Social Media Experiment - Primer

Social Media Experiment

A Primer


At the end of 2007 I set out to explore the world of social media and how it could be used as a low-cost means to generate traffic to a website.

In November 2007 I set out to create a profile in the social media world that would allow me to spread virally content that I created. The intent was not, has not, nor ever will be to spam social media outlets but instead to provide value to the networks that I was a member of by becoming very active within the community.

The Communities

I have become very active within the StumbleUpon Community StumbleUpon which I believe to be one of the top emerging social media platforms. I believe that the community of members that StumbleUpon has created is very diverse and very open. I have focused much of my efforts since November 2007 in becoming an important member of the StumbleUpon community and in return I have also gained in increasing traffic to my site by many orders of magnitude.

I am also a member of many other social media websites including Digg , Reddit Reddit, Sphinn Sphinn, and MyBlogLog MyBlogLog

Each community that I am a member of has its strengths and its weaknesses which is why I believe it is important to create a presence among all the major social media communities. Throughout 2008 it is my goal to become more active in each of these communities and explore, document, and share the results of my experiment so that others can see the benefits that social media has to offer.

The Plan

The plan is to spend at minimum 2-3 hours per week on each social media website which will be 10-15 hours per week dedicated to social media activity. At the end of each week I will provide a post detailing what I did and what I feel was achieved by my efforts. I will also provide a weekly break down of my own websites stats with the corresponding traffic generated from my efforts.