COD4 Cracked Servers

A Definitive Guide to COD4 Cracked Servers

cod4 cracked servers

COD4 Cracked Servers?

Looking to find COD4 Cracked Servers? If so then you have come to the right place! This article will explain in great detail what COD4 Cracked Servers are and how you can use them.

So first what is a COD4 Cracked Server? COD4 cracked servers are server that do not require a CD Key to validate you while playing COD4 online. The basic reason for this is so that you can use a single purchased copy of COD4 on 2 or more computers, online, at the same time.

COD4 Cracked Servers Setup

Before you can connect to any COD4 cracked servers you will need the latest private server patch. If you do not already have this patch installed you could try looking for it here. Also if you are looking to run your own private COD4 cracked server then you will also need to install the private server patch.

Once you download the COD4 Cracked Servers patch you will need to unzip it and look for the patched version of COD4's executable (*.exe). Copy this file to the directory where you originally installed COD4. You will be asked if you would like to overwrite the original COD4 executable, just click yes|ok. One important thing to remember when setting up your COD4 Cracked Servers is to make sure before you overwrite the *.exe is to make sure you have the latest official updates installed. Put another way if you are looking to play the latest updated version of COD4 on a cracked server then make sure you have upgraded to that version before you overwrite this file.

all seeing eye (ASE)

Connecting to COD4 Cracked Servers

To connect to a COD4 cracked server you will want to download Yahoo's All Seeing Eye which can be found here. You could also download GameSpy Arcade which can be found here.

ASE and GameSpy are referred to as game server browsers and they allow you to find others from around the world who are playing many of the popular online games, including COD4. These tools allow you to make your own list of COD4 cracked servers as you find them making it easier than ever to keep up with private COD4 Cracked servers which would normally be very difficult to find and remember.

COD4 Cracked Servers Video Tutorial



COD4 Cracked Servers List

Below is a list of websites which keep track of large lists of COD4 Cracked Servers that are available for you to connect to an play. Once you have your PC set up with the right software and patches and have read through this tutorial and have everything configured correctly then you will want to go to these websites and download a couple of the COD4 Cracked Server lists so that you never have to play COD4 alone. Thanks and Enjoy!

**Some of these sites require you to log in before you can download a list of COD4 Cracked Servers.

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