Rifle Peeled Like A Banana

Rifle Peeled Like A Banana

Below you can see an example of why you should remove the bore sight from your rifle before firing it. Bore sighting equipment is used to fine tune the telescopic sight on hunting rifles but as you can see from the images below these devices can be very dangerous if they are not removed from the barrel of your rifle before firing. Some of the images below may contain a PG-13 rating for slight gore.

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Mythbusters says this is Plausible A .30-06 rifle fired while having a bore sight still in the barrel will backfire and explode, creating a cartoon-like banana peel effect as shown in submitted photographs.

The Build Team’s test used a brand new rifle. The barrel split several inches when fired with a laser boresight in the barrel. The Build Team surmises that the banana-peel effect could be achieved if this were to happen in an older rifle that has endured more wear and tear from firings.

Credit for the Mythbusters info goes to Reddit user ModernRonin. Thanks ModernRonin for even more evidence that this is indeed possible.