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The Story of the Tank Chair

7 years ago Sodens life was thrown upside down. Liz and Brad were involved in a car accident near Parker, Arizona and Liz broke her back. The doctors told Liz she would never walk again. Liz was a school bus driver and was working to join the sheriff's department. After her accident her big plans were no more.

One thing that never changed was Liz's love of the great outdoors. Liz and Brad, together, have 5 kids and the 7 of them love being outdoors and really enjoy camping. Before Liz was the go getter of the group and now she could do nothing. Liz would be sat down near the campfire and forced to watch the others have fun. In 2002 the Sodens were staying in a cabin in the woods, to their surprise a herd of elk came walking close by their camp. The kids woke up and rushed outside. Liz got in her power chair and wanted to see the elk too. As they started walking closer to the elk they had to keep stopping to help Liz get her power chair unstuck.

By the time Brad and Liz could get through the trees, the elk had gone. It was at that moment Brad felt compelled to act. "I wanted her to have no obstacles," he says, "we look at it as just ‘cause you're disabled doesn't mean you can't have a good time." Brad stepped into his garage to work on a solution that would enable his wife to go where no other wheel chair bound person had gone before. People scoffed, Brad was a plumber and a fireman, how could he come up with a powerful, motorized wheel chair? But somehow Liz knew her husband would do it. Two years later, he did.

It took Brad 2 years and he tried everything he could think of. Pneumatic tires, bigger wheels, stronger motors, and his favorite, a jet ski/snowmobile thing with wheels. Brad's father-in-law was in his garage one day and Brad was complaining about his most recent problems. His father-in-law said, "Wouldn't it be neat if you could put some tracks on it? Like a tank?"

A light bulb went off in Brad's head and he scoured the internet to see who had tracks. He found the tracks you see in the first picture above for the Tank Chair.

Tank Chair is an off-road wheelchair that can go almost anywhere. Tank Chair can go through streams, mud, snow, sand, and gravel, allowing you to get back into nature. For more info on the tank chair and how you could get one check here