack any iPhone, including any sensor on the phone, the very thought of handing any government a facial ID system for them to hack into is a gift the world may never be able to return. Face ID will have lasting privacy implications from 2017 moving forward, and I'm pretty sure I am not alone in not wanting to participate. The fact of the matter is the iPhone X does not need Face ID, Apple could have easily put a Touch ID sensor on the back of the phone for authentication (who doesn't place their finger on the back of their phone?).

EU paid for report that said piracy isn’t harmful– and tried to hide findings | Hacker News

Say I buy the music for $.99, and then put it on my own service where I sell copies for $.09. And say people use my service because I've made it very simple or that I'm using a business model that people prefer to either freely downloading it or paying full price. Should this be allowed? I do not consider piracy theft, but I do consider there to be economic issues that must be handled. If the creators aren't compensated, there are limits that wind up occurring. For music, because of factors such as the ability to be compensated through concerts and through fame (fame can't directly pay your rent, but I think it still counts as compensation because of the impact of having high fame), it is possible for people to still make money. But in other medias this may not be possible. Look at movies, if we allowed infinite copying how would we get the budget to create the expensive movies currently created? Imagine if a theater only had to make a copy and could continue to show the movie and make profits without giving any back to the creator. If you look at indie video games, you see a truce of sorts.

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"We are in a new world." Zuckerberg announces Facebook will hand Congress 3K+ ads linked to Russia

Instagram uses 'I will rape you' post as Facebook ad in latest algorithm mishap

It’s unclear why Instagram chose to highlight Solon’s hate mail to friends on Facebook. When she posted the screenshot last year, she wrote: “This is an email I received this afternoon. Sadly this is all too common for women on the internet. I am sure this is just an idiot rather than any kind of credible threat but it’s still pretty vile.”

Asteroid mining is our best hope for colonizing Mars

Colonists on Mars are going to require massive amounts of water during transit to the Red Planet and once they arrive, for their own sustenance and farming. Moreover, water is a crucial starting ingredient for the fuel that will power the SpaceX ships bound for Mars. As it turns out, the asteroids in our solar system are flush with this resource and Deep Space intends to capitalize on this future need by extracting water from asteroids rather than precious minerals.

HTC says it remains committed to Vive and its own smartphones after $1.1B deal with Google

The $1.1 billion cooperation deal announced today between HTC and Google ended months of speculation, but prompted new questions. Chief among them is how exactly will the agreement affect HTC, which has dealt with a series of setbacks and lackluster earnings over the past few years. In a press conference today at HTC’s headquarters in Xindian, New Taipei City, the company said it remains committed to its own products, including smartphones and Vive, and will continue developing them even after 2,000 HTC employees—nearly a fifth of its current staff—move to Google as part of the deal.

How to Avoid Buying a Car Flooded by Hurricanes

This year’s big storms have flooded a huge number of vehicles — hundreds of thousands, if not the half-million that were initially feared. But with some basic due diligence — and a discerning eye — you can usually avoid buying a water-damaged car from an unscrupulous seller.

Why Nintendo doesn't just do business as outlined by its fans

"We love to surprise people," Fils-Aime said. "We also believe that the consumer should have the information when they're ready to act on it. Telling someone about a game that's four of five, six years away from actually launching? Just doesn't make a ton of sense to us. But sharing information in order to frame how we are looking at a franchise, looking at an IP, that's something we do very thoughtfully."

A Smart Breast Pump: Mothers Love It. VCs Don’t

The Naya’s soft suction cup mimics the feel of a baby’s mouth and distributes the suction over a broader area of a woman’s breast. Alvarez said the Naya delivers 30 percent more breast milk and is 20 percent faster than alternatives, thanks to a unique water-based system. The company is also planning to sell a smart bottle that will be able to track the volume, calorie count and fat content of breast milk and inputs them into an app. Mothers would be able to use the software to monitor how much they’re pumping, how much the baby is eating and how much milk is left in storage.

Why Hurricane Maria was such a nightmare for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico had no such luck with Hurricane Maria. On Thursday, it seemed that forecasters’ dire scenario played out with the storm’s direct hit of the island, home to 3.4 million US citizens. When it made landfall, Maria took a course that bisected the island from the Southeast to the Northwest. “It was as if a 50- to 60-mile-wide tornado raged across Puerto Rico, like a buzz saw,” Jeff Weber, a meteorologist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, says. “It’s almost as strong as a hurricane can get in a direct hit.” By the record books, it was the fifth-strongest storm ever to hit the US.

