MyBlogLog Community Widget

Community Widget

Are you a member of MBL? Do you have the MBL widget on your blog? If so then I would like to invite you to try out a new MyBlogLog widget that I have created using Yahoo's MyBlogLog API.

First Impressions

At first glance this new widget may not look much different from the MBL widget that you are already using on your blog but if you click the Community button on any of the 3 widgets below you will immediately notice the difference. Go ahead, click the Community button and check out the cool graph that will come up in full screen mode.

Community Graph

The purpose of this graph is to make it simple for you to see who exactly is visiting your blog and what other blogs they enjoy. This will benefit you greatly by allowing you to see what your readers enjoy so that you can provide more targeted content on your blog.


Search Engine People

Embedding the Community Widget

If you would like to use this widget on your blog then replace your current MBL code with the embed code below. You will also need to replace the mblid (i.e. - 2007120605425109) with your own mblid. Your mblid can be found in the code MyBlogLog created for their widget (hint: look for "mblid=" their is a number after that, it is your mblid). If you do not replace my number with your own then you will see my visitors in your widget, not your own. Also if you do chose to use this widget on your blog any link love that you could send my way will be greatly appreciated.

Also feel free to tweak any of the other variables to make the widget better fit the style of your blog.

Embed Code

<script type="text/javascript">
var mblid = "2007120605425109"; // ID of your MBL account
var readerCount = "16"; // Number of readers that you would like to display
var communityCount = "10"; // For each of your readers the number of communites they are appart of to retrieve
var lineLength = "200"; // Length of the line in the community graph
var iconSize = "48" // Size of the reader icons (max: 48)
var width = "225"; // Width of control
var height = "300"; // Height of control
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<a href="" title="Postworthy">Created by Postworthy</a>

Community Widget Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on the widget (love, hate, bugs, feature requests) then just blog about it and I will find it. Any enhancements added from feedback I will attribute to the blog that suggested the enhancement (link lovn').

Also, if you are here from any of the social media sites (StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Sphinn, ect.) then just leave some comment on your preferred site and I will see that as well.


Just as an FYI, this widget has gotten the attention of both Yahoo! and MyBlogLog. How cool is that!

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