A-List Calling Card: Get Noticed With Google Alerts!

Get Noticed With Google Alerts!

A-List Calling Card

A-List Calling Card: Get Noticed With Google Alerts

The Hook:

So you are an unknown blogger with great writing skills and a knack for creating great content. You would love to write a guest blog for ProBlogger, Shoe Money, John Chow or Dosh Dosh. You may have an awesome Gadget review that you would like featured on Engaget or Gizmodo. Maybe your new startup would get some traction if it were featured on TechCrunch. You have a funny cat picture that would be perfect for ICanHasCheezburger.

No matter the niche odds are there is an A-List blogger that you would love to speak with but they never seem to return your emails. I also have a similar experience, I tried contacting John Chow with no response. Yet we seem surprised that they did not respond to our email when they were probably overwhelmed with a thousand similar emails.

The Idea:

So how do you stand out? How do you get noticed? Read on and I will suggest one novel way that may be worth trying. 

I have heard from many of the blogs I frequent the value of setting up Google Alerts. With Google Alerts you can monitor a key word or phrase (ex: 'Life Hacker', 'Boing Boing', 'Mashable', 'Seth Godin', 'Jeremy Schoemaker'). This got me thinking, with all the buzz about the power of Google Alerts why cant I leave a calling card through Google Alerts? Well, I think I can...

So can a novel approach catch the eye of an A-List blogger and win me a linkback from their blog?
If you are an A-Lister and you are reading this post then it must have worked.

The How-To:

So how can we use Google Alerts to leave a Calling Card? First lets look at what google says about their alerts: 

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams
So Google Alerts is a way to tell Google that you want to be notified if and when someone on the web mentions your specified text. I am willing to bet that many if not most of the A-List bloggers have alerts set up on their blog name or on their real name. So all we need to do is mention their name in a post and leave a linkbait title to catch their eye. Lets see if it works...

The Catch:

There is of course one catch, if the A-Lister you are targeting is inundated with alerts you will need a very catchy title to grab their attention.

A-List Bloggers:

1 Problogger    
2 Shoemoney    
3 John Chow    
4 Dosh Dosh    
5 Performancing    
6 Daily Blog Tips    
7 Entrepreneurs Journey    
8 Courtney Tuttle    
9 Vandelay Design    
10 45n5    
11 John Cow    
12 Caroline Middlebrook    
13 Andy Beard - Niche marketing    
14 Blogstorm    
15 Emoms At Home    
16 Zac Johnson    
17 Affiliate Tip    
18 Carl Ocab    
19 Blogging Tips    
20 Strategic Profits    
21 5 Star Affiliate Programs    
22 Tyler Cruz    
23 Uber Affiliate    
24 Cash Quests    
25 Self Made Minds    
26 Jim Kukral    
27 ReveNews    
28 Ades Blog    
29 Garry Conn    
30 5xmom    
31 Freelance Folder    
32 Blog About Your Blog    
33 Super Affiliate Mindset    
34 Who Is Andrew Wee    
35 Pure Blogging    
36 Mixed Market Arts    
37 NetBusinessBlog    
38 Nate Whitehill    
39 Etienne Teo    
40 Affiliate Marketing Blog from UK    
41 eXtra For Every Publisher    
42 Ian Fernando    
43 Jon Waraas    
44 CPA Affiliates    
45 One Mans Goal    
46 Gather Success    
47 Aojon    
48 Super Blogging Tips    
49 Winning The Web    
50 Earners Blog    
51 Memwg    
52 Blogging Experiment    
53 Blogtrepreneur    
54 Google Lady    
55 Blogging Fingers    
56 Internet Business Coaching    
57 Fraser's Affiliate Marketing Blog    
58 Newest On The Net    
59 Buzz Marketing by Dean Hunt    
60 Pat B. Doyle    
61 Just Make Money Online    
62 Itswritenow    
63 CDF Networks    
64 Sabahan    
65 Can I Make Big Money Online    
66 Jangro    
67 James D. Brausch    
68 eMonetized.com    
69 Rosalind Gardner's NetProfits Today    
70 Affiliate Watcher    
71 Derek Semmler    
72 Derek Beau    
73 Blog Clout    
74 Cash Tactics    
75 Shylock Blogging    
76 The Writers Manifesto    
77 Darin.cc    
78 Twenty Steps    
79 Small Fuel Marketing    
80 Ez Online Money    
81 More Merchant     
82 Slyvisions    
83 Internet Marketing Mind    
84 Day Job Nuker    
85 Software Projects    
86 Life Is Colourful    
87 Online Presence    
88 Freedom Ideas    
89 Blogging Cents    
90 My Debt Free Goal    
91 Bruce Hopkins    
92 Stephan Miller    
93 PreBlogging    
94 College Startup    
95 Blogging 4 Everyone    
96 Why Do Work?    
97 Net Frontier Marketing    
98 Daily Moolah    
99 Ryan Shamus    
100 Cyber Cashology    

Source: 45n5

Special Thanks:

I would like to give a special thanks to Jeff Quipp of SearchEnginePeople for inspiration for this post. After speaking with Jeff through StumbleUpon he mentioned one way to get links is to create unique content.

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