Database provider MongoDB has filed to go public

The majority of MongoDB’s revenue comes from its subscription arm, though both its subscription and services revenue streams are growing. But amid that growth, MongoDB still needs capital to ramp up its operations — which means that going public at around this time might make sense since the so-called “IPO window” is open and companies are looking to get out the door. MongoDB has indicated in the filing that it wants to raise as up to $100 million, but that’s typically a placeholder and will change in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will end untraceable political ads

“We’re going to bring Facebook to an even higher standard of transparency,” he said. “Not only will you have to disclose which page paid for an ad, but we will also make it so you can visit an advertiser’s page and see the ads that they are currently running to any audience on Facebook.” Zuckerberg said the company would roll out the changes in coming months, and added that they would work with others to set a “new standard” for online political ads.

Bill Gates, any regrets? Ctrl-Alt-Delete should be a single button | ZDNet

Grinning, he answered: "The IBM PC hardware keyboard only had one way that it could get a guaranteed interrupt generated. So, clearly the people involved, they should have put another key on it to make that work. A lot of machines these days do have that as a more obvious function."

Maria's Path of Destruction Across Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Is Heartbreaking

Hurricane Maria is currently churning off the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, leaving behind historic levels of destruction in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and several Caribbean nations. Recovery and cleanup efforts have already begun, but as grim new photographs show, these tropical islands have their work cut out for them.

Tesla will discontinue its cheapest Model S option on Sunday

Tesla will no longer offer the Model S 75 with rear-wheel drive after Sept. 24. The move will trim Tesla's Model S lineup to include the 75D, 100D, and P100D, which are all dual-motor all-wheel-drive sedans.

Facebook to Turn Over Russian-Linked Ads to Congress

WASHINGTON — Under growing pressure from Congress and the public to reveal more about the spread of covert Russian propaganda on Facebook, the company said on Thursday that it was turning over more than 3,000 Russia-linked ads to Congressional committees investigating the Kremlin’s influence operation during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Add wireless charging to your old iPhone | ZDNet

No, you don't have to buy the latest iPhone 8 or the bank-busting iPhone X to get wireless charging on your iPhone. Here's how to do it for a fraction of the price of a new iPhone.

Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An international group of cryptography experts has forced the U.S. National Security Agency to back down over two data encryption techniques it wanted set as global industry standards, reflecting deep mistrust among close U.S. allies.

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Nest's new smart cameras steal the show at its live event

CCleaner hackers attacked Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and other tech giants

The CCleaner breach was more serious than initially believed, with hackers targeting networks at major tech companies including Cisco, Sony, and Samsung.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

WeWork is making its debut in Japan

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Apple's latest product suite gets a rare mixed-bag review

This Video Shows How Much the Tomb Raider Movie Owes to the Video Game

While Alicia Vikander’s look in the new Tomb Raider trailer was already more than enough evidence that her Croft would be much more in line with her current video game iteration, it’s another thing to actually compare shots between the film and the game itself. In a new video from IGN, you can see that there are a number of shots clearly borrowed directly from the video game that are damn-near perfectly recreated in Roar Uthaug’s upcoming film.

Apple Watch Series 3: Everything the pros need to know

IT departments must review the new device's capabilities and determine what corresponding policies the organization might need to implement in response. For example, with Apple Watch Series 3's introduction of standalone cellular connectivity, the devices possess internet connectivity without the presence of a standalone iPhone, so long-standing corporate policies that protect the organization by precluding personal phone possession or operation in the workplace may require updating to address the Series 3's new cellular feature.

Do This Ritual At The End Of Each Week To Become More Productive

Then look at what’s been added to your calendar, especially tasks given to you by others. “Are those aligned with what you’re after?” asks Maxfield. “Ninety percent of the time they are, but the other 10% are very important because they can be huge time sucks. It’s bad for me and for the person who put it on your calendar.”

Open Channel: Why the Hell Does Anyone Live in Gotham City?

I’ve been watching Gotham on and off for the past few years and while the show’s insanity is one of its best qualities, it’s also left me with a burning question that I’ve never been to figure out: Who the hell would willingly choose to live in Gotham City? Also, like, why? Moving to Gotham is like asking to die.

