Barack Obama is a Zero

Barack Obama is a certified zero, if not in the idiomatic sense, most definitely mathematically.

The latest Rasmussen poll has Obama's "Strongly Approve" rating at 34% and his "Strongly Disapprove" rating at 34% of his presidential performance, thus negating each other and rendering him a zero. This is the highest his "Strongly Disapprove" rating has been, and the lowest his "Strongly Approve" rating has been since assuming the High Office.

This trend started manifesting itself April 29th with his third major network press conference--not to be confused with the Barack Obama Apology Tour--with 28.8 only million viewers. Trendily so, 20.7 million Americans lost interest in his vacuous rhetoric Obama's first press conference February 9th.  That is a deterioration of  affection of 42% in three months, or 20.7 million Americans who had something better to do than be charmed by Obama on television.

What could this abrupt abatement in adoration be attributed to other than copious overexposure and a negative rate of return in the Obama investment?

Perhaps the answer lies deeper than Obama's ever manifesting shallow veneer. There appears to be an ideological shift afoot, not limited to just these United States, but made unambiguous this past weekend with the sound thrashing the liberal parties received by the right-of-center European People’s party in the European Union elections.  Coupled with the California tax initiatives sound defeat by the voters; the mass gatherings of the tea parties organized at the grass root levels; and the accruing of states asserting their tenth Amendment rights of state's sovereignty. Perhaps, and hopefully so, the Democrats' success in the past two major elections can be attributed to being on the tail-end of a world-wide socialist movement that has since, according to recent voting patterns, given way to the fundamentalism of what makes a country prosperous and secure.

Perhaps it is the fundamental economics of supply and demand: Europeans witnessing their countries' spiraling out of control, both financially and culturally, seem to have exhausted their patience for socialistic indulgence, and thus diminished its demand.

Perhaps it was Obama's choosing to battle Dick Cheney with an antipathetic press conference regarding national security. Obama was left in the same condition as JFK after his meeting with Nikita Khrushchev: in JFK's own words, "He  just beat the hell out of me."  Perhaps it was the visual burned into the mind after the two competing press conferences; a vision of this nation experiencing a catastrophe of a greater magnitude than 9/11; a visual of Obama lying under his desk in the Oval Office, curled into the fetal position and moaning like an adolescent in the throes of a bowel hindrance; and a contrasting vision of Dick Cheney barking orders and controlling the situation with sufficient sagacity preserving the sanctity of this country. Substance trumped style, and Cheney's reality trumped Obama's fantasia.

Perhaps the American people are growing weary of Obama's unfettered abashment of their dignity by traveling the world, pathologically apologizing for American exceptionalism.

Perhaps it was the breathtaking audacity with which Obama commandeered GM and Chrysler--circumventing established bankruptcy law, handing control over to the very unions which played a significant role in their demise, and wasting 50 billion of taxpayers' dollars in the process--with the backing of only 21% of  Americans.

Perhaps it is Obama's incessant campaign-themed speeches with his bounteous use of the first personal pronoun, and the ubiquitous mentioning of the transgressions of the preceding administration.

Perhaps it was Obama's selective release of the CIA memos, sans the additional complementary memos--that Dick Cheney formally requested--demonstrating that the waterboarding of three terrorists prevented additional attacks against America.

Perhaps it is the slowly evolving necessity of the role Dick Cheney played in the protection of this country vis-a-vis Obama's naivety and ineptness in this arena; thus propelling Cheney's "Favorable View" as sighted in a recent  Gallup Poll: 37% of Americans have a "Favorable View" of Cheney--up from 30% one year ago, while Pelosi only had a 34% "Favorable Rating"--down from 42% in January.  Reason: while Cheney authentically explained the importance of the Bush era tactics, Pelosi, simultaneously and iniquitously, unsuccessfully attempted to stigmatize the CIA--destitute of substantiation--as liars.

Perhaps it is Obama's arrogance and ever increasing manifestation of his disconnect with realism, woefully demonstrated by his New York "date night". He and his wife took Marine One to the airport, journeyed to New York via a G3 jet, shadowed by the press pool in a G5 jet, and White House staff in a third jet. After alighting in New York, traveling to Lower Manhattan aboard Marine One, they paraded to dinner and a play, while being transported with police protection and motorcade by a financially strapped New York city--this for a date. This excessive pageantry while Americans are at home contemplating Afghanistan, Iraq, the economy, foreclosures, unemployment, etcetera, as Obama dropped an estimated( White House refuses to release figures) $250,000 on a date, plus the cost of the burden to New York.

And Hoover was castigated for dressing for dinner during the Depression, indeed.

Perhaps it is the stark reality that Obama is going to decimate and bankrupt the quality of the most advanced health-care system in the world, and reduce it to the offal of socialist mediocrity.

Perhaps it is Obama's intimate and bizarre relationship with perennial American-hater Hugo Chavez, and inducing the bewildered Chavez into making the statement, "Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right."

Perhaps it is the revelation that Obama is on track to enslave the country to a ten trillion dollar deficit, and the actualization that the additional $787 billion stimulus package proved ineffective as 345,000 more jobs were lost in May--twice as many as the stimulus "created"--and unemployment spiked, unexpectedly, to 9.4 percent--a 25 year high. Obama has since pledged more of the same, vowing to accelerate the spending  of the stimulus money, and creating 600,000 jobs, while admitting that 125,000 of those jobs will be summer seasonal part-time jobs for students. Perhaps it is the abject failure of his stimulus package creating the two million jobs he forecasted, which has netted a negative 150,000+ jobs to date.

Perhaps it is Obama's pathological phobia of rectitude and honesty, which those anesthetized by Hope and Change, are starting to realize.

Perhaps it is the liberal media starting to acknowledge that Obama is a shape-shifting mountebank who sold them Hope and Change, replete with fraud.

Perhaps Obama is a zero because of the  emerging cognizance that behind that celebrated teleprompter, stands nothing more than an empty, yet malignant suit, articulating words written by someone else, and nothing more.