Huge Spider

Huge Scary Spider w/ Babies!

This spider is known as a Huntsman spider. While frequently very large – in Laos, Heteropoda maxima males can attain a leg span of 250–300 mm (9.8–11.8 in) – Huntsman spiders are not deadly to humans. They do bite if provoked, but the victim will suffer only minor swelling and localized pain, and will recover in a day or two. Some larger types resemble tarantulas, and may be mistaken for them, as the Huntsman is related (which is why the term "Australian tarantula" has sometimes been used to describe them by the Natural History Museum in Sydney). Huntsmen can generally be identified by their legs, which, rather than being jointed vertically relative to the body, are twisted such that the legs extend forward in a crab-like fashion.
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Huge Spider