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Why bitcoin could split into 3 in November

A Time Traveler Goes on a Desperate Personal Quest in Scifi Short Cradle

Many of Cradles ’s story elements are intentionally left vague, which works better for some (we don’t need to know exactly what happened on that terrible day) than others (what’s with those neck patches?) But at just under 11 minutes, there’s not a lot of room for extensive details, and the whole thing leads to a very satisfying conclusion anyway. If the lead actor looks familiar, there’s a good reason: he’s Dante Basco, the former child actor who played Rufio in 1991's Hook .

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Quanergy could be the first IPO to emerge from a fleet of autonomous driving tech companies

Tom Hanks Didn't Actually Want to Play David S. Pumpkins at First

Apparently he’s very happy with the character now, and why wouldn’t he be? The sketch became one of the most popular moments of last season, garnering over eight million views on YouTube alone, and people have been cosplaying as the character at comic cons. Hanks later cameoed as David S. Pumpkins in May’s “Rap Song” sketch, and he recently shared what looks to be a page from an upcoming sketch dedicated to the Pumpkin King. Bony fingers crossed! You can check out the whole Moynihan interview below.

Mad Genius Builds a Drivable Hot Tub That Could Make Traffic Enjoyable

Colin Furze is back with another bizarre invention that will make you wonder why more mad scientists haven’t embraced YouTube yet. This time he’s turned a BMW E30 into a drivable hot tub , complete with a pair of leaf blowers used to generate bubbles, and a barbecue grill in the trunk .

Apple's Watch Should Get Swiss Makers Ticking

While Apple Inc.'s watch might not have been the instant hit as, say, the iPhone, the smartwatch is here to stay. If Swiss watchmakers are really going to capture the attention of the golden millennial, they need to start their digital timers.

The state of the smartphone, iPhone X edition

The very first smartphones, such as 1994's IBM Simon , could barely be considered smart. They were glorified personal digital assistants (PDAs) with a cellular modem so you could also make calls. If you could so much as tap a number in your address book app and have it automatically pasted into the phone dialer app, that was considered state-of-the-art.

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AI should be treated like a curious toddler, not a killer robot

Elon Musk’s Solar Partnership Strategy Doesn't Look So Crazy Anymore

So far, Tesla has been slow to exploit any synergies. No Tesla stores feature the solar panels or roof, including its flagship store in San Francisco. And while Musk and some Tesla employees have the solar roof, made of textured glass, on their homes, there’s no indication that consumers have installed any yet. Last month, Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel confirmed that the company has begun producing solar cells at the Tesla factory in Buffalo, New York, and plans to begin producing the solar roofs there by the end of this year.

Police need warrant to track cell phones, appeals court says

That's according to a federal appeals court, which ruled Thursday that police must get permission from a judge to use "Stingray" devices, also called cell-site simulators, as part of their investigations. The simulators act like a cell tower, picking up the telltale identifiers that cell phones automatically broadcast when they pass near towers. Police can use that information to track the movements of criminal suspects. (One popular model is the StingRay, manufactured by Harris Corp., hence the nick name.)

Aspiring Tony Starks Made a Jet Suit to Fly Like Iron Man (Underwater)

I am, admittedly, a very weak swimmer, and at this point in my life I don’t see myself signing up for Summer swim lessons. So I completely endorse this alternative approach to getting comfortable in the water: building a jet-powered wet suit that lets you cruise faster than Michael Phelps.

After massive data breach, Equifax sent victims to fake phishing site for support

After a breach of 143 million people's personal information, the official Equifax Twitter account accidentally tweeted a link to a phishing website for victims who needed support.

The invention of AI ‘gaydar’ could be the start of something much worse

Kosinski and Wang’s work is not invalid, but its results need serious qualifications and further testing. Without that, all we know about their system is that it can spot with some reliability the difference between self-identified gay and straight white people on one particular dating site. We don’t know that it’s spotted a biological difference common to all gay and straight people; we don’t know if it would work with a wider set of photos; and the work doesn’t show that sexual orientation can be deduced with nothing more than, say, a measurement of the jaw. It’s not decoded human sexuality any more than AI chatbots have decoded the art of a good conversation. (Nor do its authors make such a claim.)

Knightscope security robots scan you for weapons

The K1 is a stationary robot that can scan passers-by for weapons. Using millimeter wave technology, the K1 can sense the size and shape of objects. It's similar to the body scanning machines the TSA use except you don't need to walk into an enclosure. The company says it's suited for use at entry and exit points in airports or hospitals.

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