Cloverfield - Movie Review - 5 Reasons NOT to watch Cloverfield

Cloverfield - Movie Review

5 Reasons Not To See Cloverfield

cloverfield movie I just returned home from watching Cloverfield. I was looking forward to seeing Cloverfield and I had high expectations of what to expect from the movie. First, the marketing team for Cloverfield did a great job in hyping the movie and in my opinion Cloverfield in no way matched those expectations even remotely. I have to give Cloverfield two thumbs way, way down! Don't Waste Your Money on a ticket to see Cloverfield.

5 Reasons Not To Watch Cloverfield

1. No Back Story
2. No Real Plot
3. Monster Is A Letdown
4. Nobody Lives
5. Blair Witch Meets Godzilla

No Back Story

Before I watched the movie I could not find any useful information online that gave insight into what the story was behind Cloverfield. We as movie goers were not given any idea of where the Cloverfield Monster comes from, why it is here or what it looks like. After seeing the movie I still can not answer these questions. No Back Story is given during the movie to give you a glimpse into what is going on during the movie. I can understand now why there was so much secrecy around the movie, the movie makers, in my opinion, still don't know what the movie is about and that is evident after watching the movie (if you can call it a movie).

No Real Plot

I am not spoiling anything here because there is nothing to spoil. But to sum the movie up in a couple of words: party, explosion, panic, ending. There is really nothing else happening and all the exciting things that come to mind when you think of the words I just mentioned are not to be seen either. The only thing that even seems plot-like is the guy trying to find his girlfriend, but she is not his girlfriend.

Monster Is A Letdown

If you are a fan of Godzilla then you have nothing to worry about with the Cloverfield Monster because it has nothing on Godzilla. The monster is only seen briefly throughout the movie and from what you see of it it does not strike fear into your heart. The monster also has little-tiny-monsters all over it which fall off from time to time but are easily killed with objects lying around. Overall, I would be more affraid of the tank shooting at the monster than the monster itself.

Nobody Lives

cloverfield movie The only thing that could have saved this movie from totally failure is if the main characters had survived. But they all end up dead so the entire effort of the movie is wasted.

Blair Witch Meets Godzilla

I think the thing that will anger most people who pay to see this movie is the fact that it is filmed with a camcorder in a blair witch style of film-making. When you pay to watch a movie you want to sit back and enjoy the show not to rub your eyes in exhaustion. The constant jittering of the hand-held camera makes watching the full movie an eye-sore. If you take the blair witch project and combine it with a low budget Godzilla rip-off then you get Cloverfield as the result. My eyes are still hurting from watching this movie.

Dont Waste Your Money On Cloverfield

I would like to warn you away from the movie Cloverfield because it is a complete waste.

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