Democrats + National Security = Disaster

He who opens the gate allowing the enemy to enter is the true enemy.

The Democrat-led Congress are battlers, nothing less than rabid war mongers. They have declared war, and have engaged in unrelenting battle upon battle against morality, the rule of law, the Constitution, individual rights, and national sovereignty since ascending to the leadership of Congress in 2006. Prior to the 2006 election, they issued threats and rattled their sabers, but all was for naught, as the adults were in charge of tempering their tantrums. The Democrat-led Congress' latest combat campaign is being, at this precise moment, waged against our national security, specifically the CIA, which is charged with the gathering of intelligence for the purpose of preempting an attack on this country. The Democrat-led Congress is not a platoon without leadership as they were during the years 2006-2007; Barack Obama and his xenophobic lieutenant, Eric Holder, are leading them into battle; their targets are being dispatched via communiqué from the left-wing media.

The United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, has tasked a special prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate the operatives who successfully, under duress immediately following the 9/11 attacks, gathered information that prevented other similar attacks on this country. Make no mistake, this is a politically motivated persecution spearheaded by the fanatical radicals that have infected our government via elections from an ever increasing remorseful voting bloc. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the benighted Democratic horde of a Congress have betrayed our CIA. The CIA employees, who were operating under carefully weighed legal guidance and the assurance that their enhanced interrogation techniques were lawful, rendered all decisions under prodigious stress and compelling urgency so as to prevent another attack on this country. The driving force, the innate patriotic predisposition of these intelligence paladins to ensure the survival of this republic, eludes Democrats in tandem with their cerebral impediment of comprehending the malignancy of the world in which we reside. The Obama administration has systematically dismantled the set of policies that have, to date, prevented another 9/11 styled attack on this country.

There are several plausible explanations for the Democrats' extraordinary ignorance regarding national security. Perhaps they are infirmed with a rare strain of Münchausen syndrome by proxy, and are compelled, by forces unfamiliar to the unafflicted, to convince the populace that they are, unbeknownst to themselves, subjected to an existence in a dystopian society created by the Republicans. This scenario is the routine campaign theme of the Democrats, but alarmingly, regarding national security, the Democrats are not satisfied with just their fantastical illusions of despair, they have steered this country on a course towards vulnerability, fraught with potential consequences that would startle the imagination. Perhaps the Democrat-led Congress and their advocates are genetically predisposed to schizophrenia. This would explain their histrionic bouts of apparent insanity and their pronounced abnormal perception of reality. Couple the aforementioned cerebral maladies with old-fashioned cowardice, and on display is the entirety of the Democratic Party's substance.

An effective national security regarding the gathering of intelligence is a dirty, exasperating, frantic, double-dealing, secretive, urgent, methodical, unmethodical, calculating, and deliberate breed of business. To protect America, in this world, the CIA's methods are a necessary and effective concoction of assets. Intelligence gathering, especially under the duress of war, is not the sterile, sanitized environment in which operatives' pockets are stuffed with pamphlets consisting of the rules, regulations, and guidelines on interrogation limits; crucial and time-sensitive information cannot wait for a relationship to be cultivated.

What methods are currently at the disposal of the CIA, under the Obama administration, to coerce information from a hardened and seasoned terrorist? It is all in the Army Field Manual. The ghastly methods that are sure to break the hardest of time-tested terrorists are as follows: the internationally dreaded good cop-bad cop routine; the agonizing, yet effective, silent treatment; and in the stead of sodium pentothal to loosen the tongue, the pretending to be from another country will ambush their senses every time.

Redirect back to Eric Holder, the Attorney General who called America a nation of cowards shortly after being confirmed as Attorney General. Holder has discharged a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA, a CIA that was assured its enhanced interrogation methods resided within the boundaries of the law. Did I mention the appointing of a special prosecutor is a politically motivated act? But, Holder has been left with no choice but to investigate the matter, and said that his "preliminary review" and the "available facts" left him with no choice but to take the "only responsible course of action." Honorable and applaudable, indeed, except for those two pesky cases involving the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, and black panthers King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and Jerry Jackson, and the fact that Holder has routinely demonstrated a perverse disdain for honor.

Obama's crony Bill Richardson will not be criminally charged with his involvement in a pay-to-play scheme. Why? The decision not to pursue indictments was made by top Justice Department officials. "It's over. There's nothing. It was killed in Washington," stated a source familiar with the case (AP). An interesting turn of fortune for the three black panthers who made headlines during the presidential election when they stood at the entrance of a polling place with a nightstick,  threatening white voters and remarking "you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker." This overt act of voter intimidation was witnessed by thousands of voters and on camera. A political appointee, Thomas Perrelli, No. 3 at the Justice Department, made the decision to drop the complaint against the three democratic ruffians in opposition to the recommendation of the Justice Department's Section for the Civil Rights Division to pursue the case. It is criminally interesting how the relevance of the "available facts" declines when it involves a Democrat or a racist organization, armed with nightsticks, dispensing voter intimidation to hapless "crackers."

What was the catalyst that pushed Obama and Holder over the edge? What heinous acts committed by the CIA would warrant the continued dismantling of our intelligence gathering capabilities? What atrocities did the CIA commit that would cause an al-Qaeda butcher to become overwrought with repulsion at the thought?

The facts are these:

Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri was the orchestrator of the attack on the U.S.S. Cole that killed 17 U.S. servicemen while docked in Yemen. According to the CIA inspector general's report, Nashiri was subjected to the most heinous of torture methods that were "unauthorized" by the Justice Department. The brutish CIA thugs--it pains me to repeat this as the graphic is burned into my mind-- blew smoke in Nashiri's face, with, of all things, cigars. The unbearable agony of second-hand smoke was only the beginning of Nashiri's circus of torture. According to the inspector general's report, "an experienced agency interrogator reported that the interrogators threatened Khalid Sheikh Mohammad." The CIA, animals, the whole lot! The interrogators also threatened Khalid Sheikh Mohammad with horrible words: "we're going to kill your children."

Speaking of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11, after a month of interrogation, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and various other unspeakable tortures, he sang like a canary--he may have been aware of the impending smoke in the face routine--and broke down and became malleable to the point of holding "terrorist tutorials" for the CIA. He resisted up until he had water poured up his nose. Waterboarding worked, invaluable intelligence was gathered, lives were saved.

There has not been a single attack on U.S. soil by al-Qaeda since Sept. 11, 2001. In place of warranted laudations for this feat are disdain and political persecution from the Democrats. Also, as an added reward for preventing another attack through intelligence gathering, the CIA is being stripped of its interrogation capabilities by a specialized interrogation unit created by Obama. Do keep an eye out for the announcement of an interrogation czar coming soon. Considering that Obama has filled his cabinet posts and various other appointments with a who's who of corruption, fascism, and the benighted, this specialized interrogation unit is sure to be a smashing success, especially armed with the capability of administering the silent treatment.

Two questions:

1.) What was the purpose of the CIA's interrogation techniques? Was it for the money? Fame? A perverse game of cruelty? Or was its sole purpose the gathering of intelligence to prevent another attack at the expense of thousands of American lives?

2.) Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly: do you feel safer now with the CIA operating in an environment of fear and rendered incapable of implementing the same methods to extract information from terrorists that worked and prevented a subsequent volley of attacks, or did you feel safer when the CIA was operating in an environment with one goal: to prevent another attack on American soil?

There will always be a line drawn in the sand during war; you are either on the side of the United States, or on the other side. I think it is apparently clear upon which side some in our government stand.