Digg Stalker

Digg Stalker (Beta)

Q: So what is Digg Stalker?
A: Digg stalker is a new tool for finding friends on Digg.

Q: Why was Digg Stalker built?
A: Two words, Front Page, we all want to get there and the best way to get there, with great content, is to have great friends to support your submissions.

Q: Who is Digg Stalker meant for?
A: Anyone looking to build better more meaningful Digg relationships

What are you waiting for try it out...

Also you can go full screen by clicking the blue arrow at the top right.

This is a very early Beta version of this tool. I wanted to get something out so that I could get feedback on what you as users of the tool would like to see. If you have any suggestions blog about them and I will link back to your suggestions.

Known Issues

• It can be a memory hog.
• Search functionality is not a 'full featured' as I would like.